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I dont usually have problems sleeping but I thought it had some good tips to try Lent to a friend HOpefully it helps her A lovely, warm, compassionate book that provides a holistic understanding of insomnia and actionable steps to get some rest and create positive changes in your life, based on the principles of Ayurveda Insomnia can cause hopelessness and desperation, and this book gave me hope. A New Addition To The Popular Perfect Health Library Series Now Available In Paperback Ayurveda, The Ancient Indian Science Of Life, Is Ideally Suited To Help With The Problem Of Insomnia, In Which The Mind Is Known To Play A Considerable Role In This Volume, Dr Chopra Shows Readers How To Fall Asleep Easily, Feel Rested Upon Arising, Identify And Eliminate The Imbalances Causing Insomnia, And Sleep is a natural process If your sleep is out of sync then there is something else deeper in your life out of sync Discusses the 3 doshas and when out of balance they create issues Vatta movementKapha structurePitta metabolism digestionRemember, everything that you touch, taste, smell, see or hear is metabolized We human beings don t metabolize only food we metabolize our sensory experiences and they become molecules of our body. loved the introduction to Ayurvedic philosophy, my first of Chopra, will definitely read another Had a few helpful pieces of advice But a little too out there for me I was looking for of a to do list for sleeping better. Insomnia can occur at various points in our lives due to life events, health issues and various other factors This book is an excellent aid to help restore our natural sleep rhythms and ability to fall asleep as well as how to resume sleep when waking in the night It is easy to read and practical I highly recommend it. While I heard of Deepak Chopra before, this is the first time that I read one of his books I found the parts about Ayurvedic medicine most informative and have started a sleep diary like as it is recommended by the book. I listened to the audio version called Insomnia but I assume they re about the same A great resource and unique message regarding sleep patterns, times of day with energy dosha differences, and practical tips After decades of struggling with poor sleep hygiene, having a confluence of increased motivation and hearing these thoughts have led to a big shift in my earlier bedtime and increased energy. This book seemed to contain alot of information from Chopra s other books It had a few new facts about sleep that I wasn t aware of, and I liked the advice to stay in bed and at least get some rest which makes sense to me than the advice from others to get up until you re exhausted enough to sleep Chopra also advises to be ok with not sleeping so you don t get in the cycle of being stressed AND trying to sleep.That being said, I m still not sleeping, which is why it s only getting 2 stars