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    Reading this book and looking at its photos, took me to a trip to the fearful 20th century.I wished i could be a useful person such as those brave photographers and journalist and do something to stop the world from what it is now.My respects to all those brave photographers and journalist whom sacrificed their lives in order to change the world to a better place.

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    A very intense look at war photography and those who chronicle the stories with their cameras.

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    Don t let yourself be put of by a slow moving and not that well written introduction Howe takes the time to establish the history of combat photography, and it s information worth having A bit of context only makes the reading of the book that much worthwhile Howe interviews and records 10 different combat photographers and there stories It reads like a collection of journal entries sometimes the photographers are remembering tense moments or challenges, times when they almost fell apart, at other points they explain the background of a photo And each one talks about their motivation for continuing or not continuing in combat photography looking at the ethics and morality of photographing people in pain, of recording stories for those who have no voice It was a very rich collection I loved the diversity of opinions expressed Because there were so many photographers, the reader is unable to take one experience and say, This is how a war photographer feels Which I have to admit, I probably would have done if it had just been one biography While there are certainly commonalities between all of the contributors, there is also a large amount of diversity And the photographs are incredible heartbreaking and anger making But largely leaving the reader with a feeling of almost sick helplessness So why bother looking Because somebody else had to live it.

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    Probably my favorite photography book, that I still go back to often It shows the personal sacrifices individuals make to give us a sense of the suffering of others really the only way any good is done for the unfortunate around the world.

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    Compelling and horrifying A vivid tour through the pre apocalypse world we live in

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    HARD to read, but worth reading.

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    Stark photography and dramatic first person accounts of photographers It s an amazing book.

Shooting Under Fire Is The Candid Testimony And Stunning Photographs Of The Men And Women Who Go Into Battle Armed Only With A Camera To Show Warfare As It Is And Where It Is In This Volume, Ten Leading Combat Photographers Relate Incidents Of Horror, Humor, Bravery, And Daring In Locations From Vietnam To Haiti, Ramallah To Chechnya, El Salvador To Sarajevo, The World Trade Center To Afghanistan Here, In Their Own Words, Are Their Stories Of Life In The Combat Zone, Together With Many Of The Powerful Images They Risked Their Lives To Obtain This Historical And Very Human Look At The Pathos Of War Also Reveals The Moral And Ethical Issues That This Elite Corps Of Photographers Face, And The Decisions They Must Make In The Chaos Of Conflict In Addition To The Works Of These Talented Photographers Are Iconic Images, From The American Civil War To The Devastation Of The World Trade Center, That Tell The Story Of The Development Of Combat Photography And The Profound Changes In Warfare Itself That Have Occurred In The Last Century And A Half