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In its Brown v Board of Education decision of 1954, the Supreme Court ruled that separate schools for black and white students were unconstitutional The schools for whites were often superior to their counterparts for black students and consequently the separate schools offered very different educational opportunities This ruling was key to the civil rights movement and efforts to end segregation.On September 3, 1957, nine black students were barred from entry into Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas By September 23, after another court decision ruled that Arkansas governor could not keep them out, the Little Rock Nine were able to begin their school year in the white high school President Eisenhower also sent the 101st Airborne Division to Little Rock to help protect the black students from harassment that ranged from insults to acid being thrown into one student s face.Eight of the Little Rock Nine finished the school year at the Central High In May of 1958 Ernest Green graduated from the school, the only minority in his graduating class of 602 students.Fifty years later, Daniel Waters debut novel Generation Dead offers a new take on integration and the fight for civil rights In Oakvale, Connecticut parents and students alike are worried about the new students transferring to Oakvale High to benefit from the school s program of integration Some of the new students are minorities, some of them are not The reason all of the new students prove worrisome to some locals isfundamental The new students are dead.All over the country, dead teenagers are waking up and rejoining the livingor less Called living impaired or differently biotic by a politically correct society, many of the undead kids prefer the term zombie No one knows why some teenagers come back and some don t The only certainty is that everything changed the moment these zombies began trying to reconnect with the world of the living.Unfortunately, some living people would prefer to have the zombies stay dead Permanently Everyone child knows that names can never hurt them, but for undead teens that don t heal sticks and stones suddenly seem muchdangerous, especially when the government has no laws to protect differently biotic citizens After all, citizenship is supposed to expire when the citizen does, isn t it In Generation Dead integration doesn t start with a court decision detailing undead rights Instead it starts with Tommy Williams trying out for the football team Dead for about a year, no one expects Tommy to survive tryouts, let alone make the team Except that he does.Suddenly, the zombies don t seem quite so different Phoebe Kendall, a traditionally biotic albeit pale student, realizes that better than anyone as she begins to observe Tommy and the other living impaired students at her school including Tommy and Karen the girl featured on the novel s cover and possibly this reviewer s favorite character ThePhoebe sees of zombies like Tommy and Karen, thethey seem like any normal teenager, well mostly.No one questions Phoebe s motivations for befriending Tommy until it begins to look like the two of them arethan friends Margi, Phoebe s best friend and fellow Goth, can t understand what Phoebe could see in a dead boy Every time her neighbor Adam sees Phoebe with Tommy, he can t help but wonder why she doesn t feel the same way about him when he s actually alive.Eventually Margi and Adam come around, forming their own tentative bonds with the zombies in their midst Meanwhile, other students at Oakvale remain hostile Determined to make sure that the dead students invading their school stay dead for good this time, they set a vicious plan into motion that will irrevocably change everything for Phoebe and her friends dead and alive.Written in the third person, Waters alternates viewpoints throughout the novel Each of the main characters mentioned here, specifically Phoebe and Adam, have sections of the novel related from their perspective The novel even features narration from one of the students strongly opposed to the zombie presence in Oakvale This technique, aside from demonstrating Waters masterful writing skills, offers a fully informed perspective on the events of the novel with its variety of viewpoints.Upon first glance, this book looks like a quirky but not necessarily serious book A cover with a dead cheerleader wearing biker books can have that effect on readers And yet, even though the story is about zombies, it isn t just another fun book Filled with smart writing and an utterly original story, Generation Dead also adds to the ongoing conversation about tolerance and equality suggesting that people often havein common than not Even with zombies.You can find this review andon my blog Miss Print 2.5 I really wanted to like this book YA, zombies, cool cover how could I not love it I expected a funny story judging by all of the reviews and I think that is where the let down happened This book is quite serious It s really about intolerance and how people hate There is startling zombie violence throughout the book There are funny parts but overall this is not a lighthearted read This is not a bad book but it wasn t what I was expecting After the abrupt ending, I m left feeling sad and kind of letdown. Phoebe Kendall is your typical goth girl she wears dark clothes, applies pale makeup, and paints her nails black What sets her apart from the crowd is that she is in love with a dead boy, named Tommy Williams All around the nation dead teenagers have been rising from their graves and practically rebooting their souls They are also called zombies, living impaired, differently biotic, etc Although most of them have to wait a few minutes before forming a sentence, a special few can function almost as well as normal humans Tommy Williams likes to play football and is also a great writer and somehow Phoebe is attracted to him Generation Dead s cover is horrible It really doesn t pertain to the book at all, and I was almost embarrassed to walk around with it Anyway, I thought the book itself was good I liked the concept and execution of the plot I find most of the characters easy to relate to I also liked how Waters made a seemingly terrifying story dead teenagers coming back to life and being hunted almost humorous in a way.However, there were things I didn t like too The ending was abrupt and clearly leads to a sequel I found a grammatical error or two And sometimes the characters were a bit too predictable But other than those few qualms, Generation Dead was a refreshing and enjoyable read. This book was so good It is both a fantasy and a romance book You can t just put it in one genre, which is what I like.This book was great I loved Tommy, but Adam was so sweet Throughout this book, I wanted to kill Pete He was so mean to all the DB kids And when he killed Evan I started cying.Then he killed Adam.After I read the part where he died, I set the book down Then I started crying hysterically I just kept saying No He can t die He can t He was so nice He can t die I wanted to scream, but my mom would have freaked out I think the author will write a sequel because the ending is left open There is so muchthat could be added to the end of the story that writing a second book would be easy.We still need to find out what wil happen between Phoebe and Tommy And what will happen between her and Adam Plus, I need to find out if Pete got away with killing Adam I mean, you can t just let him get away with killing him. Source I own a copy of this book Some teenagers in America are dying, and then becoming reanimated The description the government is using is living impaired but the other kids just call them Zombies.Phoebe is a Goth, and seems to be developing an attraction to one of the zombies called Tommy.Can a norm and a zombie be together though And what will everyone else say if they do start a relationship This was an okay story, but it was a bit dull at times.Phoebe was a bit of an odd character I understand that love isn t easy, and that people don t necessarily have a choice over who they love, but extending that to a zombie is just a little too much like necrophilia for me.The storyline in this was okay, but it was a bit too slow Not a lot happened for a 400 pages book, and it seemed to take a long while to get through I got the idea of trying to help the living impaired to become accepted members of society, but I could also see how difficult that was going to be, and I wasn t surprised that some members of society were hailing the living dead as the first sign of an impending apocalypse.There were a few events in this book that I m guessing where supposed to be exciting, but I can t say I was really excited, and at times I really couldn t believe how long it took these kids to work out what was going on, as I seemed to know way ahead of them There was some romance in this, but I just couldn t get past the fact that Tommy was a zombie I had this problem with Warm Bodies , although I have to say that this book wasn t as bad as that one Tommy was less zombie like than expected I suppose, and I could see how Phoebe might be attracted to him, but still necrophilia What liking Tommy boils down to is fancying a corpse, which is just wrong I m afraid Vampires are one thing, but zombies are something else entirely.The end to this was basically a big cliff hanger I suppose I should be grateful that I already have the next book ready to read, but those next 400 pages are looking quite long right about now.Overall an okay, if overly long story,6.5 out of 10. You ve heard of Generation X and Generation Y Get ready for Generation Dead Generation Dead being known for its, well, undead Science can t explain it, and no one really knows why it happens, but American teenagers are coming back to life Known to the living as differently biotic or the living impaired These zombie teenagers try to live their undead lives, but as with any group of people that vary from the norm, there are always prejudices.Phoebe, a Goth girl, finds herself unexpectedly drawn to one of these so called living impaired students, Tommy Williams Her best friend Margi, thinks she is crazy, but Margi s feeling for the undead arecomplicated than a general dislike Then there is Phoebe s neighbor and childhood friend, Adam Adam has finally realized his feeling for Phoebe, but he still can t find the courage to tell her Of course it doesn t make the situation any easier when he discovers Phoebe is crushing on the dead kid.Phoebe talks Margi and Adam into joining a work study at the Hunter Foundation, which is centered around the undead phenomenon Unfortunately not everyone tries to be as open minded There aren t any laws protecting the living impaired and they are being singled out and sometimes killed again When a student makes a personal vendetta to take out the living impaired and anyone associated with them, the situation can only end in tragedy.Generation Dead went above and beyond what I was expecting Sure it is about the dead, but there are so many underlying messages in this book Prejudice is something that is very apparent, and is something that we deal within reality on a daily basis There is a part in the book in chapter 16, where they have a guest speaker so to sort in their undead studies program, basically they are discussing how they can acclimate the undead into society I have to say that the dialogue of the speaker, totally blew me away I think I read it maybe three of four times and I just kept thinking, if only, if only acceptance and change were and could be that easy, the world would be a better place But anyway, as for the rest of the story, characters were beyond three dimensional, I felt like I knew these kids, and they continued to develop throughout the entire story, I mean literally up until the last page, I loved it The plot was totally original and kept me turning the pages until the late hours of the night I love Waters writing style, it s engrossing yet simple, can that even be possible The story was full of wit and humor, and I was totally captured Obviously I really liked love this book It comes out on May 6th and I strongly suggest you pick up a copy There is just something about it, it s different and fresh I expected a light zombie book.Instead I got a pretty deep look into prejudice and social acceptable terms and all kinds of political soapbox discussions about accepting kids who ve died and how to change society to accept them Near the end, it finally becameabout the character and I enjoyed thatI especially don t like the POV changes They are mid chpater and mid paragraph sometimes It s jarring and complete distracts from the story A simple break squiggly, change in chapter, etc, would make the transition so much easier. Possible one of the worst books I have ever forced myself to finish It starts out as a typical teen sci fi book about american teens who have started to rise from the grave It merges into the authors barely disguised soap box rant about society and racism for which the story falters and becomes a very distant second priority When the focus finally returns to the story in the last dozen pages the author hurredly whaps a bow on the ending saying that the reason some zombies arecapable than others is love He then shoots, kills, and ressurects a main character on the last page before the book abruptly ends I am a well known lover of the paranormal and the cheesy, but this book surpasses even my high tolerance for cheese I rank this a boo and a hiss. Phoebe Kendall Is Just Your Typical Goth Girl With A Crush He S Strong And Silent And DeadAll Over The Country, A Strange Phenomenon Is Occurring Some Teenagers Who Die Aren T Staying Dead But When They Come Back To Life, They Are No Longer The Same Feared And Misunderstood, They Are Doing Their Best To Blend Into A Society That Doesn T Want Them The Administration At Oakvale High Attempts To Be Welcoming Of The Differently Biotic But The Students Don T Want To Take Classes Or Eat In The Cafeteria Next To Someone Who Isn T Breathing And There Are No Laws That Exist To Protect The Living Impaired From The People Who Want Them To Disappear For Good When Phoebe Falls For Tommy Williams, The Leader Of The Dead Kids, No One Can Believe It Not Her Best Friend, Margi, And Especially Not Her Neighbor, Adam, The Star Of The Football Team Adam Has Feelings For Phoebe That Run Much Deeper Than Just Friendship He Would Do Anything For Her But What If Protecting Tommy Is The One Thing That Would Make Her Happy More of a 1.5 score I m being generous.Well, I m glad that s over Let s see What was the worst part The completely uneventful plot The lifeless characters that, ironically, were not the zombies The lackluster romance The completely ridiculous bad guy that in several occasions told our brilliant protagonists that he planned to kill everyone yet they still scratched their heads wondering who was hurting their friends or simply ignored the threats in favor of parties One thing is clear, I am not reading the next one Can t believe I spent my birthday reading this.