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The Dursleys Were So Mean And Hideous That Summer That All Harry Potter Wanted Was To Get Back To The Hogwarts School For Witchcraft And Wizardry But Just As He S Packing His Bags, Harry Receives A Warning From A Strange, Impish Creature Named Dobby Who Says That If Harry Potter Returns To Hogwarts, Disaster Will StrikeAnd Strike It Does For In Harry S Second Year At Hogwarts, Fresh Torments And Horrors Arise, Including An Outrageously Stuck Up New Professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, A Spirit Named Moaning Myrtle Who Haunts The Girls Bathroom, And The Unwanted Attentions Of Ron Weasley S Younger Sister, Ginny But Each Of These Seem Minor Annoyances When The Real Trouble Begins, And Someone, Or Something, Starts Turning Hogwarts Students To Stone Could It Be Draco Malfoy, A Poisonous Rival Than Ever Could It Possibly Be Hagrid, Whose Mysterious Past Is Finally Told Or Could It Be The One Everyone At Hogwarts Most Suspects Harry Potter Himself