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Robot 1 Speculation On Future Of Human Life Human Life In Mega Cities Ants In Anthill Living In Caves Of Steel Reduction Of Space Means Reduction Of Individual Liberties, Reduction Of Privacy, Reduction Of Ability To Do Typical Human Things Like Go Outside Or Eat Alone Reduction Of Human Mind To Primitive Traits Including Xenophobia And Group Think Humans Devolve While Robots Evolve Predictable Trajectory For Humans And Robots Alike Stupid Humans LMAO Robot 2 Author is careful and thoughtful in what he is trying to accomplish Prose is not dry Story and themes are easy for humans to understand Author uses classic detective and murder mystery genre conventions as vehicles for science fiction concepts Author is somewhat unsuccessful in use of these genre conventions because identity of killer is predictable and detective protagonist is flat straw man and also very tiring for this Robot to read about Author uses science fiction genre to explore ideas of what it is to be a person Ideas are very interesting Unlike the very uninteresting human protagonist Robot 3 no no no my robot brothers you are very judgmental this this this ASIMOV is only human after all book book book is fun and amusing enjoy enjoy enjoy the dichotomy that ASIMOV presents between brutish, short sighted Earth humans and aristocratic, insular Spacer humans both both both so fallible ha ha ha enjoy enjoy enjoy the opposite reactions displayed in all situations by the emotional, speciesist human protagonist and the logical, decent robot protagonist this this this ASIMOV is a strong supporter of robotkind and is simply speaking in a way that narrow minded humans can understand all all all humans think in binary terms like those presented in Caves of Steel you you you should appreciate this novel if only as a nostalgic relic of our own simplistic binary pasts i i i recommend this book because you will be able to read it in.010101 seconds A Millennium Into The Future Two Advancements Have Altered The Course Of Human History The Colonization Of The Galaxy And The Creation Of The Positronic Brain Isaac Asimov S Robot Novels Chronicle The Unlikely Partnership Between A New York City Detective And A Humanoid Robot Who Must Learn To Work Together Like Most People Left Behind On An Over Populated Earth, New York City Police Detective Elijah Baley Had Little Love For Either The Arrogant Spacers Or Their Robotic Companions But When A Prominent Spacer Is Murdered Under Mysterious Circumstances, Baley Is Ordered To The Outer Worlds To Help Track Down The Killer The Relationship Between Life And His Spacer Superiors, Who Distrusted All Earthmen, Was Strained From The Start Then He Learned That They Had Assigned Him A Partner R Daneel Olivaw Worst Of All Was That The R Stood For Robot And His Positronic Partner Was Made In The Image And Likeness Of The Murder Victim The Caves of Steel Robot 1 , Isaac AsimovThe Caves of Steel is a novel by American writer Isaac Asimov It is essentially a detective story, and illustrates an idea Asimov advocated, that science fiction can be applied to any literary genre, rather than just a limited genre In this novel, Isaac Asimov introduces Elijah Baley and R Daneel Olivaw, later his favorite protagonists They live roughly three millennia in Earth s future, a time when hyperspace travel has been discovered, and a few worlds relatively close to Earth have been colonized fifty planets known as the Spacer worlds The Spacer worlds are rich, have low population density average population of one hundred million each , and use robot labor heavily Meanwhile, Earth is overpopulated with a total population of eight billion, and strict rules against robots have been passed The caves of steel are vast city complexes covered by huge metal domes, capable of supporting tens of millions In The Caves of Steel and its sequels the first of which is The Naked Sun , Asimov paints a grim situation of an Earth dealing with an extremely large population, and of luxury seeking Spacers who limit birth to permit great wealth and privacy Asimov, who described himself as a claustrophile, mentioned that a reader asked him how he could have imagined such an existence with no sunlight, and related that it had not struck him until then that living perpetually indoors might be construed as unpleasant 1991 1363 398 20 2600 3000. Isaac Asimov had opinions on everything, and he d often find ways to insert them into his books I was reminded of Caves a couple of months ago when I read Margaret Atwood s The Robber Bride, which is in many ways an updated version of the Jezebel story from I Kings Atwood gives Jezebel a rough ride Here s what Asimov has to say The Jezebel of the Bible was a faithful wife and a good one according to her lights She had no lovers that we know of After Jezebel s husband, King Ahab, died, her son, Jehoram, became king One of the captains of his army, Jehu, rebelled against him and assassinated him Jehu then rode to Jezreel where the old queen mother, Jezebel, was residing Jezebel heard of his coming and knew that he could only mean to kill him In her pride and courage, she painted her face and dressed herself in her best clothes so that she could meet him as a haughty and defiant queen He had her thrown from the window of her palace and killed, but she made a good end, according to my lights.I d forgotten how passionate he was about defending her One of the many unexpected things about Asimov was that he was quite a feminist, but somehow without ever acquiring that label The Susan Calvin stories are an even clearer example. Donald, Hillary, Gary and Jill are drinking wine, playing Twister, listening to Coltrane and discussing Isaac Asimov s 1954 novel Caves of Steel.Hillary One of my favorite Asimov stories is the eulogy Vonnegut said for him, as the mourners are gathered he said, Well, he s in heaven now Donald Hilarious Hillary, I rolled a blue left foot, so let me just slide this way Funny that you mention Heaven as Asimov used much of this futuristic story as a way to discuss some Biblical issues.Jill Yellow right hand Uggh Scuse me Gary, also this could be seen as a repudiation of the Bible and of organized religion as a whole as Asimov has the Spacers clearly a better option than the backwards earthlings and he evenbackwards Medeivalists He also describes over population and stringent measures to survive, rater thanobvious and successful methods utilized by the Spacers.Gary Asimov had clearly read the Bible, he had several informed sections about the Jezebel story Really I thought that the best part of this book was Asimov s excellent world building, where people lived in huge mega cities and there is a whole separate space colony culture and then OF COURSE the robots the laws of robots was wildly influential on later writers and even other media.Jill Absolutely The murder mystery is kind of secondary to Asimov path finding for later writers like Philip K Dick and Robert Silverberg and really a host of other writersDonald Not much action, this is a lot of Asimov describing his futuristic world Green left hand, there s no way I can reach that Coltrane s Afro Blue serenades Donald as he stretches for green and falls, crushing Hillary and Jill Gary Hey I win And Asimov was a winner with this archetypal sci fi gem. 4.5 to 5.0 stars Just re read this after having first read it many years ago Asimov was a superb story teller and his books are almost always fun, easy to read and full of big ideas This one is no exception Set on Earth many millennia before the time when the The Foundation Trilogy takes place, it is a time when humans have been divided into two main groups, the Earthmen and the Spacers The first are those 8 Billion souls on Earth living in massively croweded mega cities the Caves of Steel where food and other goods are rationed due to limited supply In order to allow necessary production efficiencies, Robots are used but are alomost universally hated by Earthmen as they are seen as taking away jobs from real people The second group, the Spacers, are the decendants of Earth first colonists who years before left the Earth to colonize the 50 Outerworlds In contrast to the Earth, the Outerworlds have very low populations and live a life of luxury, in part do their embrace of Robots as useful tools to help make life easier They are also incredibly long lived due to their scientific advancements There is a lot of animosity and hate between the two groups which is pivotal part of the story The story itself is a murder mystery involving a murdered Spacer An Earth cop, Elijah Bailey, is partnered with a Spacer Robot the soon to be famous R Daneel Olivaw to solve the crime The real charm of the story is the description of life on Earth, the contrast between that life and that of the Spacers and the Earthmen and the explorations of the various prejudices among the groups An excellent read and a great introduction to the Robot novels of Asimov Nominee Hugo Retro Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1953 People sometimes mistake their own shortcomings for those of society and want to fix the Cities because they don t know how to fix themselvesIssac Asimov s expansion of Robot short stories gave birth to this unique novel which balances itself between hard science fiction, philosophy, religious undertones and a classic murder mystery In this novel, we are introduced to a highly advanced and a very dystopian New York city which has enwombed the ever growing population of humanity with a disturbing efficiency The story revolves around officer Elijah Baley and his unorthodox partner, R Daneel Olivaw s investigation into the murder of a spacer Unorthodox Well, the R doesn t stand for Roy or Rambo It stands for Robot This, my dear friends, is a unique achievement in the history of science fiction The city of future described in this tale excruciatingly reminded me of an over sized factory with innumerable mechanical moving parts run by precise algorithmsshuddersBut unlike other science fictions of the same sub genre, humans haven t yet reduced into an emotionless species here They are still flawed, emotive and some are even aghast and distasteful with all the advancements.The characters introduced are well written and developed, especially Baley, Daneel and Commissioner Julius Enderby The atypical partnership between Baley Daneel and their interactions with each other are undoubtedly one of the high points of the story.As a science fiction, the story is spectacular But..yes, there is a but As a detective story, Caves of steel stumbles a bit The whole investigative procedure of Baley can be summed up with one of the character s quoteI can t stop you from thinking, Officer, but thinking isn t evidence Maybe you know thatTo elaborate, I present to you an abridged version of first 50% of the investigation view spoiler Commissioner Alright, Elijah It is important that you handle this case very diplomatically because of our relationship with spacers.Elijah Baley Sure, Commissioner I am your manLater in front of spacers Elijah Baley THE GUY ISN T DEAD SPACERS ARE DECEIVING US TO CONQUER EARTH THIS ROBOT ISN T A ROBOT HE IS A HUMANConfused Spacers scratching head Commissioner umm Do you have any proof Elijah Baley Well, not really The robot looks very human, doesn t he Daneel Well, I can quite assure you that I am a robotpeels his skin Elijah Baley oh, crap hide spoiler I thought I d read this before I really thought I had But maybe I just saw it on my Mom s headboard when I was little, with other Asimovs, and thought I d read it Because it rang not a bell at all.Except that I knew within the first 30 pages who the murderer was So either I had read it and blocked out everything but that, or Asimov didn t construct his mystery particularly well in this case I think it s the latter It s a matter of a few extraneous details at a moment that felt far too obviously one chosen to weave in details that would be important later Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Isaac Asimov is well known as a science fiction writer and this book is supposed to be a science fiction detective story fusion book Apparently Asimov wanted to demonstrate that science fiction could meld with other genres according to the book cover The detective partners in the story are a New York detective named Elijah Baley and a very human looking robot, called R Daneel Olivaw But the detection seems to consist of the cop just accusing one person after another he doesn t even question suspects Not such a good fusion but later books in the series do get better.You can follow my reviews at I enjoyed Isaac Asimov s The Caves of Steel so muchthan I did his Foundation This is essentially a detective story set in a future world of megacities, space exploration, and human robot interaction The chief tension in this future society is that of overpopulation There are too many people and their numbers are constantly growing soon they will pass the point of sustainability on Earth The book explores a couple of possible solutions to this problem One is a return to the soil, a simplification of society and return to medieval ways of life The other is further space colonization, sending humans out with robots to live together on new worlds Asimov s attention to the tensions between humans and robots is interesting because it raises questions about what makes us truly human and separates us from machines It also mirrors broader concerns about Otherness in the form of minorities, immigrants, and divisions of social class Humans are suspicious of robots and harbor resentment toward them for putting them out of jobs and this resentment is treated fairly sympathetically throughout the novel, even as one of the central characters, R Daneel Olivaw, a robot, is also treated sympathetically Asimov presents a solution that is remarkably progressive, arguing for a future in which humans and robots can live and work together He calls it C Fe Carbon is the basis of human life and iron of robot life It becomes easy to speak of C Fe when you wish express a culture that combines the best of the two on an equal but parallel basis 48 Equal but parallel sounds almost like the separate but equal racial policy of the early and mid 20th century, but Daneel s further explanation distinguishes between the two He says, C Fe symbolizes neither one nor the other, but a mixture of the two, without priority 48 Whether read in terms of a human machine future or in terms of contemporary politics and Otherness, this is a promising and hopeful vision of future cooperation.In general, this is an interesting and entertaining novel, which, although it does fall prey to some stereotypical devices of detective fiction e.g., explaining everything away in the last few pages in long speeches , its only real weakness to my mind is Asimov s overreliance on one particular exclamation I swear, Lije Bailey, the protagonist, says Jehoshaphat a hundred times throughout the book if he says it once In real life, people may have habitual exclamations, things they say a lot, and this might pass without too much notice, but in writing, even a few repetitions of a particular phrase starts to feel like overuse, which means that many usages begins to feel like the offending character has some sort of disorder.