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Originally I wrote a review that waslike me screaming and ranting frantically about everything wrong with the world, and I was typing so furiously that my fingers are throbbing and my keyboard would probably despise me if it were sentient But I think I m gonna scratch all that, because the time you spend reading my review would be better spent reading this book if you haven t yet Of course, there are plenty of wonderful, qualified reviewers here on this lovely site that will have a properly structured, well thought out review If that is what you re looking for, then by all means read one of theirs I can t stop you But mine is basically going to just be me BEGGING you to read it if you have yet to If it s on your TBR right now, literally bump this up to number one If you ve been holding off on it like I did, which I m still struggling to forgive myself over then stop.Please This is one of the most important books ever written and it deserves your attention. this book made me hate menthan i already do Three Misfits Come Together To Avenge The Rape Of A Fellow Classmate And In The Process Trigger A Change In The Misogynist Culture At Their High School Transforming The Lives Of Everyone Around Them In This Searing And Timely StoryWho Are The Nowhere Girls They Re Everygirl But They Start With Just Three Grace Salter Is The New Girl In Town, Whose Family Was Run Out Of Their Former Community After Her Southern Baptist Preacher Mom Turned Into A Radical Liberal After Falling Off A Horse And Bumping Her HeadRosina Suarez Is The Queer Punk Girl In A Conservative Mexican Immigrant Family, Who Dreams Of A Life Playing Music Instead Of Babysitting Her Gaggle Of Cousins And Waitressing At Her Uncle S RestaurantErin Delillo Is Obsessed With Two Things Marine Biology And Star Trek The Next Generation, But They Aren T Enough To Distract Her From Her Suspicion That She May In Fact Be An AndroidWhen Grace Learns That Lucy Moynihan, The Former Occupant Of Her New Home, Was Run Out Of Town For Having Accused The Popular Guys At School Of Gang Rape, She S Incensed That Lucy Never Had Justice For Their Own Personal Reasons, Rosina And Erin Feel Equally Deeply About Lucy S Tragedy, So They Form An Anonymous Group Of Girls At Prescott High To Resist The Sexist Culture At Their School, Which Includes Boycotting Sex Of Any Kind With The Male StudentsTold In Alternating Perspectives, This Groundbreaking Novel Is An Indictment Of Rape Culture And Explores With Bold Honesty The Deepest Questions About Teen Girls And Sexuality Y all I have had an arc of this on my shelf since before it came out and I am KICKING MYSELF for not reading it sooner bc it was SO FUCKING GOOD If you haven t read this book yet and think you can handle the subject matter READ THIS BOOK NOW YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT TW rape, slut shaming In another state, an invisible girl named Lucy Moynihan tries to forget a story that will define her for the rest of her life, a story no one claimed to believeIt s really sad because that line is one of the most realistic lines for so many women of all ages in our present world And what makes it even sadder is that nothing is being done because a woman s voice isn t the same it does not matter The word rape isn t a word many people like to use because it labels them, and it isn t a label they are glad and happy to have, to identify with The Nowhere Girls pulls you into rape culture, and it is not just what is identified as it, or what many people label it as rape. The Nowhere Girls is about many girls, but it starts with three Grace, Erin, and Rosina Together, they bring justice for Lucy Together, the bring justice for many girls Together, they bring justice for themselves Together, they bring girls together.The Nowhere Girls is about what speaking up can do It is about what the power a man can use for his advantage, for control, for violence It is about what the world considers rape and what it doesn t It is about justice, movement, help, and understanding It teaches us that they will always go for the innocent and young girls to be manipulated, made into thinking they are worth it when they are only seen as objects, as toys, and not as girls who are actually wanted for who they are but for what they have It is about girls helping girls The Nowhere Girls shows us what we are in risk ofThe things is, people don t want to hear something that ll make their livesdifficult, even if it s the truth People hate having to change the way they see things So instead of admitting the world is ugly, they shit on the messenger for telling them about itTrigger content warnings for rape, sexual assault, slut shaming, and groping The detailed scenes of rape and assault are very descriptive and Reed is not afraid to provide it They can be difficult to read but WOW, it really makes you judge and hate men and realize why our world is so fucked up. Grace is a self proclaimed fat girl who is the new girl in town Erin is a Star Trek The Next Generation addict with Asperger s syndrome and Rosina is a sapphic Mexican working at her uncle s restaurant and just with those descriptions of them, I wish I had friends like this trio It was, truthfully, one of the greatest and most beautiful trio I had ever read about I think it is important to note that this group is so diverse and so different in every level, and I loved everything about it, especially Erin By far, she s one of my favorite contemporary characters Her awakening and the way she was able to come out of her shell, to tell us her side of the story, it was heartbreaking but also warming I felt bad for her just how I felt bad for Grace and Rosina, but Erin touched a special place in my heart because of her character She was labeled as a freak, a retard, a nobody, and I was just so happy she wasn t that for so many people, especially the people that love her Erin was strong, thoughtful, broken, but she was also healing on her own and it was tough for her, but I rooted for her over and over because to me, she was always Erin Delillo, not a retard, not some Biology lover, or just a Star Trek geek, or a girl who can hack into the school s computer and gather information Erin was a girl learning to accept her past, love her self, and realize that she is also worth every damn fiber in her body and muchAlso, A to Amy Reed for including a vegan diet here because I can t tell you how long I ve been waiting for someone to be vegan as a vegan myself We need for vegan representation in books, that is all.It will always make me happy when Latinx people are welcomed into the book world, especially when they rethan their background Rosina comes from a Mexican family, likes girls especially the cheerleader and is working at her uncle s restaurant even though shebasically hates him and everyone else You feel pity for Rosina she is lonely, afraid, broken, and no one is able to heal her, not even herself Rosina was literally living the life of her family, not hers, and I wish she hadchances, but I was able to see where she was coming from I was so thankful Reed decided to give her someone, include someone meaningful in her life that saw her as Rosina and not just a Mexican who is also considered a freak and a nobody.Every character in this is fucking broken and all you want to do is find their missing pieces and put them back together, but I really wish Erin and Rosina and Grace got what they wanted in the end, even though we will never find out I want Rosina to be cuddling with her former cheerleader girlfriend while working with her girl punk rock band and giving the whole world a smile she never thought she would form I want Erin to realize that she is muchthan who she and others think she is and yes, I want her to be in love with Otis and realize he really loves her for who she is I want Grace to remember that she is a hero and that Lucy is thinking about her, even though they don t know each other I want these broken but healing girls to find rest, be delighted, and realize that the world will give them so muchthan what they don t expect.Other than these three impacting, strong, and wise girls, we also meet many other girls and many other people that you wish never existed in this book All the other Nowhere Girls who shared their stories, rooted for themselves and the rest decided to sacrifice what they had to empower themselves Margot, Amber, Connie, Abby, every other girl mentioned and featured is such a beautiful character who was slowly healing and trying to piece every piece back in its place even though they seemed to be scattered all over the place, just like some of their stories were lookedThe world is a dark place It is a place where people can post things like that, spreading hate and darkness, and no one holds them accountable It is a place where hurting people is too easy, and where helping them is too fraud It is a place where the darkness is winning, where the darkness will always winThis story is about rape culture and how men hold power, especially to girls, innocent and new girls who think losing their virginity to the most popular and cute guy in school is what she has been wishing for Amy Reed doesn t go soft with this, she goes deep into what rape is and is not afraid to show what many females have to go through and are still going through The descriptions are written in such detail I suddenly felt like I was at Prescott High School, walking the hallways without being seen because I m just an illusion, observing girls who had a voice they thought isn t valuable People can be truly blind, especially when you re held accountable by people who think what your side of the story isn t enough because it doesn t fall into the spectrum of rape culture There are characters here you want to yell at and tell them to open their eyes because they can t seem to be able to see what is actually happening, or they really do not give one single fuck about Or bothRape is not about sex It is about power and violence and controlGirls here are labeled as sluts and whores when they sleep with a guy, whether they wanted to or didn t But of course, when a male sleeps with a female they re instantlymanly, sexy, and have become peoplefemales might even just want The boys here think they have the authority to control the girls, and its fucking sad and disgusting The blog the boys write shows what these boys actually do for fun and all you can do is take it in and just grip the pages until your fingers are red because of how disgusting it is to live in a world where this is still happening and being taken advantage of Stories of the girls raped are tragic whether they re 14, high, drunk, or didn t say no, it s totally okay for these boys because No doesn t mean No to themFirst, you are an object, then you are taken Then you are destroyed and pounded into dustWith everything disturbing and agonizing in this, there are many beautiful things about it The trio of Grace, Rosina and Erin is beautiful, as I previously said, and I wish we gotof them in the end the way their friendship grew and they didn t stop supporting each other Although girls in this slut shame each other and make fun of each other for their past actions, there is a lot of girl power, especially between the Nowhere Girls, and it is glorious Girls here also don t judge and discriminate each other for what they did or what happened to them They all have the main goal, and that is so bring Spencer, Eric and Ennis down, and they did, but their goals are also to encouragegirls to speak up, to come out and tell their story This book was so quotable that it makes you feel like you re living in the world these girls are living it, not just because we are, but because it s fictional but its realistic and all you feel is a pity, sadness and empathy for them I don t know who would want to read this, but every girl should, no matter who they are It is powerful, its empowering, and it shows what one voice speaking up for one person can do and what can happen It is inspirational it is encouraging We can change what is happening to us, and we cannot do it if we do not act or speak up for what we have, for what is oursSilence does not mean yes No can be thought and felt but never said It can be screamed silently on the inside It can be in the wordless stone of a clenched fist, fingernails digging into palm Her lips sealed Her eyes closed His body just taking, never asking, never taught to question silence Sometimes it s the freaks of nature who end up being the strongest What an epic first read of 2019 The Nowhere Girls is such an important book Tackling serious topics including rape culture, sexism and sexual harassment to name a few.This is what feminism is Not man hating, not women thinking they are better than men, but simply the equality of the sexes When women live in constant fear, there is a problem and this problem must be addressed.Grace is new to town, her mother is a pastor, and after having a religious experience due to falling off a horse her mother s beliefs became muchliberal Too liberal in fact for their current church so they up and move from Kentucky to Oregon Grace moves into a room with writing carved into the walls, the terror scratched out by a young girl gang raped, but ignored and bullied until forced to leave town I loved the portayal of a Christian family who are actually decent human beings It was a breath of fresh air to read about people with faith who are kind, rather than ignorant bigots Rosina is fed up Her family is Mexican and as the oldest girl in the family Rosina is treated like a servant looking after all of her baby cousins, working in her Uncle s restaurant for barely anything She is full of rage, and she hides herself from her family She likes girls, and her mother would never accept this Rosina is hardly accepted as it is I loved Rosina s feistiness, yet she has the softest heart.Erin is struggling, her mother doesn t understand her, and they frequently fall out Being on the spectrum means many people ignore Erin, or ridicule her Rosina is her only friend, shortly followed by Grace These 3 ordinary girls, become extraordinary when they create a group named The Nowhere Girls Having had enough of the entitled ways boys behave towards girls, wanting to avenge Lucy the young girl whose rape was brushed under the carpet, they vow to take a stand.Remaining anonymous, The Nowhere Girls cause a stir in their school and even the surrounding area They will not be silenced, they will have justice, these girls refuse to be kept down.An incredible story of the power between women, from all walks of life, different beliefs, different cultures But when they stand together they are one 5 stars RATINGS 5 STARS FOR THE NOWHERE GIRLSTo be honest, I didn t want to post a review because there are many aspects in the book which can t be summarised It s a book that a reader needs to be considerate enough to understand different perspective of the people, especially girls As the setting of the book is in a high school, the adult readers may find it a bit difficult to empathise the characters as most of them are teenagers Nonetheless, it s a must read for every reader It s a book about three teenage girls who come together to avenge the rape of a fellow classmate and go against the misogynistic views of their fellow townsfolks The book covers up the topics of rape culture, slut shaming, body shaming, victim blaming, sexual assault and harassment, immigration, racism, sexism, biased authority system and manytopics that one can wonder in amazement that how did an author manage to cover everything up The author has touched sensitive topics with emotions as well as rationality The book comes with an original plot which makes it one of its kind There are no stereotypes in the book The interesting thing is that the main characters aren t flawless, perfect beauty queens which we find in most of the YA books There s a lot of diversity in the characters who seem a lot like regular people Out of my 300 friends, only two friends have read the book and almost 30 have added the book in their tbr What are you waiting for Read it ASAP because it s one of books which may change your outlook towards the society Thanks for taking time to read my review Happy Reading Sometimes the only thing worse than death is survivingWe needof these stories THIS DANG BOOK Y ALL It s a must read One of the best YA books published in 2017 It s so important, especially for young readers, and I cannot recommend it enough.HARD TW Rape, Sexual AssaultOne of my favorite things about this book is the characters Grace is the new girl who is fat and a Christian I m always so pleased to see books where fat protagonists are able to have a story that s NOT about their body, but it is just a characteristic of who they are I was also immensely pleased with the portrayal of a Christian teen As I was very into my faith as a teen, I feel Grace is my favorite Christian YA character because her faith plays a constant part in her life but she is also so open minded and exactly what a Christian should be.Rosina is from a Mexican family who also is interested in women I don t believe an actual label is ever placed on her sexuality Her character really explores the relationship between latinx family members, the hardship of needing to work as a teen, discrimination as a teen of color, and briefly discusses the struggle of having undocumented family members Erin is the final core member of The Nowhere Girls and she has Aspberger s and anxiety Erin brings up thoughtful discussions about Autism Moms , how individuals on the spectrum are viewed as unempathetic and cold, and breaks every untrue stereotype you ve heard for people with Aspberger s I cannot speak for the fat, Mexican, wlw, or Aspberger s representation and I have yet to find ownvoices reviews for any of these, but I will say I noticed multiple instances where discussions about good rep that take place in the community were executed faithfully in this novel There are also so many side characters that add to the story and show the complexity of women that I could not help but love.A brief overview of important topics discussed that are covered inThe Nowhere Girls are feminism, rape, rape culture, sexual assault, sexual harassment, victim blaming, the concept of virginity, being sex positive vs being not ready for sexual behaviors, female masturbation, consent vs not saying no, the biased court system in sexual assault cases, biased school administration, misogyny, sexism, racism, immigration, ableism, SO MANY GOOD AND IMPORTANT THINGS TO TALK ABOUTThe only two small critiques I had were that firstly, some conversations only one or two that happened during The Nowhere Girls meetings felt a smidge too mature for a group of teens I am not suggesting that teens are incapable of mature conversations of course, but I can best describe it as feeling as if I was watching a TedTalk on women s issues by an adult professional as opposed to teens describing their viewpoints I feel the author s voice may have overtaken the character s voices in a few small situations, but then again, these are all important issues to be discussed that teens should know I am not critiquing the inclusion of these conversations because I think they re GREAT, but I think the execution was perhaps too sophisticated in some cases it just didn t always sound like it was coming from the mouth of an actual teen Nonetheless, I m still glad these points were addressed in the novel.My other issue is one small scene where a classmate is talking to Grace about their trans sibling They use language that suggests that being trans is something you can decide which it is clearly not I took this scene to express the good intentions that some have on these issues, though they may in fact be harboring harmful ideals, but regardless of my interpretation, it wasn t really addressed in the book I wish there was a line to make it clearer that Jesse was just ignorant where Grace could have corrected him or any explanation as to why it was included We do have a small perspective of a trans girl in the story the story switches between Grace, Rosina, and Erin s perspectives, but also has the perspective of Us meaning brief thoughts actions of various girls around town and her thoughts expressed a knowledge of at least some trans issues, so I was perplexed to see this line pass through the cracks.Overall,The Nowhere Girlsis a fabulous YA contemporary for teens wishing to learn about feminism and rape culture This is such a wholesome, well rounded book with expertly developed characters and important themes discussed I would highly highly recommend this to any reader man, woman, non binary, adult, teen, etc Please give this immensely important novel the recognition it deservesThis book was sent to me for free by Simon Pulse I had no obligation to review this book and all opinions are my own. The things is, Rosina says, people don t want to hear something that ll make their livesdifficult, even if it s the truth People hate having to change the way they see things So instead of admitting the world is ugly, they shit on the messenger for telling them about itThe Nowhere Girls is not your average feminist contemporary There are several awesome feminist books from this year I ve been seeing people hype Moxie by Jen Matieu a ton this year And while I did like that book a lot it s a great contemporary journey this book goes far deeper While books like Moxie offer feminism from the point of view of privileged cishet white women, Nowhere Girls wants you to see deeper than that This book focuses on three Nowhere Girls Grace self proclaimed fat girl and theidealistic of the trio Erin smart and sarcastic Aspergers girl who I LOVE Rosina a latinx queer girl and literally the Most important to meBut the aspect of this book that stands out to me is the fact that this isn t about these three girls it is about all the girls Short US chapters give insight into so many different girls a conservative girl, a closeted trans girl, a cheerleader unsure whether to believe the allegations, two girls kissing, a black girl finding no value in the white centric feminism of her classmates It is so, so powerful.It is so, so powerful Amy Reed does not pull her punches at all This is one of those books that made me feel claustrophobic reading it The author makes her fucking points She does not shy away from the full truth of rape culture or try to hide things under a veneer of a cute contemporary And she definitely doesn t erase the fact that not every woman is white and cishet It s overall a fantastic experience horrifying, enrapturing, and beautiful What I loved about this book was the sympathy given to every girl in every point of view These girls are coming from different backgrounds These girls are coming from different points of view They are multifaceted and flawed and none of them have a totally objective view point of view But that doesn t mean their viewpoints aren t important It doesn t mean we, as girls, are any less important The chapter in which Elise and Trista rebel, and face different consequences for it, was so powerful But there s nothing she can do She s a kid She has no rights Her parents get to decide what s right and wrong for her, even if they re wrong. We are worth it We are important All of us Literally the only thing I didn t like about this book was one line not being explicitly decried a line about a character s trans sister that seemed to imply trans people choose to be trans That was literally it The feminism is so intersectional and the characters are so developed and this book is so fucking powerful I cannot recommend enough.Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube