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    The book is easy to read and has enough information for anyone who wants to know on the subject without doing a thesis.It is however disturbing to realize how many freaks are out there wishing they could have a slice of someone nice Brrrr The book lost a star because there were no pictures of the criminals or any maps etc to round off the book.

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    The writing is so bad you will laugh out loud If you make it than a dozen pages, you re either stronger or dumber than I am Someone needs to make the author sit through another writing 101 class Rhetorical questions are lazy, sloppy, obnoxious and everywhere.

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    Gruesomelly detailed, yet compelling By the end of the book, you are glad that all of these people were locked up for good

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    I ve read this sucker til the binding came loose Love it Extremely well researched and informative, if you are into this sort of topic Otherwise, it will disturb you.

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    Incredibly disturbing and insightful No horror movie or book can compare to the true life Rostov Ripper Shocking definitely recommended.

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    Martingale s book is as lurid as it possibly can be while trying to maintain a modicum of respectability Unfortunately, it treats the cannibal killer moniker rather loosely though my favorite, Gein, is covered and lumps in your average run of the mill serial killer and those that engage in vampirism in there, too At the book s conclusion, Martingale turns toward opining on what can be done about such scourges Based on my memories, which may be faulty, some of the information covered in here seems inaccurate, yet that doesn t detract because accuracy isn t exactly why you would read this Sometimes you just want some pulpy true crime This fits the bill It s far better than that British book with the same title from some years back, too.

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    This is the first book I have ever thrown in the trash I did so because I don t think anyone needs to read it I m giving it 2 stars instead of 1 because the author was perfectly capable of writing and did so clearly But the subject matter is horrific After the PROLOGUE, I was ready to be a vegetarian I then skipped the rest and jumped to serial killer Chikitilo because he was the reason I bought the book After watching a movie about him, I was interested to learn Thankfully, the movie left out the most grisly details of his murders I ve studied criminal justice and abnormal psyche I love horror movies I can handle gore but this was sick.

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    I wasn t a huge fan of the writing style, but let s be real, I did not choose this book for its beautiful prose I wanted the gory, grisly details of cannibal murderers and that s exactly what I got This book was informative and disturbing, and at times I couldn t put it down.I would have given four stars except the wrap up chapters were a bit tedious and redundant, not to mention riddled with rhetorical questions There were also a few places in which the author seemed to doubt the intellectual capacity of the reader I know what an oxymoron is, I did not need it defined.

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    This book is very easy to read in one afternoon There is a lots of very interesting information given about all of the people discussed.

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    Fascinating information about the kind of killers no one wants to talk about Thought the last 3 chapters of analysis could ve been combined into 1 and shortened.

It Is A Crime That Shocks And Stuns Than Any Other It Is The Ultimate In Criminal Depravity It Runs Like A Blood Red Thread Through Novels Like The Silence Of The LambsNow, Take A Grim And Terrifying Journey Into The World Of The Cannibal KillerEd Gein The Twisted Trophy Hunter And Role Model For Alfred Hitchcock S Psycho, Who Liked To Keep His Victim S Lips In A Small BowlIssei Sagawa A Real Natural Born Killer, Celebrated In Song By The Rolling Stones And Toasted By The Japanese Art World Afer He Killed And Ate A Dutch Co EdJeffrey Dahmer The Milwaukee Murderer Who Kept Souvenirs From Most Of HisVictims, Including Three Human Heads In His RefrigeratorAndrei Chikatilo History S Worst Cannibal Killer Who Delighted In Boiling And Eating Sawn Off Body Parts Of His Victims, Often Not Bothering To Kill Them Before The Mutilation BeganA Chilling Look At History S Most Repugnant Criminals, Cannibal Killers Is A Horrifying Story Too Shocking To Believe Except That It S True