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InFrancesca Lia Block Made A Dazzling Entrance Into The Literary Scene With What Would Become One Of The Most Talked About Books Of The Decade Weetzie Bat This Poetic Roller Coaster Swoop Has A Sleek New Design To Match Its New Sister And Brother Books, Goat Girls And Beautiful Boys Rediscover The Magic Of Weetzie Bat, Ms Block S Sophisticated, Slinkster Cool Love Song To LA The Book That Shattered The Standard, Captivated Readers Of All Generations, And Made Francesca Lia Block One Of The Most Heralded Authors Of The Last DecadeThis Could Be A Book About Cheap Cheese And Bean Burritos, Slinkster Dogs, Lanky Lizards And Rubber Chickens Or Strawberry Sundaes With Marshmallow Toppings, Surfing, Stage Diving And Sleeping On The Beach It Could Even Be A Book About Magic But What It S Definitely About Is Weetzie Bat, Her Best Friend Dirk And Their Search Across LA For The Most Dangerous Angel Of All True Love Plot When Dirk meets Weetzie in high school, they hit it off immediately they wear the coolest clothes and they drive around Los Angeles in their slinkster cool car They form an unconventional family when Duck and My Secret Agent Lover Man come into the picture As a family they create movies and then one day, Weetzie decides to have a baby She has the baby with Duck and Dirk, which upsets My Secret Agent Lover Man, but he gets over it and brings his child, Witch Baby, in order to live with them as well It s a happy ending for all the characters involved.Evaluation When Dirk s grandma Fifi dies, she leaves Weetzie a golden thing, which Weetzie rubs and a genie comes out, and he grants her three wishes It s elements like these that make the novel fantastical and attracts readers I enjoyed the fact that all of a sudden she had all these wishes granted and Dirk found the love of his life and she found her own love The book showed an unconventional family that accepts and supports each other When Duck runs away because he is overwhelmed by his friend s death, Dirk doesn t give up on him, he searches for his partner and brings him back to the family and continues to love him Similarly, when Secret Agent Lover Man leaves Weetzie because she decided to have a baby with Duck and Dirk, she still welcomes him back into her life and loves him even though he had an affair that produced a child Perhaps none of these things would happen in real life, but it s kind of cool to see that Block has created this loving utopia within her novel It s different and sweet and I think that s what drew me into reading the novel even though it was assigned reading Personally, I enjoyed Block s little details in the story because she painted the characters of Weetzie and Dirk so clearly For example, they love Jayne Mansfield movies, such as The Girl Can t Help It The outfits that they wear fascinated me when I read the book Weetzie wears pink Harlequin sunglasses, an old fifties taffeta dress covered with poetry written in glitter or dresses made from kids sheets that have Disney characters on them I think I want to wear those outfits myself I loved how Block used tackiness and the styles of old Hollywood to create characters that have original styles I wanted to meet them This novel really went into a direction that I didn t expect When I first started reading it, I didn t think there would be a magic genie involved The relationships between the characters are kind and loving, and it almost seems as if the reader is only getting Weetzie s perspective on her life In other words, maybe she is creating this perfect world for herself in order to protect herself from the outside world, which is filled with sadness The death of Weetzie s father is a pretty devastating moment for Weetzie, but it shows that she probably isn t acknowledging all the problems in her life It s quite clear that her father is depressed, but Weetzie doesn t really do anything to save him besides trying to convince him to come back to Hollywood, a place that he hated to begin with It seems that Weetzie lives a kind of life that has fluffiness and sugar coated happiness just like Hollywood movies, whereas her father didn t view Hollywood in the same vein and was probablyin touch with reality.I really had never read a book like this before, so I don t know if I can compare it to anything Some novels are just originals and I think that s probably why Weetzie Bat was snapped up and published rather quickly I also think I ll probably go on to read the other Weetzie Bat books that are out there because this narrative just fascinated me. it is so awesome being me every day is a contradiction, every opinion is unpredictable and inconsistent i surprise myself daily i love the coen brothers, but i hate the big lebowski how is this possible i hate cutie pie whimsical movies, but i loved amelie wuuh the excitement of living my life is that i am always surprised by how i will respond the world is a big exciting oyster of possibility this book has everything going against my expected tastes slick language, cool protagonists, l.a setting, staccato prosebut against all odds, i am charmed it is a glossy fairytale a world without consequences that just shimmers breezily along in this surface only realm where everything is kind of coasting on a sea of mood stabilizers with no emotional depth.that doesn t sound good, does it i don t know what i like about this it is showy, it is flashy, it is short and fast this is like a quickie in a gay bar on is like those plastic smiling families from the happy past, but some of the nether parts are repeated it is not all happy, but the sad parts, the scary parts, the parts that oprah books would milk for a couple hundred pages are just dealt with rapidly pregnancy, infidelity, death, sickness it s the prettiest treatment of these themes i have ever seen just an all around beautiful sweet book.but truly the worst cover i have ever ever seen.come to my blog The disclaimer here is that everyone else I know who read this book liked it, but I felt so strongly about this book after I read it I had to put my two cents in anyway, even knowing that I may be going against the grain here It s difficult to say what age I would ever consider recommending this book to because the message and subject matter here seems a bit mature for young teens, yet the entire thing feels like it s written at about a fourth grade reading level The characters exist in a sort of shimmery fantasyfied L.A that if you ve read up even a little bit on Old Hollywood history didn t even exist in the days of Marilyn, James Dean, Jayne Mansfield and the other movie icons Weetzie and her friends idolize There are sporadic tears in the gauze curtain through which we can glimpse the darker and seedier side there are hints that a friend of a friend found out they had AIDS, someone s close relative dies from a drug overdose Still, these glimpses end up coming across like the line of fine print on a cigarette package cautionary bits stamped on out of some sort of afterthought or imposed obligation, without sincerity or compassion, and as such, they are quickly passed over To be fair though, at least the glossed over Barbie Dream Home fairy tale shimmeriness is consistent After all, in Weetzie s world, everyone finds their ideal matches, ready made with the same cutesy nicknames that she and her best friend came up with when they were even younger and sillier, everyone lives together on their own without any trouble or financial worry, and even an impulsive and ill devised baby making scheme involving a threesome with a best friend and his significant other can turn out hunky dory The babies themselves seem to be regarded as little doll like beings, and the entire thing is dealt with in such a precious manner readers might find it advisable to keep an insulin shot at the ready Add to this the fact that everything dialogue and narrative is written in an odd stuttery style that I suppose could be found either whimsical or deeply irritating, depending on the sort of person you are Example Vixanne is evil, My Secret Agent Lover Man said I ve got to give the baby back If she is evil, we can t do that, Weetzie said, We have to take care of the baby Yeah, we can call her Witch Baby, Dirk said Or, from another section I am the genie of the lamp, and I am here to grant you three wishes, the man said Weetzie is quirky without depth There s no road map here for dealing with any of the problems she does encounter because she never deals with them She denies them or ignores them until a convenient magical solution manifests itself or else she runs away from them, and the other characters aren t really muchthan pretty shiny accessories Overall the book is definitely unusual and original, but that is really the only thing that can be said for it I expected to be blown away and it was an utter disappointment. this book would have changed my life had i been given it when i was stuck in long island and forced to hang around fuckhead fratguys who alternated between blowing bong hits to bob marley and working out repressed homosexuality by pummelling pale skinny weak kids perhaps this book would have forced all the self loathing due to the conflict between wondering why i wasn t like said fuckheads and the deep repulsion i felt toward them to turn outward and i might ve pulled some kind of columbine deal on some of those assholes and from the privacy of the hole i shived some aryan motherfucker for stealing my pencil i might ve turned out some great pieces of writing rather than these dumb disposable book reports damn you francesca lia block where were you when i needed you if this book were standard issue to every fifteen year old on the planet i m pretty sure the world would be a much better place

About the Author: Francesca Lia Block

Francesca Lia Block is the author of than twenty five books of fiction, non fiction, short stories and poetry She received the Spectrum Award, the Phoenix Award, the ALA Rainbow Award and the 2005 Margaret A Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as other citations from the American Library Association and from the New York Times Book Review, School Library Journal and Publisher s