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N The Tradition Of Friday Night Lights, An Extraordinary Journey Into The Basketball Crazed Culture Of Remote Arctic AlaskaThe Village Of Fort Yukon Sits Eight Miles Above The Arctic Circle, Deep In Alaska S Bush Country The Six Hundred Men, Women And Children Who Live There Almost All Of Them Athabascan Gwich In Natives Have Little To Cheer For Their Traditional Indian Ways Of Life Are Rapidly Vanishing In The Face Of A Modern Culture That Is Closing In On All Sides, Threatening To Destroy Their Community And Their Identity The One Source Of Pride They Can Count On Is Their Boys High School Basketball Team The Fort Yukon Eagles Eagle Blue Follows The Eagles, Winners Of Six Regional Championships In A Row, Through The Course Of An Entire Game Season, From Their First Day Of Practice In Late November To The Alaska State Championship Tournament In March With Insight, Frankness, And Compassion, Michael D Orso Climbs Into The Lives Of These Fourteen Boys, Their Families, And Their Coach, Shadowing Them Through An Arctic Winter Of Fifty Below Zero Temperatures And Near Round The Clock Darkness As The Eagles Criss Cross Alaska By Air, Van, And Snow Machine In Pursuit Of Their And Their Village S Dream

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    Parker Young Mrs Dunlavey Summer reading Eagle Blue The Summarization of Eagle BlueThe idea of doing what the author did is fascinating to me Michael D orso went through what most people would ve found excruciatingly boring He spent most of his time living with the young boys of Fort Yukon, traveling several hundred miles to play a single game that lasts only an hour Spending the nights in schoolrooms with only the boys and the coach for companions That in of itself is amazing, yet he managed to take it to the next level by going into the depth of the obstacles that the boys face.At the beginning, it had interviews with Dave the coach, Matt the Star of the team, and Paul, Matt s uncle, and former star player It also goes into some depth about what goes on within the town The town s men for the most part despise Dave for they believe that they could each do a better job than Dave, yet no one wants to put forth the effort At the start of the season there is high hopes on the team by the town, most of the boys however, have to overcome an obstacle that may keep them from playing Grades For a short skit of games the team only have seven members to play with, for the up tempo style of ball that Fort Yukon always plays its crucial blow Everyone however is able to pull their grades up for the state tournament Though they lost the chance to play for a state title, they did manage to take third place Though most of the boys have hopes for next season at a chance for redemption, they might not get the chance, with the possibility that the basketball funds will be cut Even if that doesn t stop the team the possibility of a land swap with the government that might disperse the town could be the end of Fort Yukon basketball, and Fort Yukon.The book in my opinion was a thriller, with you never knowing what was going to happen It had me guessing if anyone was going to be in trouble and not be able to play, or if the proposed land swap was going to happen or not I wish they made a sequel to pick up where they had left off I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys sports 396

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    Alaskan Basketball A Way of LifeOn the surface, Eagle Blue tracks the struggle of a boys basketball team from Ft Yukon, Alaska, on their way to compete in the Alaska State Championship But, it s about much Michael D orso burrows deep into the village of Ft Yukon, where we learn how important basketball is, not only to the kids playing it, but to the entire community He personalizes this Athabascan Gwich in population We get close up and personal with these folks, beyond the everyday facades Dave Bridges, their coach of the last six seasons is a fully rounded, complete person He s not your stereotypical sports coach, mouthing inane clich s, but a thoughtful, compassionate man, who than anything, wants to help his players grow into responsible, young adults, who feel pride in their accomplishments The high school ball players come to life, too Matt Shewfelt is the star of the team We watch him rise above his broken home, beset by dysfunction and poverty Cocky and talented, he knows the road to a State Championship is filled with rutted potholes, but he s not about to let that get in his way.Ft Yukon suffers from the same ailments that plague so many of the Arctic s bush communities poverty, rampant alcoholism, domestic violence, rape and suicide But basketball is the congealing healer It is a source of pride It s an activity that almost everyone in the village agrees is a great thing Paradoxically enough, it s also a source of sorrow Time is the bastard Just like the game is governed by the clock, so is everything else When the game ends time becomes the enemy Especially for those who once roamed the courts They look back Life between the hoops from the rear view mirror shines brightly In Ft, Yukon, the fathers hold onto those victorious memories and how they alone, uplifted the spirit of their village Now, for most of these men, the victories are only shimmering remembrances life in the village as full grown adults is far perplexing the wins far and few between.On an altogether different vein, D orso mixes in exquisite play by play Whether you re an aficionado or not, you can readily appreciate the punchy action driving up and down the boards In an important NIT tournament, the yet untested Ft Yukon Eagles are playing Su Valley, a highly rated, respected team Matt takes the inbound pass, comes up the floor as if he s got all the time in the world Four seconds He pushes the ball toward the right side, to half court Three He crosses to the middle, splitting two Su Valley guards Two He pulls up at the top of the key, flanked by two defenders One He pump fakes one player into the air, leans past the other and shoots The ball arches high toward the ceiling, nearly grazing the rafters The gym falls silent, every eye on the shot Zero The halftime horn sounds Swish The ball splits the net, and the place goes berserk D orso complements the floor action by adding ample background to the schools and players Ft Yukon squares off against One of the schools they compete against is located in reclusive Ninilchik, populated by a Russian sect who broke off from the Russian Orthodox Church in the mid seventeenth century This miniscule community is known for its distinctive dress females wear talichkas long, floor length dresses while the males dress in rubakhas long sleeved, ornately embroidered, loose fitting collarless shirts Aside from their religious beliefs and unique garb, they share a common bond with our Ft Yukon players they love basketball.Rippling throughout is the drama, which wraps and weaves around the team Everyone s a coach All the men former players or not know they could do a better job than Dave Not that any of them are willing to accept that responsibility When Dave quits after a traumatic courtside incident, where he publicly berates one of his players humiliating himself in front of the entire community, not a single resident steps up to the plate to fill his shoes Any of them could have used that opportunity to fill the void, show their coaching bona fides and wear the coaching mantle Not a single person made that move Much easier to bitch and groan.At the end, it doesn t really matter if the young, Eagle Blue warriors win the State Championship or not no spoilers, here for they ve already captured our hearts and minds with their steadfast determination and commitment to never saying quit.Original review published in Anchorage Press on March 8, 2017.

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    I thought that Eagle Blue by Michael D Orso was a great book and would rate it 4.5 5 stars The author provides a great balance between writing about basketball and Alaskan tradition The premise of the book is about a team of high school basketball players in Fort Yukon Alaska In order to even participate in the sport these players and coaches gave a tremendous effort and went through numerous obstacles to get where they did by the end of the book Saying this, I thought overall this book was very well written and I thought that the blend of Alaskan culture and basketball made this a very unique read.The author throughout the read includes great imagery of the state of Alaska and to explain how playing basketball is much different there than in one of your other states The author goes on to state on page 23, Evening, and the sky over Fort Yukon is dancing It shimmers with waves of diaphanous light The billow and bend, celestial ribbons of green, blue and violet swirling in from the north, arcing over the village and whirling off toward the mountains that lie to the southThis sentence displays that the author wrote this book based around basketball but also periodically dropped some tidbits about Alaska as well as included sensory details.In conclusion, Eagle Blue is a great read due to how the book had various facets that made this much than an average basketball book The author did a great job on researching Alaskan ways of life and combining that with a cinderella basketball story I definitely would recommend people to read this book especially if you like stories that include perseverance.

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    If you like books about basketball or about life in the Alaskan wilderness, then this is a book for you Eagle Blue , written by Michael D orso, is about a basketball team in the yukon of Alaska, the REAL wilderness as it is worded in the book, not like Anchorage, a so called big city It starts out describing life and what it s like living in a village of about a couple hundred people, and it is very descriptive and vivid, you can just about picture everything the author put in the book Then it goes off and talks about the different people in the town, the players, and their families Then finally, after a few chapters of description, it finally gets into the basketball, the team of Fort Yukon The coach an airstrip worker is a very good and skilled coach, and has had successful teams throughout his few years he s been coaching there And this is supposed to be the year they make it, all the way to state and possibly win the division 5 title, the first for this little small 5a team This book is a very good read, and is suitable to me for ages from 15 18, it s haunting, tender, and somewhat touching Like all great sports books, it isn t about sports at all, but about manhood, hope, and dreams, and the Fort Yukon boys have been dreaming of this for years, their chance to play on the big court, in front of thousands to watch, watch this small little 5a school win it all And their only hope, is that they don t get lost in the gym.

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    Eagle Blue was a very good book because it really showed how basketball affects many small towns in Alaska The book talks about how these teams practice almost every day and still show up to the freezing cold gyms even when the temperatures reach down to 60 below zero The book focuses on the town s road to the state tournament and how their heartbreaking loss in the championship game went down the year before A reason why this book is good is that this team has to overcome many challenges to even play their basketball games Sometimes the weather is too cold to fly to a different city, and the team sometimes can lose many players because the players grades aren t good enough to be eligible to play This book focuses on the importance and struggles of having a basketball team in the small towns of Alaska.

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    A really great sports book But like the jacket says, good sports books are rarely just about sports, and Eagle Blue is no exception It s about friendship, teamwork, David vs Goliath, and a lot This book came by way of suggestion from one of my friends I teach with Isn t that really the best way to get a book Here, take this I loved it and I think you will too This book follows a high school basketball team from a small town in very, very rural Alaska The town and the team are comprised of native Alaskans non Inuit Their passion for the sport is what binds the town together It was like Hoosiers in the snownot really, it s far complex and interesting than that, but you get my point This book is up for grabs here in Vallarta if anyone is interested A really pleasurable read.

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    Just a very solid book smart, sympathetic, well written, well researched Lovely portrait of how hard it is to live in the Alaska bush, both as an adult and as a teenager, and how basketball oddly enough, not hockey pulls towns and families both together and apart.

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    I really how they choose a place that you wouldn t really think there would be a basketball team there Well in the Arctic there is This book is probably one of the best basketball books I have read The main character is the best point guard in their conference This player is how I want to be when I play basketball5 He has obviously put in the work to get where he is now That s something some people don t know how to do They act like they are the best and no one can beat them Until the time comes they get beat Then they just quit Only because they don t want to put the work in to get better.

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    The village of Fort Yukon sits eight miles above the Arctic Circle, deep in Alaska s bush country The six hundred men, women and children who live there, almost all of them Athabasca Gwich in Natives Eagle Blue is about the Eagles, winners of six regional championships in a row, through the course of an entire 28 game season, from their first day of practice in late November to the Alaska State Championship Tournament in March the lives of these fourteen boys, their families, and their coach, shadowing them through an Arctic winter of fifty below zero temperatures and near round the clock darkness as the Eagles criss cross Alaska by air, van, and snow machine I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in basketball I disliked the beginning of the book because it was very slow and boring.

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    In the book Eagle Blue by Michael D orso, one of the main characters, Dave, goes through many conflicts throughout the book, fighting the blistering winters of Alaska, and also trying to coach a high school basketball team Dave Bridges is the head coach of a basketball team in a small town called Fort Yukon, Alaska, known to everyone as the town of trouble Every kid seems to get involved with trouble in this town, and that s what Dave is worried about Before the first practice, he worried he wouldn t even have enough players to make a team, and even if he did, he knew that he would lose some players to either quitting or getting in trouble When the first practice rolled around Dave was actually surprised of the turnout he got Having 12 players coming to the first practice, and maybe even two that couldn t make it We ve got a lot to accomplish before January 13th Dave begins The first thing you gotta do is get your lives together, get yourselves organized D orso 63 Pretty much what Dave was saying here was that they have a lot of stuff to get done before the first game, and he doesn t want anyone s life outside of basketball to get in the way and ruin there season The teams that they face may be bigger than them They may be even better But one thing is constant, Dave makes sure of it And that is that no one will be in better shape than the Fort Yukon boys D orso 65 Dave disciplines his boys very well He runs them until they puke, and he changes them all into better men Dave took his team a long way Way farther than anyone would ve thought that this little team out of Fort Yukon would ve gotten They made it to the state tournament Dave likes the sound of that He ll take time to savor it tonight, let the boys celebrate Then tomorrow, they ll pack, gas up the van, and hit the road for the last time this season, for the drive Dave s been aiming since the first day of practice last November The drive down to Anchorage D orso 275 Fort Yukon had a bit of success in the state tournament, making it all the way to the state championship, but in a heartbreaker, Dave s team came up short, but he was still very proud of his players Dave Bridges may have been a very smart coach that everyone will know him for taking a small town to the state championship, but all those 12 boys knew that he was much than that He changed each and every one of there lives for the better Eagle Blue is a sports fiction book written by Michael D orso I would recommend this to anyone who loves a book filled with action and lots of conflict, but I would mostly recommend this to people who have a love for basketball, or someone who is always pulling for the underdog The only thing I didn t like about this book was it started off slow, and hard to get into, but once I got into it, the book kept me on the edge of my seat rooting for this small town basketball team out of Fort Yukon, Alaska Some connections I can make with this book is that I have a love for basketball It is one of my favorite sports, and I wouldn t be the same person without out Another connection I made with this book is that it reminded me of the movie Hoosiers This movie was about a small high school basketball team in Indiana that pulled a miracle and had an amazing season, winning the state championship This reminded me a lot of Eagle Blue Even though it starts out slow, Eagle Blue will go down as one of your favorite sports books, and you will always get the chills of the basketball team from Fort Yukon when you look back at it.