Audible Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Takes a Swing at Baseball By Bathroom Readers' Institute –

A lot of fun Why Is Baseball Such A Great Subject For A Bathroom Reader Because It S Steeped In History And Tradition, It S Rife With Scandals And Controversy, And Most Of The Men That Dedicate Their Life To It Are Just A Little Bit Weird Uncle John S Spirited Take On The Game Takes You Deep Into That History To Paint A Detailed Picture Of Where The Game Came From And Where It May Be Going You Ll Go Behind The Scenes At Spring Training, Listen In On Pitcher S Mound Conferences, And Meet The Players, Coaches, Fans, And Broadcasters Who Make This The Greatest Game In The World Swing For The Fences As You Read About Minor League MishapsThe Violent History Of UmpiringThe True Story Of Lou Gehrig S Heroic Rise And Tragic FallThe Man Who Pitched A No Hitter While Tripping On LSDThe Origins Of Gloves, Baseballs, Bats, Uniforms, Helmets, And Baseball S Most Famous Call And How It Was Saved For PosterityThe Best And Worst Teams Of All TimeAnimals In The OutfieldThe Birth Of Little LeagueThe Abner Doubleday Myth And Much, Much Fun reading