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    DNF 62% Its like somebody got a cauldron and magically combined a leather daddy, a box set of BSDM Hentai, a horse s dick and out popped this book It was hot at first Sure I wasn t into every kink they did, but I just tried to brush off the stuff that bothered me Such as watersports and heavy bouts of humiliation Unfortunately as I kept reading it just got kinkier and kinkier until I could no longer ignore it Call me a prude but I just had to call it quits I don t know what they were about to do in that bathtub scene but I was like 70% sure whatever it was would haunt me for the rest of my days If you are into SUPER, HIGH LEVEL, HARDCORE kinky stuff This book is for you If you re just a horny little innocent who likes romance novels, then enter at you own risk.

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    No rating.Time of death 9 06 p.m on a Saturday night I really tried but DNF 25%.

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    Brian was too passive and dumb He expressed no curiosity about werewolves or his mates He blindly did what he was told by authority figures, without questioning He was satisfied not knowing why about life, events, and people Along with a mental deficit, he also had a lack of emotional connection with his mates, friend, and sister The only person he cared for was his mother Abe and Hunter had a strong relationship and provided emotional support for each other and extended it to Brian Brian was stuck in his own world and only focused on his needs Both werewolves were standup guys who broke tradition in their mating with Brian, giving him choice, independence and financial support.The sex was raunchy a la DJ Heart style It lost steam after a while due to Brian s dud personality.The state of the union plot twist at the end was ominous for the US population It really showed that Abe and Hunter to be great guys in the overall scheme of things Unfortunately, Brian didn t have the emotional capacity to give back to make a balanced menage.

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    Seltsam, sehr seltsam.

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    3.5 stars I think of this author as a guilty pleasure It s way OTT, the sex is kinky, not always safe or usually fully consensual, generally the Alpha s are un PC and unrepentantly domineering although that wasn t the case in this book, which I found both endearing and disappointing , there is barely a plot and scarcely enough world building but somehow I always find myself liking the characters and going up in flames For the most part this new book 2 years since the last one, it was a long wait falls in line with past writing but both Abe and Hunter seemed softer even if the first sex scenes claiming thoughts were anything but I could get on board for this but I didn t really like what little we get to know of Brian He felt like he was written very uneven Sometimes super submissive and other times he seemed to be annoyed with all the sex and games in a way that wasn t really in character Still read it all the way through as fast as I could.

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    Wow This was unique among all of the books that I ve read by D.J Heart When I first read the synopsis, I was expecting something like the Evan s Alphas books which I loved and would highly recommend But Brian, Abe, and Hunter had such a different dynamic that this book really blew me away.I loved that while Abe was the alpha in their wee pack, Hunter was the glue that kept them together, and Brian was brought in as an equal partner as well as a submissive It was gratifying to see that while the werewolves had the option to make Brian a mindless toy, they both recognized that the fantasy would destroy much of what they loved most about their mate.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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    A new D.J Heart book Finally I n sure that all of D.J Heart s fans have already snatched this book or they will as soon as they find about about its release.So,I m going to talk to the curious readers,the ones not yet convinced to give it a try Grab this book if you re looking for fascinating story great characters intense feelings hot sex scenes .Double Trouble is an amazing book and you should read it Better yet, read all of D.J Heart s books You won t regret it.

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    Just finished and it s late, so I m off to bed will do full review tomorrow but for now I will say this 4.5 of duo werewolf kinky heaven DJ Heart is as good as ever.

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    Double TroubleAnother excellent book from DJ Heart The new world and characters were interesting, and watching the dominant werewolves struggle with not overwhelming their human was an enjoyable change from other, similar style books Lots of kink, lots of sex It wouldn t be a DJ Heart book without it

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    Werewolves do it kinkier Double can sometimes cause trouble but in this case it just doubles the fun This is a somewhat different shifter book, no wolves, just kinky leather wearing knotty shifters and the sub that loves them.

Can One Human Handle Two Alpha Werewolves Brian Holt Is About To Find Out Brian Never Fantasized About Being Claimed By A Werewolf The Appeal Is Obvious Werewolves Tend Toward Unfairly Attractive In That Whole Ruggedly Handsome And Muscle Bound Way But Being Chosen Is The Kind Of Thing That Only Happens To People On The News It S Like Winning The Lottery Or Falling Into A Sinkhole It S Not Something That Would Realistically Happen To Him Except It Did, And Then The Werewolf Changed His MindThree Years After Being Told That Choosing Him Was A Mistake, Brian Is Trying To Get On With His Life When News Spreads That There S A Werewolf On Campus Hiding Away In His Apartment, The Very Last Thing Brian Expects Is For The Stud To Come Knocking On His Door This K Word Romance Novel Features Two Scorching Hot Alpha Werewolves With A Kink List Three Pages Long, A Confused Young Man, And Secrets Than You Can Shake A Stick At The Story Contains BDSM, A Well Equipped Playroom, And Questionable Werewolf Anatomy It Has A Guaranteed HEA There Was A Knock At The Door Expecting His Best Friend Luke, Brian Put The Dish Towel Down And Walked Across The Room To Open ItIt Was The Werewolf He Was Tall, Head Reaching Almost To The Top Of The Door, With Wide Shoulders And A Trim Waist, His Boulder Like Biceps Making The Sleeves Of His Leather Jacket BulgeHe Was HugeLooking Up, Brian Took In The Man S Mountainous Pectorals And The Thick Neck Exposed By His Unzipped Jacket He Had Thin Lips And A Dimpled Chin, With A Strong Jaw And Sharp Cheekbones That Landed Him On Just The Right Side Of Too Pretty Meeting The Werewolf S Eyes For A Fraction Of A Second, Blue So Pale They Almost Looked Gray, Brian Had To Look Away At The Sight Of Sheer Want In The Other Man S EyesHis Belly Tingled With Heat Like It Hadn T Done Since Since The Last Time A Werewolf Had Looked At Him Like ThatBrian Ducked His Head, Staring At The Werewolf S Denim Clad Legs And Huge Boots Before Forcing Himself To Look Up Again The Werewolf S Expression Was Still Heated, His Eyes Locked On Brian With An Intensity That Made His Insides Squirm Can I Come In