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If You Could Change Your Life By Reversing Your Biggest Regrets, Sorrows And MistakesWould YouNew York Times Bestselling Author And Renowned Radio And Television Host Glenn Beck Delivers An Instant Holiday Classic About Boyhood Memories, Wrenching Life Lessons, And The True Meaning Of The Gifts We Give To One Another In Love We Weren T Wealthy, We Weren T Poor We Just Were We Never Wanted For Anything, Except Maybe Time TogetherWhen Eddie Was Twelve Years Old, All He Wanted For Christmas Was A Bike Although His Life Had Gotten Harder And Money Tighter Since His Father Died And The Family Bakery ClosedEddie Dreamed That Somehow His Mother Would Find A Way To Have His Dream Bike Gleaming Beside Their Modest Christmas Tree That Magical MorningWhat He Got From Her Instead Was A SweaterA Stupid, Handmade, Ugly Sweaterthat Young Eddie Left In A Crumpled Ball In The Corner Of His RoomScarred Deeply By The Realization That Kids Don T Always Get What They Want, And Too Young To Understand That He Already Owned Life S Most Valuable Treasures, That Christmas Morning Was The Beginning Of Eddie S Dark And Painful Journey On The Road To Manhood It Will Take Wrestling With Himself, His Faith, And His Family And The Guidance Of A Mysterious Neighbor Named Russell To Help Eddie Find His Path Through The Storm Clouds Of Life And Finally See The Real Significance Of That Simple Gift His Mother Had Crafted By Hand With Love In Her HeartBased On A Deeply Personal True Story, The Christmas Sweater Is A Warm And Poignant Tale Of Family, Faith And Forgiveness That Offers Us A Glimpse Of Our Own Lives While Also Making Us Question If We Really Know What S Most Important In Them Wow The last two chapters found me sobbing like a babyokay quietly sobbing at night I had very little sympathy for the main character until the end of the book The storm that inevitably gets us is a doozy Luckily my faith carries me through the storms of life, sometimes easily, sometimes not This book made me think about the gift given to all of us, whether we want to accept it or not Great book Here s an idea what if we read Christmas books ANY time of the year, and not just at Christmastime Around Christmas there is an emphasis on gratitude, charity, kindness, and love, which is wonderful, but there s no reason to focus on those things only in December This book helped to remind me how much I truly have to be grateful for Wonderful story. Glen Beck may be a well known radio host, but he writes with all the finesse of a high school sopho In this semi autobiographical heartwarming Christmas tale , Beck tells about 12 year old Eddie who, along with his mother, has had some hard times since the death of his father a couple of years before Eddie just knows that getting a new bike will make things better It will come as no surprise to any reader that, instead of the hoped for bike, Eddie instead receives a sweater that has been lovingly knitted by his mother Eddie reacts to this turn of events as poorly as one might expect, and the circumstances of his life move from bad to worse The Christmas Sweater is supposed to teach a lesson about dealing with adversity and God s presence within the storms of life, but it s pretty predictable stuff The passages which dealt with God and religion, which could have been interesting and thought provoking, were instead pretty vague and ill formed.Read it if you must, but I d either get it at the library or wait until it comes out in paperback. You should read this book 1 because it s short and requires minimal effort 2 because it teaches you something about yourself and 3 because it will leave you with that warm, and yes, sappy Christmas time feeling that so many elitist readers seem to think is somehow beneath them.Here s the thing you know going in to a book like this that your heartstrings are going to get a good tug Add to that the back cover blurb claiming the style is reminiscent of Mitch Albom, and that s all I need to hear to send me running in the other direction But, I felt like this book had some marked differences from your traditional Christmas schmoopfest For one thing, while the story was predictable, it was Eddie the main character s journey that was gripping His thought process was so true to life for a self absorbed teenager that I found it impossible not to relate to him And while this book was didactic in its life lessons, it was in the context of pounding it in to Eddie s thick head, rather than lecturing the reader, so it wasn t nearly as annoying as Albom s style But, what sealed the deal for me in making this a book I actually enjoyed is its clear explanation of what atonement means It personalized Christ s sacrifice in a way that I could take and say, Yes, I can choose to move on and be better Any misery I endure is of my own making While that may make for a simple story, it s one that we can all benefit from reading. This year s reviewI think I loved this book eventhe 2nd time around Perhaps it is because I now have a son the same age as the main character, and he is struggling with some of the same emotions sometimes In any case, it gave me great hope for the future Very touching reminder of the love of our Father, the power of redemption, and what is most important in life I will read this book again Last year s review .While this book was emotional and intense in a lot of places, and the story pulls at your heart strings, it is SO WORTH the read The story draws you in, because there are elements to it that I think everyone can relate to on some level I especially love the message of redemption, atonement, forgiveness, and love It is powerful without being overly preachy I think this will become a traditional Christmas read for me Glenn Beck is a laughably poor writer I haven t read his non fiction stuff, but it sells pretty well I cant imagine it s this hard to read, or else it wouldn t have sold so well, right I think the last book I read that made me cringe at how badly it was written was Da Vinci Code This book rips off every Christmas book and movie cliche you can think of, and he doesn t try to hide it.I thought I d choose a Christmas book to help get me in the Christmas spirit, but instead I was put in the Thanksgiving spirit, I was thankful I borrowed this instead of buying it.The characters or poorly written, everything they do is obvious from a mile away Actually everything that happens is easy to see from a mile away.It s horrible. I am a huge Glenn Beck fan and can relate to his quirky sense of humor I didn t know what to expect from this book I was pleasantly surprised Very quick read with a wonderful message about family, faith and the things that are important It will be one of those books that will be read over and over any time of the year. All I can say is at least I didn t waste too much time reading this The story was formulaic, the dialogue painful, and the writing lazy The story is based on a personal experience, and it would have been a much better book if he would have simply told the real story instead of trying to embellish it to create a sense of pathos While there is undoubtedly a good message, it comes across as a quick way to make a buck by preying on people s sentimentality this time of year. The Christmas Sweater is an amazing book it is full of emotions I was amazed at how Brother Beck was able to capture what I have tried to for years Thanks Gleen I am not a reader However when I pick up a book and read it cover to cover in one sitting that is saying something for that book BTW it has only happened once