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Get Ready To Laugh Out Loud A Lot With James Patterson S Illustrated Middle Grade Story Of A Twelve Year Old Boy Starting His Own Book Company For KidsJimmy Loves Reading So Much That He S Inspired To Start A Book Company For Kids Run By Kids It S A Big Dream For A Twelve Year Old Boy Some Would Even Say It S Laugh Out Loud Ridiculous But That Doesn T Stop Jimmy From Dreaming Even Bigger His Company Will Be As Imaginative And Fun As Willy Wonka S Chocolate Factory With A Ferris Wheel Instead Of An Elevator, A Bowling Alley In The Break Room, And A River Filled With Floating Books He Just Has To Believe In Himself And His Idea And Maybe Win The LottoIn This Hilarious Story Filled With Clever References To Children S Book Favorites, James Patterson Shows Young Readers That Anything Can Be Achieved If You Believe In Yourself No Matter What It was good at the start but then I started to get a bit bored near the end. love these cute little books Yes Jimmy, give me another book please Reading this book was like hanging out with a good friend I loved the story and how every Jimmy book that I have read was revealed I loved the quest of the kids to make their dreams come true I also laughed at the parents trying to rekindle their dreams, the IRS, the Lucky Charms eating billionaires, etc that make it fun for an adult to read I m grateful that there are books like these that I can put in the hands of readers. I think this book is great I like this book because its about a boy dreaming about having a kids book company He goes through a lot of trouble but finally gets the money to build it. THERE IS THE DAB IN ITNO DABBING IN BOOKSNOT ALLOWEDBROKE THE RULES0 100 50 10 1000 100000000000 3.141590 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 90010 420WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYD O N T D A B An interesting story of how Jimmy created his own book company, it will make you LOL.Lots of easter eggs from other books by James Patterson. Those of us who Love the I, Funny series will really like this story Set in SAN JOSE, California, where the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial spirit and examples are legendary, this story is about a young middle school student who loves to read Jimmy recommends books to his friends, but, through a spiraling number of attempts to start his own business, seizes on the idea of launching a kid run book factory out of a garage, with the idea that he will become rich through making his own book company Short chapters go from one minor misadventure to another, while his parents face repercussions with their employers and the IRS as his business scheme grows Interactions with school librarians, teachers, and friends make this a funny middle school story to appeal to readers of the Big Nate series or Patterson s and Grabenstein s books Middle School titles are name dropped freely hopefully some of this book s readers will follow up and read widely as a result Sunny California s rare downpour of rain foils Jimmy s plans, seriously impacting his inventory, but the plucky guy s spirits do not dampen Spoiler alert What comes next Jimmy boldly pitches his kids book company project to a billionaire couple s company in Marin County which fund startup businesses When they find out by coincidence that a favorite niece is one of Jimmy s ardent supporters, they fund his project Jimmy s family will build a new book production facility for kids that s run by kids and started by kids, on the condition that he change the name from Laugh out Loud to Jimmy Books, because the funders state, basically, that the new company s mission to make sure children are having fun reading is too important to promote as a laughing matter. Where do I even begin This is a blatant example of author self indulgence that doubles as an advertisement for James Patterson s Jimmy books Real world expies of characters in the many middle grade James Patterson books abound, along with gratuitous references to other, better books that Patterson and his ghostwriters took no part in writing Compared with every book that was referenced over the course of this story, the plot of Laugh Out Loud was vapid and completely over the top in the worst possible way The protagonist would often veer off into a random, silly tangent right in the middle of narration I had the pleasure of reading about aliens, a Harry Potter fantasy, and two stock caricatures of unsupportive parents suddenly doing a complete 180 and making reckless, out of character decisions in order to create tension in the second act On top of that, pretty much every character with a disability was presented atrociously Jamie Grimm s real world counterpart was a stranger who provided Jimmy with some blatant inspiration porn exactly once, and Maddie s seemed like a plot device than a person If I could have every copy of this book drenched in a freak California rainstorm without looking like a deranged lunatic, I would do it in a heartbeat, but this is real life, so I ll have to settle for advising Goodreads users against wasting their time on this It s not even funny The book is called Laugh Out Loud and it isn t funny Let that sink in Then go pick literally any other Jimmy series in your local bookstore and read that instead.