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LA Private Eye Elvis Cole Is Hired By Popular Television Star Jodie Taylor To Delve Into Her Past And Identify The Biological Parents Who Gave Her Up For Adoption Thirty Six Years Before Cole S Assignment Is To Find Out Their Biological History And Report BackIt Seems All Too Clear Cut But When He Gets To Louisiana And Begins His Search, He Finds That There S Something Much Darker Going On Other People Are Also Looking For Taylor S Parents, And Some Are Ending Up DeadAnd When Cole Realizes That His Employer Knew Than She Was Telling, Voodoo River Becomes A Twisting Tale Of Identity, Secrets, And Murder

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    Crais surprised me again Not so much with the mystery as a very sweet subplot that I didn t expect in a mystery thriller Connections from the last book have given Elvis referrals from the movie world, and a famous small screen actress Jodi Taylor is looking for the parents who gave her up as an infant The trail takes Elvis to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, giving readers a change from the familiar L.A scene.When Elvis landed in a small town and started getting a feel for the place, I felt like I was there with him, from the local storefront BBQ and the people lined up during lunch, to the nosy librarian to the flavorful etouffee to the endlessly flat fields of sweet potatoes Suddenly a lot of podnah started seeping in Turns out Crais is from Louisiana, so he comes by it honestly.I enjoyed characterization quite a bit in the first part of the book There s a lot of emotional complexity to Taylor I appreciate that it wasn t just used to set up the investigation, but continues throughout the story The case brings Elvis into contact with a lawyer as always , and I appreciated the way Crais developed their interaction I thought Elvis excitement quite sweet, nostalgically recalling such moments myself.Once again, Crais does interesting things with the typical mystery plot, where solving one issue leads to another This time, however, it worked less well, feeling like it veered off into a very different direction, both in plotting and in atmosphere Joe Pike makes his usual appearance for the action He s fast becoming a sure fire sign that things are about to come to a head.Three and a half stars, rounding down because in context of the books I ve read, this feels a little uneven.

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    Elvis Cole is hired to find the birth parents of a TV star He and Pike head to Baton Rouge and quickly uncover than they bargained for Can Cole and Pike find Jodie Taylor s birth parents and leave Lousiana with their hides intact It s been a lot time since my last Robert Crais book Too long, in fact Voodoo River is a prime example of why I stuck with Crais despite my initial impression that he was ripping off Robert B Parker s Spenser.In this outing, Cole s case takes him to Louisiana and quickly spirals out of control, par for the course for Elvis Cole and Joe Pike I liked that Lucy Chenier was introduced as a recurring love interest for Elvis, even though I didn t quite buy how their relationship unfolded Pike showed a little depth but was pretty much along to get his hands dirty so Elvis wouldn t have to Elvis continues to grow on me as a character He s not the Spenser ripoff with a collection of quirks I almost dismissed him as in the first book.The plot took off in a direction I never expected, something that always gets high marks for me Kudos to whomever wrote the back cover of the book for not giving anything away view spoiler Another thing going for it is that someone got devoured by a big snapping turtle at the end You don t see that every day hide spoiler

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    Nothing deep or convoluted here Just a basic, entertaining mystery I listened to this book and I m having trouble with the narrator s voice It s just not how I ve imagined Elvis Cole.

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    Elvis Cole Cajun style Jodi Taylor is an actress starring on a hit TV show who was adopted She hires Elvis to track down her birth parents but claims she just wants her medical history Elvis journeys to Louisiana, but what seems like a routine case soon turns into a tangled mess of blackmail and murder.Robert Crais is originally from Louisiana, and he brings some real depth to his depiction of the area and it s people You can feel the humidity as he describes Elvis making his way through bayou country Plus, he does such a great job of describing the food that I wanted fly to New Orleans just to get some etouffee.The mystery and action in this one are very solid, but overall the story just didn t grab me as much as the previous two novels did There s a subplot with Elvis romancing a beautiful lawyer that I could have lived without, but it wasn t overly distracting from the main story As usual, my favorite parts revolved around scenes where Elvis and his partner Joe Pike work together The two of them are rapidly becoming one of my favorite buddy teams in crime stories.

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    2nd read Enjoyable Crais story, with Elvis in the middle of the Hollywood elite and their lies, and the Louisiana smuggling of illegal immigrants A blossoming love story starts with Lucy, a beautiful, smart lawyer with a son, who is Elvis liaison down South Thankfully, he has Pike to drolly pull his fat from the fire 1st read Elvis is hired by a Hollywood agent to investigate the birth family of a famous television actress He heads to Louisiana, and along the way encounters boudin sausage, a beautiful lawyer, a 200 lb 100 yr old snapping turtle named Luther , some conflicting smugglers, a mutant cajun, a mysterious gentleman sympathetic to Hispanic immigrants, and a Raid spraying, Old Crow drinking midwife.

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    Private Investigator Elvis Cole s fifth outing is reputed to be one of Crais best Ostensibly about a search for the medical history of a popular TV actress who was adopted as a child, once in her home state of Louisiana Cole finds things are complicated than expected The process of the untangling her past brings to light other reprehensible activities permeating a small parish about an hour outside of Baton Rouge It is the early stages of the investigation that keeps this from being a great novel The first six chapters or so, some seventy pages, are deathly dull, saved only by Cole s attraction to, and his personal pursuit of, the female attorney with whom he is assigned to work As adoption law and Louisiana are both unfamiliar territory to him, she is a necessary touchstone, and their interaction, professionally and otherwise, helps alleviate the boredom until the case takes off But once it does, Voodoo River deserves it reputation You will spot the mistake that ruins Cole s plan and leads to the riveting conclusion, and unlike in previous novels, this time the mistake is not Cole s As usual, Cole s laconic partner Joe Pike is on hand once backup is needed, a presences that is always welcome All things considered, Voodoo River is well worth the trip.

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    Very good read Elvis goes to Baton Rouge to help an adoptee find her birth parents He begins his relationship with Lucy Chenier, which carries forward in ups and downs for the remainder of the series When he discovers his client is being blackmailed, he brings Joe Pike to the scene You just know, it being Louisiana, that double cross is coming And you just know that Joe will somehow rescue Elvis from a seemingly hopeless situation If you like Crais, you will like this one too.

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    I m being kind with the 3 star read I added 1 star cause I just love the Elvis Cole character Nothing really that great here, just your typical Hollywood gal wanting to know who here real parents are. blah..blah..blah I will admit, I skimmed through a lot of this book but, I am reading them in order so I hope the next one will be good Can t believe this book was published in 1995 And the series is still going strong.

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    I was really disappointed with this outing in the Elvis Cole series The plot was too convoluted, the writing poor, the ending rushed and, due to it s setting in Louisiana, it was uncomfortably obvious that the author doesn t compare favourably to the brilliance of James Lee Burke s Robicheaux series Even the humour was flat in this one seriously, how many times do we need reference to Joe Pike s aloof manner I ll still persevere with this series as I have enjoyed the previous books I just hope it gets better.

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    An inventive and thoughtful plot Pulling into clarity and full definition the range and depth of racism in the USA, and the heartbreak, endless emptying of souls, and complete absurdity of it In Crais novel good people are trapped by racism s taint, not just in the South, but on Happy Nordic TV.Our LA based detective with the made for TV name Elvis Cole is sent to Louisiana on one task which morphs into a bigger and much uglier one, or many Elvis is a mid 1990s Bogart with a tad of Groucho s self deprecating humor His eye for clothing details of which made me wonder if Crais or Elvis was were gay Silly assumption either way Oh, and no voodoo.Having spent enough time in the South volunteering as a physician with Common Ground after Katrina, and uncountable visits to know it a bit, and found the descriptions spot on The heat, the smells, the deep fried food, and the poignant i gave up long ago in the faces of some, especially after August 2005, all true.The writing was engaging and sometimes funny But the lucidity with which the deep institutional racism that seems like the backbone of America, then and now, is written without being named, was what I loved best about this book.