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AN UNLIKELY PARTNERSHIP I enjoyed this book so much that I find myself going every few days to bask in pure love of the main men.Dane is a boxer, scarred and considered not very smart because of the way he looks and talks His appearance says strong and tough but never was there a man gentle and fragile He is a just a poor man searching for someone to love and to have someone love him in return working as a janitor at a local university he meets the man he is destined to love but Noel is way out of his league A rich and smart man he could never grow to love a boxer as scarred and unintelligent as he is.Noel has no idea whether he is gay or straight, having no sexual experience since an accident left him disabled with a busted leg Any form of sexual excitement leaves his leg hurting and his ego small He cant help but being drawn to the beautiful Dane his innocence and his pure heart,but how can one so beautiful be attracted to a cripple.This story is just so sweet and I love the role reversal, makes for an interesting love scene Theres something sexy when a strong and masculine character becomes submissive to his less masculine partner This story is about innocence and prejudices that people tend to have for someone who doesn t quite fit the mold Dane and Noel will have a lot to overcome but the way they love each other is just so sweet This will show you that not always do you need to be book smart or rich, to come out on top. What a great read I really did love this book for a number of reasons Dane Connelly is without doubt one of the sweetest, most innocent characters I ve encountered in a long time and Noel Atherton was interesting and the perfect man for him They needed each other and they found each other, which was lovely The supporting characters were terrific too Mr Trent, Gilbert, Charlie and the various boxers at the gym On the other hand Noel s father was heinous, as were those he manipulated to hurt his son s relationship and hurt Dane himself.I know some people had a problem with Daddy being used in the bedroom but here s the deal it was a fantasy and it was also an outlet for two people desperately needing to express themselves for two reasons 1 Noel was crippled in one leg after a car accident, that also killed his mother, so he felt less than a man, his father made sure he perpetuated that belief, 2 Dane needed someone to rely on, to take pressure off him, he needed love and kindness, not the rough, meaningless, brutal sex that people felt he was going to inject into their encounters because he was big, raw and muscular Being able to use Daddy in the bedroom allowed both of these men to free themselves of the outside stereotypes that people automatically placed on them It allowed Noel to feel strong and Dane to feel comforted Noel was the dominant, Dane the submissive and people would never have guessed it based on outward appearances Psychologically speaking, it was absolutely spot how Jan Irving incorporated this into the story It was also interesting that the world of academia were not so supportive of a gay relationship yet the boxers were, albeit cheekily at times I also loved Dane s gentle treatment and love of his pets friends and his optimistic outlook on life, even after life threw him some pretty rough punches I also enjoyed Noel s progression from a shy, scarred, a sexual man to a loving, free spirited partner He struggled with Dane boxing, which was understandable, but he needed to support Dane s passion and what made him feel good about himself, what gave him his identity I loved how it was Noel who got Dane through the critical boxing match when the others, who supported him often in his boxing pursuits were ready for Dane to throw in the towel This book delivers a one, two knockout to stereotypes and is definitely a keeper I have just re read it again and enjoyed it just as much Oh yes, the sequel The Boxer is fabulous too Jan Irving is now on my must read list. When I first began reading this, I found Dane s voice to be so endearing that my hopes were rather high that this would be a great read, but it just kept disappointing me.Dane s looking for the right man who will look past his brawn and take care of him He wants love and a real relationship, not just a series of anonymous romps in back alleys He thinks he s found his perfect man in Noel People often take advantage of Dane because they see a big guy who s a little slow and they figure that that s all there is to him But Dane is a very sweet character, the kind you cheer on and hope gets his happy ending He reminds me of a cross between Rocky Balboa Rocky and Ray Kowalski Due South He s got Rocky s simplicity and heart, and Ray s speech patterns and energy.Despite how endearing I found him, Dane s characterization is inconsistent His parts of the story are told from his first person viewpoint We get a rich narrative of events from him, but his speech and the words he uses are sometimes at odds For example, he uses a lot of slang, contractions, and eye dialect, yet he uses the proper form of you are It lends a slight foreignness to his speech that I found distracting There were also times when Dane seemed much too child like for my own reading comfort There were a few key scenes where it was actually rather off putting, especially given his sexual relationship with Noel.Noel is a physically challenged, sexually repressed, rich boy academic living under his father s thumb He and Dane enjoy talks on a number of subjects, and I think Noel is drawn to Dane through his charming, yet artless, chatter Through the course of the book, Noel has a lot to deal with his dominating father, his growing relationship with Dane, his physical limitations but we don t get as much insight into his actions and motivations as we do with Dane Where Dane s narrative is open, Noel s is ambiguous This did further the plot of the story, but it still left me feeling that the narrative as a whole was uneven.With Noel s reticent personality, I was expecting a slow, healthy build up to a sexual relationship with Dane Noel needed time, in my opinion, to gain confidence in himself and get over many of the issues that were holding him back What I got was a too sudden sex scene in a college reading library It seemed too soon in the story for Noel to be ordering Dane to get naked and lie back on a desk His sudden confidence went against everything I knew about the character at that point in the story Just a few pages earlier, Noel had admitted that he hadn t even allowed himself to think in a sexual way in years It didn t ring true of his personality or his past that he would suddenly go from being a shy, reserved, and somewhat submissive man to a confidant, sexual man who enjoys dominating his partner.Throughout the story, there are the usual little ups and downs and small misunderstandings between Dane and Noel While a few of them were realistic given their personalities, the rest didn t really work for me I didn t like that when Noel suddenly stops coming around, Dane believes that Noel only wants him for sex because no one else has ever wanted him for anything else Dane seems too accepting and matter of fact about his past and too loyal to Noel to assume this after one missed visit I could be wrong, but I thought Dane would be the type of person to go to Noel and ask him what was going on rather than assuming the worst with little evidence.The subplot of Noel s father was interesting in that I found his father to be a devious, nasty, old bastard I enjoyed wondering what awful thing he would attempt next in order to get his son away from Dane He was a completely over the top character and I admit I liked that about him I suppose if the rest of the story had been better written, I would have seen him as quite ridiculous, but since it wasn t, I just decided to take him as we was with few expectations.I thought that Dane being artistic was a lovely touch given his rough job as a boxer, but I didn t feel he was educated enough, nor mentally capable enough, to get into the prestigious art college he was in toward the end of the story I was left with the feeling that he was only there because of the strings Noel and his money must have pulled for him I also got the impression that he was going along with the college idea because it was what Noel wanted Art seemed to be something Dane loved, but not something he needed an art degree in in order to be happy doing I certainly understand what might have motivated the author to do this I did want Dane to be happy in a safer line of work doing what he loved doing but I felt it was a disservice to the character for it to be done in the way it was.As a side note, the whole call me Daddy thing really squicked me, especially when I take into account Noel s issues with his father and Dane s, in my opinion, questionable mental age.There were positive aspects to the book, but I just couldn t get past the many disappointments it had for me in order to enjoy them.My Rating 2 of 5 Starshttp iheartpaperbacks.com At first glance, it would be rather easy to pass this off as a bad book Without a doubt, The Janitor is not a stellar piece of quality fiction However, the plot and characters ideas are intriguing and could have been crafted in such a way to deliver a complex and emotional journey as these two men find love Yet the author commits several glaring and amateurish mistakes, which turn this novel from something with potential to an exaggerated stereotype, filled with homophobic dialogue and one dimensional characters Seeing as this is the debut novel for the author, one hopes future novels will grow from these mistakes into a fully realized and developed plot with complicated and involved characters None of which was present here, but lurking under the bad writing is a hint of possible potential.The plot revolves around Dane, the actual janitor, who befriends Noah and the two embark on a pseudo BDSM sexual relationship complete with role playing, fantasy fulfillment and the evil, controlling father with money than God manipulating it all The exaggerated tropes and obvious plot devices did the story no favors and created a predictable course of action down to the final resolution, which was incredibly unbelievable and unrealistic even considering the outrageous artificial world the author created The story attempted to infuse emotion in its prose but failed due to poor writing, inconsistent pacing, and empty stereotypical characters.The third person POV writing was a big mistake The writing was third person alternating between Noel and Dane s perspective yet written with such prose and phrasing as if the story was first person point of view from Dane, therefore creating a low level of quality writing While this could be acceptable if the story had actually been written from Dane s POV, but the choice to use third person simply resulted in a badly written piece of fiction that jars the pace and flow of the story From word choice and phrasing to exaggerated emphasis, the story reads from Dane s perspective as an uneducated, simple, yet sensitive man This could have been handled many different ways instead of giving the impression the author is a poor writer.The characters are often flat and stereotypical using a variety of almost insulting themes for gay men and clearly a woman s idea of gay men and relationships While this wouldn t even be cause for mentioning but the over use of slang, and gay tropes is glaring From the use of the word date for any sex Dane has to the comment from a random hookup about not wanting to hear talking during sex or he wouldn t be gay, these glaring stereotypes are distracting For example Who you talkin to, queer boy his trainer asked him Someone very nice, who I hope to impress I m just tryin to memorize some things, you know I thought you boys just fucked each other s asses What s there to talk about None of this is helped by the author s portrayal of Dane He s supposed to be a sweet, sensitive, big hearted man who s not dumb but just uneducated Yet throughout the book Dane constantly tells himself and others how stupid he is and rarely, if ever, is he contradicted Even his friends make excuses for his mental inadequacies to the point that it is surprising Dane can function at all His sweet and trusting nature is shown time and time again as is his misguided notions about love, trust, pride, and being a man Dane claims he likes to be told what to do and this is clear as his decision making processes and ability to understand even the most simplistic concepts seems to elude him Whether Dane truly enjoyed being dominated sexually or just knew he needed someone to help him survive the various pitfalls of life is debatable The character is somewhat likeable but pitiable as the author repeatedly makes him stupid than believable.Which brings up Noel, Dane s sexual dominant and a man in need of serious therapy Noel is a sheltered cripple living with the typical overbearing and evil father Noel can t seem to stand up to his father and going so far as to belittle Dane repeatedly both in front of Noel s father and even in later arguments referring to Dane as stupid and a moron This kind of abusive relationship they have in no way supports a healthy BDSM relationship not to mention the creepy way Noel calls himself Daddy considering the numerous father issues he has Noel claims to own Dane early on in the story yet fails Dane repeatedly throughout the book with no consequences since Dane forgives Noel easily and without much thought This uneven and ultimately unhealthy relationship supposedly ends happily with Noel in some much needed therapy.There are additional characters such as the overbearing, evil father who has money and power to manipulate everything from Dane s job to his apartment with the requisite and predictable physical violence The man is of course in the closet about his own sexuality and has anger management problems, going so far as to urinate on his son s bed at one point Because of course a rich, successful doctor who is a cardboard cut out for evil would do something like that The father as well has a totally unbelievable and melodramatic ending, which actually fits in well with the over the top and overdone ridiculous final fight scene Why call the police on a potential murderer when you can instead agree to a boxing match and prove your manliness This plot twist made absolutely no sense and just capped off a poorly written story.From beginning to the end the author uses the easiest and most obvious choices instead of imbuing subtly, complexity, and interest into her story The attempt to make the reader emotionally connect with Dane fell flat because while he certainly is portrayed as an innocent, sweet man he is also close to being completely helpless with his lack of mental ability Thus it is painful to watch the repeated betrayals he s subjected to on every level Add in the poor phrasing with homophobic overtures and unrealistic behaviors littering the pages and this is an unfortunate failure For those readers of the m m genre that prefer their romance well written, well crafted, with three dimensional characters pass this one by I was lured by the gorgeous cover and should have read the excerpt. From the cover I went in expecting a boxer type who was kinda blue collar and rough around the edges Yeah, and maybe a little dirty heh I can see what the author was trying to accomplish, but there is a difference between a character who is a little dim, to someone who needs a caregiver The elements needed to make good D s pairing were not apparent, the plot required a great deal of suspention of disbelief and I m afraid I found this a difficult read to finish Nice cover though Dane put his hands on his jeans and then hesitated If I take off my pants for you, it means I love you a little, okay Noel swallowed Love Yeah, see, I promised myself a long time ago I wouldn t screw anyone without caring about them, even a little, so I always find some kind of love inside me before I take off my pants So I m no different from those other men No, you are I m just telling you that if I show you my parts, it s because I love you as long as that s okay with you I won t love you if you say I m not allowed He didn t have a problem doing it with some bald guy with a tattoo of Bambi on his head in the back of an alley Did he love him a little too DNF at 17%. All Dane Connelly wants is to be a great boxer and find the love of his life It seems he finally got an answer to one of his prayers the day he met Noel Atherton at the University library where Dane works as a janitor The attraction was instantaneous and beneficial for the two because Dane brings out the protective side of Noel while Noel answer s Dane s unspoken need of being valued Problem is, Noel s father doesn t approve of their relationship and will stop at nothing to keep them apart.I think the strongest aspect of the story is with Dane s characterization Described as having a body like Superman and eyes like Bambi I couldn t help but fall in love with is child like optimism and positive outlook in life He is good natured almost to the point of being naive so it s heartbreaking to read when he gets taken advantage of by other people Good thing Noel s there to make sure he s well taken care of.If only the kinks and sex toys were taken out of the story line, this book could ve earned another star from me Good thing Dane s adorable best friend Goldie almost made up for that little pet peeve Almost I was very impressed with this story And while it contained enough sad moments to not re read it any time soon, it was also beautiful, heart wrenching and touching It reminded me a bit of Tim.The only small things that bothered me were that there was no clear delineation of the passage of time and the sad story of Arthur s past view spoiler I can understand we all make mistakes, but I found it hard to believe that all the hateful things Noel s father did were because of his own failed relationship with his former male lovers Or that he could be capable of kindness after having years to harden his heart hide spoiler I M A Naturally Optimistic Type Of Person, You Know Yeah, I Think Good Things Will Happen, Only They Usually Don T Take Noel Even Though He S Educated And Rich And He Don T Think He S Even Gay, I Want To Belong To Him I Want Him To Take Me Completely Dane ConnellyDane Connelly Is A Gay Janitor And Boxer With A Soft Heart And A Simple Outlook He Wants To Meet The Right Man, Someone Who Will Look Past His Macho Sport And Put Him In The Place Of A Submissive He Wants To Fall In Love And Belong To His PartnerOn The Surface, Noel Atherton, An Intellectual, Shy, And Sexually Repressed University Graduate Student With A Crippled Leg, Could Not Be The Dominant Lover That Dane Longs For But After Their First Meeting, When Dane Disables The Fire Alarm In The Library And Lights A Cigarette, Noel Is Drawn From His Shell Soon, Noel Needs To Touch Dane, Exploring His Sexuality For The First Time And Both Learn That Looks Can Be DeceivingHowever, Noel S Controlling Father Is Appalled By The Relationship And Quietly Arranges To Get Dane Out Of The Way And Punish Him For Daring To Love A Man So Far Above His Station I found Dane a sweet and innocent character despite his mental limitations Noel was a perfect match for him with his intelligence and determination to help Dane achieve what his goals are Very likeable heros with a sexy and sweet plot I loved it