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  • 16 September 2018

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    SWEET, HEARTFELT AND WONDERFUL Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for historical romance Therefore, it is unusual for me to find an author, I didn t know about in advance With Mimi Matthews that was the case but now I want to read from her hand because this was just wonderful Without a pitying look or a word of sympathy, Miss Satterthwaite had lent him her support And she d done it in just such a way as to spare his foolish pride THE THINGS I LIKEDPhilly and Arthur The most important thing with any historical romance novel is definitely a strong leading couple Usually, however, historical romance authors tend to build a relationship for their leading couples around lust and physicality Honestly, it s getting boring to me Mimi Matthews did not fall into that trap Instead, she build a true, deep and very emotional connection between Arthur and Philly and that made the entire book so special Feeling As the relationship between the two MC s the entire feeling of the book was so light, heartfelt and sweet While I don t mind mystery or hardship, which this book had, it was nice that most of it was just sweet and romantic.Arthur Another annoying clich in historical romance is the hunky, buff hero who, somehow, is all muscles even though he doesn t really do anything at all Arthur was no hunk at least he wasn t described as one And that was so great Also, he was not a douche, a player or a rogue That was great too.THE THING I DISLIKEDMa am Maybe this is just me, but calling the unmarried woman ma am seemed sort of misplaced I mean, wouldn t miss be accurate ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review FOLLOW MY BLOG FOR MORE BOOK GOODNESS

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    5 Heartfelt stars This cover is gorgeous This was such a romantic story that I can t quit smiling I LOVED it This book made me so happy that I ll be thinking about it for weeks Mimi Matthews is one of my favorite authors and I get so excited when she writes a new book SIGH It s about a lady and her pets and a gentleman who was wounded in the war Both are lost in their new surroundings and became friends under the most unlikely circumstances Their story is very, very sweet and precious It also had a bit of mystery that kept me guessing and I ll have to say that this is my favorite book of hers so far If you want a wonderful story with romance and mystery then this is your book What I loved The Romance The Chemistry Arthur whose my new book boyfriend Philly sweet, precious girl The time period HEA This was a NETGALLEY gift and all opinions are my own

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    It s becoming harder and harder to find really good freshly written HRs A shame, because HRs are my chosen escape from reality read, something I m needing and lately whenever I crawl out from under that rock where I ve been hiding to escape the never ending depressing news cycles So hallelujah, and thanks, Ms Matthews For a brief moment I was lost in the world of a delightful Regency romance, with really charming main characters and a heartwarming love story.The plot is not anything new Lovely innocent young woman from Devonshire, alone in the world after the death of her grandparents, is brought to London by distant and unaffectionate relatives who are hoping to get her married off ASAP She is uncomfortable with their choice, an older, cold, and uncharismatic duke known as The Collector because of his obsession with acquiring unique treasures And our heroine Phyllida is just such a unique treasure She s lovely But than that she s heterochromatic, with one blue eye and one amber She has been given the nickname The Work of Art because of this and the duke is set on her for his new wife And her relatives are looking forward to the money they will receive for this marriage transaction.Then we have our hero, Captain Arthur Heywood He s a Peninsular War hero, wounded so badly that he can no longer walk without a cane, is never free of pain and suffers from PTSD He s almost a recluse but has been forced to London by his father to check out a possible business investment with Phyllida s uncle So he and Philly meet and become friends I ll not say about this because it pretty much goes along as you would expect with perhaps only a few surprises.The plot s not really the thing, anyway It s the romance It s the truly appealing hero and heroine It s the way their friendship develops into love These two characters were perhaps too good to be true, but I needed to meet some really good people at the moment, even if they were fictional And they are perfect for each other Philly is a kindhearted country girl at heart She s not fond of the social life in London Arthur, especially since his injuries, is not interested in the city and its social life either.Philly has a compassionate heart She can t stand by if she sees a way to give help or support in any way, as is evidenced by her motley crew of dogs who came to London with her, most formerly abused, one with only three legs Captain Heywood is an honorable man, albeit a reticent, reclusive one So I sat back, Kindle in hand, to see how these two would deal with each other Both need a rescue Philly from her unkind family and that unwanted marriage, and Arthur needs healing to feel like a whole man, in spite of the limitations of his injuries To take a line from the movie Jerry Maguire, these two complete each other And they communicate Yes, there is actual communication There are misunderstandings but author Matthews doesn t allow these to fester They are almost immediately addressed in conversations Nicely done I can t quite say that this is a 5 star book I did not appreciate the heroine s TSTL moment near the end It was necessary, I suppose, so that the hero could do what he did to remedy the situation But stillI m not fond of TSTL actions Nonetheless, this is a great little romance and hit the spot for me.

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    Mimi Matthews has done it again With every new book of Mimi s that I read, I think to myself, clearly, she can t top this oneand yet, she does Every dang time The Work of Art is actually one of Mimi s earliest books but was never released until now It makes me so sad to think of this beautiful book sitting all alone, but now it s getting the love it deserves and I could not be thrilled for that When Phyllida Satterthwaite s beloved grandfather and only guardian passes away, her Uncle moves her to London so that she might make her debut and find a husband Her beauty and unique eyes grab the attention of the men in town, including the scandalous Duke of Moreland, who is known as a collector of rare and unique items Now he wants Phyllidaand he is used to getting what he wants.Captain Arthur Heywood was injured in the Peninsular War and can only walk with the assistance of a cane While he prefers to stay at home in his country estate away from society, business brings him to London and the home of Phyllida s Uncle Her beauty is not lost on Arthur and they soon become friends When the dangerous Duke of Moreland sets his sights on Phyllida despite her not being interested, Arthur steps in with an offer to help.I have to say that Phyllida and Arthur are my most favorite fictional couple ever I m not the easiest reader of romances I ve never been one for the lovey dovey stuff but I swear Mimi is converting me If any book can be called swoon worthy it s The Work of Art Not only is this a book for romance fans, but also a book for animal lovers Phyllida s love for her dogs and animals was my favorite thing about her As someone that drove an hour away last week to save an injured chipmunk, I can totally relate to her Mimi s books always bring a smile to my face and I was totally grinning ear to ear when I finished The Work of Art I could not love it and will be shouting about this book to anyone who will listen I do believe that The Work of Art is my favorite Mimi Matthews book.that is, until the next one releases

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    Easy to recommend this soon to be released Regency Romance by Mimi Matthews Chocked full of characters I liked very much an animal loving yet orphaned female protagonist and the injured war hero meet in London where her greedy uncle is trying to marry her off to one of the richest yet mysterious men in England What a page turner as Philly and the captain elope and escape to his estate in the country though all is not as it seems when a cryptic message arrives, claiming the captain has stolen what belongs to me Just when I thought things were coming to an unsatisfactory, predictable ending, Matthews pulled a rabbit out of a hat and surprised me afterall Excellent intrigue that you don t want to miss

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    5 STARS You re so perfect that, when I look at you, I can scarcely believe you re mine His voice roughened with tenderness But you are mine By whatever miracle And though I m unworthy now, if it takes the rest of my life, I will endeavor to deserve you LOVED LOVED LOVED this Such a sweet romance Two characters that I just adored Of course there were the occasional moments of stupid misunderstanding, but they were indeed short lived Thank goodness There was also a hint of mystery that keeps you guessing up until the end I am so impressed with Matthews writing I have put her on my pre order list Looking forward to her next one.

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    Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this delightful book Oh man, a regency romance boasting a handsome protagonist who has war wounds and can barely walk, and a girl with the rarity of different colored eyes A gross chauvinist villain who wishes to obtain her for his collection of oddities Hahahah count me IN I honestly got some Persuasion vibes in this book maybe it was that the guy was Captain Arthur Heywood, or there was a Lady Eliot, or the regency era or something else But I liked that aspect, in any case Inclusion Okay, I was very, very into the realism of Arthur s leg condition and the pain it takes to walk, navigate stairs, mount a horse, all manner of things that able bodied people take for granted As someone still recovering from a gross knee break this time last year, walking with difficulty and leaning on a cane 85% of the time, this realistic portrayal of a devastating injury and what it does to the mind particularly that of a MAN and a member of the gentry I loved this plot aspect So refreshing The gentleman being vulnerable, oftentimes actually needing the assistance of the lady awesome Dogs Philly, our main lady, has several dogs Even better, another inclusion that just makes this plot refreshing She has her own protection of sorts, and a channel through which to portray her compassion for animals and wounded handsome gentlemen There is even a CROSSOVER when one of Philly s dogs is lame from a leg injury, so she coddles and carries around this dog for most of the book Gross men The villain we are shown, this sinister Duke of Moreland, was chilling to read about A complete creep who stares at Philly and evaluates her as he would a horse or worse, an inanimate piece of art for his collection The title comes from the nickname society gave her because of her dual eye colors Additional thoughts There was even a little bit of a mystery involved, with several red herrings thrown in, so if I wasn t taken in by the romance already, there was even to the story The romance was fantastic, from Philly s effect on Heywood s injuries, to his caring for her dogs, to the mutual support the couple lent each other and swoony moments, of course Solid 5 stars I read this in a few hours and just devoured it.

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    You will not be able to put this book down It is totally engrossing, romantic, beautifully written and full of intrigue Arthur and Philly hardly know each other when they are thrust into a marriage of convienence They have angered a powerful Duke with a wicked reputation I turned pages to see how our H h would stay safe and fall in love There are thriller aspects to this plot that make for rapid page turning I highly recommend this one to all HR readers It will go On my Best Reads of 2019 list.I received this book free for review from the publisher. reviews

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    It will be an impossible task to convey the emotions this very book made me feel.I do not know why Mrs Mimi Matthews name clicked right for me as I m sure it is my first reading of her work.Whatever, it was such a marvelous read, I lost myself in Philly and Arthur s tale and cursed my daily cores as they kept me from reading a big part of the day, with I read it late this night and wake up earlier to finish it as my eyes decided to have a will of their own to shut me down.I found no fault in Mrs Matthews protagonists she painted them perfectly, they are not flawless but their imperfections made them true and alive.Philly and Arthur were not only brushed as kind and full of care characters, they were given a breadth not often seen in paper heroes They were multidimensional persons and even if one or two times I disagreed with their courses of actions, I understood them too.Arthur is a wounded man, soldier s life left him badly hurt, but his scars are not only physical, they haunt him He is not an expansive kind of man, he keeps his feelings close to his heart, never showing them while Philly wears her heart on her sleeve and her sensibility on her face Despite the short span of time at the beginning, the plot didn t seem rushed, the events unfolded smoothly and I was drawn to them, their struggles and their decency when facing unsettling situations.Philly despite her innocence and naivety, is not one to hold a grudge even when betrayed, but she also refuses to surrender and let others decide her fate She is such a thoughtful person, always helping others in need, also never pitying them, she tries in her own way to improve their issues And by trying to ease Arthur s impairments, she breached the walls around his heart Their mutual support and instant connection during their few encounters built the premises of a solid relationship, which once on the right path evolved its fated way.Even if there were some unsaid things and uneases, they are such honest persons, they express their thoughts and feelings, they discuss and let no one plays with their sentiments.It is a complex story with a touch of danger and a love that grows to its right conclusion once the masks have fallen.Mrs Matthews has crafted a wonderful tale of healing and destined love.There is no rating to reward a so awesome read.I was granted an advance copy by the Publisher perfectly Proper Press thanks to Netgalley and also purchased my copy, here is my true and unbiased opinion.

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    I love stories where the hero and heroine begin as friends The romance develops differently It awakens and builds slowly, and there s nothing like that slow burn Readers get to venture with the two characters on a journey of surprising discovery And this journey of Arthur and Philly is truly a Work of Art Phyllida Satterthwaite spent her whole life being obedient and obliging, doing what was expected of her That s why after the loss of her grandfather and her beloved home, she found herself unhappy and alone in London with strangers who now stood as family She thought she d been brought by her Uncle Edgar to London for a season so she might find a suitable match It appears her uncle only had one man in mind though The Duke of Moreland, a collector of anything rare And he found Philly rare indeed When Moreland wanted something, he must have it And if he couldn t, no one else would Philly found herself facing a bleak future There was only one person she could turn to for help Captain Arthur Heywood The only friend she d made since coming to London Where the Duke of Moreland inspired fear in Philly, Capt Heywood inspired confidences and trust And Philly trusted that Arthur could help her escape the future her uncle intended for her Captain Arthur Heywood led a quiet, reclusive life after he returned injured from the war While in London, he avoided everyone but Edgar Townsend, the man with whom he had necessary business to attend to It was on one of these visits that Arthur met Philly, Edgar s niece She had a genuine warmth about her and didn t look at Arthur with pity as so many others did Moments with her were the closest thing he d had to companionship since his return and he found himself seeking opportunities to spend time with her When Philly approached Arthur about her uncle s plans, he felt he was in no condition at all to be of service to anyone any He could no longer walk without aid and could scarcely hold a pistol What use could he be But Philly was so vulnerable and trusting, and before he knew it, Arthur offered the only thing he could think of to help her escape the duke, a marriage of convenience As Philly and Arthur settle in to life on his country estate, they learn and about each other, and it becomes harder and harder to accept a marriage in name only But when strange things start happening, it appears the Duke of Moreland may be out for revenge, and Arthur will do whatever he must to win Philly s heart and keep her safe I fell in love with Arthur and Philly immediately Philly was like my favorite childhood character, Pollyanna Always managing to keep a happy outlook Looking for the good in others She was so encouraging to Arthur but in a quiet way, helping him push himself to regain some of what he d lost Arthur was injured, yes, but he bore the pain and pushed himself He didn t wallow in self pity He was sweet and kind and looked for ways to make Philly happy They each brought out the best in the other Theirs was a beautiful and heartwarming romance I loved how honest they were with one another Their shyness and doubts only made them human and relatable There was just something special about their friendship and their romance Both had a quiet strength to them and their connection was strong, I m amazed at how Mimi Matthews can write the most endearing characters and also the most scheming and nasty characters too Elizabeth and Lady Elliot were complete witches I found myself curling my lip every time they appeared on the page Uncle Edgar and the Duke never failed to make my blood run cold The dichotomy between all these characters kept me turning the pages to see just who was up to mischief in Somersetshire Strange things were afoot and I had than one suspicion as to who was behind it Fans of Mimi Matthews will fall in love with this charming story The pacing of Arthur s and Philly s romance is perfect I loved watching their relationship evolve and come full circle A sweet testament to the healing power of love, this story is perfection Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read an ARC of this book.

An Uncommon BeautyHidden Away In Rural Devonshire, Phyllida Satterthwaite Has Always Been Considered Odd Than Beautiful But In London, Her Oddity Has Made Her A Sensation Far Worse, It S Caught The Eye Of The Sinister Duke Of Moreland A Notorious Art Collector Obsessed With Acquiring One Of A Kind Treasures To Escape The Duke S Clutches, She S Going To Need A Little Help An Unlikely HeroCaptain Arthur Heywood S Days Of Heroism Are Long Past Grievously Injured In The Peninsular War, He Can No Longer Walk Unaided, Let Alone Shoot A Pistol What Use Can He Possibly Be To A Damsel In Distress He Has Nothing Left To Offer Except His Good NameCan A Marriage Of Convenience Save Philly From The Vengeful Duke Or Will Life With Arthur Put Her And Her Heart In Danger Than Ever

About the Author: Mimi Matthews

USA Today bestselling author Mimi Matthews writes both historical non fiction and proper historical romances set in Victorian England Her articles on nineteenth century history have been published on various academic and history sites, including the Victorian Web and the Journal of Victorian Culture, and are also syndicated weekly at BUST Magazine In her other life, Mimi is an attorney She resi