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Van Diemen S Land, Australia English Settler Grace Ashwell Flees An Abusive Lover In Hobart Town, With Six Year Old Violet In Tow In Her Head, Escape Is Easy Find Work In The Northern Settlements And Earn Enough For Passage Home To London But The Terrain Beyond The Settled Districts Is Wilder Than Grace Could Ever Have Imagined She And Violet Find Themselves Lost In A Beautiful But Deadly Land Where Rain Thunders Down The Sides Of Mountains, The Earth Drops Away Without Warning And Night Brings Impenetrable Darkness Deep In The Wilderness, They Find A Crude Hut Inhabited By Alexander Dalton, An Escaped Convict Long Presumed Dead Hiding From Civilisation In An Attempt To Forget His Horrifying Past, Alexander Struggles To Let Grace Into His World When Violet Disappears, Grace S Fragile Trust In Alexander Is Put To The Test And While She Searches For Answers, He Will Do Anything To Keep His Secrets Inside Inspired By The True Story Of The Macquarie Harbour Bolters One Of The Most Horrifying Events From Colonial Australia S Bloody History

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    UNEXPECTEDThe first few pages in the book pulled you into the story, but then it was a little slow, very descriptive, so well written you felt you were there in Van Diemen s land Tasmania with Alexander and Grace The flashbacks throughout the tale explained Dalton s background and it was fascinating to read that his life was based on fact and trial evidence However, hang on in there the end is explosive and came as a total shock very clever.

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    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Atmospheric and gripping, based on a fascinating true story.

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    I listened to the audiobook version of this novel The story revolves around Grace, an English woman who moves to the new colonies in Australia with her lover and his two young daughters However, things don t go to plan and Grace finds herself incarcerated in an insane asylum She escapes, and retrieves one of the man s daughters, thinking she is saving the child from abuse Grace is devasted that she couldn t rescue both girls and sets out for the next nearest settlement Unfortunately, she gets lost in the forest and ends up meeting a convict that has been hiding out there for years Starving and cold, she has no choice but to seek shelter with him But then the child, Violet, goes missing Did the man do something to her This story is about love, trust, loss and hope The author does a good job of keeping up the mystery element of the story and the characters are well rounded I didn t warm to the character of Grace very much until the end The other main character, Alexander Dalton, was interesting as the reader listener is never sure if he is a good or bad man The only small issue with this novel for me was that sometimes the POV would change without warning, which brought me out of the story Otherwise, I really enjoyed listening.The narrator did a good job of bringing the story and characters to life.

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    At the end of the story, the author gives the historical facts that this book is based around Johanna Craven creates a whole cast of fictional character and builds a story around an actual event in history Amazing The story takes place in the early 1800s in Australia The main character, Grace Ashwell, moves to Australia with her lover and his two children to start a new life together Soon after arriving, her lover has her committed to an insane asylum Grace escapes and kidnaps one of his daughters, Violet, to rescue her from his abuse She wanted to rescue both but wasn t able to She would try to return later for Nora They flee to one of the other colonies only to get lost in the bush Instead of finding another colony, she finds an escaped convict who has been hiding in the woods for years Alexander Dalton had been presumed dead Once Violet goes missing in the night, Grace blames him for her disappearance The truth is much darker and sadder Great job by narrator Rebecca McKerran She does an excellent job telling the story and bringing the characters to life I love all the accents as well

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    This story is based on true events that happened in Australia in the 1800 s Focused around two very broken people, this story has a lot of time jumps and flashbacks so the beginning is a bit confusing, however, the story really picks up around after about an hour When we are introduced to Grace, who has fled into the wilderness with her child in the hopes of escaping an abusive husband, the story takes a new angle Finding shelter with a man who has secluded himself from society for 11 years, the two begin to depend on one another in order to find faith in humanity once again Their lives are entangled than either is willing to believe When Grace s daughter disappears, they must face the truth.With beautiful worldbuilding, deep characters, and suspense, this is a very engaging audiobook that ll hold you until the end A story of love, loss, and tragedy, this is one that will stick with you long after you ve finished reading.The narration is spot on.This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review.

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    Forgotten places truly blew me away It s written brilliantly and pulls you in immediately It s written so clearly you can see it in your mind and experience the full weight and force of the characters who are carrying so many secrets The you read the you wonder what s going to happen now The author does something that isn t easy to do she keeps you hooked, because with every turn of the page you just know something is happening and yet you can t put your finger on it so you just have to keep on reading My mind went wild with speculations and oh boy was I wrong If you don t need a lot of sleep at night, I recommend reading it because once you start you won t stop Well done.

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    I was intrigued by the novel and its premise, and it didn t leave me disappointed A historical story of a woman with a young girl on the run and a mysterious recluse man collide in a harsh environment where survival is of utmost importance However, survival not only in a physical sense, but mainly psychological, as both characters are struggling to forget and forgive They re both tested regarding their past and future decisions Although the novel is based on real historical events, the story mainly focuses on the fictional relationship between the characters I enjoyed that, as it gave the story a private feel I found the story and the way it was carried out very captivating and liked the striking mood.

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    This was a very atmospheric read, set in the days when Australia was a penal colony The author transports you to a grim place where prisoners live a wretched life Grace is not a prisoner but has chosen to relocate from London in search of a better life The book opens with her being discovered in a forest by Dalton, an escaped prisoner who has been hiding in the wilderness for 11 years They both have stories that are far darker and complex than at first seems the case The bleak surroundings are wonderfully described but it is the relationship between the two damaged central characters which kept me turning the pages, wondering how the story would progress Full of twists at the end, this is both a great adventure story and a real insight into life in the early days of Australia Highly recommended

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    Good historical psychological thriller.This is a set in and around Australia in 1863 I ve read the 5 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by this author, and this story is equally well written with a superb plot and well crafted characters Forgotten Places is inspired by a true story and deals with some horrific events during Australia s Colonial history Thorough research on the events and characters provides a high quality of descriptive storytelling that pulls you through the pages In those days, life was heartbreakingly brutal for some, and there are harrowing scenes that reflect those dark times I like a good ending, and this book has a great that one I didn t see coming Highly recommended.

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    A tremendously readable and ish historical novel, the story of a woman who leaves her husband and travels into the wilds of Van Diemen s Land with a small child in tow Exhausted, starving, and hopelessly lost, they finally discover the camp of a man who has been living alone in the forest for the past several years, a man who either refuses to speak or is unable to do so.Really, to tell would be to provide spoilers Suffice to say that the ground shifts beneath both the characters and the reader s feet at regular intervals as new facts and background information is unearthed, continually providing surprises, indeed shocks, and shedding a new perspective upon matters It certainly keeps you reading.Both the place and the people are very real, there is no difficulty in conjuring up the imagery of the book in the imagination The sense of place and the historical setting are very vivid There are times when the characters actions will make you want to shake them till their teeth rattle But as the revelations continue, it becomes much easier to understand why they have behaved the way that they have.This novel works its magic by carefully peeling away the layers of outward appearances to reveal what truly lies within It is extremely well constructed and effective, and a fine read.