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Dad S An Aging LA Punk Rocker Known As The Rat Daughter S A Buttoned Up Neat Freak Who D Rather Be Anywhere Else Can This Summer Be Saved Now That She S Exiled From Canada To Sunny Los Angeles, Katy Figures She Ll Bury Her Nose In A Book And Ignore The Fact That She S Spending Two Weeks With Her Father Punk Name The Rat A Recovered Addict And Drummer For The Famously Infamous Band Suck Even Though Katy Doesn T Want To Be There, Even Though She Feels Abandoned By Her Mom, Even Though The Rat S Place Is A Mess And He S Not Like Anything She D Call A Father, Katy Won T Make A Fuss After All, She Is A Nice Girl, A Girl Who Is Quiet And Polite, A Girl Who Smiles, A Girl Who Is, Well, Beige Or Is She From The Author Of BOY PROOF And THE QUEEN OF COOL Comes An Edgy New LA Novel Full Of Humor, Heart, And Music

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    I d really want to give it 3.5 stars, but I tipped the rating because I liked the setting of the book so much Why does everyone want to be a musician Music is dangerous You could end up like Elliott Smith, stabbed right in the heart This book combines some of my favorite things Los Angeles especially the neighborhoods of Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and Hollywood , punk music, libraries, and French due to the main character s origins in Montreal The story is fairly predictable, but the characterizations were spot on Castellucci isn t afraid to delve into the psychology of addiction almost all of the adult characters in the book are recovering drug addicts, and you can see the very real consequences of life after an intoxicated youth The Rat s struggles to stay sober seem real you really cheer for him when you see him making model airplanes or drumming to escape that urge to use.The teenagers in the story Beige, Lake, and Garth all seemed determined to make their own way in the world, not falling into the same traps as the previous generation I especially liked Lake her dedication to her craft reminds me of a lot of musicians I know, but her practical approach to making her own success isn t as common Garth seemed like a shoe gazing sweetheart Of course, I m always partial to characters who are clumsy, but sincere Beige, the main character, is actually the least engaging despite our hearing her inner monologue She s a little too whiny about being sent to Los Angeles at the beginning I can t relate Los Angeles has its problems, but I couldn t imagine being that negative about such an interesting city As others have mentioned, each chapter heading is really a punk song I liked this I m not the biggest punk afficianado, but Castelluci picked some real stand out classics Others have complained that they re not underground enough for the scene that she was describing, but I disagree Beige was a baby in the punk world how would she know about the very obscure punk songs It makes sense that the songs used were a little accessible The best part of the whole novel, like I stated in the first line of this review, is the setting We have a concert at the Sunset Junction street fair which is coming up soon, despite some neighborhood protests and permit issues they have breakfast at Millie s every day and I ve totally had the eggs florentine there Beige meets Garth at the Casbah Cafe located next door to my favorite crafting store, ReForm School Beige is dragged to the Hollywood Guitar Center, just down the street from my old apartment and Lake plays a show at Skooby s Hot Dogs, home of some of the best fries in Los Angeles Reading the novel was like visiting old friends again and a reminder of some of the things that I need to do, like properly visit the Elliott Smith memorial Overall, a great read It was recommended for our teen s summer reading club, and I definitely concur It s a great Los Angeles book, and an interesting view of the punk scene.

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    I picked this book up because the blurb sounded interesting, but the main character and the cussing annoyed me to no end I don t understand why it was necessary to drop the f bomb every two pages The main character Katy was excessivly annoying and a bit on the naive side I m not saying that to be mean but she acted like a total brat through most of the book I could get that she wasn t happy about hanging out in LA with her punk rocker dad Rat who she hasn t been close to She s pretty much the opposite of everything her dad and the people he hangs out are, so obviously it would be hard I think that she was too hard on the Rat considering he was trying so hard She could ve given him of a chance at the beginning Katy complains through almost the whole book, not until the end do you start to see her really lighten up I have to give the author credit for not making Katy go through a huge transformation for the sake of the story It kept me interested enough to finish the book and I kinda liked the resolution I thought the manifesto thing was good, probably the best part of the book I just didn t like almost all of the characters I understand that I m probably not this books main audience since I m not into punk or the music scene so someone who is a fan of these will definitely get out this books than me.

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    Cecil s books go down way fast I started this one before bed last night and finished this AM Overall it was an OK time I particularly liked how she really committed to Katy s feelings about music and didn t necessarily break her wide open for the sake of a good ending Being inside the head of such an internal girl, though, I guess I expected a little color For someone who apparently has everything super bottled up, she shrugs a lot in her own narrative But her manifesto was beautiful, so I wished for of that Also I agree with what Amy said about the way time passes particularly at the beginning, when it s meant to be these two important weeks, I could have done with a detailed inventory The whole cast around Katy is great, though I liked Lake a whole lot Whole whole lot Garth s dialogue is spot on Also appreciate Cecil not shying away from the pitfalls of the parents, getting clean but still recovering And Trixie Clearly.

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    More like 3.5 stars Rounded down.Summary Katy is a good, polite girl, nothing at all like her punk rock dad called The Rat, who drums for multiple bands most in famously one called Suck Katy thinks Suck, well, sucks, and she doesn t want anything to do with her dad, but she is dropped in the middle of L.A for two weeks while her mom is on an excavation of the Incan ruins in Peru Katy feels abandoned by her mom, especially when she then ditches Katy for the entire summer Faced with two months in L.A., Katy faces the punk scene where she feels like an outcast, new people, a dad she has to learn to accept again, and she even earns herself a new nickname Beige , which is exactly how she feels in this colorful, musical town bland, plain, quiet, beige.I didn t really care for the writing style of this book It was choppy, bland, elementary, but far from the worst I ve ever seen in YA contemporary, and I could overlook it The plot was pretty predictable, but it was good predictable the kind where you just have to read on to see if you guessed right, and what woulod happen next to the characters I really loved most of the characters Lake, Katy s punk rocker maybe friend, has a whole guitar case full of issues, but she s an interesting character I also really liked The Rat I thought he was trying really hard to be a good parent Trying, not necessarily succeeding, but still I thought Katy was a bit too hard on him.Weirdly, Katy the narrator was the character I disliked the most Not that I didn t like her, I just. Didn t really connect with her, I guess I can see where she is coming from she s a bookish, polite, clean cut goodgirl who is dropped in the middle of the gritty punk scene with no say in the matter, no knowledge of what she s doing or even an interest in any of it I understand the pain of being plopped in a scene you don t fit into Imagine me at a football game or something Yeah, not happening Katy doesn t really like music She likes processed, civilized boybands, and I fucking hate boybands I enjoyed the punk feel of the book, even if the MC didn t like it, because that s the kind of music I m into I can see why people son t like it, but I eat that shit up, so whatever.I think this book has a little something for everyone name drops of bands, gritty atmosphere, interesting, realistic, relateable characters, insecurities, the works The writing style, as I ve said, leaves something to be desired, but it s a very quick read with a cool story behind it.

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    Oooh I Heart Cecil Castellucci even I really dug this book Just like Boy Proof, you get a well written interior monologue But, this time, Castellucci describes a newcomer s viewpoint to a certain L.A scene In Boy Proof, Egg was very much an insider and in the know In Beige, Katy is a very uptight, repressed Canadienne forced to spend two weeks with her punk rock father in L.A She has to let loose a new aspect of herself as she adapts to a new situation not a new theme in YA, but one we all love Castellucci is very good at writing down the process of how girls acknowledge change within themselves and lack of control over events Which is very hard for most girls, as we re brought up to be control freaks who can influence and arrange the world so everyone gets the most out of it Another fave theme of Castellucci s is being a good friend and that crops up here again Not bad sexy sexy daydreaming either If I were in a YA Lit class, I might explore Castellucci s style heavily interior monologue and a less recent YA writer Danziger Blume not too sure, as it s been a veddy long time who focuses on exterior plot, action to induce change growth in a main character Might even go a bit farther to include films like Ferris Buehler s Day Off possibly my favorite monologues ever screw Shakespeare, oh wait, what about Rostand and Fast Times at Ridgemont High Or, I could compare Castellucci the novels to Castellucci the graphic novel to contemplate the pros cons of her strictly prose and her visual collaborations.Anyhoo, this is a good book I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed The Plain Janes.

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    I actually liked this quite a lot, probably I d give 3 and a half stars, but since a great deal of that is that it takes place in my neighborhood, I m leaving it at three stars What I liked 1 Obviously I ve never read something set in Silver Lake Los Feliz before, some really nice touches, like I got all IF THERE IS NO MENTION OF THE ELLIOTT SMITH MEMORIAL I WILL BE UNHAPPY but that got taken care of Totally made me go get a pupusa too, dammit 2 Family drama, seemed real within the world set up here.3 I expected a very neatly wrapped ending with the way things headed I didn t get it.4 Can I be friends with Trixie What I didn t 1 There was something about the style where all of a sudden a few days would go by and things had progressed, and I felt a bit cheated It s really hard to explain, and I know all writers handle passage of time differently, but since this was such a focused look at part of a summer anyways, I thought the reader should get .2 All of the I HATE L.A AND MUSIC stuff at the beginning bordered on obnoxious I mean, I get it But also when anything s set up at such an extreme you can already feel it changing I guess I should say I m glad it only changed so much 3 I thought a lot of the teen relationship drama sort of started and stopped out of nowhere I mean, I think that s a fair assessment of how things go then Still, I wanted to see dwelling on it or leading up to events or SOMETHING.

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    Would ve adored this when I was a teenage girl, but the number of clich s in the writing are a little tough to stomach I really like the graphic novels Castellucci has written since, so it seems that her writing has improved over time Or perhaps it just lends itself to graphic narratives.

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    Made me think of Weetzie Bat and miss LA.

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    Overall this book was decent The story is about a girl from Montreal Canada that traveled to LA, California to be with her dad for a little while her mom is on vacation I was not a fan of the man character though because she had an attitude throughout the whole story and was hostile to her dad who tried so hard to create conversation with her The author could have made the book better by having a better main character If the character were to be kind to her father then the novel would have been much enjoyable I understand she misses her mother and does not want to be around her father and his punk friends, but she can still be kind and genuine to them like a decent human being If your young kid wanted to read this, I would not recommend it There is a lot of cursing every other page, so it is not good for an elementary student to read The combination of music and traveling is a great mix She is learning about her fathers music life while also learning about the vacation her mom is on.

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    The punk rock aesthetic really carried this book for me I m not sure I like Beige even after her transformation The book really lost me when Lake and Beige go on stage and perform together and Beige just naturally knows what to do, despite not really listening to music or liking music that much in general However, there were only 20 or so pages left after that and I powered through it It s was a relatively quick read though.