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Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris is the 4th and final book in the series, but being honest I feel I need a Hannibal Rising part 2 as this book only takes you from Hannibal being a child in the war untill 18 and pumped up on revenge which to be honest I understand He s like a murderous James Bond It s then a leap to when we meet him in red dragon I would like the story in between please as I personally can t really understand the jump from revenge to the next step eating people But putting that aside it s still Hannibal bloody, nerve tingling, and a little sad and heart breaking.I would definitely recommend this whole series if dark,gory and bloody thrilling and a little twisted is your thing. Right off, I have to say that I love this book.I have been waiting, along with many others, for years to find out how Hannibal Lecter became what he became I wanted to know what caused his transformation into one of the most frightening killers in literature and the movies known to man.I was thrilled beyond words to hear that Harris was writing a new book and that a new movie based on the book was in production I knew that Harris was writing the screenplay Aside from that, I knew nothing I wanted, needed to know .Now that I do, what can I say except that knowledge is power.Despite bad reviews of the movie and the book , I loved HANNIBAL RISING It s a beautiful haunting work that stays with you long after you have read it It s not just a simple tale of revenge, but one of lust and wanting, of judgement and secrets that is beautifully written Harris uses quick short sentences to instill images into your mind, to show you the change Hannibal goes through to become what he is.Personally, I think others are none to pleased with Hannibal Rising mostly because they were expecting another Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Rising is really historical fiction, seeing as how most of it is set right after the second world war I knew that there couuld be no book like Silence of the Lambs, that Hannibal would probably be a quieter, subtler book.I was half right.There is beauty in the blood here the harrowing images of death are subdued and gorgesouly written but most shocking is that you feel empathy towards Hannibal Lecter Knowing what I know now of his character, is it any wonder why he became a monster Judgement and revenge come in many forms.I think that s what puts most people off about the novel You feel sorry for him, sorry for Hannibal Lecter You come away wondering if you would have done the same, had someone eaten your little sister You come away wondering if you have a monster waiting to rise up.Even mosnters have feelings, no matter how inhuman they may seem.HANNIBAL RISING is probably one of the most beautiful books I have ever read Hannibal Lecter will stay with me for a long time and I can t wait to read the tale of his beginning all over again. Ok, this is another book I had to read before I saw the movie I cannot believe I wasted money on it I even bought it in hardcover Sometimes I can be such a dunce.This has to be the worst pre quel sequel ever There is no reason to read this book, or see the movie But if you are a fan, like I am, don t feel guilty, do what you want.This is my least favorite of Harris s Hannibal Saga His reasoning for Lecter s particular taste is, get this, REVENGE How lame It doesn t seem like any real serial killer would start their rampage to seek revenge, although in his case, his childhood was emotionally disturbing As of still, I was not impressed, not to mention, a subplot involving an underground network of profiteering World War II criminals Lecter s enemies , specializing in stolen artworkcome on Oh, by the way, they didn t include this in the film Everything about Harris s young Lecter seemed too far fetched, from his medical studies and re illustrations for anatomy texts, to his Japanese geisha like aunt love interest who lives in Paris Even the concept that the then child Hannibal had to run and hide from the Nazis did not seem fathomable I read somewhere that Harris had gone gay for Lecter after turning out the disappointing last installment called merely, Hannibal Which kind of offends me, but not for their use of illustrating an author s relationship with their character as homosexual, but that that novel was not disappointing Juilanne Moore as Clarice is another story Hannibal, if I must say, is a truly better piece of fiction andtrue to the Lecter that we all learned to love in The Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon Why can t Dr Lecter be the cannibalizing psychiatrist who helps out the FBI every once in a while This book has forever ruined that image for me. Hannibal Rising Hannibal Lecter 4 , Thomas HarrisHannibal Rising is a novel by American author Thomas Harris, published in 2006 It is a prequel to his three previous books featuring his most famous character, the cannibalistic serial killer Dr Hannibal Lecter Opening in Lithuania during 1941, Hannibal Lecter is eight years old and living in a castle with his parents and sister, Mischa With the castle located near the eastern front of World War II, the Lecter family escapes to their lodge to elude the advancing German troops With the castle abandoned, it is soon raided by Germans and civilians aiding them, their hidden art collection among the stolen loot Three years later, an advancing Soviet tank stops at the Lecter family s lodge looking for water, only to be bombed by a German Stuka, the explosion killing all but the children Surviving in the lodge, Hannibal and Mischa are captured when six deserters appear Vladis Grutas, Zigmas Milko, Bronys Grentz, Enrikas Dortlich, Petras Kolnas and Kazys Porvik Storming and looting the lodge, they lock the Lecters in the barn Running low on supplies, the soldiers soon take Mischa realizing they intend to cannibalize her, Hannibal tries to stop them, only to have his arm broken before he blacks out Hannibal is later spotted by a Soviet tank crew, wearing shackles and rendered mute Returned to Lecter Castle, now a Soviet orphanage, Hannibal is found to be irreparably traumatized by the ordeal Removed from the orphanage by his uncle Robert Lecter, Hannibal goes to live with him in France with his aunt, Lady Murasaki Visiting a marketplace with his aunt, Lecter assaults butcher Paul Momund when he insults Murasaki Count Lecter, learning of the slight against his wife, violently confronts the butcher and collapses and subsequently dies from a heart attack Losing most of the Count s estate to death duties, Lecter and Murasaki move across France, and Lecter flourishes as a medical student, assisting by preparing cadavers for lessons Books Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising 2012 1389 1390 366 9789648957242 21 1397 364 9786005722499 HE IS ONE OF THE MOST HAUNTING CHARACTERSIN ALL OF LITERATURE LAST THE EVOLUTION OF HIS EVILIS REVEALEDHannibal Lecter Emerges From The Nightmare Of The Eastern Front, A Boy In The Snow, Mute, With A Chain Around His Neck He Seems Utterly Alone, But He Has Brought His Demons With HimHannibal S Uncle, A Noted Painter, Finds Him In A Soviet Orphanage And Brings Him To France, Where Hannibal Will Live With His Uncle And His Uncle S Beautiful And Exotic Wife, Lady MurasakiLady Murasaki Helps Hannibal To Heal With Her Help He Flourishes, Becoming The Youngest Person Ever Admitted To Medical School In FranceBut Hannibal S Demons Visit Him And Torment Him When He Is Old Enough, He Visits Them In TurnHe Discovers He Has Gifts Beyond The Academic, And In That Epiphany, Hannibal Lecter Becomes Death S Prodigy I m right in the middle with this one I didn t love it but I didn t hate it either Some parts I thoroughly enjoyed and couldn t get enough of, while others quite nearly bored me to tears I was a little disappointed because the previous three books are just so damn good and this one lacks the spark the others had And I was expecting this to pick up where the last book left off so when I discovered it was about Hannibal s origins I was a tad let down Don t get me wrong, it was interesting to learn about his past and what made him into what he is but it s just not what I was expecting. Number 4 in the Hannibal Lecter series.Dr Hannibal Lecter Hannibal the Cannibal is one of fiction most iconic and revered psychopaths How does one become a psychopath Is it born in us Is it our early environment that dictated who we become In this book you may not find the clinical answers to these questions but you will find out just why Hannibal the Cannibal is what he is and what drives him.There are quite a few negative reviews out there but this is not one of them.Maybe I m just another closeted psychopath but I can t help feeling a bit of empathy for Dr Lecter.The book starts near the end of the 2nd World War and recounts the early life of Hannibal with his parents and his much loved younger sister Mischa As the war draws closer to its inevitable end the acts of atrocities grow beyond belief Noso than the horrors that Hannibal and his sister are subjected to Horrors so unimaginable that when Hannibal is found wandering near death by some soviet soldiers, not only, can t he remember what has happened but he no longer speaks Eventually Hannibal s uncle, who lives in Paris, tracks him down and takes his mute nephew back to Paris with him The uncle s wife The Lady Murasaki takes Hannibal under her wing and with much love, care and understanding Hannibal learns to talk once again As the years go by The Lady Murasaki become the only shinning light in Hannibal s world A light that Hannibal can t do with out and will go to any length to make sure it continues to burn, no matter what extremes he has to go to.Little by little Hannibal recall the horror that ended Mischa s, his sister, life and with that memory comes the burning need for revenge Revenge on the men that are responsible for all the pain done to both Mischa and himself.This then is what shaped Hannibal to become the monster we all know Unlike some other review I found this book absolutely riveting Hannibal Lecter is so enigmatic, discovering his origins were a must for me.A fabulous prequel to all that went before.Awesome 4 5 stars. This book is so fucking abysmal that I can t finish it It s a very rare thing for me not to get through a book even if it s a struggle I ll torture myself to get to the end because I get this feeling like I m cheating myself and the author if I don t If someone else gets through the 323 pages of wasted paper god bless you Every word reads like an exercise in how to bilk the public out of a couple ofdollars with a character that accidentally became famous Hannibal Lechter is one of the great evil characters of modern American writing and cinema and the book Hannibal Rising does it s very best to destroy all of his appeal The whole draw of Hannibal Lechter is that he exudes menace and villainy while still showing a wholly respectable exterior The vile behavior bubbling underneath only peeks out and seemingly has no basis for its existence Lechter seems to be evil for no other reason then that he is In Hannibal Rising , Thomas Harris gives us some reasoning for his malevolence Hannibal goes mad because he is forced to watch some bad guys eat his little sister while trapped and starving in a cabin during the winter after the Nazis slaughter the rest of his family So instead of being the ultimate bad guy himself, Harris makes Lechter someone to sort of sympathize with Thus ruining one of the great evils of the last 20 years or so.Despite the total absurdity of the story itself you would be able to forgive Harris the mistake of writing this book After all, it is a character he created and perhaps he felt like there wasto the story that he needed to tell Unfortunately it doesn t read that way at all It reads like the novel was written to be a screenplay from the minute he put pen to page or finger to keyboard as itlikely was The dialogue is brittle and unimpressive and the description and narrative are sorely lacking It s all like it was written with the intention to touch it up later Every word that passed by my eyes made it seemandlike there s no other interest here then in stealing my money I m going to do my best to forget that both the book and the movie Hannibal Rising ever existed so I can go back to loving Hannibal Lechter. Nothing happened to me, Officer Starling I happened You can t reduce me to a set of influences You ve given up good and evil for behaviorism nothing is ever anybody s fault Look at me Officer Starling Can you stand to say I m evil Thomas Harris, The Silence of the LambsHannibal Lecter is the bogeyman a dark and terrible figure from a child s nightmares who lurks in the shadows, waiting to pounce A big part of what makes him scary is his mystery, the fact that you don t really know who or what he is He owes us no explanation for why he kills and eats people he just does it He simply is In the first three books in the Lecter series Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal he is as powerful and unknowable as nature, a force of primal evil Hannibal Rising, a prequel that portrays Lecter s evolution into the cannibal serial killer we all know and love, mucks it all up by trying and failing miserably to humanize him It reduces one of literature s great monsters to a run of the mill victim of a lousy childhood Explaining him diminishes him I don t want to know what makes Lecter tick, I just want to watch him go Harris doesn t seem to understand this, and so reading Hannibal Rising is kind of like reading a Psychology 101 term paper with gratuitously bloody murder scenes.A grand guignol character like Lecter is bound to be over the top, but Hannibal Rising s lurid theatrics make him downright corny The son of nobility, poor widdle Hannibal loses his parents in a Nazi airstrike and watches as a group of deserters kill and eat his beloved sister Mischa He spends the next few years as the ward of a Dickensian orphanage, until he is adopted by his Japanese step aunt, Lady Murasaki He has a quasi incestuous crush on her, but that doesn t stop him from tracking down each of his sister s killers with implausible ease and executing them in operatic fashion It s all so melodramatic that it s a wonder Harris didn t end it with Lecter finding out he d been switched at birth All the melodrama would be fine if Lecter still had the sinister, snake like charm of the earlier books, but the Lecter of Hannibal Rising is a stereotypical angry young man whining about the hardness of the world, like a flesh eating Holden Caulfield In the other Lecter books, I couldn t stop reading about him in this one, I couldn t wait to be done with him Harris was reportedly strong armed into writing Hannibal Rising by Dino de Laurentiis, the producer of the film series, and it s obvious that his heart isn t in it The story doesn t go anywhere worth going Lecter kills some people while spouting seventh grade level poetics I miss you every day you will be avenged , and that s about it In contrast with Lecter s fascinating pseudo romance with Clarice Starling, the pseudo romance between Lecter and Murasaki is just icky Finally, the conclusion Hannibal Lecter goes to college is flat and unsatisfying, making the whole book a waste of time Hannibal Rising is hardly the first bad sequel novel Psycho II, anyone but it s the first one I can remember that I found depressing to read The whole Lecter series is now tainted, and that s a damn shame One of the greatest villains in the history of literature has been declawed, his otherwordly evil reduced to a mere set of influences He deserves better, and so do we. It wasn t anything that I thought it was going to be, which was surprising This was a true prequel to the character of Hannibal, and I was rather wishing we could have a continuation of him as an adult, post Clarise, but it just wasn t to be.That being said, it was fine as a novel and psychological thriller, but not so much as a continuation of a franchise It might have beenenjoyable had it been a character of a different name.You know how us readers can get We want what we want and get pissy when we re thwarted I know I am, but fundamentally I found it enjoyable.