Free eBook Consuming Grief: Compassionate Cannibalism in an Amazonian SocietyAuthor Beth A. Conklin –

nothing draws you to a book quite like cannibalism and while i think that conklin exploited the rarity and awe of cannibalism, I did think it was an engaging book. The bible of all anthropological ethnographies, and for anyone interested in the academic study of cannibalism among the Wari tribe of the Mourning The Death Of Loved Ones And Recovering From Their Loss Are Universal Human Experiences, Yet The Grieving Process Is As Different Between Cultures As It Is Among Individuals As Late As The S, The Wari Indians Of The Western Ian Rainforest Ate The Roasted Flesh Of Their Dead As An Expression Of Compassion For The Deceased And For His Or Her Close Relatives By Removing And Transforming The Corpse, Which Embodied Ties Between The Living And The Dead And Was A Focus Of Grief For The Family Of The Deceased, Wari Death Rites Helped The Bereaved Kin Accept Their Loss And Go On With Their LivesDrawing On The Recollections Of Wari Elders Who Participated In Consuming The Dead, This Book Presents One Of The Richest, Most Authoritative Ethnographic Accounts Of Funerary Cannibalism Ever Recorded Beth Conklin Explores Wari Conceptions Of Person, Body, And Spirit, As Well As Indigenous Understandings Of Memory And Emotion, To Explain Why The Wari Felt That Corpses Must Be Destroyed And Why They Preferred Cannibalism Over Cremation Her Findings Challenge Many Commonly Held Beliefs About Cannibalism And Show Why, In Wari Terms, It Was Considered The Most Honorable And Compassionate Way Of Treating The Dead I should just post my theory analysis of this paper here, but I won t Suffice it say I learned A LOT about cannibalism and it was interesting. Read for a class on Dying and Death This book does a great job of exploring a culture that processes death and loss in a dramatically different way from western societies Conklin gives the whole cultural psyche surrounding death and hunting and meat eating a very thorough looking over, which adds a lot of depth to their cultural practices of cannibalism, although sometimes I found it a bit long winded I also really liked hearing about the individuals of the Wari culture Really good read overall if you re interested in cannibalism or ian native societies The savagery is colonialism, not cannibalism. Completely fascinating and heart wrenching Don t let the content turn you away. fascinating, though very difficult to read at times. very interesting but hard to get through HI I LOVED THIS IT WAS SO INSIGHTFUL AS TO HOW WE PERCIEVE OTHER SOCIETIES AND THEIR CULTURAL PRACTICES WE PUSH OUR CULTURAL TABOOS ONTO OTHER CULTURES AND ITS SAD IT STRIPS PEOPLE OF THEIR OWN CULTURES AND VALUES I really really loved this though I can t recommend highly enough.