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This Raw, Moving Novel Follows Two Teenagers One, A Mohawk WearingYear Old Violent Misfit The Other, A GayYear Old Cast Out By His Family, Hustling On The Streets And Trying To Survive Acclaimed Author Davida Wills Hurwin Creates A Riveting Narrative Told In Alternating Perspectives Of Their Lives Before And After The Violent Hate Crime That Changed Both Their Futures This Tragic But Ultimately Inspirational Journey Of Two Polarized Teens, Their Violent First Meeting, And Their Peaceful Reunion Years Later Is An Unforgettable Story Of Survival And Forgiveness This Story Is Inspired By The Real Lives Of Matthew Boger And Timothy Zaal, Who Have Shared Their Story On The Oprah Winfrey Show And NPR

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    This had the potential to be really good, but I feel like the author missed the boat here Based on a true story of a hate crime, both the victim and the perpetrator worked with the author to tell this fictionalized version of the story However, almost the whole book was about the time leading up to the bashing, and the difficult childhoods experienced by each man There was almost no exploration of what caused this one time Nazi in the punk scene to change his views, or the process the victim went through to heal and, after meeting his one time attacker by chance years later, decide to work together with him That s the real story to me, and it wasn t told It felt like only half the story was there Shouldn t readers not only be told about hate and abuse but also learn how people are able to forgive and change as well Also, in terms of the writing, the author didn t characterize the family members very well, or differentiate the narrative voices enough, because I had a difficult time telling each narrator apart I kept having to check the fonts to tell which story I was reading While they had similarly abusive fathers and dysfunctional families, they are vastly different people and it shouldn t have been difficult Disappointing.

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    Freaks and Revelations tells the story of Doug, a seventeen year old punk rocker, and Jason, a gay thirteen year old kicked out of his house by his unforgiving mother Doug s anger slowly transforms him into a hateful person Jason scavenges a meager living on the streets, hustling and taking tricks to keep himself alive Then, on one fateful night, the two cross paths with the result being anything but good This book is about what led up to that horrible act, and the healing, learning, and forgiveness that follows.I liked the message in this book to appreciate everyone for who they are, and to hate no one Indeed, it was an insightful read and opened my eyes to the things that occur on a daily basis, whether I would like to know or not.I wish the writing was a bit passionate though I felt as if something was missing from the two character s stories The healing process at the end seemed a bit rushed.Overall this book reminded me of Ellen Hopkins books, except for the prose There are a lot of cringe inducing moments so I would only recommend this to people who think they can handle it.

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    When I first saw this book, the impression I got from it was not the same as what came from reading it I mean, I knew what it was about and all, but I didn t really expect it to be the way it was I didn t expect the N word to be in there at all I think that s a part of why this book was the way it was for me I started out loving Doug, feeling horrible for him, with his abusive father and everything, and loving him so much from the very second he saw the Ramones play and threw on that punk attire He was badass and amazing and totally knew what he was all about, and because of that, and because of his childhood, I was able to ignore his racist ways for most of the book, until it got really bad Until he became a skin head and hung out with Nazis and almost killed a kid just because he was gay Until his stupid biker girlfriend beat up a Spanish woman just because she wasn t white Until his little girl and boy sat in the cart at the grocery store pointing at a black woman and calling out that they were the N word I hate Doug now, and it doesn t matter that he changed because all of that is just so horrible He could have ended world hunger and I think I would still hate him It doesn t matter that Jason the gay kid who he almost killed forgave him, or that the read Doug and Jason Matthew and Tim are friends I myself can t forgive him and I kinda hate myself for not being able to but I just can t It was disturbing and Racist Prejudiced attitudes and behavior just get to me I guess I felt so bad for Jason He, I was able to love throughout the entire book I almost cried for him when his mother threw him out When his dad stopped looking at him, when his brother said that he wasn t his brother any And my heart reached out to him when he was alone on the streets, and throughout all the dirty horrible things he had to do just to stay alive He was only fourteen and nobody loved him just because he was gay It was so sad His mother was psychotic, and I hate her for what she did to him Maybe it s because I got to love Jason so much, that I came to hate Doug so greatly Maybe if he d beaten some random gay kid who d never been mentioned to me, I wouldn t despise him now I don t think so Maybe I d hate him less, but I d still hate him This being a true story to some degree makes it all so much worse I dunno All in all, I found the book fairly enjoyable It was a good read and it went by quickly and it was easy for me to see what the characters were going through, but the end ruined it for me I know that it s how the story really goes, but Davida could have written in depth about Doug and Jason s transformation after the incident rather than skimming over it as if it was unimportant, which is just stupid since there were plenty of pages of Doug just doing drugs or trying to cheat on his girlfriend I gave it three stars, but I guess I m being a little generous.

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    This book is what I would call insightful It s a definite eye opener to the world around you Davida Hurwin did an excellent job building these characters Based on Matthew Boger and Timothy Zaal s story Davida managed to really catch the message they were trying to get across.I cried during this book being an adult I see this all around me and it s disturbing I was glad to see a YA book that was so honest and straightforward No sugarcoating was involved.While my daughter is still too young right now, this book will be staying on my shelf till she s old enough to read it I think it s so IMPORTANT to educate our kids about being prejudice and I think that this book can aid in that It can definitely get the message out to different groups of kids effectively.Personally I think this book would be great for kids from about 8th grade on up Maybe even younger at the parent s discretion I think it should be on ALL library shelves.For parents If you have teensbuy this book for your kids or get it from the library It teaches us something so vital in lifeACCEPTANCE.

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    The book tells the separate stories of two young boys, who grew up in different ways, but yet there are similarities and through the story, we see the evolution of the protagonists view spoiler I never saw a kid that night I saw a creature, an enemy, taking something that belonged to me That s not an excuse, I know there is no excuse, no good reason It s not an apology either Apologies don t really help The thing is done, I did it At first we meet Douglas.Doug grew up with his brother Carl, his sister Chelsea, and their parents When he was young, he had a bike accident and as a result he has a metal pin in his hip and suffers from it.One day, Carl got shot by a nigger Later, Doug discovers Punk Rock, and a whole new world opens for him During his teenage years he drinks, takes drugs and his ideas and behavior like racisme, homophobia become and extreme I survived that night because I didn t yet understand about love or families or how life is supposed to go Or maybe I survived so I could tell my story Whatever, Doug s right apologies don t change things The other boy is Jason He grew up with four siblings Paul, Marianne, Dave and Kaitlyn , and their parents His parents divorced, he went to a catholic school and took dance classes When he was 13, he told his family that he was gay, and he ended up thrown out one the streets hide spoiler

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    Davida Wills Hurwin worked closely with Timothy Zaal and Mathew Boger to tell the story in Freaks and Revelations, which was inspired by the two men Zaal and Boger first encountered each other when they were teens, when Zaal brutally beat Boger because he is gay, and left him alone and bloody in an alley The men later reconnected, by coincidence, when working with The Museum of Tolerance After their story was reported in the LA Times, Hurwin s agent approached her about using their real life story as the basis for a book.Freaks and Revelations is the book that came from that story While most of the book is fictional, the beating in the alley and their subsequent reunion is true Hurwin s book traces two young men, Doug Zaal and Jason Boger through their lives, trying to explain how one became so very angry, while the other found the strength and courage to go on and, eventually, to forgive Hurwin s words are powerful, and while many will object to the language, drug use, sex, and situations in this book, the story represents the truth of Doug and Jason s lives While most readers will not have lived the extreme lives of these two young men, they may identify with feeling unaccepted by their parents or peers, and they will know what it means to feel trapped by their surroundings Freaks and Revelations shows that people can change for the better, though it doesn t happen overnight or easily While this book would spark good classroom discussion, it will be controversial with some and might be a better choice for outside reading.

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    Freaks and Revelations by Davida Wills Hurwin is based on true events and tells the heartbreaking story of prejudice, hate and redemption We meet two boys from two very different backgrounds set on a collision course that will impact and change their lives forever What happens when a skinhead Neo Nazi meets a young gay boy all alone and living on the streets Will ignorance and prejudice just breed violence or can love and understanding change hearts This story is a tearjerker that paints an ugly portrait of growing up alone and without parental guidance or care during the volatile 70s Beautiful in its lyrical writing and moving content, this book is a must read I would most definitely recommend this to parents of all ages It s never too late to learn how to show your kids love and acceptance no matter what It s also never too late to teach compassion and understanding I recommend this to teenagers struggling with sexual identity or those trying to understand someone else s struggle A great book to use for teaching real life experiences about hate and prejudice.

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    The novel Freaks and Revelations by Davida Wills Hurwin is a crazy story you would never expect to be real Freaks and Revelations is about two very different teenagers, a seven teen year old named Doug and a four teen year old named Jason Doug is a violent misfit neo nazi who basically hates everyone Jason had a life no one would really want because he was kicked out of his house for being gay The story took place around ten years after the civil rights movement was ended, so a lot of people still weren t really accepted in society yet Most of the story looks in to Doug s and Jason s lives before they encountered each other These two characters seemed very realistic from the time they lived in Doug was only one of the many racist people back then and Jason was not excepted to the family for being gay because it wasn t socially correct and his family was also christian I really enjoyed reading the book and then I found out it was based on lives of two men It s odd how things can work out for better or worse.

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    An overwrought, overated, and, what really bugs me inaccurately detailed look at a punk on gay hate crime of the LA variety Although Hurwin gets the basic trajectory punk hardcore skinhead trajectory down right a tough arc to get wrong , she makes the classic narrative goof of trying to add realism to her background by adding too many details that are simply wrong For example her punk goes to see Black Flag at the Whiskey in 1977, where singer Dez Cadena jumps on him Not only was the band not called Black Flag in 1977 and Dez Caz almost three years away from picking up the mike, there weren t even bands like Black Flag playing the Whiskey in 1977 It s like having your character go see the Beatles at Woodstock jarring, needless details which the author thinks are smart but are just really, really dumb.

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    This book is based on a true story about two teenagers who stand out it s told in two perspectives Jason, 14, ends up, towards the end of the book, being beaten up by Doug, 17 Then, nineteen years later, they see each other again and apologize.This book was definitely not my favorite I had to roll my eyes every time Doug said That s Punk or even when the author capitalized the word punk I only picked the book because it had an attractive cover Pretty Rainbow Words which has taught me NOT to judge a book by it s cover And that expression most often means when you read a book with the most horrifyingly ugly cover, and it s a pretty great book except, unfortunately, this book is the opposite Can someone PLEASE make an uglier cover for this book