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Matthue Roth S Inspired And Insightful Tale Of A Punk Rock Orthodox Jew Who Goes To Hollywood To Find Her PlaceDon T Think For A Second That You Know Hava Or Her Place In The World Yes, She S An Orthodox Jew But That Doesn T Mean She Can T Rock Out And Yes, She Has Opinions About Everything Around Her But Her Opinions About Herself Can Be Twice As Harsh Now Hava S Just Been Asked To Be The Token Jew On A TV Show About A Jewish Family, Trading One Insular Community For Another As In Tanuja Desai Hidier S BORN CONFUSED, There Is Soon A Collision Of Both Cultures And Desires With One Headstrong Heroine Caught In The Middle An orthodox Jew in complicated times. I want to give thisthan 3 stars, but just can t The urge to up the stars comes from my happiness that this book exists A book coming from the perspective of a 21st Century Modern Orthodox Jewish teen is something I have not seen before, and had not realized I was missing I liked Hava a great deal, and thought the book was at its best when in focused on her inner thoughts and her relationships with her best friends Ian and Moish But there was a lot here that did not work, and some of it was so clunky and immature it kind of ruined the rest The unacknowledged creepiness of Hava s relationship with Charles, the weirdly contrived live action sex tape scene why on Earth would Charles have done that, and did he get the show crew to set it up , the absurd and cloying osser baby this was not a book that needed a Greek chorus of any kind, let alone a baby The whole ending with the producers was absurd and just bad, and played into the Elders of Zion myth that behind the curtain there are a bunch of Jews controlling everything I was baffled by the eventual centrality of Hava s fractured relationship with her mother which was not even mentioned for the first half of the book, and not ever properly set up unless you count a sudden exposition on how bad the relationship is as a set up I went and read some of Roth s later online stuff and its better This is a man in need of a workshop, but there is a lot of raw talent and as a secular Jew who has chosen to join an orthodox community Roth brings an interesting perspective I hope he writes . Great book about teenage angst, confusion, religious questioning, true friends, changes from being in the public eye, andGreat book for older teens. I think I would have eaten this book up in high school As an Orthodox Jew who attended a religious high school, I found myself in a similar situation as Hava bored with the social scene, left of center and rather vocal about it, and ready for adventure But reading this a few years after graduating gives meperspective, and Hava doesn t come off as particularly likeable While I identify with her questions and mistakes, her excessive drinking, clubbing, and swearing don t endear her to me.Additionally, the book s narrative remained strictly passive I wonder how editors overlooked all of those was es The plot, unfocused and dragging, made this book a chore to finish The characters seemedlike caricatures and didn t feel real at all The premise did draw me in initially, but the execution of this story disappointed me I m still waiting for an authentic, funny, relatable, and interesting Orthodox Jewish character to appear in YA literature. Dredging the archives of my old YA blog from back in the day when I was a YA para librarian Awesome She s punk rock, she s an Orthodox Jew, and she s the star of the newest TV sitcom Never Mind the Goldbergs Meet Hava A sassy Manhattanite who s discovered in an avant garde play and swept into Hollywood in order to authenticate the new sitcom about a Jewish family Will she be able to withstand the pressures of Hollywood As someone who grew up Catholic and never met a Jewish person until I went to college, let alone an Orthodox, this book was a continual learning experience And who better to learn from than a sassy punk rocker, right This book has all the scandalous elements of a traditional coming of age novel, but with the twist of keeping Orthodox Judaism within the outrageousness of Hollywood It s Matthue Roth s first novel, and there are some plot discrepancies and a fair share of clich s, but all in all, I still enjoyed it After doing a little internet research, I learned that Matthue Roth is a cis boy poet who slams with the great Michelle Tea and the other queer trans poets of SF, CA In fact, a couple months after I read the book, I picked up my friend Simon Strikeback s zine Bound to Struggle Where Kink and Radical Politics Meet, and lo and behold, one of the submission s was Matthue Roth s poem Palestine Small world, right Check it out at I totally fell for this book despite all of its conceits It focuses on two cultures I know next to nothing about Orthodox Jews and Hollywood starlets and I enjoyed every page.Hava is a lovable character in all her teenage glory She s manipulating her identity based on where she is, who she s with, and what she s doing, all while trying to stay true to herself and her beliefs.The plot isn t exactly believable, but it keeps the story going and allows Hava to grow and learn about herself and her relationships with others I learned some things about Orthodox tradition that I didn t know before, and I think this is a unique way to expose readers to a culture they re unfamiliar with.I can t say it s a great book, but it was a fun book. I have little tolerance for hipster YA books about characters who are so painfully cool that they couldn t possibly exist in the real world, and this one started out looking like it was going to be exactly that, but then took a turn for the interesting and kept me sucked in the whole way through The book is about a teenage Orthodox Jew who, through a series of coincidences, ends up getting a summer job as the only actual Jew on the set of a Hollywood sitcom about an Orthodox family It turns out to be a very good coming of age tale that I thought dealt very nicely with the issue of caring deeply about your religion while trying to figure out yourself and the rest of the world. I really liked this book at first, but as I readandit began to feel like nothingthan an outlet for the author to show off his knowledge of music no one s ever heard of You re cool, we get it. While I m not a fan of fiction I tend to only read poetry THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK Every kid of every faith, background, whatever, should read it GET THOSE KIDS CRAZY NOW PLEASE CAConrad

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Matthue s book My First Kafka was called eerie and imaginative by The New Yorker and creepy cute by Wired He s also written a bunch of other books, most recently Rules of My Best Friend s Body He s also written for Sesame Street, and by day he writes games for Google He lives in Brooklyn with his family, and he keeps a secret diary at