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    Oh my goodness I absolutely adored this This brought me right back to childhood since I loved the movie as a kid, so glad the book is just as good

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    My mother thought it completely foolish of me to buy a hardcover book and then finish it in one night these were the days before Harry Potter and, besides, we had enough books in our house, in her opinion But I loved owning this edition with its gorgeous images and, when I gave it to my younger cousins in Singapore, believing myself ready to part with my childhood attachment to a book I wouldn t ever forget, I did mourn its loss, though I was a teenager by then and studying the dead white male canon I m an awful person, I know, but when I visited my family in Singapore the year before I graduated from college, I noticed the book on their shelf and asked to see it, and my aunt, noticing how my face lit up, asked if I wanted it back Really You mean it Is that OK Of course, why wouldn t it be Are you sure Oh, but I m awful I guess I didn t know how much it meant to me You re so wonderful What can I give you I forget what I gave them in exchange, but it certainly held no value compared to this book Not to be too psychoanalytical, but I suppose my reclaiming the book was a silent protest against my mother and my unconsciously wanting to reconnect with my father, from whom I d inherited my love of books I haven t changed much in all these years.

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    The movie based on this classic was the first one ever gifted to me and that when I was eight years old I ve always had a thing for princess stories They re usually so beautiful and this is no exception.Although, Sara is not really a princess But, seeing the way she acts with others, you may possibly think she is She is kind, generous, and very mature for her age When I first saw the movie, I was shocked It was beautiful yet so sad and poignant and the little eight year old girl that I was did not understand everything To be honest, the ending of the movie is quite abrupt and not very well explained while in the book it is.That said, reading the book was way better than watching the movie, as it usually is with classics and books in general Everything is clear and explained and you get to see, even , how Sara is one admirable girl and that she is someone people don t forget after crossing her path The things she does are impressive and the fact that she thinks about others before herself even She s the kind of person I wish to become one day.Every sort of character is included in this story from the kindest to the coldest one Miss Minchin was quite something I rarely see such a woman that can be so cruel and cold heartened It s very hard to like her but that doesn t mean that her character was a weakness to the story since we need villains The world and people living in it aren t perfect and she, and some others, are the proof of it.The story was wonderful and sad but it wasn t what you may call a masterpiece It was a good one, even though the plot has some repetitiveness That s why I can t bring myself to give it a five star rating Have I read this book when I was younger, I probably would have loved it even but the seventeen year old that I am has read many other classics and must admit that this wasn t comparable to Pride and Prejudice s or Of Mice and Men s plot quality for example even though I know those are very different stories Although, the reason why I still liked this so much is because of all the beautiful themes that are included in the story They can be heart warming and at the same time heart breaking but definitely definitely beautiful.The writing was very good and the atmosphere powerful I ve also read, by this author, The Secret Garden which I enjoyed although not as much as this one Still, I can tell that this author had such a talent in creating and writing stories I wish she was still alive for someone that has written such a story sure must be a kind and intelligent person By the way, a reason why I don t hurry to read every classic existing is because I want to still have some to read when I ll be sixty years old for they are, each one of them, precious and there aren t that many of them, sadly.A Little Princess deserves, in my opinion, to be read by every person in this world, boy or girl, man or woman It is for everyone If you re looking for another classic with similar themes, you might want to check out Little Women as well, which was wonderful wonderful wonderful.

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    Whatever comes, she said, cannot alter one thing If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it Much can be said about the improbabilities in the plot, about the desperate sentimentality and caricature of Victorian England s boarding school system It doesn t matter To me, Sarah Crewe will always remain a symbol for inner strength, perseverance and values winning over greed, sadism and abusive power I can t recall how many times I read my hardcover copy as a young girl, shivering with anger and fear when the young heiress thinks she has lost everything and is turned into an unpaid maid at the school where she used to be a shining star Quite often, I think of her when I enter a bakery on a cold day, the smell of fresh bread making me instantly hungry I think of the hungry girl, and how much she must have craved the buns she bought for a coin she found And I know it is a simple show effect on the part of Frances Hodgson Burnett to make Sarah hand over the buns to a starving girl sitting outside the bakery It is not realistic We are human beings We a greedy, egotistical, trained and constructed to guarantee our own selfish survival first of all We don t give away our bread We hoard it until it gets moldy and can t be eaten by anyone And yet Sarah Crewe, the fictional perfect human being, clever, kind, using her power to help, rather than to destroy others, makes my heart feel a tiny bit better each time I think of her She is not realistic, and nor is the poetical justice in the novel, giving back the wealth she had thought she lost as some kind of divine reward for being a good sport when she lost it.Does it really matter whether this story is exaggerated If I can choose to give my children one of the countless bestselling young adult novels that show humanity in its worst egomania, or this tale of friendship, genuine care and power of imagination, I won t have to think twice I like to imagine that people loving Sarah Crewe might start seeing those around themselves that are hungrier than she was herself , and that they might feel that they can offer a bun or two from their bakery basket as a result of their reading If reading inspires, I like to think this one inspires than a dire account of teenage violence and crimeTry being a princess no matter what that s what I believe in, loving my fairy tales still

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    Book 3 for booktubeathon is DONE I finished this audiobook on the way to work this morning and MAN do I love this story I ve loved the movie for a long time and I loved this book just as much, although the endings and elements of the story were different Sarah is such a fantastically beautiful character with such a big heart for others I loved reading about her adventures and how she continued to have the attitude of a princess, regardless of her circumstances.JUST A GREAT CHILDREN S BOOK, ERRYONE READ IT.

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    I managed to write an almost full review of this book It is here can t believe I m saying this, butthe movie really was a better story.Maybe I ll go watch that for the millionth time.This book pales in comparison to The Secret Garden, but it was still good Hard to make an ber wealthy seven year old seem great, but this book does it Burnett KILLS it with the unlikable characters I liked the first half better than the second, probably because, again, the movie version of the story is just a lot entertaining There are also a lot villains in the book It s like Sara in a sea of people who are average to bad, which is kind of a weird message for a children s book.Anyway I m glad I finally read this, though It was good, and if I d read the book first I wouldn t be judging it so harshly.Bottom line Yeah, give it a try Look at that goddamn cover

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    UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME Sorry folks.Meet the characters Sara aka the Little Princess is described as and I m only using words specifically written in the book thin, pale, with striking green eyes too big for her face now I know where so many YA heroine s descriptions come from LOL , clever, good, serious, quick at her lessons, proud, brave, generous, hospitable, unconquerable, amiable, good tempered, having good manners She speaks fluent French, though she d never learned it She also speaks fluent Hindi Sara s father is described as young, beautiful, nice and clever.Ermengarde aka Sara s best friend is explicitly described as fat, stupid, not clever, having a slow little mind, vulgar, forgetful and forgettable Lottie another one of Sara s friends, a young child She s also fat and stupid, but also ill tempered and capricious, prone to throwing tantrums.Beckie aka the servant, another Sara s friend She s always described as poor poor poor Becky Also stupid.Lavinia aka the nemesis is described as horrid, nasty, priggish, sneering and jealous.Miss Minchin aka the headmistress is described as rude, acid, harsh, domineering, hard hearted, mean, vulgar Also, she doesn t know French and doesn t try to learn it, being the headmistress of a top school for young ladies in XIX England HmmmCook is described as vulgar and insolent.Beggar girl seen on the street with a stupid look of suffering, frightful, little ravening savage, poor little wild animal.Do you see a pattern here I do.1 Sara is a total Mary Sue, so is her kin dad They are oh so clever even though Father never set aside any of his money for his daughter in case something happened, didn t even pay her school forward for even a day Is that very clever 2 Sara s friends are all fat and stupid, and their only redeeming quality is the fact that they worship her and trail her like puppies with unwavering loyalty and admiration 3 Sara s enemies are all dumb and rude.Do I have to say I didn t adore a book with such characters WHAT ABOUT THE PLOT So Sara is awesome and rich She briefly becomes poor but stays awesome Her friends continue to worship her, her enemies expose their shallow, awful true natures Then Sara becomes rich again, remaining awesome as ever, and punishing all who were mean to her Yup, Sara never changes in her awesomeness, she doesn t need a character arc Instead, the whole world around her makes an arc Brilliant.Don t even get me started that a child who has always been given all she wants, has never heard the word no and had literally servants and slaves at her beck and call isn t spoiled, but is instead wise and teaches her wisdom to the adults around her Sure, because wisdom isn t something you learn through error and hardship You re just born with it if you re a true Princess inside WHAT MADE ME WANT TO GOUGE MY EYES OUTWas the complete and unwavering snobbism of Sara and the author It s not your fault that you are stupid says Sara to her BFF Ermengarde How nice and kind, right I tried not to be a princess I tried but failed Who could blame you, Sara I can give buns and bread to the populace says Sara exuberantly, when she becomes rich again You couldn t look like a street beggar, you haven t a street beggar face , clothes to make her look somehow like a servant um, so what is a beggar face and what do servants look like Not like humans, just in different clothes Everyone keeps beating themselves up about how much Sara is working at the time she is poor , but no one pays any mind to Becky, who is of comparable age and actually works and also harder Sara deserves all the sympathy because she used to be rich, you see The whole London filled with hungry children working way too hard is of no concern Because they look like servants and have beggar faces Miss Minchin is portrayed as some sort of monster because she made Sara work when she turned from crazy rich to a beggar Sara is in fact indebted to Minchin, because not only did her father not pay forward, he also didn t cover some large bills Minchin does a good thing not throwing Sara out and also adapting her to a change of station Because her station is indeed very much changed What should she have done Ignored reality, to make Sara face it later, even harshly Sure, Minchin could have been softer to a child who s just lost her father But of course, the author wouldn t have that So I absolutely HATED every page of this book As I hated Little Women and Black Beauty, as a matter of fact Maybe catching up on children s classics I haven t read is a bad idea.P.S 20.07.2019 In fairness, I ve just finished a different book by Frances Hodgson Burnett The Secret Garden which is a children s classic as well And I loved it and gave it 5 stars So it seems too early to give up on the genre or even the author The Little Princess was just not for me.

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    If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it What an adorable, heartwarming little book I believe this is the second classic that I have read ever yeah, not a huge fan of classics .The plot is a very simple one.But, as an old wise man once stated Mysteries and complexities have their own charm but sometimes the simplest stories are the nicest Best way to sum it up It is the story of a little girl named Sara She is remarkable an intelligent, kind girl a bit strange at times but overall remarkable She is super rich and her father spares no expenses to fulfill any of her wishes But she doesn t let it go to her head Will she be the same person if the circumstances were to change What determines what kind of a person you are Well, no suspense here we find out soon enough Something really horrible happens and she turns from princess to a servant overnight What stands out though, is her unique way of dealing with these extraordinarily horrible circumstances.She uses make beliefs to draw strength and cooks up stories to stay positive.Well, every story needs a villain And Oh yes we get the cruelest of them all Ms Minchin I hated her with all my heart Overall, a wonderful story with a beautiful theme message But I felt there were some repetitiveness and the plot was too simple If I had been younger , probably it would have been a 5 star read But, still it s a great book for everyone And if you are in need for a little pick me up it s the perfect one There s nothing so strong as rage, except what makes you hold it in that s stronger Thank u Mr Grumpy for the awesome rec and BR

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    Full review now posted A buddy read with my friend Missy Some books don t hold up well over time Others improve with every reading This is a book that is firmly in the latter category for me I liked this book a lot when I was a child I love it as an adult Maybe I ve grown to adore this book because, as I age, the premise of the book and the lessons it teaches strike my heart harder I ve never experienced highs quite as high as those Sara Crewe experiences, and I ve never suffered through lows quite as low as Sara is forced to endure But, like everyone, I have experienced triumphs and tragedies The I go through in my life, the I respect little Sara Crewe, a little princess if ever there was one, and how she handled everything both happy or horrific that life threw her way She always carried herself as the little princess she pretended to be, whether dressed in tattered rags or extravagant riches She shared what she had with those less fortunate, even when she didn t really have enough for herself Sara endured And if Sara can endure, so can I My story can be her story in the disguise of my times, hidden within the setting of my life Everything s a story You are a story I am a story I don t want to say much about the story, though I know it s a classic and thus the plot is probably already known to anyone who reads this review If you haven t read this book, please do It s short and it s lovely and it reminds readers that the way we view ourselves and the actions spawned from that view truly matters It also reminds us to see others as people, no matter their station in life, and to give freely Is there any better way to wrap yourself in Christmas spirit than by remembering to give unto others as Christ gave to us That s what Sara Crewe s story does for me If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart And though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that warm things, kind things, sweet things help and comfort and laughter and sometimes gay, kind laughter is the best help of all Merry Christmas May you remember the true reason for the season And if your memory should fail, let little Sara Crewe remind you.

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    A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett is the story of a little girl Sara whose father s bankruptcy and death leave her impoverished, alone, and at the mercy of the evil Miss Minchin, i didn t read the book when i was a child but i loved the animation adaptation of Burnett s book when I did read it Meeting the real Sara for the first time it was a completely different experience for me, It makes me feel really old Never did she find anything so difficult as to keep herself from losing her temper when she was suddenly disturbed while absorbed in a book People who are fond of books know the feeling of irritation which sweeps over them at such a moment The temptation to be unreasonable and snappish is one not easy to manage It makes me feel as if something had hit me, Sara had told Ermengarde once in confidence And as if I want to hit back I have to remember things quickly to keep from saying something ill tempered.

Sara Crewe, An Exceptionally Intelligent And Imaginative Student At Miss Minchin S Select Seminary For Young Ladies, Is Devastated When Her Adored, Indulgent Father Dies Now Penniless And Banished To A Room In The Attic, Sara Is Demeaned, Abused, And Forced To Work As A Servant How This Resourceful Girl S Fortunes Change Again Is At The Center Of A Little Princess, One Of The Best Loved Stories In All Of Children S Literature This Unique And Fully Annotated Edition Appends Excerpts From Frances Hodgson Burnett S OriginalNovella Sara Crewe And The Stage Play That Preceded The Novel, As Well As An Early Story, Behind The White Brick, Allowing Readers To See How A Little Princess Evolved In His Delightful Introduction, U C Knoepflmacher Considers The Fairy Tale Allusions And Literary Touchstones That Place The Book Among The Major Works Of Victorian Literature, And Shows It To Be An Exceptionally Rich And Resonant Novel