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Cannibalism Is Unquestionably One Of The Oldest And Deepest Seated Taboos Even In An Age When Almost Nothing Is Sacred, Religious, Moral And Social Prohibitions Surround The Topic But Even As Our Minds Recoil At The Mention Of Actual Acts Of Cannibalism There Is Some Dark Fascination With The Subject Appalling Crimes Of Humans Eating Other Humans Are Blown Into Major News Stories And Gory Movies Both Hitchcock S Psycho And The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Were Based On The Crimes Of Ed Gein, Who Is Profiled, Along With Others, In This Book In Eat Thy Neighbour, The Authors Put The Subject Of Cannibalism Into Its Social And Historical Perspective They Present A Lively And Informative Account Of Cannibalism, And Cannibals, From The Earliest Known Incidents To The Present Day They Include Cases Of Ritual Cannibalism In Early And Primitive Societies Such The Inhabitants Of Papua New Guinea Cases Where Famine, Poverty, Disease Or War Has Left No Alternative Cases In Mythology, Legend, Literature, And Fairytales Like Hansel And Gretel And Cases Of Individuals From The Middle Ages To The Present Mrs Lovett And Sweeny Todd, Jeffrey Dahmer, And Armin Meiwes, The Recent German Cannibal Who Found His Victim Via The Internet

About the Author: Daniel Diehl

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Eat Thy Neighbor: A History of Cannibalism book, this is one of the most wanted Daniel Diehl author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Eat Thy Neighbor: A History of Cannibalism

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    The first chapter of this book was brilliant, but afterwards it veres away from history, genuine history, and into a series of one chapter biographies on cannabalistic serial killers The shift is from anthropology history into True Crime For this reason I only gave the book 3 stars What is needed is a good history of cannabalism for our species That would be interesting This sort of book is simply lurid true crime non fiction with no in depth analysis of why as it relates to the greater history of the behaviour in our species All in all, an indifferent book Not Recommended.

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    This book was fantastic I enjoyed how it divided up the various circumstances where cannablism may arise such as during starvation or through religious and cultural beliefs as well as lots of information on numerous famous killers who happen to have eaten either part or all of their victims.

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    Exhilarating and stunning, a very precise and accurate research put into paper concerning a taboo topic

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    The first half of the book is very good for describing the World s murky history of cannibalism The latter half of the book with modern accounts of cannibalism tends to tip towards sensationalism and media hype While the descriptions are very thorough and disturbingly detailed I think if the accounts were written matter of fact like the first half of the book, I would have given a higher rating for this text A good read if you like crime crime thriller books with a real edge.

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    I must say this book is, in it s own way, educative and entertaining The first one third of the book elaborated cannibalism from a social and cult religious point of view The rest two third is probably my favorite part which includes thorough biographic stories on cannibalism cases.Overall, a worth to read book.

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    I was rather disappointed in this book as it dealt with criminals cannabalism, rather than the anthropology of cannibalism.

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    I think for someone who has no previous or vey little knowledge of certain serial killers and the roots of cannibalism , this book is a great start to get invested in such matters and dark aspects of human history.

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    A fun read Not too much new stuff here if you are familiar with the topic Nonetheless a fun and engaging read i recommend it to anyone who is interested in this topic.

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    For a book that includes a significant amount of gory details it surely is incredibly entertaining Authors sense of humor makes the best of it.

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    A nice documentation of cannibalism