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Take back your world Jane survives a bomb attack, and her freaked out parents move the family to the safer suburbs But Jane takes the spirit of the city with her she has a plan, she just needs to put together a team to carry it out Then she spots the other Janes in the lunchroom, and soon convinces them to join her in her guerilla art projects I love the active role these girls take, and the humor and positiveness of what they do And I love that these are real girls portrayed with realistic looks and personalities Very appealing I wantJane stories 2.5 starsThis book wanted to have heart The premise started off really good Jane is at a coffee shop when a bomb goes off She is traumatized by the event but the only thing that keeps her hanging on is a stranger she helped keep safe during the attack The stranger has been in a coma and no one knows who he is Jane however visits him everyday and reads to him Her mother is so terrified of losing Jane after the event that the whole family moves to a small town, hoping to hide and stay safe from the chaos of the world.Jane goes from becoming the beautiful, blond girl next door to chopping off her hair and dying it black She is invited to join the popular girls lunch table the first day of school but something in Jane has changed and she rejects them, choosing instead to join a table of three misfit girls, all named Theater Jane, Brainy Jayne, and Polly Jane So far so good.Jane decides to create a secret club, P.L.A.I.N People Loving Art in Neighborhoods The girls sneak out at night and create art that not everyone is happy about The police is trying to nab the vandals who are destroying the neighborhood, while the Janes think they are saving lives with their art form This is where the book fell flat for me I wasn t buying this whole Art Saves concept and I wasn t impressed enough to believe their art was having some magical effect on the town In fact, you never really see how the town is affected by this, other than the chief of police who has made finding the culprits his personal agenda.What was working for me Jane trying to overcome her personal trauma, Jane adjusting to a new town, school and friends, and the relationship Jane formed with this stranger in a coma sadly wasn t explored long enough in favor of this save the world with art plot.Artwork Loved it.Maybe volume 2 will redeem the series as a whole. Jane survives a bomb attack in NYC and her parents freak out and move far away to a small town As Jane struggles to come to terms with the terrorist attack, she befriends 3 girls in the lunch room of her new school She talks them into committing harmless guerrilla art projects around town However, the local police don t see it that way are are trying to hunt them down.I was surprised I liked this given that I m not a teenage girl but it was well written and entertaining, with some good art from Jim Rugg. When I first read this book, it was a preview galley, and I thought that pages must be missing from the end But this was not the case While the book has an interesting premise and very nice art by Jim Rugg his Street Angel work is fardynamic and full of detail, however I say that as the editor of SA, mind you , it falls flat in execution Characters are not fleshed out sufficiently believability is a problem where do 16 year old girls get hundreds of garden gnomes and, the worst of the problems, it ends abruptly without any kind of resolution, or even satisfactory movement toward such. I m a little undecided as to what I feel about this book On one hand, this definitely achieved its goal of being a quirky and offbeat book On the other hand, it isn t perfect The book tends to jump between scenes too quickly and doesn t flesh out the characters as much as I d have liked them to be I also had problems imagining that the town would get that angry and freaked out over the town being art bombed I ve lived in my fair share of ultra conservative areas where groups would art bomb highly visible objects, yet it was never treated like it was practically a terrorist act I can t help but think that if the characters and environments had been developed just a teensy bit , this could have beenbelievable The overall story is rather good, however, and I absolutely loved the artwork and character designs Our main Jane is nice but it s her fellow Jane sidekicks that really deservedfocus and attention They re blissfully, wonderfully imperfect in both their personalities and appearances a nice change from the beautiful, talented, andstereotypical alternative main character of Jane She s likable, but come on she s pretty much your typical alternative stereotype, not that this is necessarily an avoidable or even a bad thing in this book I have to say that if you have the ability to read this, I d recommend it I m just not sure that it will be a must buy for all readers It certainly will be something that some readers will need to own, but for the rest of us this will be something we ll read at the library and check out again as desired. I thought it would be gayer Fantastic YA comic graphic novel Jane is a young survivor of a terrorist attack on her cityAfter picking up an art notebook at the scene ART SAVES , Jane becomes a guerilla artist in her new community suburbs She s such an earnest and creative character, who yearns to make the world abeautiful place As Jane struggles to make new friends, she comes up with the most creative public art works, makes them happen, and becomes the leader of a Jane army Super empowering friggin awesome I m a sucker for this shit Fiesty girls taking on the world, trying to make it a better place, and trying to better themselves in the process I even cried twice Thanks, PMS. Noted Young Adult Novelist Cecil Castellucci And Artist Jim Rugg Launch Minx With The Plain Janes, A Story About Four Girls Named Jane When Transfer Student Jane Is Forced To Move From The Confines Of Metro City To Suburbia, She Thinks Her Life Is Over But There Is The Lunch Room At The Reject Table She Finds Her Tribe Three Other Girls Named Jane Main Jane Encourages Them To Form A Secret Art Gang And Paint The Town PLAIN People Loving Art In Neighborhoods But Can Art Attacks Really Save The Hell That Is High School The Plain Janes was an interesting sort of story but it seemed to be all over the place at times Maybe something to do with the transitions between panels and how it felt like I was skipping bits, which I wasn t I wasn t a fan of the art I like cleaner, prettier lines but I can t deny this one was appropriate for the type of storty It was definitely unique and in tune with the main character Who, by the way, was also a bit all over the place but which teenagers aren t I really liked the plot and where it was going I felt a bit confused in the beginning because, again, some things just aren t made obvious straight away You just have to keep going and hope for some light to be shed on it I liked the characters, who were all a bit different and all a bit quirky I especially liked the villain mean girl archetype and what Castellucci did with her So refreshing.Which also brings me to praise the friendship element in this story This is a graphic novel about girls and that in itself could potentially lead to a lot of bitching, back stabbing, and envy related drama Fortunately, that didn t happen here at all and I was grateful for it It didn t happen right away, and it wouldn t have been realistic otherwise, but once the Janes are comfortable with each other, they become a tight knit group Unfortunately, we are never really given that much information about them and I still don t know them very well Even Jane, the main character, feels a bit distant and unrelatable Nothing truly pops out about any of them, and I can t decide whether I like it or not.Even though this wasn t my favourite read of the week it certainly wasn t bad I just think I need to read a coupleissues until I can be convinced I really want to know what happens next, which wouldn t happen if this had been a total flop Maybe I ll get used to the art and transitions too This was book 6 in the O.W.L.s Readathon Defense Against the Dark Arts Completed