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Joy Candellaro Used To Love Christmas Than Any Other Time Of The Year Now, As The Holiday Approaches, She Finds Herself At Loose Ends Recently Divorced And Estranged From Her Sister, She Can T Summon The Old Enthusiasm For Celebrating So Without Telling Anyone, She Buys A Ticket And Boards A Plane Bound For The Rural Northwest Yet Joy S Best Laid Plans Go Terribly Awry The Plane Crashes Deep In The Darkness Of A Forest Miraculously, Joy Walks Away From The Wreckage As The Plane Explodes, Obliterating All Evidence Of Its Passengers Amid The Towering Trees, Joy Makes A Bold And Desperate Decision To Leave Her Ordinary Life Behind And Embark On An Adventure Just For The Holidays Daniel O Shea Has Returned To The Small Town Of Rain Valley, Following The Death Of His Ex Wife Now He Is A Single Father Facing His Son S First Christmas Without A Mother Six Year Old Bobby Isn T Making It Easy The Boy Has Closed Himself Off From The World, Surrounding Himself With Imaginary Friends When Joy And Bobby Meet, They Form An Instant Bond Thrown Together By Fate, These Wounded Souls Will Be Touched By The True Spirit Of Christmas And Remember What It Means To Be A Family Then A Dramatic Turn Of Events Shows Joy The Price Of Starting Over On A Magical Christmas Eve She Will Come Face To Face With A Startling Truth Now She Must Decide In A Time Of Impossible Dreams And Unexpected Chances, Can She Find The Faith To Reach For The Love She Has Found And The New Life Only She Believes In

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    I know several Kristin Hannah fans They tell me how good she is at writing about relationships Perhaps, but I didn t find out reading Comfort Joy because it definitely didn t pass my 50 page rule There were so many implausible things that happened in the first few chapters, I knew I wouldn t find any joy in reading the rest of the book About the whole plane crash thing Joy describes in great detail what s happening during the crash the horrible sounds, being thrashed about in the cabin and hitting her head, the smoke, etc After she gets out of the burning plane, she is completely dazed and confused not to mention banged up, bleeding, and soaking wet This is in the wilderness, mind you, and she just walks away from it Literally In the chaos of all the fire fighting and rescuing, she decides to get up and go on her way even though she must be in shock and has no idea where she is or how to reach civilization I don t know about you, but if I ever survive a plane crash, I m going to take advantage of an ambulance ride into town Not only does Joy make it out of the wreckage alive, she emerges with her camera around her neck No purse and only one shoe doesn t stop her from forging on When she just happens to come to The Comfort Inn, the proprietor s son checks her in without her putting down any sort of depositand lo and behold, there s a bag headed for charity in her room s closet that has clothes just her size I do not find it impossible to suspend disbelief, but this was just too much for me.

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    Kristin Hannah is an excellent writer This is the perfect example that excellent writing does not always make for an excellent book The below review does have minor spoilers that take place in the first chapter of the book.I spent the entire first three quarters of this book hung up totally on the fact that Joy walked away from a plane crash, emergency personnel and help in general simply because she was looking for an adventure and that the forest was beckoning her She is literally in the PNW wilderness, in dense forest and she just walks.thefuck.away Fast forward a bit to her stay at the lodge, and Joy spends a good deal of her time comparing the slight estrangement between Bobby and his Dad to her and her sister Her sister Who slept with her husband While they were still married Who is now having his BABY and getting MARRIED TO HIM literally only three months after the divorce was finalized Do I need to explain how this is 100% not the same thing Then we get to the magnificent twist at the end of the book I ll give Hannah that I definitely did not see this coming, but it was weird, disjointed, made no sense and threw the whole book into further question for me I picked this up because it s June, it s hot as all get out in Texas and a Christmas love story appealed to me This is not a love story, there s literally no romance in this at all I kept waiting for it but it never happened which I understood why after the twist despite the fact that it seems advertised as such.Hannah has a great writing style, and many of her books have great reviews This one however, is not worth the time it took to read it.

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    Sappy, simple, and a total waste of both hours it took to read But I repeated my mantraI love my book clubbies, I love my book clubbies and plowed through it Now onto something with multi syllabic words.

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    This cannot be written by the same author who penned The Nightingale I mentally uttered this to myself throughout the entire book It was implausible in every way And the plot twist Just no That s really all I have to say at this time other than this was gifted to me by my sweet friend, Lisa I think she was surprised by this story as much as I was It was nothing close to what I expected it to be.

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    I read this book for my library s book club A librarian is in a plane crash and her sister slept with her husband That s all you need to know Save yourself the time.

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    Joy Candellaro is a high school Librarian and use to love the Christmas season That was until one day when she came home to find her husband in bed with her sister Seeing as her marriage is falling apart Joy decides it s time to take a holiday So Joy heads for the airport and hops on a plane that is going to Hope Joy thinks that having time away from her problems will be the best thing for her.But tragedy strikes and the plane she is on ends up crashing The plane crashes in the forest and although the crash site is horrific Joy and the other passengers all survive Not knowing where she is and not feeling so good Joy start wandering off and eventually comes across a lodge Living in the lodge is Daniel and his young son Bobby She soon discovers that Bobby s mother has passed away and that Bobby is very lost and sad without his mother Quite quickly Joy and Bobby bond together as Joy feels for Bobby having lost his mother At times Joy can see how upset Bobby is and at times be becomes depressed Of course being that it is Christmas time makes it evens harder Both Daniel and Bobby have enjoyed Joy s company but the day comes when she must leave Joy assures Bobby that she will return one day to visit them but Bobby is not convinced.I really enjoyed this book and the twist towards the end had me saying to myself as I m reading NO that can t happen So needless to say I desperately wanted to finish this book to find out how it would end This is a nice light Christmas read which would be great to read over the holiday season.

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    I just love reading books for the holiday, some how it makes them magical that way This was my first Christmas read for December and I have to say that I really loved it I really do enjoy Kristin Hannah s writing a lot The first book I read by her was Winter Garden Also a very enjoyable read I especially liked the characters in this book They are very well written, they are both relatable and believable I feel like I knew them all personally and I loved that There is such a great plot twist in this one, and it was one that I did not expect at all Be prepared though and keep some tissues on hand because this one is a tear jerker This is one of those books that you don t want to end, and when it did, it felt like a part of my life was over I just wanted to go back and read it all again It s a dangerous businessgoing out of your door You step into the road, and if you don t keep your feet, there s no knowing where you might be swept off to J.R.R Tolkien

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    When I read this last year for the first time, I couldn t believe the gigantic plot twist To me, it felt like being punched in the stomach I think that is because I was so invested in the story that when the big plot twist came, I was just thrown So I decided to reread this year to see how I d like this story knowing everything And it really felt much different and was even enjoyable Here is my initial full review I think it s a good one On the reread it was fun to realize that I had missed so many little written in clues all the way through the first half of the book Interestingly enough, I managed to become so invested that when the big twist came again like I knew it would I found myself blindsided Again Except this time it was much easier to handle and I really loved it Ultimately, I think you have to suspend your disbelief at basically this entire story The whole thing If you re willing to do that, this story will go much smoothly for you Otherwise you may possibly be one of those readers that are skeptical about things from the very beginning, who never even stop questioning things to enjoy what is going on When I was able to read without that caution for the second time then I was able to fully enjoy the story Yes, it is hard to believe Yes, it is predictable But it is a holiday story and I really didn t mind that at all Super glad for this reread

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    I was SO annoyed during the first half of the book, with the preposterous notion that this woman, severely concussed, walked away from a plane crash, then moved in with a guy and his son who asked NO questions about where she had come from And she s having epiphany after epiphany, and they were all so obvious My sister is all I have, my marriage wasn t that great But these are all coming from nowhere There is too little exposition about her marriage, etc.The mid book twist, wherein we discover she d actually been in a coma, was what earned my two stars It was an interesting device, and it made me want to keep reading I didn t mind the magical aspects of it, but the ending was absurd She walks into Daniel s arms Please With artful writing, the whole thing could have been built up so much better I actually groaned in annoyance at the ending.

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