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After Treacherous dies and Teflon is wounded, their story takes some unexpected turns This next installment picks the story up and takes readers further down the path of their intertwined lives There are surprises than I expected here, and I enjoyed this read even than the first. A real ride or die chick This book picks up right where it left off You just can t get enough of them. Popular Ebook, Ride Or Die Chick 2 Author J.M Benjamin This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Ride Or Die Chick 2, Essay By J.M Benjamin Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Comment We now know what a ride or die chick is and the requirements Do you have the heart to remain one Can you honestly say you are one Teflon is back without her love Treacherous Treacherous will forever live in her heart Teflon s demeanor has grown colder and she is than a bit rough around the edges She is the true epitome of ride or die Her father in law is riding with her and her son in spirit, as she lost him to the system.Teflon is determined to get out to get her son and teach him about life As Teflon grows behind bars, we learn about the relationship between her and Treacherous Ride again and hang on tight Teflon a true riderJ.M Benjamin has achieved what so many have not What is that you may ask A successful follow up Ride or Die Chick 2 that is better than its predecessor It takes a writer with excellent skills to pull of a follow up when the main character from the original novel Treach is deceased and not take the story in a different direction then the first book I felt Treach s presence throughout this book through the memoirs of his long time girlfriend Teflon Jackson.We meet Teflon again This time she is in the hospital and has to come to the realization that her beloved Treach is no longer with her walking among the living Teflon is put on trial for crimes Treach and she have committed During her trial at she has been found guilty, she goes into labor and delivers a healthy baby boy which she names after his father After the birth of her son which the state promptly took custody off, she starts to receive letters from her father in law Richard Robinson BKA Richie Gunz These letters keep her sane, and she starts the healing process by writing her memoirs.When Richie Gunz time is up for parole after nearly three decades, he does everything in his power to get Teflon released from prison and low and behold, he is successful Now they on a mission to get Treach Jr back Now we see why Teflon is a true rider and always will be Nothing will stand in their way of regaining custody of her son Follow along with the difficulties of trying to regain custody, from a system that is not so forgiving The ending will shock you and having you looking for I was disappointed this story had to end I wanted so much.Author J.M Benjamin has overwhelmed me with his style of writing I will continue to be a fan and look forward to what he has in store for us next Although it will be hard to top this one, I am sure he is up for the challenge and won t keep his readers waiting too long SiStar TeaARC Book Club Inc.5 star rating A great follow up to book 2The endings to both was unbelievable and I never thought would happen.This was a excellent book.I loved the characters and the story line were very well developedThe story will capture your interest until the end The story line flowed very well.All in all, I would recommend this book you should add to your list of books to read this year.The author did a very good job and I m sure you will enjoy as much as I did.Thank you to the author for an excellent story So I was super impressed with the first one and don t get me wrong this one is good to towards the end but I struggled to get there as the first part of the book repeat so much from the first book some of it the exact same verbiage actually a lot of it I understand why and I m excited for the third book as the whole story took an unexpected but could be expected turn Regardless I love JMB and I think his books are great If you ve read the first and liked the outline of the story I would recommend continuing. I find it unfair that I have to rate a book lower because of poor editing This shouldn t even be a factor into my rating but how can it not be It affected my reading experience Therefore it has to go in I don t know who Chandra Sparks Taylor is but she should be ashamed of herself Hopefully for her that s a fake name so not too many people will associate her with this editing job It s nothing than a damn shame when I can be certain my daughters preschool class could find mistakes in this book I seriously doubt I could find even one page in this entire book of 190 pages without at least one mistake, sometimes I m confused though wouldn t the editor want to do a good job so others would bring their business to her Why do a piss poor job so that people know to stay away Sabatage Of her own career The use of the word career is very light of course.I can t even remember all of the mistakes, missing punctuation, extra punctuation, misspelled words, you name it and you ll find it here Sometimes I had no idea who was speaking, the last page brings you Treach Jr reading his Mommy s manuscript and there is no change in text whatsoever It s like the story just meshes into the flashback so if the reader doesn t remember that, well, you re just shit out of luck.Okay, well, enough about that I do hope Benjamin has had enough and has found a new editor one would can edit preferably If not, get ahold of me we ll figure something out.This if a five star book with a three star rating This shows how poorly it s edited Benjamin has a great deal of talent He brings his characters to the table and you can t help but fall in love and feel sympathy for them I could read about Treach and Tef for so long and never get bored with it I m looking forward to the third book starring Treach Jr., which I know there will be, because this is one of the few urban fiction stories that should be continued Most should die out with one book that s not the case here The author manages to add in so many flashbacks during the course of the book discounting the one I mentioned above that you would think anyone who read and loved the first book would get bored So not what happens here and the first reason why is the characters themselves They re simple awesome The second reasin is because he pulls it off seamlessly Sounds easy but as any reader knows, it s not Many authors fail at it, some worse than others I m upset that this happened like this for me I d like nothing than to hand this five stars and anxiously await the next book. A REAL Ride or Die Chick.Part 2 of Ride or Die Chick by J.M Benjamin picks up with Teflon Jackson waking up in the hospital to the reality that she now has to face life without the love of her life Treacherous Freeman Another shocker is that she is pregnant and may never know her son because she is looking at a lengthy prison term.While in prison Teflon connects with Treacherous father Richie Gunz who is also serving time Teflon faces her time in prison with a strong determination, and to help her get through the days she speaks with Richie on the phone and writes chapters on her life of crime with Treacherous.Richie is released and soon after Teflon s case is overturned and she s back on the streets Teflon and old man Richie as Teflon affectionately calls him, cook up a plan to get her son Treach Jr back from the state by any means necessary Hold on tight for a bloody, emotional ride as you read how a REAL Ride of Die Chick risks it all Teflon Jackson and Treacherous Freeman are two of my all time favorite characters Their love for each other is extremely deep and their code cannot be broken even in death Ride or Die Chick 2 is a great read that I would recommended for readers who have not read part one, as part 2 dips back into the lives of Teflon and Treacherous through Teflon s book she is writing while in prison I ve read part 1 so I was not too pleased on the amount of pages given to re hash what already happened in the previous book.But once Teflon got back on the streets this story delivered once again with Richie and Teflon gunning to get her son back I really liked the background on Richie, his life seemed just as interesting and fast I would have loved to have read another 100 pages with Teflon and Richie causing destruction, while Richie fights with his inner emotional feelings before the big ending.Still, J.M Benjamin develops story lines with emotional, strong, defiant characters that will touch you and make bad feel oh so good Although the down fall of this particular book is the re capping over kill, the writing is awesome and Teflon STILL reigns as the Queen of the Ride or Die Chicks Locksie October 29th 2011ARC Book Club Inc.Star Rating 4.0