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Loving the series Dragnet is really against my nature being that it is very in favor of The Man or status quo as it were but I just can t help it I love both the old old radio show of it and the 1950 s and 1960 s TV show shows This book really help explain who jack Webb the star of show and it creator producer and writer was, this book was really interesting. The Dragnet Presented In My Name S Friday Is Not Only The Crisp, Campy Color Television Series That Played From To It Also Is The Radio Series Of And The Television Series Of , Which Became Television S Best Known, Longest Running, And Most Acclaimed Police Drama Because He Was So Devoted To The Show, Hayde S Narrative Also Looks At Jack Webb, But This Is Not Strictly A Biography Of The Show S Actor, Director, And Producer, Except To The Extent That The One Defined The OtherHere The Narrative Follows The Ebb And Flow Of The Dragnet Show From Radio To Television, Detailing Every Awkward Moment And Production Feature That Refined The Drama Throughout The S From The Beginning Webb Had An Idea Of What The Show Should Be, But It Was An Evolving Idea, A Refinement That My Name S Friday Chronicles As The Show Matured From Radio To Television Webb Emphasized Realism, Basing Scripts On Cases From The Los Angeles Police Department And Enlisting Law Enforcement Professionals To Advise On The ShowHayde Goes Beyond Just The Facts To Offer Readers A Comprehensive Look At The Show That Defined An Entire Genre Harry Morgan, An Actor Who Worked With Webb Off And On For Almost Twenty Years, Offers A Foreword And A Tribute To The Man Audiences Knew Best As Joe Friday Also Included Are Program Guides Of The Radio And Television Episodes, A Collection Of Friday S Most Well Known Speeches, And A Glossary Of Police Terms Used In The Series Greatly superior in organization and analysis to Just the Facts, Ma am, this book does well both discussing Jack Webb and Dragnet, and the love hate relationship they had with each other With lots of examples from the various scripts Webb wrote or oversaw, the book provides a solid guide to the man and his works, and is a must read for anyone who is interested in either.Hayde s work is organized well and chronologically All of Webb s works, including the different renditions of Dragnet are gone into in detail, and Webb s evolving relationship to the show, and to his own creative genius and his Hollywood star are made understandable. A friend asked me to elaborate a bit on this so I will This is basically a hybrid between a well researched episode guide and a quasi biography Hayde does provide a context for Dragnet in its various incarnations and he does write about some of the other projects Webb was involved in It s fine for what it is, but if you re looking for an actual biography of Webb, this is not it. This unauthorized but true book chronicles Jack Webb s development and refinement of his ideas in regard to what a police drama should be, whether as a radio series or as a television production Offering readers a comprehensive look at the production of the show that defined a genre, this book also contains program guides for both the radio and television episodes of Dragnet as well as a collection of Joe Friday s most well known speeches from throughout the series The appended A Dragnet Guide to the Los Angeles Police Department includes such information as the department s unit numbering system, division identification and function, and a glossary of police terms It s a fascinating glimpse into the world of television program development and the changing face of the police drama.Recommended. My Name s Friday is an enjoyable romp through the world of Jack Webb From his days portraying hardboiled radio detectives Pat Novak and Johnny Madero to Hollywood Success, Failure, and a big comeback, Friday takes us through the highlights and lowlights of Webb s life.Michael J Hayde comes to the book with a great deal of respect for Webb and his work, which is an essential element in a work such as this Hayde s work first and foremost is a Webb fan book He gives a synopsis of each of Webb s movies and then provides a critique of them While appreciating Webb s contributions, Hayde spares no criticism of the late 1950s Dragnet episodes, Pete Kelly s Blues, and other less than successful Webb projects While I don t agree with all of Hayde s criticism I loved the Night School episode and he didn t , his criticisms are reasoned and measured rather than spiteful Whatever criticism Hayde has for Webb is mild compared to the well deserved critique he slams down on the 1987 Dragnet movie with Dan Akroyd.If there was one criticism I d had of Hayde s book, it was where he went from TV fan to armchair psychologist, buying Webb s statements that he didn t miss having a father around as a youth I actually after reading the book and of Webb s difficulty letting himself act believably on screen particularly in romantic scenes, as well as history of broken marriages might not have been influenced by never having a father around Kind of off topic from the subject of the book, I know However, if one is going to engage in psychology, it shouldn t be done haphazardly.Still, the book is incredible fun as a fan resource and provides a rare glimpse at a radio and TV genius that s been typecast as a stiff clown Read it to recapture a vital part of America s television history.