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    I don t know what it is about this series that keeps it from being than average for me I like the ideas that Caine comes up with but I don t think she s the greatest writer I find myself distracted while reading her books and not as emotionally connected as I should be That being said, I liked it enough to want to continue on with the series and find out what happens with the characters.This entry in the series starts right where the first book left off This left me feeling a little lost though since I read Glass Houses than a year ago Fortunately, much of the previous story gets retold in bits and pieces as you read so it s not that hard to remember what had happened Basically, Shane s Dad is back in town and looking to kill vampires He gets Claire and the rest of the gang involved and they get in all kinds of trouble There s some attempted rape, some tortured vampires, and some folded space teleportation A lot of stuff happens in a short amount of time and it starts to get really unbelievable, especially Claire continually saving the day being a size 2 16 year old.The only character I really care about is Claire, and she did a lot of stupid things in this book Actually, Shane, Eve, and Michael all did some stupid things and that s probably one of the reasons I m having a hard time connecting with them I do like Shane and Claire s developing romance though.I honestly think Glass Houses and this one should have been made into one book in the first place And I think that if I had read them back to back I may have enjoyed this one .Overall, not a bad book, but I m hoping it improves with the next in the series.

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    YeahhhhhhSorry dudes I wear the cone of shame

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    3.5 I m Just A Kid StarsSome days you have to wonder how many enemies can 4 teenagers battle at the same time As if deadly Vampires and a bunch of psychotic college girls isn t enough, now they have to survive Shane s bat shit crazy father and his vampire slaying crusade in a city where no one trusts them and no one is their friend.Apart from the fact that 4 teenagers manage to do than a hundred centuries old vampires can do, this series continues to be extremely unique It gets gothic and atmospheric with every page you read and the setting starts to become and interesting The four friends also begin to mature day by day as they come across danger Sometimes too much danger Some things seem kind of irrelevant to the story For example the party scene I really didn t see its purpose view spoiler The whole rape drug thing did nothing except make Claire look stupid and fill a few pages I guess the whole massacre at the end was the end purpose but I just thing the issue could have been approached better hide spoiler

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    Dear Series,I don t know what it is about you, but you confuse me unlike any other series around There are times that I like you and I want to get to know you better but then you go and do something stupid to turn me off, only to rekindle my interest in you a few pages later It s not fair, dear series See, you have this atmospheric horror thriller setting going on, keeping me at the edge of my seat, biting my fingernails, and then you send some deus ex machina to do the rescuing.You give your characters depth and flaws and enough layers for me to believe that they could be real, and then you have them react in ways that make no sense whatsoever I m trying here, dear series I want us to be together, I really do, but you ve got to be straight with me If you re gonna be good, be good, if you re not, let me go No messing around with my head Yours Truly

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    I hate the concept.I hate the characters.I hate the story line on which this book got off.I practically hate almost everything about this book So, why did I read this I read it cause I m in the mood for reading a series with around 10 books and if anyone can recommend me something better than this, I ll be very grateful.I read the first part Glass Houses a year back, and disliked it too The concept is just way too stupid A 16 year old girl starts going to a college early admission in a strange town named Morganville First, if Claire is such a prodigy, what the hell is she doing studying in Morganville Couldn t she have gotten a much better college Then, she starts getting beaten up by the It girl gang of the school for NO REASON AT ALL So she leaves her dorm and goes off to live with some random 3 people who are really weird Those random weird people tell her that the town is run by Vampires and once you ve entered it, you can never escape.This plot is dumb as a fucking doorknob.There are so many flaws and so much of stupidity in it To add to this traumatically annoying plot we have the dumbest possible characters Claire, Eve and Michael are so irritatingly dumb, Shane is okay okay sometimes Claire doesn t ever stands up for herself, she always needs someone to keep her going Plus, she takes some really rash decisions at times which should make her look like a brave chick, instead it puts her friends in trouble.I, honestly liked the first one better than Dead Girl s Dance The storyline involving Shane s dad in this instalment was getting on my nerves and it was pretty unnecessary too I mean, nothing huge happened at the end, everything went back to the way it was before But in Glass Houses there were a few moments that surprised me and caught my interest which after a year made me read the 2nd one rols eyes Whereas this one was just dreadful Everything bored me to death, those good for nothing characters and sissy vampires made me claw my eyes out.I will most probably not continue this series now My quota of stupidity intake this month is over.

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    At the end of book 1 Glass Houses, Shane s psychopathic, vampire hunting father and his band of thugs showed up The Dead Girls Dance has him running amok in Morganville The vampires are hunting him and Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael are the meat in the sandwich This book has some good things going on, but there are a few things that really annoyed me The epilogue in the form of diary entries from Eve is tedious The protagonists spend most of their time whining, and it gets to be a bit much This still would have been a 3.5 star book if it wasn t for this Claire was feeling kind of light headed, in fact she was dizzy, maybe it was the heat She took another gulp from the bottle, but that just seemed to make her feel nauseous As Ian opened the fourth door she said, I don t feel so good Ian smiled and said, Well that was fast , and shoved her into the room I thought I was gonna have to work a little harder, but you re pretty easy There were three other guys in the roomThere was something bad out there something worse than four horny, stupid, cruel boys She felt something brush against her, a hand One of the boys she didn t know which one, was it Ian She took it and squeezed to Ian, the guy who drugged her and was going to rape her I m sorry about your nose she said later Those boys weren t monsters. OKso in brief, Ian invites her to the party with the intention of slipping her a drug and then gang raping her with three of his mates While defending herself from the would be rapists, she cracks Ian in the nose Later she apologizes to him for defending herself They all end up hiding in the closet, and one of the would be rapist takes her hand and she squeezes it Later she thinks, those guys weren t so bad.WTF On what planet is gang rape not so bad That scene is so fucked up and I just can t forgive it Seriously not cool Ms Caine.

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    This series is fantastic Don t take it seriously, it s just a fun series.There is so much going on and the adventures just keep piling up.I hope Caine can keep up the pace and interest throughout the whole series.Claire is kind of an idiot view spoiler who drinks an open bottle from a stranger hide spoiler

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    Hess laughed You know, I thought you were a mousy little thing when I first saw you, Claire, but you re not, are you Not underneath Oh, I am mousy, she said All this scares the hell out of me But I don t know what else to do, sir, except try.Even a mouse bites Rachel Caine, The Dead Girls Dance I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way If you feel anything in my review is a spoiler and is not already hidden in spoiler brackets please let me know Thank you.Shane s dad is in town and on a mission to kill vampires, and he won t let anyone get in his way Not even his own son After Shane is accused of the crime his dad commited Claire, Eve, and Micheal have to find some way to save him They make some allies along the way and a lot of enemies.Loved it This series is amazing I can t believe I haven t heard about it I know its a bit on the older side, but still This would make a great series I think or a long movie series It reads like one and I love it I love that there are still 13 books to read in this series and that doesn t even include the companion books I will say though that there is a part in the book that I sooo saw coming Spoiler Alert view spoiler So at about 3 4 of the way through when Claire and Eve were at the party and Claire drank the water bottle that was handed to her OPENED by a guy she barely knew I immediately started yelling at my book, I knew it was coming 16 years old in college early and her parents didn t think to remind her to watch her drinks at a party That part had me in a bit of a rage lol hide spoiler

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    3.5 starsThis series is campy and fun book crack

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    The Dead Girls Dance is the second book in the Morganville Vampire series and it picks up right after the ending of the first book Claire and her roommates now not only have the vampires to deal with in Morganville but Shane s father has shown up with his bikers buddies So far I m finding this series just rather average Sometimes I enjoy what s going on but at other times I find Claire to be rather annoying and some of the choices made to be laughable I m still kind of comparing this to some of the rather campy horror movies that are usually for a laugh but that s not necessarily a bad thing either Not really a bad read but room for improvement still Hoping that Claire will mature a bit in the upcoming books Things should get a bit interesting after some of the happenings in this book.

Claire Danvers Has Her Share Of Challenges Like Being A Genius In A School That Favors Beauty Over Brains, Dealing With The Homicidal Girls In Her Dorm, And Above All, Finding Out That Her College Town Is Overrun With Vampires On The Up Side, She Has A Great Roommate Who Tends To Disappear At Sunup And A New Boyfriend Named Shane, Whose Vampire Hunting Dad Has Called In Backup Cycle Punks Who Like The Idea Of Killing Just About AnythingNow A Fraternity Is Throwing Its Annual Dead Girls Dance And Surprise Claire And Her Equally Outcast Best Friend, Eve, Have Been Invited When They Find Out Why, All Hell Is Going To Break Loose Because This Time Both The Living And The Dead Are Coming Out And Everybody S Hungry For Blood