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There is to this book than the blurb reveals All told from the pov of a dr, it captures some patients well but unfortunately in not enough depth Tbh there is a plethora of information about bees that could have been cut down in place of this n Zodiac Light by Robert Edric, recounts an episode, I presume fictionalised, in the life of Ivor Gurney, a poet and composer of the early 20th Century.Set in the City of London Mental Hospital, Dartford, in 1923, it is told by one of the psychiatrists who is treating Gurney for Paranoid Schizophrenia, which pre dated but almost certainly was exacerbated by his wartime experiences.It mainly concerns the efforts of Gurney s supporters to highlight his talents unaware as they are of the severity of his illness.A theme running through the book is that of bee keeping, I m sure I should see a connection between bee keeping and the asylum, but it eluded me However it was an enjoyable read and I shall no doubt read of Robert Edric s work. I read Cradle Song in 2011, at a time when I was beginning to seek out crime fiction and had immersed myself in the fast paced, snappy dialogue of Stuart MacBride and the like The ponderous conversation written by Edric felt comparatively over long, to an almost unbelievable degree In Zodiac Light was very different Perfectly pitched for its subject, which was not a happy one, solid and totally convincing, with a strong flavour of the time and place And I learnt much about bee keeping.Some forty or so years ago I picked up a book of Ivor Gurney s letters to Marion Scott and he has hovered on the edge of my consciousness ever since I shall return to this and to Cradle Song. Taking place in an asylum just after WW1, the story is one of doubt and uncertainty Well written and touching. this was just awful i read about half of it in the hope that it would get better but it just did not and what was the stuff about beekeeping all about This is trying to be The Ghost Road , but not succeeding.Interesting enough to keep me reading, but does not make me wanna go out and look for any by him In December , Ivor Gurney, Ex Soldier, Poet And Composer Was Transferred From Barnwood House Asylum In Gloucester To The City Of London Mental Hospital, Dartford Suffering From Increasingly Frequent And Deepening Bouts Of Systemized Delusional Insanity Paranoid Schizophrenia Gurney Was To Spend The Rest Of His Life There Until His Death In Neglected By The Military And By His Own Family, And Abandoned By All But A Notable Handful Of His Friends, Gurney Descended Into The Madness And Oblivion Which He Believed Had Long Been Waiting To Claim Him But For A Short Period Following His Arrival At Dartford, There Seemed To Be Those Who Continued To Believe In Gurney S Capabilities A Belief That By Having Finally Found Some Calm And Ease In His Life, He Might At Last Achieve The Status Of A Major Composer That Some Considered Him Capable Of BecomingFew Of Those Now Responsible For Gurney, However, Had Any True Idea Of What He Had Endured On The Western Front During Almost Three Years Of Military Service, Or Of What He Had Already Achieved In Both His Poetry And His Compositions From The Trade Paperback Edition