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What is about this book that haunts me Is it the deep sense of emptiness That the room stays the same, but objects move and light slowly fades into dark That the narrator has no connection at all with the only other human, the old lady whispering hush Or is that that the narrator says goodnight to nobody, that as we go outside her room, we see only stars no people, no cities It s as if this little bunny is the last one on earth, and is being watched by some robotic nanny bunny I get the chills reading it, and I wonder if Cosette will pick up on it She loves it too, but probably because of the red balloon and two kittens.Mmmm Mush. A great man in his prideCasts derision upon Supersession of breath He knows death to the bone Man has created death William Butler Yeats Goodnight MoonGoodnight Air Goodnight noises everywhere Margaret Wise BrownThere s only one time in your life that you say goodbye to everything you ve come to know and loveand even dedicate a little time saying goodbye to the things you ve come to hate the shitty bowl of mush growing cold on the night stand that your old lady tries to pass off as food, the filthy rodent that ll probably leave droppings in said mush as you rest comfortably ETERNALLY Because when you re about to kick off, even the fecal matter your little brother leaves on the toilet after he forgets to wipe his butt is endearing, and the tasteless, formless garbage your nation has sold to you as food reminds you that s it s better to have the faculties to hate and loathe than to have nothing at all Most classic poets painted death with a palette of the morose and depressing There was no room for clich rhymes and red balloons in the classic written rendering of death, until Margaret Wise Brown came into the picture In 1947, Brown threw out all the conventions established by previous poets writing about death, bidding folks like Yeats and Donne to say goodnight air as she peppered her death poetry with balloons, bears, and cows jumping over the moon.Her work reminds us that death does not have to be a subject of woe Death is best reminisced about with a cocktail of kittens and mittens, chairs and bears The proverbial spoonful of sugar Brown gives to us with her stylistic rendering helps the medicine go down, as it were, continuing the discourse established by her predecessors and taking it in a direction desperately needed by people today This is not just a book about a stubborn rabbit with OCD who will not go to bed until he lists everything in his room This is a story about the human condition, and a celebration of our greatest collective vulnerability Read This Shit. In A Great Green Room, Tucked Away In Bed, Is A Little Bunny Goodnight Room, Goodnight Moon And To All The Familiar Things In The Softly Lit Room To The Picture Of The Three Little Bears Sitting On Chairs, To The Clocks And His Socks, To The Mittens And The Kittens, To Everything One By One The Little Bunny Says GoodnightIn This Classic Of Children S Literature, Beloved By Generations Of Readers And Listeners, The Quiet Poetry Of The Words And The Gentle, Lulling Illustrations Combine To Make A Perfect Book For The End Of The Day Margaret Wise Brown s nihilistic classic is a howling renunciation of God, here depicted as a quiet old lady whispering hush There is no afterlife here, no reward, no release from the crushing mundanity of life There is only the bowl of pathetic mush, the forlorn mittens, the abandoned balloon, the telephone that never rings We live our lives in a great green room , but at the end we accumulate nothing but the discarded trappings of our childhoods Even love cannot offer solace where are our families when the end comes Goodnight nobody, we call into the blackness.There is no hope in the world without us We know what will happen, when we close our eyes, to the young mouse left alone with two kittens They will toy with him they will torture him and leave his decapitated body on our pillow But we will never awake to see its guts splayed out near our heads Goodnight air, the poem ends Goodnight noises everywhere We fall, silently, into the void. I read this book a thousand times to the little girl I was a nanny for this summer It is the perfect book to read right before a nap because I found my voice would naturally get softer while I flipped the pages It s true the colours are a bit garish and it drives me absolutely bonkers that she writes goodnight moon and then follows with goodnight cow jumping over the moon I tried every which way to make the rhythm work but it just doesn t no matter what you do But what the heck does a 15 month old care I find it strange that people are put off by saying goodnight to inanimate objects but babies LOVE DOING THAT If the baby was upset because we were leaving the park, I would just start saying goodbye to the slide, goodbye to the swings and she would start waving with me and then she felt better about walking away It s a really good trick Ultimately it s a classic and it ends in a very quiet, sleepy way that is perfect for bedtime. Wonderful book that makes you feel that everything will be fresh and new in the morning. why do people like this book finding the little mouse on each page is fun, but other than that it s just a dumb book there is a lame attempt to rhymesometimes there s no rhythm i don t get it. In the great green roomThere was a telephoneAnd a red balloonAnd a picture of Goodnight Moon is a classic and well loved American children s picture book from 1947 It was written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd Many American adults remember it as their favourite bedtime story, and it continues to lull young children to sleep to this very day.The book describes a bedtime ritual,than telling an actual story A young anthropomorphic bunny is in bed sayinggood nightto everything she can see around herGoodnight room Goodnight moon Goodnight cow jumping over the moon Goodnight light, and the red balloon There are three books in the series, all by the same author and illustrator, the others beingThe Runaway BunnyandMy WorldThese three books have been published together as a collection, with the overall titleOver the Moon .In this rhyming poem, the bunny works her way through seemingly random but personally significant objects, such as a red balloon, the bunny s doll s house, two kittens, a brush and comb and so on The book has slowly become a bestseller It has currently sold an estimated 48 million copies, and been translated into over a dozen different languages It is hard to see the attraction, save that a bedtime ritual is helpful and reassuring, little children love rhymes, and a familiar short book often becomes a favourite The illustrations are simply drawn, and coloured in flat areas with no shading There is a spacious feel about the room, however, and the light cast on the bunny seems benevolent the moon outside friendly, the twinkly stars restful and familiar To an adult it may seem surreal, but there is an appeal for young children It seems to be the case with several great writers of children s classics, that they never leave their childhood behind in the conventional way They never really become settled domestically, in happy relationships, or as normally functioning members of society Perhaps the most inspired children s writers never grow up Margaret Wise Brown was a restless and unsettled person She never had children of her own, and her affairs were often chaotic and unstable She had periods of despair and loneliness, and there are many reports of her provocative or obstructive comments Her books may seem delightfully whimsical, but under the surface seemingly lies isolation and turmoil She called one longstanding lesbian lover,Rabbit , but even their relationship was by all accounts rocky and tormented In desperation her lover once took an illustrator aside and said,Why don t you marry Margaret and take her off my handsPerhaps it is the author s brittle and alienated personality which enabled her to empathise with how little children would feel reassured Margaret Wise Brown once said that she considered the purpose of children s books to beto jog him with the unexpected and comfort him with the familiar Quite prolific in her work, Margaret Wise Brown originally worked as a teacher, and also studied art It was while working at theBank Street Experimental Schoolin New York City, that she started writing books for children The school believed in a new approach to children s education and literature, one which was rooted in the real world, and the here and now Margaret Wise Brown embraced both this philosophy, and also was influenced by the poet Gertrude Stein.She once referred to thepainful shy animal dignity with which a child stretches to conform to a strange, adult social politeness Margaret Wise Brown s first children s book was published in 1937 and entitledWhen the Wind BlewShe went on to develop herHere and Nowstories, and later theNoisy Bookseries Between 1944 and 1946, she wrote three picture books under the pseudonymGolden MacDonaldEven in her personal life the author went by various nicknames, perhaps seeking an identity To some she wasTim , as her hair was the colour of timothy hay To others she wasBrownieTo those who were familiar with the use of the pseudonymGolden MacDonald , she wasGoldieEarly in the 1950s she wrote several books for theLittle Golden Booksseries, includingThe Color Kittens , Mister Dog , andScuppers The Sailor Dog .Margaret Wise Brown was a lifelong beagler, very keen on hunting hares and rabbits A beagle pack of ten orhounds, following the animals by scent, would usually be followed on foot The author s enthusiasm and ability to keep pace with the hounds was well known at the time In one interview forLifemagazine, the reporter expressed surprise that such affectionate portrayals of so many rabbits in her books could be created by one who had such a zest for hunting and shooting rabbits The author repliedWell, I don t especially like children, either At least not as a group I won t let anybody get away with anything just because he is little Even her last moments seem akin to something from a black farce Margaret Wise Brown was in a hospital in France, with appendicitis The operation seemed to be routine, and she was clearly in one of her ebullient social moods Earlier the same year she had met James Stillman Pebble Rockefeller Junior at a party, and they became engaged One morning, she jokily kicked her leg in a can can style, to prove to one of the medics how well she was recovering An embolism killed her instantly Perhaps she would have appreciated this grotesquerie.Margaret Wise Brown left behind over 70 unpublished manuscripts Her sister tried to sell them without success, so kept them instead, in a cedar trunk for decades Comprisingthan 500 typewritten pages in all, they were rediscovered in 1991, and most have now been published Many of them have new illustrations, but most, like this edition of Goodnight Moon are still in print with the original illustrations.The book is compact and sturdy In this case board book describes the pages as well as the cover It is very substantial and can withstand overly affectionate treatment by the smallest people However, neither the text nor the illustrations of the book especially appeal to me I do understand that it has had a classic appeal to several generations I see that no less than fifteen of my friends have rated it 5 stars, and severalrate it above average I have to assume then, that in this case I am out of step with the target audience, and let this book stay at my personal default of 3 stars. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is one of the books that followers of my blog voted as a must read for our Children s Book August 2018 Readathon Come check it out and join the next few weeks This picture book was such a delight I hadn t remembered reading it when I was a child, but it might have been read to me either way, it was like a whole new experience It s always so difficult to convince a child to fall asleep at night I don t have kids, but I do have a 5 month old puppy who whines for 5 minutes every night when he goes in his cage crate hopefully he ll be fully housebroken soon so he can roam around when he wants I can only imagine I babysat a lot as a teenager and I have tons of younger cousins, nieces, and nephews, so I ve been through it before, too This was a believable experience, and it really helps show kids how to relax and just let go when it s time to sleep.The bunny s are adorable The rhymes are exquisite I found it pretty fun, but possibly a little dated given many of those things aren t normal routines any But the lessons to take from it are still powerful Loved it I want to sample somebooks by this fine author and her illustrators. I was stunned to see this appear on a list of banned booksI mean, seriously What could beinnocent than this book What within these brightly colored pages could possibly be considered objectionable A Google search revealed nothing Even Wiki let me down this time.Luckily, while I was having this discussion with a library patron, the director happened to walk by, and she knew the answer.You see the doll on the shelf behind the old lady rabbit s head It s not wearing any clothes.The horror, the horror Anyway, here s LeVar Burton reading this risqu book to Neil deGrasse Tyson