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A Long Fatal Love Chase this is a true gothic story and while I respect various opinions that it is a stalker book, a statement for feminism and a tale of escape from abuse, to me this book is a dark romance Tempest could be an early prototype for Anne Stuart s H s and I have wanted to ask her if she ever read this book.The story is an interesting juxtaposition between innocence and carnality and has a lot of duality The very name Rosamond has dual meanings it can mean either pure rose intimating innocence and chastity or it can mean rose of the world meaning knowledge and carnality That double meaning pretty much describes the h of the book Rose is drawn to the forbidden and Phillip Tempest is the greatest attraction she ever meets Tempest is compared to Mephistopheles, and like Meph of old, Tempest is both seducer and guide but it is Rose s will that makes it so She is a woman who likes dark passions and she is determined to experience them Rose has a yen for bad boys and Tempest really fits the bill Tempest is a liar, murderer and thief, but he is also passionate and romantic Rose and Tempest start an affair and then Rose finds out that Tempest is already married, she is torn between the real world conventions that she is a scarlet woman living in sin and the deep yearning that overwhelms her whenever Tempest is near When Rose leaves Tempest, it isn t out of fear, it is a combination of shame and furious anger, plus Rose s determination that Tempest is going to suffer She may love him than life, but she is going to win this contest of wills and he will come begging She tries to justify herself by saying the love of a good woman can save Tempest, but in actuality she is in thrall to his sexuality and he is going to have to work hard for his love slave, and in that light, the whole running off and him chasing her scenario s become a kind of extended foreplay.Curiously, Tempest never himself physically abuses Rose or even speaks harshly to her I believe Tempest truly loves her and IMO Rose takes off on this long, varied journey to keep him interested in her charms and focused on his predatory instincts Tempest is the cat and she is the mouse who really wants him to pounce and play Rose is very aware that Tempest has sophisticated tastes and her inexperience is not a bonus She has enough perception to realize that Tempest wants a challenge and she feels she is up to the task In the eyes of the world, her relationship with Tempest is disgraceful at the very least and thus her internal conflict between wanting to be acceptable in the world and her craving for the passion Tempest brings her Taken together her anger at his deception, her lust for him and also her ladylike morality all blend together to create a passion that is both wonderful and hateful to her Rose was raised to be good, her head tells her she needs respectability and social status, her heart just wants to be passionate with Tempest and there is no real way to reconcile the two Rose also thinks she wants to be free but she has the need to submit depend to a dominant power and this conflict plays out in her vacillation between Tempest and Ingatius, the Pure Hero Priest and the power struggle between the two.Her love for Ignatius has a dual role as well He becomes her conscious and he becomes her forbidden lure Again Alcott chooses to emphasize the duality that this story has so much of Iggy wants Rose like no other woman ever but he is a priest and it is his purview to emphasize the virtues of the time Pure love with no physicality except in the bonds of marriage, obeyance to duty and respectability these are Iggy s precepts and it is his will that Rose is expressing when she says she hates Tempest It is Iggy s determination that keeps her running even when she doesn t have to any and it is his words of forbidden love that keep Rose on the straight path until the end I suspect that had Iggy been the one to die, Rose and Tempest would have again run off together and that just wasn t socially acceptable at the time Alcott uses heavy foreshadowing throughout the story and so when Rose tells Tempest You will never have me again this side of death It is a good bet that the ending will not be a traditional HEA.Alcott was reputed to be greatly enad of the works of Charlotte Bronte, especially Jane Eyre Many of the elements in the beginning of this story are a sort of homage to JE The age difference between Rose and Tempest, the emphasis on the goodness innocence of Rose The mad wife allusion and the bigamy I suspect she also had a fondness for Emily Bronte if the ending of the book is anything to go by, she certainly seemed to like Heathcliff given Tempest s resemblance in many aspects The ending of this book strongly resembles Heathcliff s death and supposed reunion with Cathy in the hereafter Tempest, once again becoming the dominating force in Rose s life and ousting his rival permanently, finally succeeds in getting Rose in his full possession once again Granted he kills her and then himself, but I have a feeling that LA secretly thinks they are together in eternity but overtly gives the impression of tragic justice done Tempest s final words of mine in the grave further convince me that the deaths at the end are really meant to be an HEA but the only acceptable way LA could get the couple together was to kill them and hope for a better afterlife Ultimately, A Long Fatal Love Chase can be interpreted in a lot of ways, but for me it was a really good love story and an intriguing lesson at what lies under the surface of a lady who I had always thought of as an entertaining, beloved but kinda moralistic author. I was reading Little Women in the school library one ever so wintery day and it was ever so fun to pretend I was just making fun of it The movies are so stupid It seems like someone is running out with some big news every other minute This is spoilerish, if you re Joey on Friends Oh my god Beth just died Then someone else runs in We re having twins And then Daddy died in the war And then I m getting married My novel was published The nazis are coming On and on with the news Maybe it isn t as wholesome as I m remembering The headlines are The Commish instead of The Shield I ve never actually seen The Shield I do know that Alcott had a sick teen girl side that would ve written trashy fanfic about her favorite characters from Twilight Was it a bad thing that it remained unpublished until the slutty 1970s They loved smut in the 70s Bodice rippers and Luke and Laura Maybe it is better to concentrate on story rather than what you think the public does or doesn t want The news is delivered much the same way, only tabloid sensation than the boys in Newsies.This is just a reenactment using actors of me in the library feeling stifled by wholesomeness just like Ms Alcott I didn t take photos at the time I wanna read sexier stuff I was alive for nearly three months of the 70s How many of these beep books are there gonna be Rosamund lives on a crappy island with her crappier grandfather or was he her uncle She has no friends, never gets to do anything She s pretty desperate Straight out of any trashy gothic horror story, a mysterious rogue appears just as she s wishing to be taken away.Grandpa barters her away to the man in a card game Rosamund is delighted by the man because any company seems like good company after what she s had.Any guy seemed cool after the guys I knew Any steamy book seemed good Maybe it was fun to write this stuff Alcott probably shared filthy letters with L.M Montgomery.Oops, forgot to mention that his name is Philip Tempest He has a creepy little slave boy that he saved who lives with him on the yacht he takes Rosamund away on Rosamund falls for the boy, and the sexing It s only when she discovers that their marriage is false Philip is already married Gasp that she starts to think that maybe all of that sex isn t changing his soul and he just might be a creep who has slave boys on his ship, among other things like bullying women.Rosamund runs away and he always finds her Eventually, she stays in a convent to fall in love with a priest Tempest isn t giving up his ass until he s done with her True love will not prevail That s The Thornbirds.Alcott didn t try to pretend Tempest was an okay man He gets away with it because he s a psycho killer like in a Rutger Hauer movie Or the Energizer bunny Unfortunately, it still reads like a silly gothic novel despite that I didn t like that whole had to be married thing over being a total creep thing.Bonus points for the nuns It d probably make a better as in bad tv movie starring some fun actors. Review Dedication Many thanks to Cafe Libri Yahoo Group member and now Cafe Libri Lunch Community member Cari for her help with the research for the review.This was one of the best emotional roller coaster rides a book has taken me on in a long time I have never been a fan of Louisa May Alcott s books because they always felt a little too wholesome A Long Fatal Love Chase, however, shows that Alcott was able to write about the darker sides of human nature, especially as it concerned obsession.The book not only explores the obsessive dark nature of humanity, but it takes the reader all around the nineteenth century European continent It begins and ends, though, in a very fitting setting a remote island off the coast of England On this island lives a young and naive eighteen year old girl, Rosamond Vivian and her heartlessly indifferent grandfather After just a few pages into the book, Phillip Tempest, a devastatingly charming and handsome man who is twice Rose s age, sweeps the young heroine off her feet as they travel the world in his yacht the Circe The setting changes both because of their travels after being married and because of the infamous chase The reader is taken across Italy, France, and Germany to a variety of locations such as a convent, chateau, and even a mental institute The settings are brought to life with dark and vivid details There are also many land marks that alert the reader where the chase has taken the characters next.It s important that the setting takes the reader around the world because otherwise we wouldn t understand the fervor of the chase Everything begins like a typical love story, but even then there are a lot of foreshadowing hints of darker days to come Rosamond, in her naivet , does not understand who Tempest really is before it s too late About six chapters into the book, the dichotomous natures of the characters really becomes apparent the innocent versus the experienced The good and wholesome girl versus the power hungry evil man It is at that moment when Alcott takes the reader on the most dangerous chase where freedom, and even life and death, are at stake.Because the book was written in chapter installments for a newspaper, each section ends with a mystery that pulls the reader deeper into the story This is the perfect tactic to keep the reader on edge as if she or he were being chased in real life This writing style brings the story and plot to life Unfortunately, the character development suffers Rosamond is the only one who ever adapts and changes during the chase She begins the book at eighteen years old, a sheltered and lonely girl, and ends the book around twenty two or twenty three years old, jaded and suspicious of those around her because of the Tempest s harsh treatment and unfailing pursuit The rest of the characters feel a little flat because they are created to represent extremes about human nature There are numerous points where the reader feels as if Tempest is changing and growing, but he always reverts back to old and comfortable habits Ignatius, Rose s monk and confidant, is the polar opposite of Tempest He represents all that is good and healthy about love and sacrifice while Tempest represents the overindulgence and control that men from history often felt about life, especially during the Victorian era Rose s grandfather seems different by the end of the book, but the reader never sees how or why he changes because we are too busy with the chase Other supporting characters, such as Baptiste, Tempest s faithful servant, and Lito, Tempest s little Greek servant, offer interesting surprise developments during the progression of the story Regardless of whether the characters seemed realistic in their presentation, every single person the reader meets adds to the mystery and suspense There were many surprises as it s discovered that appearances can be deceiving, even with minor supporting characters.The themes and motifs of A Long Fatal Love Chase are tied to the characters with the most obvious theme being that appearances can deceive There are lots of allusions made to the devil and Mephistopheles, a demon who worked for the devil Other themes included women s freedom from an oppressive and patriarchal society, reflected in the role of a husband, women s yearning for monetary freedom to travel the world, whether or not monks and priests should have the religious freedom to marry, and the most important motif love Love is explored in all its heavenly glory and darker depths The reader is drawn into questions about whether love is fleeting, if it change over time, and who can truly claim that he or she loves someone based on their actions Love takes on its own life as it becomes a character in the book Love is obsession Love is not letting go of someone, or even the idea of someone Love is powerful and destructive Love changes It s the most interesting exploration of love since William Shakespeare s tragic play Romeo and Juliet A Long Fatal Love Chase was easier to indulge one s imagination into because the language was not as convoluted or archaic as Shakespeare s This attribute is because A Long Fatal Love Chase was written in the Victoria era.Because the book was written in the Victorian era, it relied on traditional Gothic elements to hold the reader s interest throughout the mystery and suspense of the story There were dark storms, eerie descriptions of people and buildings, and little mysteries that weren t solved until many chapters later in the book The cliff hanging chapter endings also contributed to the Gothic and sensational feel of the book Along with the Gothic literary devices, there were many similes and metaphors used throughout the book, like comparing Tempest to Mephistopheles These literary and mythological references were difficult to note or understand without some education of the history of literature There have been many critics who speculated that Louisa May Alcott included these cultural references as a shortcut in creating her characters, tones and moods after all, she wrote the book in just two months Some references in A Long Fatal Love Chase include Mariana in the Moated Grange, a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson about a young woman who is abandoned by her lover when she loses her dowry Ganymede is referenced to describe the Greek boy Lito Ganymede was an attractive Greek boy who became Zeus lover Even the character of the monk Ignatius can be compared to the Catholic Saint Ignatius because of their demeanor, attitudes, and histories For those who are reading A Long Fatal Love Chase and want information on these literary references, check out the text file located in the Yahoo Cafe Libri Reading Group.Some members in the Yahoo Cafe Libri Reading Group likened the story to something that Jo from Little Women would have written even going so far as to provide quotes from that book Jo did in fact write sensational novels but unlike Louisa May Alcott, whose story was published posthumously in 1995, experienced success with her writing Alcott s original reason for writing the story was similar to Jo s they both needed to make money to provide for their families Although brilliant as a transcendentalist, Alcott s father struggled to support his wife and children.Though Louisa May Alcott never published A Long Fatal Love Chase in the reading magazine as originally planned it was most likely dropped because of the scandalous content , it represented many of her sentiments in regards to women s rights Alcott wrote about ideas that were unpopular in her lifetime through the guise of this sensational novel During a time period when it would have been unpopular to say that women deserved to have freedom from their husbands, had a right to divorce, and should be allowed to keep their children even after said divorce, Alcott spoke out in a loud clear voice She firmly believed that women should not be treated like objects to be owned and conquered as she expressed in A Long Fatal Love Chase Because of the unpopularity of these ideas, her manuscript was overlooked Alcott has no answers to many of the questions she raised in A Long Fatal Love Chase, like why Tempest was so obsessed with Rose, but she does show how a bright young flower can wither and fade from being held too tightly A woman needs space to breathe, and this book hearkens to many sentiments that would be later expressed by Virginia Woolf s essay A Room of One s Own.A Long Fatal Love Chase is highly recommended to any reader, no matter your age, gender, or ethnicity It is a compelling read because of its fantastic story that gets you thinking about major life issues I fervently hope that this book is adapted into a film because it would be amazing to see this story brought to life through a visual interpretation Though many parts are predictable to a close reader because of the overuse of foreshadowing, the ending still leaves a chilling feeling in the pit of a reader s stomach It s a story that I will remember forever and would gladly read again just to live through the chase, both the romantic and frightening aspects of it, one time. If you ve ever wondered what Jane Eyre would be like if it was written by the author of 50 Shades of Grey while high on bath salts, well, LOOK NO FURTHER The book jacket of my version of this travesty of plot and character development is splashed with a newly discovered, previously lost novel from the author of Little Women Well, let me stop you right now, because this book has about as much in common with Little Women as it does with a kumquat Also, maybe it was a lost novel for a reason And maybe we d all be a lot happier if it had stayed lost The basic plot is that a fresh and innocent girl gag meets a handsome and mysterious stranger of course.He marries her, whisks her away for a year to the South of France, and then she discovers his TERRIBLE SECRET and runs away and he runs after her Sound sort of familiar Of course, along the way, we meet all sorts of original characters like evil priests, evil nuns, evil manservants, angelically beautiful pageboys, and well endowed actresses.What really makes the book special, and also the reason I almost stopped in the first chapter, is the INSANE LANGUAGE.He had drawn her out of the moonlight into the little room and still holding the hands that unconsciously clung to him he said, imploringly, My child, never go back to this man I know him and if I dared sully your innocence with such knowledge I would tell you the history of his life You love him still and struggle against your love, feeling that it will undo you He knows this and he will tempt you by every lure he can devise, every deceit he can employ Sorrow and sin will surely follow if you yield happiness never can be yours with him doubt, remorse and self reproach will kill love, and a time will come when you will find that in gaining a brief joy you have lost your peace forever.Also, the main male protagonist His name is TEMPEST I m not even done with the book yet I still have about 1 3 to go, but I figured my opinion is not going to change I AM going to finish it, if only to find out what kind of batshit crazy ending is pulled out at last I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it s gotten so insane that I m kind of enjoying the mayhem Fingers crossed for an amnesia plot twist I D Gladly Sell My Soul To Satan For A Year Of Freedom, Cries Rosamond Vivian To Her Callous Grandfather A Brooding Stranger Seduces Her From The Remote Island Onto His Yacht Trapped In A Web Of Intrigue, Cruelty, And Deceit, She Flees To Italy, France, Germany, From Paris Garret To Mental Asylum, From Convent To Chateau Stalked By Obsessed Phillip TempestTwo Years Before Little Women, Serialized In A Magazine Under The Alias AM Barnard In , This Was Buried Among The Author S Papers Over A Century A Long Fatal Love Chase has a true obsessed villian, a heroine on the run from him and a man she loves but can never have For fans of Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre, this book should be read and kept on your keeper shelf Rosamond our heroine wants adventure and to live life She is bored nd borderlined depressed She thinks her savior comes to her as an old friend of her grandfather s Philip marries Rose and whisks her away Things seem to be perfect in their marriage Philip and Rose have an incredible love and life Simply everything Rose ever wanted But then Philip s secrets come out Rose runs away and hence the name of the book comes into play.Where as Philip started out as the too good to be true hero of this piece, he turns into an obsessed madman He needs Rose back to complete his life no matter the cost to her or those she encounters Philip is so oily and sneaky that even though he does harm the heroine, he can t see the right or wrong in the situation He has no morals and wants to win Rose comes across as the stereotypical nieve heroine Hey, she did love the man afterall but she learns fast and tries to outwit Philip anyway she can, but the results don t end the way we the readers think it will For suspense, drama and an adventure of wits between two passionate people, this book has everything This is defintely not Alcott s Little Women A very dark and brooding story. Here is a tale of love and love lost Of good verses evil Of an angel and a devil.Be forewarned, this is quite a departure for our beloved Louisa May Alcott, if you re wanting another great American novel such as Little Women with it s quaintness, happiness, and steadfastness in family and sisterly love Love Chase is much darker and dramatic In fact, it was so sensational that even though Louisa s publisher asked her for a novel with absorbingly interesting cliffhangers, he couldn t accept this product of her imagination and print such a scandalous story In fact, it remained unpublished for than a hundred years after her death, until chance landed it into the hands of just the right editor who would dust the cobwebs off the story and bring it forth to the public in 1995.Rosamond Vivian, a sheltered 18 year old who lives with her uncaring grandfather in East England, has finally found a bit of adventure in the shape of a visitor to their little island, a visitor named Mr Tempest Away naive Rosamond is swept, in a flurry of frivolous fun and deceitHe was simply a man without a conscience Do you know, Rose, I sometimes think I have none Rosamond takes it upon herself to turn her lover upon the right path in life Tempest freely warns her in the first days of their companionship that he is not a good man he certainly couldn t be confused with a saint I did love her response,No, everything is possible with God I do not give you up I pity you, and love can work miracles, so I shall still hope and workGirl, you get an A for effort, because that s a tall orderRose, remember one thing I am master here, my will is law, and disobedience I punish without mercyThis life of adventure with an all too charming man begins to take its toll on Rosamond She is unable to bear the days half so cheerily as he strives to defeat her in emotional games He toys with her mind, and with her very being, her soul the chase is on It s a chase that was destined from its misguided start to end in tragedy of some kindYou love him still, and struggle against your love, feeling that it will undo you He knows this and he will tempt you by every lure he can devise, every deceit he can employ Note to the discerning reader There s so many topics covered in this book, such as suicide, murder, divorce, bigamy, deep obsession, and one too many other dark secrets To be honest though, I didn t feel that any of this was too sensational , especially for modern readers.To me, this novel certainly feel like an epic piece of refined literature such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame without Hugo s additional inner essays, thank goodness , combined with the intensity and intrigue of a Gothic classic such as Rebecca , and a unique cast of characters such as would be found in any Dickens novel Don t overlook Love Chase simply because it is one of Alcott s lesser known publications, as it ranks well with these other classics in terms of pathos, and a unique perspective on human nature.This is a story where our American authoress takes on the task of painting a colorful European landscape, creating a heroine who lives in England, not the States In fact, Louisa, I m sure, used much inspiration from her own European trips to vividly tell us all about some of the other countries whose shores are touched in this roller coaster tale, as the love chase bounds from location to location.Overall Certainly it felt thrilling and suspenseful while each chapter passed What fun it truly was to discover a different facet of Louisa s writing skill.Reading age level This is considered to be one of the few adult novels that Alcott wrote.My favorite quote just a random snippet that I love, when singled out from the bookWhat now, my little bookworm he asked, as he threw himself down on the couch near the table where she sat reading and lit his cigar always laid ready for himMy 2nd book is complete for the Louisa May Alcott reading challenge on I had a really hard time with this book because the antagonist in the story is just horribly manipulative, controlling, and scary For the first almost 3 4 of the book, I felt like I just had to endure Tempest s evil nature Having said that, it did keep me reading in hopes to find some resolution and peace for Rosamond in the end Well, peace of some degree came for a time in the form of a dear, attentive, true friend, Ignatius the priest I loved watching this relationship form with he and Rosamond, a stark contrast to Rosamond and Tempest s relationship It was just full of goodness It is when this dear priest appeared frequently in the book that I most enjoyed reading it There was one point in the book when I felt compassion for Tempest as he appeared to have a conscience and some hope of goodness only appeared, nothing really existed It was when he returned to his ex wife s place, discovered his son was alive, and gave Rosamond the information from her grandfather My compassion didn t last beyond that moment, and Tempest proved he had no goodness as he killed Rosamond in attempting to destroy Ignatius, as he plunged a dagger into his own chest, and as he attempted to take and have Rosamond, even in the grave His dying words were, Mine first mine last mine even in the grave What a horrible man I loved Ignatius s peace and confidence in the end, after losing his true love When Tempest is trying to take Rosamond s body and is saying she is his, Ignatius says, She is mine and you can never take her from me, for in time I shall rejoin her in a blessed world where such as you cannot enter Nothing can part us long our love was true and pure, and though forbidden here it will unite us forever in the beautiful hereafter I loved that, in a way and eventually, Rosamond will get her happily ever after I loved, too, that the idea of eternity, heaven, and continued relationships is brought forth I thought this ending resulting in Rosamond s death was really perfect for the story She would have never been free from Tempest had one of them not died The love between her and the priest could have never resulted in union So, while I hated to see Rosamond die after suffering so much and having such little happiness, I think that her happiness will yet be great.In conclusion, it really didn t like the story for the most part, but the conclusion intrigued me and the characters caught my attention in the end. This book is very much like what Little Women s Jo the character most like Alcott herself would have written Her phrasing at times is overly dramatized, much as her original sensationalized stories may have been The style is similar to her other book The Inheritance What I really loved about this book was the timeless theme of obsessive love which isn t really love at all, but a distorted sense of posession ownership of another human being Tempest s relentless pursuit of Rosamond is classic in the current themes of stalkers and abusive husbands of today SPOILER ALERT Interestingly, she did not have a happy end to her story as many of these situations don t However, it did somewhat take me by surprise but was perfectly fitting for the tone of this story Although the language style is dated and much exaggerated at times, I really enjoyed it and would love to see a film version. This was quite ridiculous But, at the same time, on a serious note, it also hit a contemporary chord when you look at Phillip Tempest s behaviour and his obsession with Rosamond It was almost stereotypical stalker behaviour Doing everything he could to catch her and not leave her alone, not accepting that the relationship was over, not respecting Rosamond s decision and desire to live her life the way she wanted and also thinking that his love and obsession were utterly benevolent in nature.