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I loved this book even if it was a little cliche and I could not stop reading It killed me to have to stop when I got to work with only about 40 pages left to read Watching Sarah s character was like watching a whirlwind of efficiency blowing through life as she tried to be the perfect wife, mother, employee and yet never really satisfying anyone fully, including herself After she drives her car off a bridge and plunges into the river she experiences something akin to The Christmas Carol in which she is taken to view pieces of her past, present and future These experiences make her realize that in her rush she was missing out on some of the best parts of her life.Although personality wise I am unlike Sarah her character reminded me that sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy what is going on around you whether it be your family or just a nice day in the park Don t always be in such a rush to get from point A to point B that you can t soak what is around you.I highly recommend this book as it will draw you in and even bring tears to your eyes at some points This is one of the best novels I have ever read in my life It is beautiful Basically it is about a workaholic mother housewife who falls into the trap of looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places She accidentally drives her car off a bridge into the river in Chicago and has a near death experience, which is a huge wake up call It brings you to tears, it is so beautiful. Sarah Harper Is Driven, Pursuing Happiness In All The Wrong Places She Wants To Do Good And Not Hurt The People She Loves, Including Her Son, Mitchell, And Her Husband, Joe But Her Drive To Succeed Overrides All Else It S Not Until She Faces A Chance Encounter With Heaven And Spends Time With The Grandmother Who Prayed For Her Every Day When She Was A Little Girl That She Begins To See How Her Own Mother S Bitterness Created A Hole In Sarah S Life A Hole She Has Been Trying To Overcome For As Long As She Can Remember For The First Time, Sarah Sees That God Created Her For A Special Purpose When Sarah Returns To Her Own Life, She Is A Woman With A Mission And The Unsuspecting World Around Her Will Never Be The Same Again I was very excited about this book, I read Deborah Bedford a few months back and enjoyed the real feeling and characterization she puts into her fiction I have also heard wonderful things about Joyce Meyer but have never read her.I was not let down at all This book takes a real look at a woman who wants it all, perfect husband, perfect children, perfect house and perfect job But as most of us women know it s very hard to have it all To Sarah, work is what is most important at the moment They need the money she makes to live the lifestyle they have created and to give Mitchell and baby Kate all they need Joe has recently followed his dream of owning his own business and doesn t make the money he used to so it all falls on Sarah s shoulders or so she thinks.This book seems so real if you work outside the home and even if you don t you can see a little or a lot of yourself in Sarah So when she has her lifechanging moment, you really start to think about your own life.Though the novel is real it is not depressing so don t worry about that It just gives you a lot to think about and a lot to be thankful for I truly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to readingbooks like this. This is my first time reading fiction from Joyce Meyer I will have to admit I originally didn t like the character Sarah and because of my dislike for her I was going to call it quit Sarah reminded me of real life with the nasty self righteous behavior of many on Wall Street I could not take her neglect of family for a job with a boss who couldn t care less for anyone as long as he made money legally or illegally just to leave an inheritance for his ungrateful children I was being very judgmental, which is a no no for one who claims to be a child of the Most High I m glad I continued reading and became convicted making judgement on someone s character without knowing anything about them or trying to see life through their eyes This was a good lesson on applying the gift of Discerning of Spirit to a situation Sarah and her husband were having problems in their marriage which basically came to a head where life changing decisions had to be made After they made separate prayers to a God, whom they weren t really connected, their life changed dramatically From the beginning I was fascinated with the stranger who was a friend Wingtip of Sarah s eight year old son, Mitchell I came to appreciate the different characters after we were given their back story in various flashbacks and revealing reflections Sarah s story, at times, came in the form of A Christmas Carol where she was visited by different spirits past, present and future.Fascinatingintriguingthought provoking read A story to learn about someone else s life, but also one to make some soul searching based on truths presented What is our worth How does God use our circumstances, choices, decisions, events, etc to work out life according to His purpose Can we make a conscience effort to change and be completely transformed A reminder hurting people, hurt people I liked this book and recommend to all audiences, not just the religious community. Christian lit isn t my thing, and yet I seem to keep accidentally picking up Christian lit As soon as I realized it, I set this book aside It s not for me, but I m glad to see that it means a lot to other people I can t say enough good things about this particular audiobook It was fantastic The topics that were touched upon, I could really relate to Sarah is so busy with her life that she sees that she is neglecting her family but doesn t know how to go about solving her problem She can do things for everyone around her but when it comes to her family, the people she is closest to, it is so muchdifficult to make things right Throughout the book, Sarah forms a closer bond with God and learns to stop relying on pride and wants and starts to rely on God for all her needs Sarah s eyes and heart are opened in what can only be described as a life altering incident.Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford have written a book that is so necessary for our time A book of forgiveness, overcoming pride and anger is what I think so many of us need to hear right now This book touched me on a very intimate level and I feel as though I am aempowered person by hearing the message about God that Any Minute portrays I highly recommend this book to everyone It is a definite MUST READ I have read Joyce Meyer books before and fallen in love with her style of writing but never anything by Deborah Bedford Because of Any Minute, I will certainly be checking out Deborah Bedford s books Any Minute is written with such talent, knowledge and a love for God and spreading His word that I couldn t help but fall in love with this story and I know you will too. There were a lot of cheesy adjectives in the first chapter of this book, so I almost quit reading it But because I wanted to see what would happen to a woman whose car plunged over a bridge and into a river I plugged along and was soon rewarded the cheesy adjectives waned, and I began to see why the author might have chosen them I think she was trying to show how shallow the main character s life was prior to her near death experience.The book s message is an important one, and can be simply summed up in this quote from the book It is impossible to be both selfish and happy The main character had been living life in the fast lane, literally and figuratively It nearly ruined her marriage and her relationship with her children, and it almost cost her her life.The near death experience she had during the time she was submerged in the icey water was a lesson from God She saw during that time that her problems began all the way back at her conception But another quote from the book sums up an important lesson for her and for readers alike One mistake does not have to rule a person s entire life I would recommend this book to anyone, and tell them to push past the first chapter. 3.75 Stars Sarah lives and breathes rocket fuel, pushing faster, harder, steelier to reach the pinnacle of success that ever elusive state of be all end all superhuman perfection that place where she ll bask in the glow of the winner s circle and no longer feel like a dismal failure a blight on humanity Where the demons of her childhood no longer taunt You re worthless A mistake You ll never be good enough.pretty enough.neat enough.loved enough to erase the darkness of your failures Sometimes things happenAny minute life can changewe think we know how life will turn out, but it doesn t always work that way What Sarah doesn t realize is, perfection doesn t exist At least not in earthly terms Everyone is flawed Everyone makes mistakes Everyone, even those with the best intentions and purest hearts, will say and do things they will greatly regret But here s the kicker regrets left unchecked turn into pity parties And pity parties are poison to your soul and the souls of those in your rocket fueled wake of bitterness and self destructive behaviors Sarah, I know how hard your life has been for you Being resentful and feeling sorry for yourself hasn t done any good All you ve been thinking about is trying to make yourself happy, and God wants you to understand that s why nothing in your heart is working It is impossible to be both selfish and happy That line It is impossible to be both selfish and happy made me pause at great length Pity parties are one of satan s yes, I purposefully omitted capitalization greatest ploys to derail our lives Because if we re negatively focused inwards selfishly we are unable to be a positive, generous influence outward BITTERSWEET, REAL TRUTH One of the reason s I enjoy the teachings of Joyce Meyer she keeps it real She s been there, done that, and wrotethan a few good books about turning messes yours, mine, hers, ours into Messages And that is the strength of Any Minute the message in the mess beauty for ashes victory over defeat.This enlightening and engaging novel is somewhat a blend of realism and magical realism There are suspenseful and heartfelt elements of real life challenges and family marital dynamics and drama amid belief suspending elements that put me in mind of Dickens A CHRISTMAS CAROL, the television show TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, and William Paul Young s The Shack Which sounds somewhat wonky, for such a serious and tragic scenario a young wife and mother careening off a bridge into a murky, ice cold river For the most part, though, it works And works quite well So why the three star rating, you ask The overall story is creative, engaging, purposeful, and quite worth reading However, the writing lacks a bit of polish There are a few hiccups with phrasing and story flow And there were times when key scenes were left dangling like when Sarah took her son to work for a learning bonding experience in the bull pit, no less We learn the heartless boss is furious He s bent on severely dressing down Sarah for such an unprofessional infraction But then nothing comes of it The scene abruptly halts and jumps forward Rest assured, though, in no way would I deter anyone from reading this potentially life changing novel I simply pointed out literary observances, as I would with any book, for awareness only I urge anyone who has ever chased after happiness and came up empty, to read this book Or anyone who s ever struggled with the weight of regret or shame or worthlessness or emptiness In that regard, anything that brings us closer to the Healing Light and Power of God s Love, is worththan the measure of all the stars in the universe Another healing novel by Joyce Meyer, which merits reading The Penny Any Minute by Joyce Meyer, Deborah Bedford is a inspirational story of one woman s drive to succeed no matter what the costs A story of insecurity and child hood emotional abuse that will send Sarah into turmoil and making her see that faith is all it takes to overcome what has been done.Sarah Harper is motivated, ruthless and in all reality self destructive Mother of two beautiful children and wife of a husband that most of us would treasure she has been blinded to the gifts she has by the drive to prove to herself and others that she really does have great worth Unfortunately for Sarah she can t see what she has even though it is right in front of her face.It s not until one unfortunate day and one unfortunate event that Sarah is faced with the realization that she must make a choice of who and what she was and who and what she can be if she is to be given a second chance at life One life altering event to prove to her that God the Father is indeed listening and watching what she does to herself, her family and all those who come in her path on a daily basis.Can she see what destructive behavior has been driving her and change this before it is too late Can she accept the faith of God and Jesus to guide her on the right path for her, her family and all those lives she touches each and every day With the help of one old man who is one of God s treasured angels, the spirit of her beloved Grandmother Annie and the innocent love of her small son she will have a chance to redeem herself and have that second chance if she can just accept the faith that God and Jesus do indeed love her just as she is.

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Joyce Meyer is one of the world s leading practical Bible teachers A New York Times bestselling author, Joyce s books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ Through Joyce Meyer Ministries, Joyce teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on how the Word of God applies to our everyday lives Her candid communication style allows her to share openl