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MORGANVILLE IS SUCH A NICE PLACE TO LIVE AND DIE IF YOU DON T MIND THAT SORT OF THING When Claire Danvers Learnt That Her College Town Was Run By Vampires, She Did What Any Intelligent, Self Preserving Student Would Do She Applied For A Transfer And Stocked Up On Garlic The Transfer Is No Longer An Option, But That Garlic May Come In Handy Now Claire Has Pledged Herself To Amelie, The Most Powerful Vampire In Town The Protection Her Contract Secures Does Little To Reassure Her Friends All Of A Sudden, People Are Turning Up Dead, A Stalker Resurfaces From Claire S Past, And An Ancient Bloodsucker Extends A Chilling Invitation For Private Lessons In His Secluded Home

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    I don t want to read this series any but I want to know what happens Sort of a conundrum, huh My main problem I don t care what happens to any of the kids They re whiny, annoying, poorly developed, and they do really stupid things Claire, the supposed genius, does the dumbest thing anyone can do she reveals to the villain that she figured out it was them killing people while she s STUCK IN A MOVING CAR ALONE WITH THEM Sorry Had to get that out Claire needs to watch some horror movies and then do the opposite of what all the people that get killed do.So, what was this book about Not a whole lot The plot is very similar to the previous books Eve dresses up Goth and whines, Shane mopes and broods and gets in fights, Michael mopes and feels misunderstood, and Claire complains that she s not a kid while getting into the worse possible situations she can get herself into And why does Claire help out the bitch Monica and her friends with ANYTHING Yeah, she sort of gets blackmailed at one point, but helping out Monica s friend with her homework, seriously In Glass Houses THEY PUSHED HER DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS I understand that if Claire hadn t been in Common Grounds, certain events wouldn t have played out, but figure out a plausible reason to get her there, Caine And I m getting sick of Shane and Claire s dry humping Shane claiming he made a promise to her parents and his word means something is ridiculous Give me a break If he was so honorable he wouldn t go around picking fights and being a smart ass to everyone he meets If these were real kids he would have boned her already, age be damned Or they would be doing EVERYTHING except actually having sex The one thing saving this series though The vampires Especially Myrnin Myrnin is a crazy old vampire locked in a basement filled with books and contraptions He works for Amelie and she sends Claire to help him out because Claire is super smart He s funny and insane and the bright spot in this boring novel I wish the vampires were the main focus and the kids were the side story because both Myrnin and Amelie are underused.I m still having the same problem with this series that I ve had from the beginning Caine has some great ideas but she executes them poorly I don t feel emotionally attached to the characters and I could care less if they live or die And the end What the hell The book doesn t end with a cliffhanger, it ends mid scene This is such a terrible way to end a novel and it makes me want to throw it against the wall I ve got friends telling me this series only gets better, so I should keep reading Really, when does it get better Please tell me I think I ll read the next book when I want a reason to be pissed off Maybe if my expectations are super low I ll be surprised.

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    There are so many new pieces of intrigue in this book.

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    4 Time For A Day Off StarsHow much trouble could a 16 year old, almost 17, girl get into When you live in Morganville the answer isn t reassuring as Claire Danvers has come to realise It seems that since the moment she stepped into town trouble have a way of finding her and now that she has signed her life over to Amelie she can t escape getting even entangled with the city s vampires.Claire has some tough things to work through Amelie has her working in some uber secret stuff that she can t tell her friends, or anyone else about This combined with the fact that she hasn t exactly admitted that she signed the contract and with Shane s refusal to accept Michael as a vampire leaves our group with a strained relationship to say the least When you add dead girls showing up around their house you can understand why everyone is on edge.Claire grows up a lot in this book She is finally starting to realise that her choices have consequences and tries to keep herself and her friends safe She also starts to show of a smart ass side, the little scared mouse we met at Glass Houses is nothing like the yound woman we see here You turned me down So why, I wonder, did you decide Amelie would be a better choice She smells better, Claire said And she made me cookies The one person I was thinking of choking for most of this book was Shane The boy is so impossible at times The police arrest him and instead of co operating to get out of the mess, he gets into fights and insults the cops The moment anyone disagrees with him he throws tantrums filled of teenaged angst and of course you d take his side s And when his best friend turns into a vampire, to save HIS fucking ass, instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt he goes all prejudiced and You would be better off dead What an asshole.The moment Michael called him on his bullshit I was sooo happy You want to go, get the hell out, but you d better take a good hard look at yourself, my man Yeah, your sister died Your mom died Your dad s a violent, prejudiced asshole Your life has sucked But you don t get to be the victim any We keep cutting you breaks, and you keep screwing up, and it s enough I m not letting you whine any about how your life sucks worse than ours AND my favourite character in the series is introduced in this book His name is Myrnin, he is super intelligent but bat shit crazy and he tries to eat Claire, multiple times, after Amelie send her to be his lab assistant There are no words to describe the menace that is Myrnin except awesome.We learn plenty about Morganville and how it works in this book Many things still need better explanations and analysis but it s fun to watch the layers of mystery surounding the city wrap and unwrap themselves.And of course we had the usual cliffhanger A really cool one too.

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    Better than the previous two, in my humble opinion More world building, some new faces, information, some character growth After three books, I am giving up on trying to decide how I feel about the characters I just accept them the way they are and you know what Now that I m writing things down, they feel like real life people There is no perfect character So, I m done complaining Claire There are days that I love her, there are days that she gets on my nerves I try to keep in mind that she s 16 and that she left her home where she was feeling safe and protected, only to find herself in the nightmare of Morganville Parents had some kind of sin radar, Claire thought They always called when you were in the middle of something you just knew they d consider wrong Or at least risky.Goodies She s book smart, she is loyal to her friends and she s doing pretty well considering the circumstances In this book especially, she showed some impressive character growth Can t wait to find out how far she ll go.Baddies She is too nice to be true, and I don t say that in a good way Sometimes it s frustrating and some other times it s just ridiculous Don t get me started on her reaction to a very unfortunate event that happened in the previous book Her being book smart doesn t necessarily mean that she s smart in every way that counts.Shane Loved him in the first book Then it all went downhill, but he still has his moments If you ask me if I m okay again, I m going to smack myself in the face just to punish you.Goodies He s the wild card and his middle name is Trouble You never know what he ll do next Whatever it is, he ll move heaven and earth to make certain that nothing happens to Claire They have many cute moments together and there was a very touching one in this book.Baddies Enough with the brooding He s got daddy issues and he hates the vamps but he needs to snap out of it asap The making out sessions with Claire were cute at first, but I m a bit too old for raging teenage hormones.Michael I still can t decide if he s cool or boring He s only 19 but he feels so much older You know what we call pedestrians in Morganville Mobile bloodbanks.Goodies He s grounded and calm and his main goal is to keep his friends safe He and Eve make an amazing couple and prove that opposites attract He is the voice of reason occasionally He treats Claire like his kid sister Baddies His protective lectures can be very nice and efficient at times, but after some point they become a tad repetitive and boring He also needs to stop feeling responsible for everything that goes wrong I ve lost count of how many times he has said that it was his fault that something happened.Eve Love her Want a sister like her And about Shane, I swear, if he doesn t snap out of it, I m going to punch him in the face Well, punch him in the face and then run like hell.Goodies She s fire She can see red in nanoseconds and by the time someone blinks, it s gone She s got some of the best quotes so far She s treating Claire like her kid sister, but unlike Michael, she doesn t consider her to be an innocent child that needs to protected Baddies She lost it for a second during the second book, but that s minor slip considering the amount of fun that she brings into the series Secondary Characters Excellent From the meanest to the nicest they all have reasons to act the way they do, and they all have many layers that are waiting to be pealed by the reader Plot Dark, atmospheric and full of suspense These kids can t catch a break The moment that they solve a problem they are forced to face a new one Action packed, lots of twists, nobody is what they seem to be World building Bumpy start and I still have some issues with it Some may be answered or solved in the later instalments but some are just inconsistent For example, vampires are supposed to be superfast but there has been than one occasion where the kids outran them In one word Surprisingly addictive.

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    This series would ve been so much better if it was told from a multiple POV, especially from the Vampire s perspective I was really prepared to like this series but all the teenage angst, the boring plot, the stupid mishaps and even stupid heroine, who we are told time and time again is supper intelligent, makes this series excruciating The only bright spot in The Morganville Vampires series are the vampires I really wanted to see things from their POV and maybe a little bit about their background I especially wanted of the batty old vampire called Myrnin Instead, we are stuck in Claire s head and forever doomed to witness her and Shane dry hump each other to death Gah I m sick of Claire the MC being battered, abused, kidnapped and almost killed This girl is always ending up in dangerous situations she could easily avoid if she d use her so called intelligence Her teen buddies are equally annoying, contradictory and supper angsty I kept reading this series because of the hype and because I was told things improve but I m not seeing it I really don t want to quit on this series because I m really curious about the vampires and I also want to know where Ms Cain is taking this series, but I ve had enough of all the teen drama and poor decision making of the MC I won t be eager to pick up Feast of Fools anytime soon.

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    4.5 stars This is my favourite in the series so far because we re introduced to Myrnin who is nuts but endearing and I always loved him.

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    The I read, the I enjoy this series The characters are developing nicely, and we get to see of the vampire society undergirding the town We also meet a fascinating new character, Myrnin He s both adorable and one of the most terrifying and unstable creatures I ve ever come across in fiction Claire has her hands full in this volume, balancing new and difficult classes, her new contract with a vampire, her studies with Myrnin, a surprise visit from her parents, Eve s psychopathic brother, and an enemy who now wants her for an alley And the poor kid is still only sixteen She handles all of this with as much grace as she can muster, and she s mature for her age But she s still a kid Claire s housemates are going through a lot of changes, especially Michael, and everyone is tiptoeing around each other through a large chunk of the book However, when things start getting crazy, as they always do in Morganville, the friends band together and tackle their problems as one My favorite thing about this series so far is the friendship these four share But the plot is drawing me further and further in, and I m interested to see what happens next

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    Fans of Morganville Vampires rejoice We finally got a book that lives up to this series potential Or at least gets very close to it Which is cool.I really love this series and it pains me to give these books less than five stars Morganville Vamps can do five stars easily It just doesn t work too hard to reach that for some reason unknown to me yet.I never felt like continuing a series after giving the first book three stars Never That means that I found the series meh Meh doesn t want me to instantly buy the book and find out what happens next And yet Morganville always leaves me wanting Is it the fact that the series is amazing or should I blame it on the cliffhangers Or both I m going for both.I do hope that the next installments will be even better since Midnight Alley gave depth to the vampire universe Caine keeps on adding and details to her stories and characters and all this boosts up the quality of her books I am le extremely happy.I ll be picking up Feast of Fools asap.P.S Check this cool Wiki.Review also posted on

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    4.5 Stars Wow, another awesome addition to The Morganville Vampires series Once again, the author picks right up where the previous book left off Here s one of my favorite quotes from this book What is that, some freak ass Goth idea of romantic suicide You turning into a fang banger Shane to Eve There s a big secret that Amelie has told to Claire and she is to tell NO ONE Throughout this installment Claire is faced with a duty Amelie has required her to work on and it is a scary challenge for even the smart protaganist Claire She hates keeping secrets from her roommates but with the threat from Amelie, she is stuck between a rock and a hard place Dead people are showing up and it seems someone is trying to set up the Glass House Four to look guilty Eve gets bad news about a family members freedom and let s just say this someone is out for revenge.You won t believe who shows up at the end I couldn t wait to open up the next book You will be left very satisfied and at the edge of your seat.The characters are as awesome as ever in Midnight Alley New characters come into the picture with full force I love this series Onto Feast Of Fools book 4

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