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I think if I had been reading this one story at a time weekly, I wouldn t have fallen asleep so much That said, I didn t dislike the book The stories were humorous and I laughed out loud a few times I am sure that I could never have lived with such a husband, but I saw traits in him that remind me of Tyler in odd ways Certainly he was interesting enough to write a book about. Humour, no matter how understated, often has a tendency to age poorly Life with Father is a good case in point, in that the stubborn but lovable central character no longer seems quite so lovable 75 years later, and the humorous anecdotes now seem like living under the tyrannical decrees of a spoiled and petulant man child.There were still flashes of humour and it remains an albeit exaggerated window into a bygone age, no doubt, but even the normally sublime and sedated New Yorker style can not stop the march of time and changing s. When The Delicious Comic Tales That Make Up Life With Father First Appeared In The Early S, They Played A Large Hand In Keeping Afloat A Fledgling Magazine Called The New Yorker Clarence Day S Reminiscences Of Growing Up In A Turn Of The Century New York Household Which Keeps Wriggling Out From Under The Thumb Of A Blustering Wall Street Paterfamilias Are Classics Of American Humor, Lively And Nostalgic Sketches That Still Manage To Evoke The Enduring Comedy Of Family Life Father S Explosive Encounters With Horse And Cook, Servants And Shopkeepers, Wife And Children To Say Nothing Of His Vigorous Pursuit Of Ice Retain Their Hilarious Appeal In No Small Part Because The Younger Day Never Seems Put Out By The Older Man S Actions, Never Describes Him With Less Than Affectionate Amusement As A Result, Life With Father Remains As A Contemporary Critic Described It A Delightful Book Alive With Energy And Collisions And The Running Water Of Happiness A Bestseller When It Was First Published In , Life With Father Was The Inspiration For One Of The Longest Running Hits In Broadway History And Was Later Adapted Successfully For Both Film And TelevisionClarence Day Was Born In After Graduation From Yale, He Followed His Father To Wall Street, But His Business Career Was Cut Short By Illness Turning To Writing And Drawing, He Became An Early Contributor To The New Yorker And Authored Several Books, The Most Famous Of Which Was Life With Father Day Died In December , Just A Few Months After Life With Father Was Published Life With Mother Appeared Posthumously A Delightful Book Alive With Energy And Collisions And The Running Water Of Happiness The New Republic One Of The Most Chuckling Books Of Our Time The Atlantic The Only Reason For Reading Life With Father Is The Fun Of It New York Times Such A Rich And Rounded Character As Father Has Not Appeared In Literature For Many A Year A Novelist Would Be Ranked As A Genius For Inventing Him Clarence Day Didn T Need To Books It Won T Be So Much Fun Reading Life With Father Unless You Have Someone At Hand To Whom You Can Read Snatches Whenever Enjoyment Becomes Too Great To Be Self Contained Any Longer Boston Transcript Mister Clarence Day, who pinches pennies and loves his frustrating dear wife Vinnie, is the father of four red headed sons, one of whom was sure they were going to put Father into Hell because he hadn t been baptized He s a rollicking rowdy man of many colorful quirks, explosive fits and bull headed convictions He doesn t do well with horses And he hasn t got time for incompetence in housemaids or appliance salesmen who can t deliver the goods He informs his son that those poor sods in the cheap high rise apartments by the train tracks are miserable and lazy, though his Day Jr secretly admires them Mr Day believes that the church hasn t got any business meddling in a man s spiritual life and that once he gets to heaven, with his wife s assistance, he ll set them straight on running a tight ship And he ll organize a baseball team This outlandishly humorous character is based in Clarence Day Junior s real life father, and he s written a series of books that are so funny we can t read them out loud on family car trips for fear of us all dying in a blazing wreck due to laughter Day is a humorous character, though lost as a turned around goose, spiritually speaking And if you want a preview that is, actually, quite faithful to the books, get hold of the delightful film Life with Father, its a good one, and family friendly.Many readers struggle with Day s overbearing fathering or his patriarchal manners with his wife Some strike down the book s value and humor because society isn t like that any But this is short sighted and fails to read fiction in context To get the most of any work, we must work to read with a consideration of its times, lest we become like those arrogant moderns so laughably myopic in their loftiness Check out Arrogance of the Modern by David Hall This is a rollicking good read, one sure to evoke belly laughs And there are sequels This book was written as a series of magazine articles during the 1920s that were later collected into this book and published in 1935 The author, Clarence Day, writes about his father, who was a unique character Each chapter focuses on a quirky event related to or characteristic of his father The chapter headings are a good reflection of the humorous nature of this book Father Has Trouble with the Land of Egypt Father Interferes with the Twenty third Psalm Father and the Crusader s Third Wife In the chapter about the twenty third psalm, the author explains how he found himself suddenly speculating about what his father s opinion would be of the twenty third psalm He states, I couldn t imagine Father being comforted by the Lord s rod and staff, or allowing anybody whatever to lead him to a pasture and get him to lie down somewhere in it I could see him in my mind s eye, in his tailed coat and top hat, refusing point blank even to enter a pasture Readers will have to pardon father s liberal use of the word damn and at least one openly racial slur By today s standards, the racial slur is shocking, but the swearing is quite comic Overall, I found the book entertaining The picture it paints of upper class New York culture at the turn of the century is fascinating I ve even managed to snag a first edition of this book, so reading it is doubly an experience in time travel. I enjoyed all the stories from early 1900 s It gave me a different point of view about new devices such as the telephone Life was so much different back then Even something as simple as ice was a big deal back then We are so spoiled now I took my time reading this book and spent some time just thinking if I lived back then The book really opened my eyes. I picked up this old yellowing book from a free book shelf, because I remember my dad liking the movie of it The book is similar to Cheaper by the Dozen which I love , but I don t like how domineering Mr Day is I enjoyed reading about daily life over a hundred years ago, including what the children played, what it was like for the family when telephones were first invented, and what it was like to ride the train to the Chicago World s Fair. Go back to New York City at the turn of the century hmm, the previous century and get to know Clarence Day, Sr He s one of a kind, and his son s vignettes about his quirks and peculiarities are hilarious Vinnie, Clare s long suffering wife, is equally amusing The movie is a gem and that rare exception, even better than the book Both are highly recommended. I m not sure what is delightful, reading a 1944 copy of the near century old classic Life with Father and laughing mirthfully at Father s headstrong, clueless and inane antics as penned by his son OR breathing in and being enveloped in the musky, vanilla, earthy, almond scent of buttercream, careworn pages Equally, I must say, a sensory satiating and literary lovely experience Simply FABULOUS The book, the theatrical version, and the movie ALL FABULOUS My favorite story though, if I had to choose, has to be the one involving George, breakfast promptness, Newspapers, Piano, Baseball Scores, and Father What a hoot It makes me wonder if my own four children had pseudo pretexts that communicated things over my head, too Funny stuff Aside from Father s love of damning everything, and a few other expletive phrases, I thoroughly enjoyed this classic Many a time I laughed loud and uncontrollably, to the delight of my hubby I m sure said with a wink The joys of reading humor in the company of others, with a snicker and a snort That s half the fun, right FIVE Delightful Classics That Never Grow Old, No Matter How Many Times You Read Them STARS I always read with sick fascination those true stories of eccentric, overbearing fathers The Mitford s Farve, Cheaper by the Dozen s Mr Gilbreth Clarence Day Sr fits very well on that list, no question Reading those books with those fathers always makes me thankful that my father is not so overwhelmingly obsessed with things being just so The main reason I read this is because I like the movie While the book was just as amusing, it did lack one thing William Powell Does this complaint sound familiar That s because it s the same one I used after reading The Thin Man I guess you could say I have a thing for him, yes Strange, really since I don t tend to like mustached men And actually, Life With Father was the movie that introduced me to him