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Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy Is There Still A Place For These Imaginary Creatures In Today S Skeptical Society More Importantly, Is It Appropriate To Encourage Children To Believe In These Myths In Flights Of Fancy, Leaps Of Faith, Cindy Dell Clark Went Straight To Children And Their Parents For The Answers Using Their Insights, She Offers Fresh, New Interpretations Of The Cultural And Psychological Roles These Figures Play In Children S Lives Complete With Children S Vivid Testimonies And Colorful Illustrations, This Book Is A Revealing Journey Into A Child S Mind And World A Very Enjoyable Read, This Book Is A Seriously Researched Record Of Children S Myths, Written With The Observant Accuracy Of An Anthropologist Nadja Reissland, Common Knowledge Clark Posits Some Novel Interpretations As Well As Intriguing Glimpses For Parents, Teachers, And Psychologists Into The Ways Children Shape Our Culture Rather Than Merely Being Passive Inheritors Of It Booklist

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