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I Guess It Doeslook Like A Poemwhen You See Ittyped Uplike That Jack Hates Poetry Only Girls Write It And Every Time He Tries To, His Brain Feels Empty But His Teacher, Ms Stretchberry, Won T Stop Giving Her Class Poetry Assignments And Jack Can T Avoid Them But Then Something Amazing Happens The He Writes, The He Learns He Does Have Something To Say

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    I don t want toBecause boysDon t write poetry.Girls do.First page, first poem Makes me smile But also makes me kindaSad.Do words in poem form Make you sad I hope not but I Understand, if it does Love That Dog takes less than 3 minutes to read Okay, maybe a bit if you re on your 4th glass of Sangria but who s counting and you linger on phrases Phrases like and jumping on me his shaggy straggly paws on my chest like he was trying to hug the inside right out of me Poems, PO EMS They are not so easy to write They look easy but try putting a whole bunch of words in short sentences and make them make someone else feel something Go on But, remember that people will REALLY judge you because poetry can be pretentious and there s extra pressure on you to be all like she walks in beauty like the night or I want a love like me thinking of you thinking of me thinking of you type love. I am scared I couldn t do itEven this attempt Is lame.But, I was lucky to know a poet, and was lucky to read his words His voice had the right cadence, the exact urgency , the strength to leave you breathless and make you ache All alone in triplets I think about her laugh, even if I m sadAll alone I justify our secret world and could tell the nay sayers toLeave her alone i am no monsterIn prayers i disbelieve i asked for you to comeMaybe my or god s willMaybe a cessation of thinking when it comes to the enemy when i hide In my foxhole would be a good ideaJack is lucky to have a Miss Stretchberry Everyone should have their very own One that can give them worlds created by Frost and Blake and also William Carlos Williams among other amazing poets Thank you, Sharon Creech, for giving us Jack I used to always ask my poet but what does it mean and he used to say it doesn t really matter does it How do you feel It takes an fierce will and a tremendous heart to be a poet This book has both.

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    I like how Jack and his dad adopt a dog from a shelter dog pound Jack and his dog both had a great time together It s really heartbreaking when his dog died and Jack no longer wants to have another pet because of the trauma he got from losing one The short and bittersweet poem he wrote, in the end, is like a memorial for his dog.

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    Before reading, take a quick look at the short poems at the back of this book because the story will make sense if you do I saw this book at my local library and couldn t resist the bright cover, the fact that it won multiple awards, was short listed for the 2001 Carnegie medal and that the Guardian called it quirky, original and defies categorisations sealed the deal I later found out after looking it up on GR that Ms Creech also wrote Walk Two Moons, my favourite book growing up which also won multiple awards.This is an adorable story with a hint of tragedy about a boy who slowly discovers that poetry is not just for girls He soon learns to tell his own story in the form of poetic diary entries and to write about the tragic death of his beloved dog, Sky I also enjoyed his comment on the works of other poets e.g Robert Frost, William Blake and others and also admire a certain poet This book is great for reluctant young readers.initially, I got Love That Dog for my kids but it s one of those books that grow on you and before long, we were all reading and enjoying the little boy s humour and his growing confidence in copying other poets work and writing his own poetry.The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williamsso much dependsupona red wheelbarrowglazed with rainwaterbeside the whitechickens.The little boy s attempt Do you promise not to read it out loud Do you promise not to put it on the board Okay, here it is,but I don t like it So much dependsupona blue caresplattered with mudspeeding down the road.What do you mean Why does so much dependupona blue car You didn t say beforethat I had to tell why.The Wheelbarrow guydidn t tell why.I m glad to have looked at the back of the book and read the short poems being referred to by the little boy, otherwise the humour and innocent jab at other poets, would ve gone over my head.

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    THE REVIEWWhy this book My cousin wanted to reminisceWhat I thoughtMy Cousin actually read it to me She used to read this to her baby girl who died of Cancer when she was 3 Today she just wanted to do something that reminded her of Anna It was a a really cute book and I know why Anna loved it so much.

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    One of my all time favorites the SWEETEST little story written in journal format as a little boy learns to love poetry with the help of his teacher It is cleverly written and fun to read A good read a loud with your kids warning you might cry

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    I wasted 20 min of my life on this piece of garbage Thanks Creech.

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    More reviews at MrsReaderPants.I don t get itWhy this book is so belovedBut then I read some reviewsAnd tried to write a poemMyselfAnd while I still don t really get the appealI almost cried When the sweet dog died.So I guess that s Something.I read it in about 20 minutes.Which is great Because I m 10 books behindAnd my students are like Gosh, Mrs Collazo,You are really behind on your 2018 Reading Challenge So this makes book 9.Out of 100.That s most definitelySomething.And I can see whyTeachers use it to teachPoetry It made me want to write a poem, too.I may even use it myself So I m changing My 3 star ratingTo 4 stars.Isn t thatSomething

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    A very very short book full of simple poems written from a 7 y o s POV I came across this book one day when I was really bored and had nothing to read Reluctant to pick it up as it s a children s book, I didn t read it until I was desperate for something to do to past time This is a quick book that can also help you accomplish your Reading Challenge Aside from that, it was fun to return to simple language and just enjoy it The poems were short but beautiful However, it can let you feel Such simple poems can also have deeper meanings For me, a few poems still lingered on me after finishing it.Jack, the MC, told a story of his relationship with his dog in this book, which was really sweet He attempted to share his story through a series of poems He was inspired to write poems after reading one by William Carlos Williams.I ve included some simple poems from the book down below I don t want toBecause boysDon t write poetry.Girls do I guess it doeslook like a poemwhen you see ittyped uplike that

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    This was a very quick read even for poems But it could invoke so much emotion It also ended up tying things that made no sense This made it my favorite read of a poem book so far.

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    This is a second read through of an entertaining and educational little book for children about writing poetry It s set in an elementary school classroom and begins with Jack writing a complaining note to his teacher that boys don t write poetry Girls do But, of course, it is no surprise that this boy will write poetry and at least some of it will be about a much loved dog Apart from the relatively thin storyline, this book makes its point about the power of poetry and of persistent teachers by including Jack s responses to poems the teacher shares with her students All eight poems are also included at the end of the book, which means that in addition to the story, the children get to read those eight poems And so we get to watch Jack figure out that the wheelbarrow poet William Carlos Williams was just making a picture with words Maybe, Jack suggests, Robert Frost was doing the same thing in his snowy woods poem In addition to figuring out what imagery might be, Jack also learns to listen to the rhythms of poetry as he makes up a poem about a blue car while some of the tiger sounds of Blake s The Tiger are still in my ears like drums beat beat beating From Arnold Adoff s Street Music Jack learns to use spacing and fonts to create effects from S C Rigg s The Apple, he learns to recognize and create his own shaped poem In addition, the readers get an appearance by Walter Dean Meyers, who comes to visit the classroom in response to Jack s written invitation It was Meyers poem Love That Boy that first convinced Jack that poetry was for him And Jack finally does come to terms with the death of his dog Sky by writing a poem And after Meyers visit, Jack writes another poem about Sky called Love That Dog inspired by, you guessed it, Love That Boy.