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Sleeper Colloq Out Of Town Hit Man Who Spends The Night After A Local Contract Is Completed A Juvenile Sentenced To Serve Any Period Longer Than Nine Months In A State Managed FacilityThis Is The Story Of Four Young Boys Four Lifelong FriendsIntelligent, Fun Loving, Wise Beyond Their Years, They Are Inseparable Their Potential Is Unlimited, But They Are Content To Live Within The Closed World Of New York City S Hell S Kitchen And To Play As Many Pranks As They Can On The Denizens Of The Street They Never Get Caught And They Know They Never Will Until One Disastrous Summer AfternoonOn That Day, What Begins As A Harmless Scheme Goes Horribly Wrong And The Four Find Themselves Facing A Year S Imprisonment In The Wilkinson Home For Boys The Oldest Of Them Is Fifteen, The Youngest Twelve What Happens To Them Over The Course Of That Year Brutal Beatings, Unimaginable Humiliation Will Change Their Lives Forever Years Later, One Becomes A Lawyer One A Reporter And Two Have Grown Up To Be Murderers, Professional Hit Men For All Of Them, The Pain And Fear Of Wilkinson Still Rages Within Only One Thing Can Erase It Revenge To Exact It, They Will Twist The Legal System Commandeer The Courtroom For Their Agenda Use The Wiles They Observed On The Streets, The Violence They Learned At Wilkinson If They Get Caught This Time, They Only Have One Thing Left To Lose Their LivesEEPERS Is The Extraordinary True Story Of Four Men Who Take The Law Into Their Own Hands It Is A Searing Portrait Of A System Gone Awry And Of The People Some Innocent, Some Not So Innocent Who Must Suffer The Consequences At The Heart Of SLEEPERS Is A Sensational Murder Trial That Ultimately Gives Devastating, Yet Exhilarating, Proof Of Street Justice And Truly Defines The Meaning Of Loyalty And Love Between Friends Told With Great Humor And Compassion, Even At Its Most Harrowing, SLEEPERS Is An Unforgettable Reading Experience

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    Sleeper colloq 1 out of town hit man who spends the night after a local contract is completed 2 A juvenile sentenced to serve any period longer than nine months in a state managed facility Long time back, a movie buff friend had highly recommended the movie Sleepers I never got around to watching the movie but remembered the name While book hunting in a second hand book shop I came across the book and realized that the movie is based on this book.The book presents a tale of friendship, loyalty, brutality and revenge Trust me when I tell you this is a pretty disturbing book.The book revolves around four inseparable friends John Reilly, Tommy Marcano, Michael Sullivan and the author Lorenzo Carcaterra The book starts with the story of the boys growing up in the rough neighbourhood of Hell s Kitchen in the 1960s.The friends were like any boys they loved movies, comics, sports, baseball cards, played childish pranks and surprisingly a couple of them also loved books They often took succor from books when they tried to escape the harshness of their lives They or rather their parents had a lot of problems at home, life in the Hell s Kitchen was full of hardships and struggles the boys only had each other for support.The author also writes, Life without friends was harder Most kids were lucky enough to find one friend they could count on I found three All of them older, probably wiser, and no doubt smarter There is no memory of my early years that does not include them They were a part of every happy moment I enjoyed A very important character in the life of the boys was Father Bobby What a character he was Raised in the same neighbourhood himself, he tried his level best to take care of the boys He introduced them to the world of books, tried to keep them off the allure of easy money through crime The author has also given a pretty good description of Hell s Kitchen It was a place of innocence ruled by corruption The inhabitants of Hell s Kitchen were tough and often violent But they adhered to their own code of honour and justice The punishment for any violations was ruthless.Life was going on fine or rather as fine as boys in such a neighbourhood can be But a very stupid prank gone wrong would turn their world upside down They would be sent off to a correctional facility the Wilkinson Home for Boys and fall victim to the sadistic and perverted guards there The boys were not members of any powerful gang and therefore vulnerable The guards did unspeakable things to these boys I felt so much anger while reading about their brutality There were a few good men in the prison a guard who tried to help the boys, a teacher who tried to make a difference But they were powerless to fight the system.The boys left the correctional facility scarred for life John and Tommy took to a life of crime, while the author and Michael left the neighbourhood and tried to live an honest life A chance encounter with one of the sadistic guards would set off a series of events Michael and Lorenzo would develop an elaborate plan to exact revenge not only on the guards but also on the facility itself Old friends from the neighbourhood would come forward to ensure justice for the boys The courtroom scenes were excellent.The guards got their just desserts and so did the facility The boys got justice but still barring the author none of them got a chance to lead a normal life.The author says that it is a true story Some people have raised doubts about the authenticity of the story It might be semi fictional, I don t know But I do know that crime against vulnerable children happens all over the world That s why the story was so poignant.The story reminded me of Stephen King s The Body The movie adaptation is Stand By Me It was another beautiful and tragic tale involving young boys.If you think you would like to give the book a try then please go ahead But as I have mentioned before, parts of the book are really disturbing.

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    I read this once when I was younger and have not read it since I remember reading this shortly before the movie came out which I had only seen about once or twice itself and the events stayed with me ever since then.The story was a harrowing one exploring the effects of how life can change in an incident with a minor mistake of childhood play After a childhood prank that ends in the death of a local vendor, the four friends of the book are sentenced to a brutal juvenile prison where the prison guards abuse them in horrific ways This book is detailed as to the emotional, physical and mental abuse the boys endure It s a memoir based on the author s own experiences, I believe, and although some authorities have questioned its truth but some of the most harrowing things in history have tried to be covered up and brushed aside But the truth lies in those who have lived such situations and a voice will be heard for those have suffered at the hands of such abuse.This book will always stay with me and I highly recommend this book.

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    Possibly the most disturbing book that I have ever read After I finished it I was fifteen , I walked around my house in shock muttering oh my god over and over Originally I had picked it up out of a bookshelf without knowing what it was about, so the subject matter was of a surprise than if I had known what to expect I actually feel somewhat horrible giving this five stars, but it was an utterly engrossing and captivating book Honestly, I wouldn t recommend this for most people I know, but it is an amazing book.

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    I read this book many years ago when I was in high school and I wanted to re read it to see how I felt about it this many years later It was still a very hard read The first part of the book describes the relationships and friendship between the four boys, we get to know their personalities and characteristics and have some insight as to how each of them will cope in this hideous environment The boys end up in some mischief which has dire consequences, they are sent to a reform school where they will endure horrendous physical, sexual and emotional abuse for the duration of their sentence Their innocence is destroyed and this will have terrible effects on each of them for the rest of their lives.

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    It was the summer of 97 and I got grounded for sneaking out of my bedroom window again to meet up with friends to drink warm, pilfered beers and smoke mexican ditch rat weed probably.So while I m grounded I read this book and I can t put it own Because I read it so quickly, I still have a week to kill with nothing to do So i read it again I had friends come over to try and get me to sneak out again but i blow em off and say nah, im good actually, got this book im reading That s about all i can remember of this.

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    The book is very well written and graphic in its portrayal of violence and sex, but I had a sneaking suspicion it may be mostly fiction even while I was reading it years ago A quick search on the net now convinces me that there is a huge controversy regarding the veracity of the story.If it s a true story, it rates five stars.If it s fiction paraded as truth, it rates only one star.Since there is no way of establishing the truth, I plumb for three stars.

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    The author, Lorenzo Carcaterra in his book, Sleepers tells the story as himself reflecting back to when he was a boy growing up in Hell s Kitchen a city in New York in the 1960 s, and a place he and his three other friends were forced to go to after pulling a stupid prank that almost kills someone This place is a juvenille facility that they soon find out will change their lives forever There they endure unnecessary verbal, physical and sexual abuse from the guards that watch them.Later as adults two of the friends decide to get revenge when they see one of the guards in a bar This leads to a big trial, but the friends feel like they can finally have complete revenge and expose the guards.There is not a negative thing to be said about this book It definitely amounts to The Count of Monte Criso in the way of revenge The way Carcaterra decribes everything,especially his life in Hell s Kitchen, you really get a sense of what he s like and everything relates to his character as a boy It s not artificial sounding, emotional, and you feel like you just jump into his world and life reliving it Everything was tied together well, and was never boring I read it in like two days because every chapter was left off perfectly, but you couldn t help reading the next few pages and the next not to sound cliche but, a total page turner Lorenzo Carcaterra, Sleepers

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    I ve heard that there is some doubt about the truth behind this story, which has made the claim to be entirely true I read this book long before those doubts were raised, and then again after I heard about them, and my opinion of the book did not change at all.It would be better if the story was true, as Carcaterra presents it, but it does have a slight element of yeah, sure that the reader has to work through, especially at the end.But, true or not, it s a great story The friendship of the four small boys and token girl from Hell s Kitchen, and especially the history of how they met was charming I liked the history that Carcaterra gave to their group, and the background as to each member s personalities.Their time in the Home for Boys made my stomach hurt If those events actually did happen from the beatings to the torture to the rapes and unimaginable humiliation then I sit amazed at how two of the four grew up with their sanity intact.And that s where I started to read the story with a question in my hearteven before the doubts were raised It all seemed to come together so easily for them Once they had an idea of what they wanted to do, and how they could accomplish it, everything just fell into place I don t know how realistic that is, but it made for a great ending, and had me cheering for the boys , even as I knew that what they were doing was far from legal.

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    I have cried so much I don t know how can people be so evil we are talking about the boys here I cannot stand that the idea that everything here is probably true for this author , that this kind of thing really happens all around the world, is sooo heart breaking, I, I, I I cannot The book is so good written, and of course Mr Carcaterra implies that the book is based on a true story So many good descriptions of emotions, and characters, and places, and the horrific happenings The story just pools you in and don t let you go until you read it till the end with that pain in the chest and sadness for the little boys that were broken on so many levels I have so many tears in my eyes, and I cannot say anything about this book except that it is something that everyone must read The movie Sleepers is good but when you read every their thought while everything was happening, you did not experience this story in a way that it is meant to be experiencedGreat book, great author standing ovation

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    This is a true story but it reads as fluidly as fiction.A gritty account of young boys sent to a detention home and the brutality they endured from the guards Hard to read at times, but compelling.