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Dime Is Fifteen And Angry All The Time Her Parents Don T Like The Way She Dresses, Her Boyfriend, Her Attitude Her Older Brother Darren Was Paralyzed In An Accident She Walked Away From, And Dime Is Sure Her Parents Wish She Were The One In The Wheelchair When The Fights And Accusations Finally Become Too Much, Dime Moves In With Her Brother At First She Is Overjoyed With The Change Of Scenery And Lack Of Parental Control But When Her Troubles Follow Her She Finds That Maybe It Isn T Everyone Else Who Is The Problem, And Realizes That She Has To Start Taking Some Responsibility For Her ActionsAlso Available In Spanish

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    To start off, the book is great, by far the best one I ve read The characters in the book kind of remind me of myself and my life in a way It starts off by introducing Dime, a 15 year old girl, with a disabled older brother and 2 parents she wish didn t want to control her life so much He brother was in a car accident which took away all feeling in both of his legs, so he lived alone with an aid to help him do certain things he could not do on his own Dime lived with her parents, she had dirty blonde hair, a nose ring, and listened to rock music, she was a rebel Her parents were always on her case because her grades weren t the best and she had her eyes on a hunk named Gabe, an 18 year old senior at her high school who drive a dirt bike around town, a guy they weren t very fond of During the beginning of the book there are a series of incidents where Dime and her parents argue basically until they re voices are gone it seems like, she never came home before curfew, to them she was careless in school and this leads to them practically kicking her out to go and live in her older brother, Darren Of course, he s open to this, he loves his little sister even though he knows she makes mistakes, he was once her age so he understands her than her parents do So she moves in and simultaneously the guy of her dreams offers a ride to school on his bike which she thought was so cool, in her eyes everything was falling together Her brother would be asleep by the time she got home from bike rides with Gabe, and she even started paying attention in school Everything seemed to be going perfect, until rumors in school started spreading that Gabe s ex, the school bully, was setting up a fight between her and Dime, Dime started to be paranoid every day from that point forward The fairytale lifestyle she thought she started to have quickly turned into a living nightmare and little did she know she was in for a load of life lessons in the coming weeks Gabe kept reassuring her that nothing bad would happen to her, even though his sometimey behavior clearly showed different To sum it all up, Gabe stopped calling her one weekend, and the beginning of the next week, there was Gabe and his ex on his bike, making out That same day she was shoved by her and instead of fighting back, she said that the ex could have him That day she walked away feeling proud and no longer worried Gabe would lose interest in her, or worried that she would get a beat down by the ex She was about to turn 16 and after realizing she didn t need a boy to feel good about herself her eyes started to open even She started to miss her parents, she began to think about how she knew her family wasn t perfect but she could make it work if she really tried, the same way she fought against her heart to let go of Gabe the way she did She gave them a ring and invited them over for dinner, they agreed to come over After 2 hours of talking and talking and talking, she felt like a million pounds had been lifted off her shoulder She had turned 16, realized her self worth and fixed her attitude for the better of her family and other around her She was proud of herself.

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    Dime She s a good person but sometimes she just wanted to make mad at his parents because she feels like they don t care about her, she s also has like depression because she remember how he and her brother had an accident at his car Dime s parents they always wanted the best for her but they are scared of her of being a different person.Darren he s dime s brother he is a good guy with his parents He brings his sister to his apartment for she can help his parents she cause a lot of problems.The book is about how Dime has her attitude and sometimes she acts like she does care about their parents but she realize how bad she was with them.When realize how hard life is because her brother talks to her and that s how she realize her feelings I enjoy this book because some act like her and they gotta change because just because you say bad words that doesn t mean you re the most cool person because first of all you gotta respect your self for can other can respect you.

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    This book is about a girl that gets derespted So she mooved out and stays with her older brother.Finelly releaed she loved her parents.

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    Dime is an angry teenage girl She constantly fights with her parents, as they do not approve of the way she looks, her boyfriend, her grades, or basically anything she does She feels like she is a huge disappointment and should have been the one who was injured in a car accident, instead it was her brother Darren who broke his neck and ended up a quadriplegic.Things come to a head with her parents and they send her to live with her brother There things begin to change for Dime as Darren is a good influence on her You will need to read the book to find out how though

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    This book shows us how important it is to have somebody feeding positive energy into you at all times Dime most definitely was not an angel However, the only thing she wanted to do was be loved and appreciated by her parents Her parents always fed nothing but negativity into her life So the love and appreciation she couldn t find from her parents She got it from a low life boyfriend named Gabe After a stern talk with her brother, Dime finally found the right form of appreciation and love in herself This new found love herself has caused her to be at peace finally.

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    What I thought about the book kicked out was that the book was good but it need her family.The reason i said that is because they do really say a lot on why they make her go live with her brother They just say that she needs to cook for him and that she can live with him because she act like she don t like living there The only thing she don like about living there is that she can t see here boyfriend when ever she wants Then be auguring about how she doesn t get to do anything but had bad grades.

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    Short but sweet I just wish the book was longer This book is obviously aimed towards middle school aged readers but as an adult, I related to some of the topics brought up in this book.

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    The book Kicked Out had a great srong ending She got herself back on track and finished her school year with out failing the tenth grade She also stud up for herself agenst her ex boyfriend Gage She still likes him and thanks hes super hot but she also knows that hes not the one for her Then her and her brother left on a vacatin on a motocyle Dimes mother and father is very opinated about everything she dose They are always jugding her by what she wears, how she talks, and what she dont so instead of what she dose do They never thank anything she dose is good enough They are always destracted by things that she dose that are not good that they never give her credit for the things that are good A peace of information that i thought was interesting was how Dime felt about her brother and the car wreck She feels like it should of happen to her instead of her brother I think that she has a very caring heart when she wants to let it show.Dime is a great person One word I would use to describe this book would be burden Dime faces alot of burdens in this book Things that are always putting her down Another word I would use is signifint I think Dime is a very signifint person The way she always finds her way around all the obsticale that always seem to appear at the worst time possible is very signifint Surprising is another word I would use because I thought it was very surprising how she overcome all the feelings she had for Gage and stood up for herself in the end when he asked her back out The final word I would use is horifing The way she thinks about her mom yelling at her and it makes herso she can t think straight and always afraid of doing somthing wronge is very horifing to me.

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    Kicked out was definitely for someone looking for a quick read This book is a realistic fiction about a teenage girl, Dime who doesn t fit in with her family This book is by Beth Goobie She does a great job of keeping you iterested while also telling a great story I think that this books goes into the genre of realistic fiction because this story could be a real story Kicked Out could relate to alomst all teenagers life in different ways Dime is failing all of her classes and her parents are have no faith in her In my opinion this was an awesome story line because it starts out when Dime is basically not succeeding at anything She always comes in late at night, school is not going well for her, she fights with her parents almost everyday and her parents think that she is a failure at life Because of this realistic plot, I think that many teenagers would be interested in this book Also I think that adults should read this too if they are having a hard time with their teenage daughter This book can give then a different view point on different problems around the house In my opinion, I think that Goobie ends this book very well Dime starts getting her grades up, she dumps her boyfriend that was quite a jerk and she is not afraid to be herself It shows that once teenagers and their parents start getting along, it can really turn things around I think that a good theme for this book, would be get along with your kids and they will listen and follow your rules I would recommend this to everybody.

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    The ending wasn t that effective I thought the ending was going to be a lot different then what it was I thought they would say something like, my brother had thought me how to drive a motorcycle and then I brought a side car so he could come along After I had bought it my brother and I went on a trip to get away from things Dime and Gabe were the most opinionated Dime was the most because she wasn t like her brother He was all quiet and good, did his homework Dime did the total opposite of what he did and her parents didn t know how to handle her Now Gabe was also opinionated because he liked dime and yet at the same time he liked his ex girlfriend Dime and her parents don t get along very well The pieces I found most interesting were that Gabe would leave dime and make her walk home Dimes parents actually let her stay with her brother The way dime talks to her parents is not cool Tords the end of the book dime finally gets along with her parents Then her and her parents go on a trip to some place Dime and her parents don t yell at each other as much as they did before Four words would be upsetting, because there are some parts were I wanted to just slap her Loving, because she and Gabe are in love at some parts of the book Tearful, because it s sad how she feels guilty about what happened to her brother and how she wishes it was her instead of him Hurtful, because they way Gabe treated her, she didn t need to be treated like that.