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Wartime in Morganville Those siding with the vampires, go to the left Those siding with the humans, go to the right Those siding with both races, go to the Glass House Oh, and there s a tornado on the way according to the weather forecast, do take cover.What a lovely mess this book was Parts of the plot make no sense at all, inconsistencies can be found from the second page and on do fix that Morganville, it really is a shame but it was still awesome TheI read this series, theI like Claire, the MC Rachel Caine has done such a thorough job with her, you can see the changes in her personality as the series progresses She is the same person deep down, only stronger,cynical, less innocent And I love her And Shane loves her And the whole thing is so sweet in all this mess.And I ll say it again I want an older sister like Eve She s the best friend a YA UF heroine ever had.But what I love the most about these books is that there is no good and evil The moment you label someone in black or white, the tables change and you realize that you were mistaken And how cool is it to have an Epic Battle not in two, but three different fronts, and still not being able to tell the good from the bad guys Not to mention the mentally unstable ones that you never know if you can trust or not.Yes, thank you Brad Feel free to jump into my reviews any time. In The College Town Of Morganville, Vampires And Humans Coexist In Relatively Bloodless Harmony Then Comes Bishop, The Master Vampire Who Threatens To Abolish All Order, Revive The Forces Of The Evil Dead, And Let Chaos Rule But Bishop Isn T The Only Threat Violent Black Cyclone Clouds Hover, Promising A Storm Of Devastating Proportions As Student Claire Danvers And Her Friends Prepare To Defend Morganville Against Elements Both Natural And Unnatural Finally gave this one some attention after a few years It wasn t the writing that made me lose interest,that my tastes have changed in what I read One day I may continue on with the Morganville series but for now I will put it on hold It is a great young adult series though, especially if you are into vampires I first read this series last summer on ebook, so obviously I was very eager to read the next installment And I was not disapointed Lord of misrule starts where it left off in Feast of fools. There s a war going on and everyone is choosing sides The humans are revolting against the vampires and there s a storm coming Literally.This is by far the best book in the series with the worst cliff hanger I find myself wanting to pull my hair out until the next one comes out in June. This was a mess But it was supposed to be a mess In the aftermath of events from the preceding book, Morganville has lost its mind and is going to hell in a hand basket The town has split into factions, and Claire and the gang are caught in the middle, trying to ride out the chaos and protect those they care about There are crazy plot twists and betrayals and a lot left unexplained I felt just as confused and frustrated and tired as Claire had to be as I read, which speaks highly of Caine s ability to craft a story that draws readers completely in Actually, the only reason this wasn t 4 stars is because it made me so exhausted just reading it, which is unfair I know, but it hindered my enjoyment being that tense the entire time I read As with those before it, this book ended with an insane cliffhanger I had to immediately start reading the next installment as soon as I finished the last page So it s another three star rating from my side I was hoping Lord of Misrule will finally be THE five star Morganville book, but it seems like we re back to the could have been so much better state.I have no idea what went wrong with this book It had a pretty good, yet weird, start but by the end things got confusing and messed up There are a bunch of characters that grew evenin my eyes, Claire, Shane and most importantly Myrnin Michael and Eve were still great but I feel like I didn t get enough of them, especially when it comes to Michael Poor Eve ended up carrying a huge load on her shoulders I won t get into details regarding that, go ahead and read the book if you want to know what I m talking about.I can t seem to know how to review this book so I guess I ll leave it at that It was good, but could have been much much better The ending was a mess Really But what am I expecting It s Rachel Caine after all Let s see what Morganville 6 is going to throw in our way.Review also posted on 4.5 starsBook 5 and I m still not bored of rereading this series This book had quite a lot of action going on with Bishop terrorising the town and the group trying to stay together and safe Of course, my favourite parts are still with Myrnin He is bonkers but you can also see he genuinely cares for Claire and I love him oddities and all Oh, and not to forget the pencil stake stabbing, that was ridiculous but bad ass. This is yet another book I would ve enjoyedhad I continued right away Alas, I m grateful for the few subtle drop in reminders of events in previous books to get me back up to speed for the rest of the series which I m planning to continue in a timely manner I m always impressed at Caine s writing and thinks she has some of the better developed characters in the genre I know every time I pick up a Morganville book I m going to be entertained The storyline for Lord of Misrule specifically felt a littleerratic than previous books It s definitely functioning as a setup novel and ended without one whit of resolution which is good motivation for me to keep reading thank the book gods for completed series Overall, I m excited to dive back into this series.Via The Obsessive Bookseller at www.NikiHawkes.com Other books you might like 3 Call To Arms StarsThe thing to do before your 17 year old birthday Why, fight a war between vampires Or is it vampires and humans Or humans and humans It seems like no one knows these days in Morganville since everyone has their own agenta.Mr Bishop is fighting to take Morganville from Amelie Amelie is fighting to keep her Moranville safe, humans are fighting to take over the town from the vampires And where does this leave our friends from the Glass House Right in the middle of the whole mess.This book left me unsatisfied for some reason It had all the potential to be great but in the end it was one of the worst in the series Basically, except for the cliffy in the end, nothing happened Through the whole book Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael run around Morganville accomplishing nothing.The things I did like is how the characters grow every day They are nothing like the kids we met at the first book More mature, less naive, less hot headed most of the time And the romance between the two couples was muchpleasant and obvious in this book After all true love shows when things are difficult right And Myrnin With that guy you never know what is going to happen next Is he a friend Is he a foe Is he too crazy for it to really matter And where do his loyalties lie With Morganville With Amelie With the vampire race With only himself You never really know and every one of his moves is a surprise.The other detail I liked was the Glass House That place is so badass I want a house that can load its fridge and cupboards on its own too What annoyed me was first and foremost Amelie s cloak and dagger attitude The woman asks so many things from a bunch of kids and she doesn t take a minute to explain anything Sure, mysteries are interesting but you can t just expect everyone to sacrifice their lives for your secret agenta.And Shane s daddy issues are beginning to get old I don t mean that the guy should give up on his father but he should take the freaking blinders off Why now she whispered The last thing we need is Help He s not help He s chaos Shane gestured at the burning town Take a good look, Claire How much worse can it get Lots, she thought Shane, in some ways, still had a rose colored view of his father It had been a while since his dad had blown out of town, and she thought that Shane had probably convinced imself that the guy wasn t all that bad He was probably thinking now that his dad would come sweeping in to save them.It wasn t going to happen Frank Collins was a fanatic, car bomb variety, and he didn t care who got hurt.

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