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A Second Family Has Been Massacred By The Terrifying Serial Killer The Press Has Christened The Tooth Fairy Special Agent Jack Crawford Turns To The One Man Who Can Help Restart A Failed Investigation Will Graham Graham Is The Greatest Profiler The FBI Ever Had, But The Physical And Mental Scars Of Capturing Hannibal Lecter Have Caused Graham To Go Into Early Retirement Now, Graham Must Turn To Lecter For Help

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    When it comes to Hannibal Lecter, I m like one of those music hipster douche bags that everyone hates because I ll snootily declare that I knew about him long before most people did and that he s sucked ever since he got really famous I d read this years before the book of The Silence of the Lambs came out and led to the excellent film adaptation that skyrocketed Hannibal to the top of pop culture villains Hell, I m so Hannibal hip that I d caught Brian Cox playing him in Michael Mann s adaptation Manhunter, and I didn t just see it on VHS like all the other late comers, I actually saw it in the theater Twice I m pretty sure this is the literary equivalent of claiming to have seen a band in a bar with eleven other people long before their first record deal So after Thomas Harris and Hollywood ran the character into the ground after the second movie, it s been years of shaking my head and saying, Man, nothing s been the same since Anthony Hopkins gave his Oscar acceptance speech Since I felt like Harris was just cashing in and had pretty much ruined Hannibal in the process, I hadn t felt the urge to revisit Red Dragon or The Silence of the Lambs in some time I was than skeptical about the NBC prequel TV series Hannibal, but great reviews and the involvement of Bryan Fuller got me to check it out Not only has it been incredibly good and returned Hannibal Lecter to his creepy best, it s clever use of events referenced as backstory in Red Dragon had me digging out my copy to refresh my memory Even better, the show has given me a new appreciation for an old favorite and reminded me what I found compelling about it to begin with.Will Graham was a profiler for the FBI until he was badly injured while identifying a certain gourmet serial killer whose name conveniently rhymes with cannibal which certainly made life easier for the people writing tabloid headlines Will has retired to a happy new life with a wife and stepson in Florida until his old boss Jack Crawford comes calling and asks for help There s a brutal new killer dubbed the Tooth Fairy by the cops due to his habit of biting his victims He s killed two families after breaking into their homes and seems to be on schedule to do it again at the next full moon.Will is reluctant to come back not just because he s already been gutted once by a madman He also fears that trying to think like a mass murderer isn t the best thing for his mental health It turns out that his concerns are justified after a tabloid journalist essentially paints a target on his back for the Tooth Fairy Even worse, Will has to confront the man who nearly killed him and being confined to a cell doesn t mean that Dr Lecter can t still do some serious damage.Even as someone who was on the Hannibal bandwagon for a quarter of a century, it s shocking to re read this and realize how small of a part he actually plays in the story Yes, he s terrifying and his presence hangs over Will like a dark cloud, but he s still a supporting player Francis Dolarhyde a k a The Red Dragon a k a The Tooth Fairy may not have Hannibal s culinary skills, but he s one damn scary and slightly tragic villain while Will Graham makes for a damaged but compelling hero in the story.I think one of the things I love best is just how much time is spent on how Will thinks As a man with extremely high levels of empathy and a vivid imagination, Will s ability to put himself in someone else s shoes is a gift and a curse Thinking like deranged killers has left him questioning if he might not be one of them, and it spills over all his emotions like a toxic oil spill.By understanding their madness, Will can find the logic in their thinking, and it s following that internal logic that allows Will to find the evidence they need The breakthrough Will eventually makes is one of my all time favorite examples of pure detection in the genre It was in front of the reader the entire time, but it s such an elegant solution that fits together so perfectly that Harris doesn t have to engage in obscuring it with red herrings.As a thriller that led to countless rip offs and even the eventual collapse of the franchise due to it s own success, it s been often imitated but rarely equaled.Check out my review of the Hannibal TV series at Shelf Inflicted.Cross posted at Kemper s Book Blog.

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    I wish I d read the book, before watching the movies About half way through the novel, my copy of Manhunter came crashing through the letterbox The dvd incorporated a 54 page booklet Michael Mann s HeadGames by Steven Paul Davies.Contents Introduction The Making of the Film An Interview with Brian Cox.The Thomas Harris Sequels.Michael Mann Cult Hero.Michael Mann Filmography Manhunter Credits Ex FBI Profiler, Will Graham, is dragged out of early retirement, when a second family is slain by a serial killer, who has a penchant for doing his work, during the lunar cycle when it s a full moon Still recovering from physical and emotional scars, he received years earlier, courtesy of Hannibal Lecter he s reluctant to work on the case But FBI head, Jack Crawford, persuades him Or maybe, it s the photos of the killers, handiwork, that makes him want to help Graham has the unique ability, to see what others miss Is able to think like the killers, he s pursuing He spends time at one of the crime scenes, at the Charle s Leeds home, in Atlanta working in minute detail, which was extremely, creepy, as he moves from room to room, trying to ascertain, how the crime played out How did the perp enter the property Who was the first to be killed Why were the bodies, rearranged How long after the murders, did the killer stay in the property and what was he doing Why are there broken pieces of mirror How does he choose his victims and how does the killer know so much about them What about the blood patterns, trajectory, etc Being inside Will s head, seeing what he s seeing, was unequivocally, disturbing And where s Jack the Leeds dog What do the two families, have in common the list goes on By working the scene, he learns a lot about the Leeds family The first family, to be slaughtered, the Jacobis a month earlier, is a different matter There isn t much left of that crime scene, after it was cleaned up He needs to know them, as well We also get the killers POV, as well as flashbacks to when he was younger, which was strangely, amusing Especially, when he gets a visitor, and he s able to tell that person his name and that s only because the other children at the orphanage, kept calling him it And it s got no s in it I was a little disappointed that there was little time spent with Lecter We don t get to see his inner thoughts Well, that s probably for the best I think So, this is the novel that spawned the movie, Manhunter 1986 , starring William Peterson Will Graham , Brian Cox Hannibal Lecter , Tom Noonam Francis Dolarhyde Joan Allen Reba McClane She spent time at the New York Institute For The Blind in preparation for her role, walking around blindfolded , Stephen Lang Freddy Lounds , Dennis Farina Jack Crawford and Kim Greist Molly Graham It s impressive, how close the movie is to the source material including some of the dialogue The ending was notably, different Obviously, they couldn t squeeze everything into the film Manhunter was going to be called Red Not sure how close the Red Dragon movie, resembles the book, as I can t remember squat about it, for some reason I ll probably watch it again, someday Red Dragon 2002 , starred Edward Norton Will Graham , Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Lecter , Ralph Fiennes Francis Dolarhyde , Philip Seymour Hoffman Freddy Lounds , Harvey Keitel Jack Crawford and Mary Louise Parker as Molly Graham Personally, I preferred Michael Mann s 1986 movie adaption I ll never forget the wheelchair scene , which had a budget of 15 million and took 8.6 million at the box office In contrast, Brett Ratner s Red Dragon which is basically a remake , had a budget of 78 million and took 209.1 million at the box office The chronological order of the movies is Manhunter 1986 , or Red Dragon 2002 , The Silence of the Lambs 1991 , Hannibal 2001 and Hannibal Rising 2007 I still need to watch that one Jody Foster didn t reprise her role as Clarice Starling in Hannibal, as she didn t believe, she would have much of a part wasn t worth her participation and she wanted to direct the movie amongst other things , so Julianne Moore, took over.The inspiration for Hannibal Lecter, is based on a real life person who wasn t a serial killer , Alfredo Balli Trevi i, who was a Mexican doctor The authors foreword, provides insight Foreword to a Fatal Interview I guess I ll have to read these in chronological order I loved The Silence of the Lambs film watched it a multitude of times and Anthony Hopkins was quintessentially cast as psychiatrist serial killer, Hannibal Lecter Brian Cox s role as Lecter was very good, as well.

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    WARNING Shameless Hannibal fangirl GIFspam.Since I ve become a fan of the TV show Hannibal, I thought it was appropo to re read the book that inspired it It s been years, and I d forgotten practically everything about both the book and the Edward Norton Ralph Fiennes movie Even so, it wasn t like I was reading it fresh Hannibal Lecter s become such a part of the pop culture that I had expectations, also intensified by the fact that Hannibal kicks total ass WATCH EEEEEET Comparing the show to the novel was a lot of fun, because you can see the pieces that have been lifted, altered and paid homage to by Bryan Fuller Co Bits of dialogue, minor characters, etc It s very much like fanfiction, probably one of the best examples I can name of something that has the inspired by adapted from based on label.Whereas the show focuses heavily on Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, their intricate personalities and evolving or devolving relationship, the book s emphasis is on the serial killer, especially in the latter half Lecter only has a couple scenes, and Graham wasn t nearly as interesting as how Hugh Dancy portrays him.I didn t get the same amount of happy happies from his snarky charm.Or feelz from his incredible angst You re breaking my heart D Or the happy that is really screaming and dying inside I could post Will feelz all day Instead of being tortured and tormented by his awful gift of empathy and making me want to corner the market on hugs so I can donate them all to the poor dear, book Will came off as a bit of a snippy asshole with his wife though she s not a big help and somewhat of a typical detective on the scent who is clueless for far too long I wanted to yell at him to make the obvious connection of the home movies between the various victims But he was an engaging enough protagonist.And even though I was prepared for his general absence, I still really missed lots of face time with this glorious bastard.And stuff like this goes without saying This ll definitely stay on my keeper shelf because the last half galloped along once Harris turned the plot s focus on to Francis Dolarhyde as a person instead of the killer in the background and I had uninterrupted time to read and really get into the story funny how that works I got the sense that Harris felt he was the most interesting character and poured the story s emotion and understanding into creating him I certainly felt like he was the deepest character out of the entire cast.Overall, I think what Red Dragon has inspired is generally better than the book itself as a whole, but it s still a very worthwhile read.3 1 2 stars, closer to 4 All dedicated to Rachel, who made me see the beauty and addictiveness of Hugh Will feelz D

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    5 stars Back in 1981, Thomas Harris introduced us to a character that will be well known for generations to come Dr Hannibal Lecter is this character and he s been involved with multiple books, movies and a now a TV show.Red Dragon first brings us this character after being caught by FBI profiler, Will Graham Dr Lecter is living in isolation while in prison and Will Graham needs his help.Another serial killer is on the loose and Graham must go confront Lecter to get help understanding this new threat.The Tooth Fairy has killed two families so far when Jack Crawford asks for Will Graham s help Graham is hesitant to help due to catching two serial killers one was Dr Lecter and Graham is not sure his sanity and soul can survive these monsters Graham is one of the best FBI profilers out there and Crawford knows he needs Grahams help to catch this sadistic killer.The Tooth Fairy aka Red Dragon is an evil and tormented monster Harris ends up getting into the background and mind of this character, and it s a twisted nightmare.Red Dragon is intense, suspenseful and the psychology involved is unnerving There were moments while reading that I was glad the lights were on Thomas Harris seems to tap into the serial killer mind and creep the fuck out of you No joke.The characterization along with the heart stopping chase of stopping the Red Dragon was excellent I also enjoyed all the forensics involved in the book.I m glad I finally read Red Dragon Harris seems to be one of the first to write about serial killers and he did an outstanding job.Should you read Red Dragon if you ve seen the movies, Manhunter or Red Dragon Yes, I think so Both movies were good, but this book taps into the psychology of the serial killer that I found was missing in the movies.Recommended to people that love crime detective books, horror and thrillers

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    Great book The Zodiac Killer Ross Sullivan Maybe Who knows Just finished watching a documentary decoding the Zodiac Killer A librarian, six foot two, two hundred and fifty pounds, very studious A cryptologist Bit of a loaner, very intelligent Played cat and mouse with the FBI No sexual motive Shy around females Left clues.Red Dragon Francis Dolarhyde The Tooth Fairy A very tall man, worked in photography, bit of a loaner, very studious, very intelligent Played cat and mouse with FBI No sexual motive Shy around females Put glass in their eyes Left clues.Hmmmmmm Interesting.Thomas Harris great researcher Similarities Maybe most serial killers fit this profile.Unassuming, and innocuous but, like wolves amongst sheep.Predators like tigers hunting in the woods William Blake 1757 1827 TIGER, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes On what wings dare he aspire What the hand dare seize the fire And what shoulder and what art Could twist the sinews of thy heart And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand and what dread feet What the hammer what the chain In what furnace was thy brain What the anvil What dread grasp Dare its deadly terrors clasp When the stars threw down their spears, And water d heaven with their tears, Did He smile His work to see Did He who made the lamb make thee Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry

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    Red Dragon by Thomas Harris is the first in the Hannibal Lector series My god what a creepy start it is.The addiction for this book starts right from the first page and keeps you gripped untill the last, we only get snippets of Hannibal and when he does show you can just feel the chills forming Francis Dolarhyde red dragon is a terrible and despicable,creepy psychopath which nobody wants to meet but doesn t have that lector way about him.This is a sinister, heart palpitating book which has you reaching for the next in the series as soon as possible.Do I recommend this Oh definitely

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    Hannibal Lecter rises This is the first novel about Dr Hannibal Lecter, introducing the character. MINDS ALIKE You never know what path a novel will take, specially when this becomes the beginning of a book series.When you re reading you could think that Will Graham would be the hero of this book series, but the tremendous success of Dr Hannibal Lecter, even before the filming of The Silence of the Lambs based on the sequel book , it was clear that the good guy won t the hero of this book series butthe Bad Guy And you won t find badder guy than Dr Hannibal Lecter, since he isn t just a psychopath, but he s a psychiatrist, therefore he knows all the tricks that criminal profilers do, and he knows all the tricks of the psychologists whom try to treat himoh, and if that wasn t enoughhe eats his victims, with the best cuisine techniques How, Will Graham, special investigator of the FBI was able to catch him That s where things got creepysince Will Graham thinks too much alike as Lecter.To catch a madman, you need a madman.And the worse of that When the madman needs the help of the other madman.That s where things get creepierand bloodier EVIL KNOWS EVIL Will Graham got three dangeours serial killers, including the infamous Dr Hannibal Lecterbut at a great costso he decided to leave all that behind and having a quiet life with his family.But evil never takes vacationsthe Tooth Fairy, a new and twisted serial killer rises and entire families are paying the price.Special Agent Jack Crawford, in charge of the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI, knows that the Tooth Fairy not only is something out of the regular serial killers, but also it s on a bloody spree, so there s little time to avoid massacresso he needs to call again Will Graham.Nobody can gets into the minds of serial killers like Graham.However, since the Tooth Fairy is a menace racing against timeWill Graham needs to get into contact of Dr Hannibal Lecter to ask for his help in the casethe game is on againand Dr Hannibal Lecter enjoys to play

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    Now that I ve just finished reading this book, I feel the need to scrub parts of my brain with steel wool for the purpose of removing certain scenes that Thomas Harris has so rudely embedded there Thanks a bunch Tom Will Graham has the rotten luck at being really good at his job He is a profiler for the FBI and while he was on the job catching Dr Hannibal Lecter, Lecter caught him with a big sharp knife Will decides that was enough for him, so he makes the wise decision to retire But nooo Jack Crawford, Will s former boss, shows up at his house asking for help on a new case of a new serial killer dubbed the Tooth Fairy, because the creep likes to bite his victims.Here s how the conversation goes between the two, broken down to its simplest form.Jack Hey I need your help with a case because you re the best at what you do.Will But I don t want to on account I was nearly gutted last time I helped you.Jack But you re really good at your job Will Okay..since you put it that way, I ll help.Francis Dolarhyde, or the Tooth Fairy the Dragon, had a pretty awful childhood to put it mildly Born to a mother who rejects him because of a deformity, a hare lip, then raised by a sadistic grandmother who adopts him for the sole purpose to get revenge on her daughter not because she loves the boy As a result of growing devoid of all love, he turns out a little off Surprise Where Dolarhyde has no empathy, Will has too much This is what makes him a good profiler he is able to almost become the person he is hunting, to understand them Graham had a lot of trouble with taste Often his thoughts were not tasty There were no effective partitions in his mind What he saw and learned touched everything else he knew Some of the combinations were hard to live with But he could not anticipate them, could not block and repress His learned values of decency and propriety tagged along, shocked at his associations, appalled at his dreams sorry that in the bone arena of his skull there were no forts for what he loved His associations came at the speed of light His value judgments were at the pace of a responsive reading They could never keep up and direct his thinking He viewed his own mentality as grotesque but useful, like a chair made of antlers There was nothing he could do about it That s pretty dark stuff to deal with and still fight to maintain sanity When all was said and done I suppose I enjoyed this book But yet I didn t enjoy it at all It was very well done it kept my attention throughout, but I don t think this type of book is all that good for me While I love dark books, I seem to need them to be a bit fanciful.not of the real world All the stuff that happens in the real world is depressing enough, bombings, school shootings, and kids shooting other kids to death, I feel the need to escape from that Books like this are just of that Oddly enough though, I think the new TV show is fantastic.I now am reading a book about the Tao de Ching that has an unfortunate title hoping it will clean up my brain..Also posted on Shelfinflicted

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    Red Dragon Hannibal Lecter 1 , Thomas Harris 1997 1374 621 1377 9646043054 1388 978964604353 1379 621 964917043 20 1388 549 9789646839977 18

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    For some unbeknown reason I d never gotten around to reading this series.Lecter is such an iconic and fascinating character, even though it s hard not to conjure up and image of Hopkins portrayal when thinking of him It s still a series I really should have read by nowThough Red Dragon introduces the character, it s really just that a small cameo that peaks the interest and it s not surprising that he would later return.The story s main focus is former FBI agent Will Graham having retired after sustaining an injury when capturing Lecter reluctantly agrees to help with a new serial killer case.The scenes were Graham visits Lecter for advice on the current Tooth Fairy murders after the events 3 years previous was so tense and gripping.Finding out who the serial killer s identity in the early part of the book was such an interesting and unique way of exploring the characters motivations, especially the flashback scenes through his childhood.I d not seen either movie adaptation Manhunter 1986 or Red Dragon 2002 so it was nice to experience the story for the first time.I actually quite liked the Lecter only played a small role in the story, it meant that I could enjoy the other characters without that baggage.I m curious to watch both movies before moving onto the commonly known second book.