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WELCOME TO NOWHEREDanny S Dad Takes A Job As Caretaker At A Marina On The Shore Of A Vast, Frozen Lake In Harvest Cove, A Tiny Town Tucked Away In Canada S Big Empty If You Re Looking For Somewhere To Hide, This Is ItIt S The Worst Winter In Years One Night, Running In The Dark, Danny Is Attacked By A Creature So Strange And Terrifying He Tries To Convince Himself He Was Hallucinating Then He Learns About Native American Legends Of A Monster That S Haunted The Lake For A Thousand Years And That Every Generation, In The Coldest Winters, Kids Have Disappeared Into The Night People Think They Ran AwayDanny Knows Better Because Now The Beast Is After Him Danny and his father live in Harvest Cove, Canada otherwise known as the ghost town located in the middle of nowhere The winters in Harvest Cove are brutal, leaving Danny and his friends with little to do in terms of recreation apart from drive around aimlessly and get home before dark And it s imperative that they get home before darkbecause dark is when something much sinister comes out to play.It is difficult to review this book without giving too much away I wasn t entirely sure what to expect when I started and I think that s probably the best way for a reader to go into it There were parts that surprised me, but mostly because of the genre changes in between I read this book solely because Graham McNamee was the author I previously read Acceleration by him and it became one of my top ten most favorite books ever I ve been anxious to read his other works ever since and it seems that Bonechiller was the only one suitable The other books are targeted towards younger audiences and the last one which may pass for a YA novel is WAY too hurt comfort for me to even try So I thought I d give Bonechiller a go DI m glad I did It s easy to spot similarities amongst his books once you ve read one, but I enjoyed it regardless The descriptions McNamee offered were enough to make me literally FEEL cold and he added elements to this book that I had not read previously in any other YA always impressive He also wrote of a very different relationship than what I m used to and was able to do it without irritating me There were some hilarious bits of teen humor and some interesting history thrown in as well.With that being said, it was also very unexpected in a lot of ways, and I m not entirely sure if I liked it hence the rating I also thought certain parts were far fetched, and not a whole lot of answers are offered at the end There is a fantastic amount of character development however, and I suppose that makes up for it Character growth is great especially in YA books but it just isn t my top priority This is why I have stayed away from Sarah Dessen thus farI realize I cannot avoid her forever though I like epic battles with a breathtaking climax where the author blows you away with something you NEVER would ve figured out on your ownand this didn t have that P A book to read during the cold winter months when you re warm under your blanket and can hear the wind howling outside. Bonechiller was a quick, but satisfying read Our protagonist is a young man who is still dealing with the death of his mother from brain cancer He was very close to her, and her death has sent him and his father on the run, from place to place, to escape the grief of her passing Lately they have landed in an small town in Canada, in the deep of arctic winter He befriends fellow travelers, military brats, Pike, Howie, and Ash Pike and Howie are two brothers named after weapons Howie being short for Howlitzer , and Ash is a half Ojibwa girl who is a boxer, and Danny s crush Danny s just taking it day to day, enduring the extreme cold, and the weight of grief that is almost too much to carry Soon, he will face a creature from his worst nightmares, a monster who marks him for a future meal.That s when things start to get weird What kind of monster is stalking Danny We don t really find out All that we know is that he s ancient, preying on many, many teens over the years He stings them, injecting them with a venom that changes them, making them cold from the inside out, and allowing it to penetrate their dreams, until they give up and come to him, to be devoured Danny thinks he s all alone in what he has seen and survived, until the monster attacks his friend Howie Howie is the brains in his family He investigates to find out what they are facing, and how to destroy it I liked the surreality of the dreams that Danny and Howie must wade through, and escape, to prevent the monster from taking them, as it had countless others But time is running out.I thought this was a very good book I liked how short and brisk the writing style was It conveyed much, with an economy of words McNamee managed to make this story both supernatural monster horror, and a coming of age story about a boy who watched his mother succumb to a brain tumor When I read these young adult books, I always appreciate the strength of young people to deal with what seems like far too much on their young plates In this case, Danny suffered through the death of his mother, and her drawn out illness from the cancer treatments and now he has to deal with the fact that a monster is changing him into a popsicle so that it can eat him That seems like a double whammy to me.I liked the portrayal of friendship between the quartet, and the growing romantic relationship between Danny and Ash Ash is a tomboy, through and through She boxes, goes hunting and fishing, and knows guns better than Danny He freely admits she can kick his butt, and he thinks it s sexy I loved that Danny appreciated Ash for what she was, and vice versa Pike was an interesting character very gun and ordnance crazy He liked to set things on fire, shoot them, or blow them up His talents come in handy when they face off with the monster I liked how Howie was the resident geek genius His research skills prove invaluable The friendship that these four teens shared spoke to me They accepted each other for who they were, and united to face the threat that two of them faced The fifth important character besides the monster , is the arctic Canadian wilderness Below zero temperatures and extended dark hours every day is no joke, and it made for fascinating reading to see how people faced this kind of environment and went about their daily lives No snow days for them.All the pieces of this story come together to form a successful whole with Bonechiller It was a unique idea and it was well executed I still have some questions about the nature of the monster, but we don t always get all the answers in life It was good enough to watch these brave teens face and conquer this threat, and to see Danny and also his dad start on the road to emotional healing from his mother s passing. somewhere under the rage, there s something human barely. sometimes you read a book that s engaging and creepy and well written but it s just missing something, you know this book was definitely one of those books for me the creature was creepy and the setting was chilling no pun intended, but i felt like there was all of this wonderful build up and then it would just drop off into stupid shit for a few chapters, view spoiler like a boxing match which was clearly just a ploy to set up for some cutesy little thing where a motto was reused and it was supposed to be full circle but it was just forced and awkward or him getting a boner from riding on the back of a motorcycle with her for four fucking pages parts of this book were a complete waste like, literally basically 100 or so pages of it could have been spared, because i don t really care about how much ash wants to say racist shit about white people or how the author wants to emphasize how native american canadian i dunno she is like super very hella billions just so you know and how he wants to try to give you this feeling of OH WOW KILL THE WHITE DEVIL, THAT MEANS TWO THINGS but hide spoiler A scary, thriller type book that had me curious the entire time as to whether the characters would all survive or not After all, they didn t shy away from death in this book, and the creature kills both before and during the events of that Winter Things I really liked Ash.No seriously, I wish Ash was the main character She is a kick ass Boxer, who scoffs burgers, sports black eyes and generally doesn t take shit from anybody especially Danny There s a couple of moments where some characters not exactly question, but bring up her lack of femininity but Danny blows off these questions, loves her for who she is etc, and well, Ash doesn t give a damn what anyone thinks and just stays being herself There s no mad dash for make up or pretty hairstyles when the romance develops, she just accepts Danny and herself and I loved that.The MonsterIt iscreepy There was a Supernatural episode about this creature that freaked me out, and I was reminded both of that and the uniqueness of the monster Really scary Things I disliked The complete lack of guidance realization from adults How the hell does a town NEVER realize teens are going missing EVERY cold Winter, and have so much in common about the situation Like NOTHING ever happens apart from that, but they ignore it Also, the random glossing over of some things never added up for me, but not enough to make me knock this down too many stars.Basically I got what I wanted from this book it s scary without being overly so, it s different and it s fast paced A good book, four stars