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OK, I tried reading it, I just can t buy into the premiseClaire Danvers is a prodigy student At 16, she is a university freshman and having awful dorm problems In fact, in the first chapter, she is beaten by a group of mean girls, thrown down the stairs, and warned that she would be killed next time she is seen around the campus She is unconscious for a while, and when she is found by another student, nobody calls the police Even the campus doctor who checks Claire s many bruises, split lip and sprained ankle, doesn t ask any questions Claire s solution to this life threatening problem is to find another place to live, off campus She finds an ad in a local paper in which 3 students are looking for a roommate The 3 are nice people and they agree to take in Claire at least temporarily In the new house she is told that the town they all live Morganville is run by vampires The next day a cop comes to Claire s new residence, looking for her Apparently, this cop is send by the mean girls who just the other day abused Claire and she is in a big big trouble what , therefore, Claire s roommates tell her, nobody can know where she is, she can t get outside or go to school, or she will be caught and killed You know, a reasonable person would ask, why wouldn t Claire go back home if her life is in such an immediate danger please, don t bother telling me But she is such a dedicated student She wants to prove her independence to her parents I am not buying it And why people agree to live in this backward, vampire run town at all But nobody in this book does At this point all I could do was throw by hands up in the air and give up on this drivel However, I am guessing, if you can tolerate this dumbness, you might end up enjoying the book Many people I know did I personally have a very low tolerance for stupid. So I ve always been a lovey dovey vampire lover as opposed to the GRR, I M AN EVIL BASTARD kind But, as it turns out.I fell really hard for this book And, instead of sexy bites shared between vampire lovers or, rather, a human AND vamp , we had the scary as shit psycho vampires Honestly, I was disappointed at first I mean, really Who doesn t like a little neck biting action WHO I ASK, WHO But as the story progressed, it gave me something.a littleand Dad, who was glowering at Shane in the background, was as tall and twice as broad Is it him Dad asked Did he get you into trouble Not me, Shane said I ve just got that kind of face I won t say it wouldn t be a cool future twist I m looking at you, book two wink , but, for now, I m satisfied Why am I satisfied, you ask Well, I ll tell you Instead of sexy neck play between two lovahs, we have a million other things Mean girls who are actually VERY mean, evil vampires that cause a lot of heroic romantic suspense, not one, but TWO sexy boys, and a cast of four characters that live in a house together, doing everything they can to protect one another Oh, and there s an EPIC twist somewhere in this story I like I approve.For me to love books that are.well.paranormal, the author better be hella creative In this case She was And I even thought it was a BITaddictive than my other vamp series I m readingbut only by a hair To me, that s amazing I LOVE Evernight I love the atmosphere, the boy, the main girl most of the time , but sometimes it s a bit lighter and not as intense in the writing area I love that, but starting this series certainly made my heart pound in ways that are completely out of this world.This book was creepy as shit, but it doesn t really kick up the scary SCARINESS until book two Oh yeah, I m running through these vamp series like candy, so, yeah, I m extremely behind on reviews FYI These poor books aren t getting NEAR the reviews they deserve, I realize But, I digress, my point is this These books are a lotadult They aren t reallymature, per se, but they do border that fine line where you re like, shit, are they really going to burn this guy alive And are they honestly going to kill off one of my favorite characters brutally I really can t say.and I kind of dig it.Now, okay, I wouldn t be me if I didn t defend my darling males You ve got Shane and Michael Michael is who everyone seems to like I guess I did, too But that s only because I let reviews influence me From the very beginning it s clear that Shane is totally into Claire and he is going to be uber protective of her I love this So, in essence, I LOVE Shane He is nothing but sweet and kind and funny from the very beginning And when things get serious, so does he Sowhat s not to like I swear, people lol Who cares But Anyway Moving on Michael is great, too, but.I don t see the large hype for him Other than loving him as a main character I do, too I guess I m just still trying to figure that one out Not trying to dwell on it She didn t look up He came a step closer, and his bare feet and sweatpants came into her vision Claire You ve got to promise me I can t, she said I m not some little kid And I m not your sister He laughed, low in his throat Oh, yeah That, I know But I don t want to see you get hurt again OH OH OH And, okay, I must say these might be some of my favorite kissing scenes EVER Or, at least, in a long long time I just am extremely enad with how she writes the exchanges sexy, sweet, swoony, and then there s how she explains the body I don t knowI just was very attracted to the way she described something as beautifully simple as kissing It s like authors forget how to, you know I have very high hopes for, ahem, future endeavors hehe.God this review is so weird I m sorry guys I m sitting at work and going back and forth between work and writing this sad excuse for a review, so that s likely it I d rather post something rather than nothing at all so, well.here you go All I can really say is I adore this series very much and I am EXTREMELY excited to see what s next for my darling Claire and Shane I love Eve and Michael, too, but babies first I think a lot of people are missing out on this Yes, it s silly Yes, they get into some crazy situations.but it never once felt cheesy So Um SCORE That is all Shockingly..I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK I ve been waiting FOREVER to try and I am so glad I waited until my comeback from being sick for my month of vampires.Though, these vamps are pretty mean lol And I ADORE Shane EEPS.RTC Forof my reviews, please visit Alright, so let s do this hmm Please excuse my languageOh my How is I mean what Claire, Claire dear child WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO STUPID I m sorry let me explain Girl goes to school, encounters psycho ass bullies they make fun of her Girl gets punched and pushed down the stairs suffers injuries She meets up with them again in class, THEY POUR SOME FUCKING ACID CRAP ON HER BACK Friends tell her TO STAY AWAY Girl thinks she s fucking invincible and ignores Girl encounters bullies YET AGAIN And, they proceed to beat the crap out of her Once again, friends tells her to stay in the house that will protect her, DO NOT GO BACK TO SCHOOL Girl ignores AGAIN and says you can t tell me what to do Girl encounters bullies AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNN They throw her in a van, tries TO BURN HER ALIVE Can you see where I m going with this I think you can Ms Caine, you made Claire sooo intolerable Arrgh I wanted to chuck my NOOK across the room, at the fucking idiocy I kept reading from Claire Ugh, like I can t even care enough about the damn storyline, because Claire irked me way too much She kept repeating I m not a kid, I m sixteen I m not a kid BLAH BLAH BLEH You proved yourself a kid by making so many obvious and dumbass decisions Supposedly a chick with brains, she sure doesn t use it.I gave this one star for two reasons only and they are MICHAEL AND SHANE Boom. Instagram Twitter FacebookPinterestReading GLASS HOUSES is a lot like watching a horror movie The main character is an idiot, and all plot development in the story line requires that you suspend your disbelief about said idiocy What makes it hard, though, is that Claire Danvers is branded as a genius She s sixteen sixteen and a half, she ll be quick to tell you and yet, got accepted to Harvard, MIT, Yale, and all these other great schools, but her parents don t want her to be far from the house dafuq , so they send her to a school that s a cross between a party school and a community college I repeat, dafuq , in the middle of Morganville, Texas You can transfer, later, is the argument.Claire immediately cheeses off one the popular girls, named Monica, who is basically a cross between Joffrey from Game of Thrones and Regina from Mean Girls She s one of those mean girls who hangs out with a clique of her own Claire calls them the Monickettes, which is just one example of her brilliance She s also a studied psychopath who thinks it s perfectly okay to beat people up, attack them with beakers of acid, and then later set them on fire You re probably wondering where the adults are in this book, because that s what I was wondering, but Claire stupidly lies to her parents and her friends about her safety, over and over, and a code of non interference is built into the rules of Morganville, which is run by vampires, so no adults are ever going to look out for her safety.How convenient. So let s talk a little about young adult paranormal fiction Let s talk a little about suspension of disbelief.For the fantasy writer, suspension of disbelief is your best friend Your job as an author is to do such a good job creating your world so your reader thinks, Vampires, werewolves, things that go bump in the night, sure, I buy it There are lots of ways to go about doing this, but part of the bedrock of a good set up is that it s completely believable Part of what makes good horror and good fantasy so compelling is that the non fantastic parts feel real.To do this the introduction to your world has to have an internal and consistent logic It has to make sense If you toss the reader out of the reality of your world before you even get to the fantastic spooky stuff, you ve achieved EPIC FAIL.For example try to imagine the first episode of the X files with a twenty two year old, gum snapping, blonde in five inch heels and a tiny tank top instead of the lovely Gillian Anderson in the role of Scully Most of us would stop watching there, because we can t suspend our disbelief far enough to wrap our minds around the idea of that woman as a doctor FBI agent.And now to tie this to Glass House Claire, our main character, is a sixteen year old wunderkind, who whipped through high school in two years Although she tells us she got there a year early and ended a year soon, which adds up to three years of high school and two years of middle school, but hey, who s counting Oh yeah, Claire, who told us she did it in two years How smart is this girl again and is now in college Alas, because her parents are criminally stupid and apparently enjoy setting fire to money they sent her to Texas Prairie University, after allowing her to apply to MIT, Yale, Harvard, and a slew of other high power schools and getting her acceptance letters to said schools Apparently they want to keep their sixteen year old baby close to home, but living in the dorm of a notorious party school See at this point I m already out of the story I did finish high school a year early Guess what You can t do that without mommy and daddy s help, which means mom and dad have to be on board with this whole getting a good education thing Here s another thing, Mom and Dad are not going to pay the money 75 for an application to Harvard alone to apply to all those schools if they have no intention of letting their little girl attend those schools And lets wrap this up with this idea if you want your baby to be close because you re feeling protective of her, you are not going to let her live in the dorms of a party school In the modern world, if mom and dad want you close after you ve graduated high school, they can do this wonderful thing known as let you live at home and take courses online The entire MIT catalog is available online I m sure some sort of situation could have been worked out that didn t involve dropping their child in fratland because it s closer to home than MIT.Here s where the discussion of YA comes into play There s a problem almost all YA books have to deal with how to get a young person into situations of danger and adventure without Mom and Dad jumping into play to keep them safe In real life, most kids have the sort of parents who are actually trying to do well by them In the YA world there are gobs of orphans, boarding schools, and criminally absent parents because they re needed to make the plot work So, the author wants a plot where Claire has to deal with human adversaries and supernatural ones For whatever reason the author wants Claire to be sixteen Sending her off to college early was an interesting twist on boarding school, and opens the potential for living off campus and getting intocontact with the supernatural baddies She made Claire super smart because that increases friction with the human baddies This book was written around 2008 It appears to be set around 2008 as well The level of bullying Claire takes at both high school and college would easily get both institutions sued into bankruptcy And in the post Columbine Virginia Tech world, one might think that possibly, if you are being assaulted by the other students, the kind of violence that involves being tossed down a flight of stairs and left unconscious, that possibly someone would call the cops Just maybe But of course, no one does anything like that, giving Claire the motivation to move out of the dorm, and into her new home with her new roommates We didn t even get to the vampires, and I already don t believe this story In fact, unless they re pink and sparkly which I ve heard isn t true about this book I believe the vampiresthan I do the set up for this book The entire set up is a series of glowing neon plot devices for the purpose of putting the main character into the situation author wants her in There is nothing subtle or elegant about the first few chapters of this book Nothing that shows any real desire to engage in serious world building on the part of the author In short, it s lazy, and has done nothing to make me want to learnabout what comes next.And so, Congratulations Glass House Welcome to your shiny new spot on my Did Not Finish List. I am absolutely in love with this series For me, it is a really big shame that i did not find it sooner.There is a lot that i could say about this first book in the series, and believe me i would if i could, but i would probably never stop talking and i would go over the word limit for reviews.First of all the story kicked off to a really good start It was a thrilling and exciting first chapter When i opened the book i saw that the chapters were like 20 30 pages long For me, i was really worried It seems that all the books i read that have really long chapters, end up being really long, dull, boring books It s like a jinx to me But this book seems to of broken that pattern But although they seems long, they were very fast to read The is a lot going on in the book, and something excting happens in every chapterit made me keep on reading.Secondly the character s How many books have i read and not liked the main character To many, but there are also ones i hate But in all honesty, Claire is a likable character They all are really Sure, she can be stupid at times, but that s just who she is, and it is that, that makes her so realistic and interesting character.I can see there is going to be a romance somewhere along the line, but it s not in the book as much as some book do When it s in your face all the time This book has the romance, but it is off to the side, keeping up with the storyline alongside It sabout the problem rather then the romance, which don t get me wrong, i love a good romance book as much as the next person, it s just not made a big deal ofThe storyline is great, the style of writing is wonderful and the characters are loveable What s not to love It ended on a cliffhanger which is really annoying as i don t have the next book s yet, but i will soon.Happy reading Some might really like the story, but there were too many times the plot read as if it was tossed together like a bad salad cheap tricks were used to get our heroine in out of trouble Worse, new issues fixes magically appear disappear, while parents conveniently do the same Worst of all, the end is a super cliff hanger, the kind that screams Read my next book or you re doomed to never know how it turns out It s a shame The book had some redeeming features could have been a good story It just wasn t constructed or told very well Some of the trimmings were truly imaginative, but I doubt I ll look to hard for any other books by her I was hoping this was an early book, but it seems that she s prolific enough that this is a pen name Her forte seems to be YA novels, so maybe that s why I don t care for this as much If I run across another, I ll probably read it to see if I like it any better, so she didn t completely turn me off. 3.5 Good To Be Different StarsI first read the Morganville Vampires series about four years ago, at the beginning of my experience with Paranormal and Urban Fantasy At the time I though Twilight and The House of Night were THE SHIT so this wasn t my favorite because it s much darker But now, 4 years later, I still like this when I can t even stand to read the first book of the other two series.The Morganville Vampires series has its problems The writing needs a little effort to like and Claire is annoying as hell at the beginning and the 4 main characters are all a kind of immature, hormonal, wrecking ball.At the first 30% of the book you can clearly see that intelligence isn t always accompanied by mature and smart decisions Claire is supposed to be this uber intelligent kid who got accepted in colleges like MIT and Yale at 16 but since her parents wouldn t allow her so far from home she ended up in a Party College in Texas All that is good but then Claire starts making all the bad decisions her parents worried about When she gets bullied and pushed down a flied of stairs which could have left her with a broken neck instead of calling her parents, or going to the police not that it would have done her much good in Morganville but she didn t know that yet , she tries to find somewhere off campus to live When she goes to the Glass House to interview for the room she meets a bunch of crazy kids and instead of running as fast as she can and calling her parents, she spends the night.And then despite the fact that a crazy girl actually tried to kill her she goes to school and isn t even particularly careful TSTL doesn t begin to describe it But things get better after a point What makes this book special In a time when vampires are the best thing after Brad Pitt and David Beckam, Rachel Caine avoids the cliche and tried methods and she doesn t romanticize her vampires Vampires in Morganville are the bad guys, the monsters lurking in the dark And you know what That s freaking GREAT Vampires see humans as food and the cattle isn t supposed to fall in love with the wolf Don t get me wrong, I love a good Vampire Love Story as much as the next girl but it s nice to have something different once in a while.We have a group of four friends that haven t all slept, kissed, made out with one another and they don t want to Who everyone is attracted to becomes clear fast and for once not every guy in the neighborhoof is in love with the heroine Eve, the actually cool friend, has her guy Yes, the friend isn t some irrelevant character that isn t as awesome as the heroine She is just as important and just as awesome.There is no slut shaming We have the mean girls, AKA Monica and her friends, and there is much hate going on between them but it has nothing to do with how many guys Monica has been with or how short her skirt is or if she wears too much make up at school Claire hates Monica because Monica is a psychopathic bitch who actually tries to kill her, not steal her boyfriend or mock her clothing.So all in all this book is really good I though of upping the rating to 4 but I know some of the next books deserve itso I won t. From The Author Of The Popular Weather Warden Series Comes The Debut Of An Exciting New Series Set In Morganville, Texas, Where You Would Be Well Advised To Avoid Being Out After DarkCollege Freshman Claire Danvers Has Had Enough Of Her Nightmarish Dorm Situation When Claire Heads Off Campus, The Imposing Old House Where She Finds A Room May Not Be Much Better Her New Roommates Don T Show Many Signs Of Life, But They Ll Have Claire S Back When The Town S Deepest Secrets Come Crawling Out, Hungry For Fresh Blood Will She Be Able To Face The Town S Terror Or Will She Drown Like Everyone Else For anyone looking for good, brainless, PG 13 rated vampire fun, this is probably the book for you The author has a straightforward writing style and tells a straightforward story about an unpopular girl who gets the short end of the stick in a town ruled by vampires, until she makes some oh my god like totally cool and hottt friends Yes, hot needs three t s one for each friend The book has a slightly juvenile tone, which is ironic since the main character a brainiac who is sixteen years old and in college spends much of the book insisting that she s not a little kid I feel like a lot of the events weren t really thought out and were there to move the story along without really considering the repercussions It s kind of like how, in Harry Potter, Harry always managed to get away scot free and sometimes even with a congratulatory pat on the head in spite of all the times he ignored rules or authority to save the world his friends stuff Except that this book doesn t even go that far Eventually, I kind of just gave up all hope for at least some bit of realism.Long story short, not all that great for a first book, but I ve been told the series gets better, so I ll give the second book a try.