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Oprah Book Club Selection, April Members Of The Church Of Fire And Brimstone And God S Almighty Baptizing Wind Spend Their Days And Nights Serving The Lord And Waiting For The Rapture That Moment Just Before The Second Coming Of Christ When The Saved Will Be Lifted Bodily To Heaven And The Damned Will Be Left Behind To Face The Thousand Years Of Tribulation On Earth The Tribulation, According To Grandpa Herman, Founder Of Fire And Brimstone, Will Be An Ugly Time He Said That We D Run Out Of Food That Big Bugs Would Chase Us Around And Sting Us With Their Tails He Said We D Turn On The Faucet In The Bathroom And Find Only Blood Running Out He Said Evil Multitudes Would Come Unto Us And Cut Off Our Limbs, And That We Wouldn T Die And Then He D Say, But You Don T Have To Be Left Behind You Can Go Straight To Heaven With All Of God S Special Children If You Ll Only Open Your Hearts To Jesus Such Talk Of Damnation Weighs Heavy On The Mind Of Ninah Huff, The Year Old Narrator Of Sheri Reynolds S Second Novel, The Rapture Of Canaan To Distract Her From Sinful Thoughts About Her Prayer Partner James, Ninah Puts Pecan Shells In Her Shoes And Nettles In Her Bed But Concentrating On The Passion Of Jesus Cannot, In The End, Deter Ninah And James From Their Passion For Each Other, And The Consequences Prove Both Tragic And Transforming For The Entire Community The Rapture Of Canaan Is A Book About Miracles, And In Writing It, Reynolds Has Performed Something Of A Miracle Herself Although The Church S Beliefs And Practices May Seem Extreme Sleeping In An Open Grave, Mortifying The Flesh With Barbed Wire , Its Members Are Complex And Profoundly Sympathetic As They Wrestle With The Contradictions Of Fire And Brimstone S Theology, The Temptations Of The Outside World, And The Frailties Of The Human Heart

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    Intriguing story.Note June 2017 I remember this really is an intriguing story, have to reread.

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    First off, let me start by saying that this is not a religious book, it can be viewed that way if you want to, but in case you re one of those people that are scared off by religious books, this isn t one Now, on to the important mattersAlmost from the first word I had become sucked into this book and Ninah s character, a flawed, naive girl who truly doesn t know better She s sweet, tries hard, but just doesn t know what she needs to know The way Reynolds has written her, doesn t make her naivity annoying, but just adds to her character.Part of what makes this book so interesting is that it s written in a way that completely immerses you in their obscure and different world, but allows you to keep your own knowledge and ideals about you, so that you look back and can still think, That s so wrong Ninah goes through a trying journey and we are along for the ride I was enthralled with every character that graced the pages of this book Even though they may only show up in one sentence, Reynolds writes in such a way that you know if you asked her she could give a complete history about that character This book holds so much depth to it, but it s presented in such a way that the reader doesn t feel like their drowning.The one small problem I did have was that the ending seemed a little too abrupt Perhaps it s just me, but I felt there wasn t enough closure and I wanted to know a little But what I dislike, someone else may love.There s a lot I want to say about the book, but I would end up giving too much away This is definitely a book I say you should read Beautiful, touching and moving every word pulls you even into this world that the feeling of disgust you felt at the beginning has turned to pity, and in some weird way, a small glimmer of joy.

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    Sheri Reynolds paints a vivid picture of Bible Belt Cultism, as seen through the eyes of a teen age girl named, Ninah The Church of Fire and Brimstone and God s Almighty Baptizing Wind is pastored by Ninah s Grandfather, Herman Langston, who, as Ninah says, Used the Bible, of course, but only the parts he liked He had the habit of altering verses just a little to make them match his own beliefs The church of about eighty members is composed mostly of Ninah s family and Reynolds, through Ninah, lets us view the constricted lives of the church members under the tyrannical rule of Grandpa Herman Their loyalty to the dictatorial Grandfather is a sober reminder of the danger involved when charismatic individuals, manipulating the Scriptures, suppress the weak and shape their lives with false doctrines The price is excessive for such manipulation and at the Church of Fire and Brimstone it is paid out in emotionally devastated lives The characters are addictive, the narrative exquisite, and the plot captivating Sheri Reynolds has written a powerful novel.

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    I just finished reading this book for the second time I think I loved it than the first The only books I tend to give 5 stars to are books that make me want to reinvent my life when they are over, live a better life, and be a better person This really isn t that kind of book but it is greatness through and through.There were times while reading this book that I just needed to put it down I knew if I kept reading I would get too sad I was right there with Ninah, going through her struggles I wanted to so badly to reach in and tell her that everything would be okay, that she was doing just fine I couldn t though I had to sit back and watch her suffer and wait for James to tell her that she was doing good I don t want to be Ninah or have her life I do aspire to have her strength to see through the twisted community that there is no escaping from Like all of us, her life is what it is She will forever be influenced by it but she has discovered that she can form her own opinions, make her own choices, and she is her own person It is a lesson that we all need to learn.

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    the book had a really interesting story but ended with a bland ending I was hoping the end would have been as surprising as the rest of the book.

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    A book of fanatical religious zealousness with abuses, torture, and mind control Well, this can be viewed as that, or this is a story of how an innocent girl tried to emotionally survive in this kind of control.Rich with symbolism, this story reads quickly and yet has depth and humor The characters stayed with me long after the book ended Well Nanna did, while I was deeply rooting for Grandpa Herman s painful and brutal death.

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    SPOILERS This wasn t a book I wanted to savor, but along with some weaknesses, it definitely had its moments There s a matter of fact line I found chilling, about women often dying in childbirth due to their boycott of doctors The dunking and the rapture were also favorites, though I wondered if the latter was unintentionally funny This book felt like a fairly convincing look at the inside of a religious cult, even if the language often wobbled.

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    I started this book with just one expectation, that I wasn t going to like it I just finished a coming of age story set in the south that started off so promising and ended clich and disappointing In the beginning of this book it seemed like I d be in for the same experience Then about 20 to 30% into the book I found myself very engaged The young protagonist has a very real voice, her grandmother and grandfather, the other leading characters of the book are also very interesting and well written The grandfather runs a fire and brimstone Christian sect called, appropriately enough, The Church of Fire and Brimstone and God s Almighty Baptizing Wind There s no particular mention made of last two words of the church s name so I guess nobody got the joke but me.There s a pretty large congregation and everybody s related so at times it s difficult to realize who s being talked about and what their relationship is to everyone else, so it seems the auxiliary characters are all pretty much interchangeable But when they move to a front position they are finely drawn, even if only for a paragraph or two The language, although sometimes adjective heavy never feels forced, and the situations although many times outrageous seem believable in the context of this religious sect And with what s going on in America about religious fundamentalism it makes this a very engrossing read I was going to give The Rapture of Canaan three stars but as the narrative progressed and engaged me I realized how good this book is Would I be remiss in saying it enraptured me

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    I actually liked this book a lot I would have liked it but I wasn t so big on the ending There was quite a few very interesting chapters in a vague disjointed kind of way It s the story of a young girl who finds herself in a bit of a position after she gets pregnant She lives within a cultish community that is so far overboard they are fanatics lead by Ninah s grandfather who wasn t the same when he came back from war It s got both interesting little sides stories in it, as well as the main story, and her future The author did everything she could to shock you while trying to make Ninah feel like it was completely normal but she almost did it to well The story is past the unbelievable line into ridicules by the end Which is a shame There was one thing from the book though I ve taken with me and deeply thought about upon completion of it Being a girl who loves to read stories about revenge I liked this part of the book best Grudges are bad things, Ninah, she said at last There s only so much room in one heart You can fill it up with love or you can fill it with resentment But every bit of resentment you hold takes space away from the love And the resentment don t do no good noway, but look what love can do.