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As The First Comprehensive Look At The Ruffians, Rascals, And Rule Breakers In The Wrestling Business, This History Explains The Rise Of The Wrestling Villain, The Reasons For His Or Her Success, And The Impact These Sordid Characters Have Had On The Sport Based On First Hand Interviews With Hundreds Of Wrestlers, Managers, Promoters, And Historians, These Entertaining Profiles Document Wrestling S Top Rotten Apples From The S To Today, Providing Plenty Of Support For The Book S Claim That Fans Love To Hate The Bad Guys As Much As They Love To Love The Heroes With Remarkable Candor, Wrestling S Troublemakers Explain Why They Became Villains And How They Perceived And Honed Their Roles The Sport Is Richer For The Presence Of The Nefarious Ones And They Know It With Than Never Before Seen Photos, This Book Will Satisfy Devoted Fans And Inspire Everyone Else To Take A Look At The Exciting And Often Bizarre World Of Professional Wrestling

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    This taught me so much about the business and the wrestlers Hard working guys, enterprising Showmen Impressive research, intelligent writing.notes acknowledgements JMK and Scott Teal10..the term heel was created by the press17..Nature Boy Buddy Rogers a hell of a showman21..he could go into the ring with a broomstick and make the broomstick look good An old article also describes dad this way Wild Bill Zim Maybe this was commonplace comparison 27..barnstorming the tank towns143..Lord Lansdowne 1932 assumed role of Irish hero for Al Haft as Duke FineganColumbus Ohio Toe Hold ClubChief Chewacki 36 San Diego assault charge with coat hanger Daviscourttrachomabacterial infection which could lead to blindnessBuddy O Brien1937 married in the ring in SeattlePerhaps influenced by dad s 36 in ring nuptials They were on the same cards in 36,in LA and Santa Monica.186definition of good worker Zebra KidAl Haft recruited from Ohio StateHe s in Ohio State s HoF at Schottenstein Center March 2015 update Visited the OSU HoF at St John arena, but couldn t find the Zebra Kid Did find Al Haft in there though Big Bill Millerlike dad and Jack Vansky, died not far from Al Haft s old Reynoldsburg HQGreat MephistoFrankie Cain..30 s 40 s programs for Al Haft..a mecca for lighter weight wrestlers

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    For a book that seriously lists Danny McShain and Boris Malenko over Ric Flair in the Top 20 list and don t even get me started on Bill Longson over Fred Blassie , this is a terrific The entire The Pioneers section is worth buying alone just for the stories of people like Ted King Kong Cox and Billy Edwards Nice blend of guys from all decades from recent stars like JBL and Randy Orton to forgotten names like Roger Kibry and The Missouri Mauler.

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    Fascinating read Some of the shit the fans use to pull on the heels is unbelievable, There were a couple guys on this list that did not belong Sports entertainment just does not cut it Very readable and a load of fun to read If you are a fan today compare these guys to today s sports entertainers.

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    Fantastic, easy read A lot of insight into the psychology of what makes a good heel in the wrestling industry The biographies of the wrestlers are very in depth You can tell they did a lot of painstaking research to make this book as informative as it is.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book There are certain books that are hard to put down because they are done so well This is one of those books.

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    Another staggeringly good prosopography from the team of Johnson definitely the better of the two writers and Oliver of SLAM wrestling fame.