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The Phenomenon That S Been Sweeping The Country Seems To Be Here To Stay Not Only Are The Teenagers Who Have Come Back From Their Graves Still Here, But Newlydeads Are Being Unearthed All The Time While Scientists Look For Answers And Politicians Take Their Stands, The Undead Population Of Oakville Have Banded Together In A Group They Re Calling The Sons Of Romero, Hoping To Find Solidarity In Segregation Phoebe Kendall May Be Alive, But She Feels Just As Lost And Alone As Her Dead Friends Just When She Reconciled Herself To Having Feelings For A Zombie Her Homecoming Date Tommy Williams Her Friend Adam Is Murdered Taking A Bullet That Was Meant For Her Things Get Even Confusing When Adam Comes Back From The Grave Now She Has Romantic Interest In Two Dead Boys One Who Saved Her Life, And One She Can T Seem To Live Without

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    WARNING If you have not read Generation Dead, this review will contain SPOILERS DO NOT CONTINUE if you haven t read it Welcome back to the world of zombies Teenagers in America are continuing to rise from the dead and return to a semblance of life Not everyone returns as a zombie and not everyone is happy about all the people that do return as zombies.At the end of Generation Dead, Adam took a bullet to save Phoebe s life As a result, he died and returned as a zombie, but without most of his regular functions He can barely walk, talk, or do anything without the help of somebody Surprisingly, his family has taken him in than they did when he was alive.Phoebe has also started to take of an interest in Adam now that she realizes his feelings for her Adam had always loved Phoebe, but always from afar, and it seemed like his chance was gone when Tommy and Phoebe started dating but when Adam saved her life, she saw how much he truly meant to her.Since he has been back, Phoebe has been spending all her time with Adam but things don t seem to be going anywhere She knows that it is all her fault that he is now dead but she still can t seem to decide whether or not she loves him or Tommy Tommy never really seemed to love her, but the idea of her, and Adam doesn t seem to love her at all any.Meanwhile, some a group of renegade zombies has decided that they need to take action against the crimes that are being committed against zombies all over the nation Most of their actions are just stupid pranks but when things go wrong and people start going missing, the zombies are always the first to blame And there group has only made them seem like the guilty party.Will Adam and Phoebe ever truly be together or will Tommy always stand in their way Will the nation ever find out the truth about the crimes committed to frame the zombies Who will live and who will die, for good Kiss of Life was a fantastic sequel to Generation Dead Daniel Waters continues to do an amazing job of revealing the true nature of the zombies thoughts and feelings, along with showing the continuing discrimination against them These are definitely not the flesh eating zombies of the past, but a new kind, one that only wants to live in peace with the living.To find out , you can actually visit the main character, Tommy s, blog at mysocalledundeath.com.

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    sighs Sadly this might turn out to be a very short review I was really looking forward to reading Kiss of Life because I loved the first book Generation Dead Generation Dead was action packed and thought provoking The cliff hanger ending had me really eager to start reading Kiss of Life Unfortunately, Kiss of Life was lacking in everything that made Generation Dead such a zombielicious book Kiss of Life starts off right where Generation Dead left off, but instead of being an exciting continuation to an exciting cliff hanger, it was actually kind of slow moving and dull Phoebe and the gang do not really do much of anything for most of the first 300 pages or so The only really interesting parts for me were the chapters which were shown viewed from the newly undead Adam It was pretty cool to see the whole story viewed from Adam especially because he was alive in the first book The rest of the characters just fell flat for me this time around Even the super villain Peter was really boring Speaking of villains, I really wanted something exciting to happen with the villains in Kiss of Life Most of the villainous action occurs in the last 50 pages of the book There should have been of it and much sooner in the book The pace of Kiss of Life was just way too sluggish for me Despite my dissatisfaction with Kiss of Life, I will still read the next book in the Generation Dead series The ending was strong enough to leave me wondering what was going to happen next I probably won t rush out to get a copy though.

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    Welcome back to a world were some teenagers rise up from the dead and walk among us A world were science still hasn t figured out why some teens come back and some remain dead Not everyone is happy these zombies are walking around That these differently biotic teens are going to school and mixing with the living It is a dangerous world for the living impaired.At the end of the first novel in this series, GENERATION DEAD, Adam took a bullet for Phoebe Adam loved Phoebe from afar, but stepped aside when she showed an interest in Tommy, a differently biotic boy Adam didn t give a second thought to giving his life to protect Phoebe and he didn t think about coming back from the dead.Since Adam has been back, Phoebe spends all the time she can with him She knows he wouldn t be in the situation he is in if it weren t for her She feels confused though She can t decide if she loves Tommy or Adam She doesn t know if Tommy s feelings for her are genuine or if he just wants to be with her because she is living and he wants to make a statement.There isn t time for her to focus on her own problems though Trouble is brewing with Pete all over again, Reverend Nathan Mather is continuing to gather followers and making life difficult for all the differently biotic, and politicians are considering laws to take away what little freedom they have Times are changing and it isn t for the better.KISS OF LIFE is a great follow up to GENERATION DEAD Daniel Waters does a great job of showing us a differently biotic s thought process through Adam s character We get to witness Adam s improvement through chapters from his point of view Readers will sympathize with Adam and come to love him even if they didn t before A few new characters are introduced some of them will pull at your heart strings while the others will make your skin crawl The way this book ends, readers will be clamoring for the third in this series.People that can t get enough of Tommy and the other differently biotics can visit Tommy s blog at

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    I was so disappointed by this book, to be perfectly honest I read the first book maybe 3 years ago, and it was okay if I remember correctly I quite enjoyed it.However this book did not meet my expectations I struggled to get through the entire book, and I got so bored of it right from the start I felt that nothing exciting happened in the story until maybe the last 40 50 pages But by that stage I was so over it that my opinion of the book was far from being improved.I won t be continuing this series.

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    The Generation Dead series is about what happens to teenagers who die and come back to life as zombies At the end of Generation Dead, Adam had been shot and killed saving Phoebe s life from his former friend Pete the night of the prom In the aftermath Phoebe must deal with her feelings for both Tommy and Adam as she and her differently biotic friends negotiate a world that is increasingly hostile towards them.Waters work continues to over written and angst riddled There are certain allowances that one often makes for a YA novel simply because working with teenagers as characters means that maturity of thought and or behaviour at times is extremely immature however Waters quickly pushes through that tolerance with an angst level that is enough to drive adults to throw themselves on a bed and cry about not being understood.As with Generation Dead Waters seeks to tackle oppression of zombies by using the oppression faced by historically marginalized bodies as a framework This of course amounts to appropriation and belittling of what marginalized people face on an everyday basis In Generation Dead Waters dealt with the word zombie as a slur and specifically discussed reclaiming this word In Kiss of Life Waters ups the anti by having a traditionally biotic person complaining about the inability to say the word zombie without facing retribution I got a detention yesterday for saying the word zombie Everyone in the room, even Tommy who Phoebe hadn t seen crack a smile since homecoming, seemed to think that was pretty funny Alish laughed out loud, unmindful of his daughter s warning glare pg 28 Of course they laughed It s not like slurs hurt or stem from a historical method of dehumanizing minorities or anything right This is specifically why the word zombie regardless of Waters intent should never be considered a slur even in a fictional sense Then Waters decided to double down on his error by having the character complain about losing his girlfriend because of his relationships with differently biotic people pg28 , and in response the zombies only laughed This is not a realistic response to this sort of appropriation and anyone who had any experience dealing with a slur would know that For the first time, we have the introduction of a gay character Popeye is artistic and the mastermind behind the zombies social protest, though he does at time play second to Tak We first learn that Popeye is gay when he makes a comment about how short Karen s skirt is and Tak wonders, if Popeye got away with his innuendos because he was gay page 147 We quickly learn that not only is Popeye gay but he is in love with Tak who has hinted that he has no hope Popeye, he knew, wasn t really deterred That was one curse that didn t leave when you died The curse of hope 149 I don t know about you but I am pretty sick of the trope that involves a gay character mooning over a straight character There is no reason why Popeye could not have been given his own love interest Read More

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    Kiss of Life is the second book in the Generation Dead series by Daniel Waters and I ve got to say I loved it I was super happy I picked this up I really enjoyed the first book but I wasn t happy that they were only in hardcover for so long But I did buy both in hardcover and was NOT disappointed I found these books and fresh new take on YA reading Although I love my vampires and werewolves, I found it a fun change to read about Zombies or as they like the be called Differently Biotic If you haven t read Generation Dead book 1 , it s a good idea to start there Kiss of Life takes up shortly after the events from the end of Book 1 I think I can safely say that Kiss of Life was in my opinion, even better than Generation Dead I didn t think I would like the second installment as much, but he really out did himself This sequel dealt with how the world views the zombies differently biotic and not just the few that we ve been introduced to in the first book This book had a bit twists and and even better plot Although I was saddened by Tommy s departure, I found I like how you tried to expand his horizons, and reach out to those like himself who need help That is want Tommy is all about, helping other different biotic and traditionally biotic alike Tommy is caring and strong and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next installment, Passing Strange Even though I loved Tommy and hated to see him leave, I also really connected with Adam He was a regular guy that loves a girl but ends up losing his chance for a while because of his death and recent rise into different biotic living I know this is sexiest to think, but at first I was hesitant to think that Waters could write how female teens are really thinking, but I am happy to say I was wrong He was right on the ball with Phoebe and I was easily emotionally attached to her character I cannot wait for book 3 Passing Strange , I won t be hesitant to pick up the Hardcover this time Summary The phenomenon that s been sweeping the country seems to be here to stay Not only are the teenagers who have come back from their graves still here, but newlydeads are being unearthed all the time While scientists look for answers and politicians take their stands, the undead population of Oakville have banded together in a group they re calling the Sons of Romero, hoping to find solidarity in segregation.Phoebe Kendall may be alive, but she feels just as lost and alone as her dead friends Just when she reconciled herself to having feelings for a zombie her Homecoming date Tommy Williams her friend Adam is murdered taking a bullet that was meant for her Things get even confusing when Adam comes back from the grave Now she has romantic interest in two dead boys one who saved her life, and one she can t seem to live without.

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    Sorry, but life s too short See what I did there I keep choosing to WORK THROUGH MY LUNCH over picking this up again It s just as overwritten as the last one, with the same awkward prose and the dialogue I can t imagine many teenagers actually saying.God, this premise is so, so, so good I want to be in this universe I want to know everything about it But I just cannot force myself through another one of these I tried it s not happening.

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    So, I finish Generation Dead, and I m thinking I can t wait to read the next book and find out what happens next Well, what happens next is, the writer falls in love with his bigot antagonist, and decides that he should be the main character for the second book Let s start with the trial of Pete Martinsburg, in which there is no prosecution s case, no testimony from Phoebe about who Pete was aiming at, no testimony from the police about Pete s blood alcohol level or his illegal possession of a firearm, WHILE TRESPASSING AND INTOXICATED, and only the slimmest fucking scene with the defense attorney asking if Adam thought Pete meant to kill anybody Adam says no, so Pete gets off withACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE OF A FIREARM WTF The only reason this happens is because the writer had nothing else to do except use the same bigot, even if they should have gone to jail If only the writer cared about anyone else in the story this much Then the other characters might have had interesting stories that were also just as stupid and convenient as Pete s.Every other chapter is all Pete, all the time His story is soit s convenient bullshit, is what it is And I might have forgiven that if the other characters were doing something interesting, but they re just stuck in a holding pattern, doing nothing while waiting for Pete s chapters Tommy leaves town and emails in his role Collette leaves town with an undead punk singer but not before spending an eternity telling jokes with Margi that are NEVER funny Every scene with them is painfully stupid to read Tak and the resistance are making stupid flyers and vandalized art displays like that means anything useful for their cause Karen is just so awesomely pretty and smart and perfect andGod I want to vomit Any scene with Adam is put into this god awful first person stream of consciousness that no other zombie uses, resulting in brutally painful passages to read whenever the focus turns to him And even then, the vast majority of his scenes are him practicing martial arts in the most vague terms possible Phoebe become so unlikeable that by the middle of the book I didn t care if she and Adam got together Even after they did resolve their dull problems conveniently, she still found new ways to vaporize the last of my sympathy for her The ONLY person I can say I still liked by the end was Margi, and that s only because she s a bit character whose only role is to act as backup to Phoebe or Collette Beyond that, she has no life, and barely any personality.And then the bigots unleash their plan, and it s fucking stupid Even the derpy cops in The Powerpuff Girls could have solved this case with minimal effort, but the cops here don t because the writer loves Pete so much, they become the star of the series Everyone else is a bit character, and Pete is the person who gets the most scene time You would think a book series about the undead would explore their problems from their side, but NO Instead we re stuck following a stupid jock with a hard on for the undead because his girlfriend didn t come back as a zombie, and boohoo, life is so unfair that he has to destroy all the zombies.There s a third book to this series, and it s all about Pete and Pete s plots against the undead Well fuck it, I m done This makes yet another series where I really loved the first book, only to have the writer decide to veer off in a direction that makes me feel cheated for caring in the first place.One star, and if I could give negative stars, this would be one of the few books this year I d give it to.

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    Nota 10 10 OMZ IM PRESIONANTE Esta segunda parte de Generaci n dead ha sido IMPRESIONANTE, MAGNIFICA, PERFECTAWaters, con su pluma, te hipnotiza, te sumerge y con sus palabras te engulle y sin darte cuenta ya estas metida en la historia Su escritura es tan fresca, y la novela esta tan bien escrita, que no quieres que sus palabras te suelten.En este Beso de Vida vemos a unos personajes m s maduros Adam, ahora es un zombi, salvo la vida de su amor Phoebe recibi un balazo, por ella Su regreso aun que fue instant neo, como pudimos ver en GD, le est costando volver , le cuesta moverse, hablar, pensar ordenadamente he de decir que las partes de Adam, son desgarradoras y tristes Es un chico tan puro y tan limpio vivo o muerto, este chico es un amor Phoebe, por fin reconoce sus sentimientos hacia Adam, que siempre han estado ah , y no supo verlos, por lo cegata que estaba, ya se sabe Nunca se sabe lo que se tiene, hasta que se pierde y en su caso, aunque lo ha perdido , no literalmente, pero si en parte pues se da cuenta de lo enamorado que esta Adam de ella, y ella en ese instante se da cuenta de lo que siente por l.Empiezan a salir como pareja, y Adam va recuperando sus movimientos, en parte gracias a su maestro Griffin, el maestro de Karate, que vuelve y empiezan de nuevo con lo aprendido en el verano Margi y Colette, ahora son inseparables, y Colette, esta mas viva que nunca, gracias a la amistad de Margi, quien ya no tiene recelos, con respecto a los zombis Tommy, como el l der de los zombis y todo lo que est sucediendo, decide marcharse, para propagar el mensaje de que los zombis son personas y necesitan derechos Sobre lo que dice sentir hacia Phoebe, no dir nada, porque no me lo creo, solo pienso que la utiliz y como le ha salido mal pero en fin, era de esperar Y en este libro, me ha ca do un poco mal Tommy, nunca me ha ca do ni bien ni mal, siempre ha sido como uno de esos personajes neutrales, que no te entran, solo est n ah , y punto En esta segunda novela, se le ha visto el plumero un poco, y te das cuenta de que pasta esta echo Karen, todav a es un misterio, que espero en el tercer libro, nos cuente cosas de ella, para entenderla, aunque me gusta este personaje, es muy m stica e inquietante Pete, el malo, maloso, cumple con sus obligaciones y se hace amigo de un hombre, que juntos, no me gustan nada Sus obsesiones con terminar acabar con los zombis, bueno es obsesivo hasta dar asco, y sigue dale que te pego con el asunto de su JulieComo en todas las sagas, hay nuevos personajes, a destacar al zombi, Popeye, un zombi artista y gay, enamorado interesado de Tak, el chico malo,el rebelde y Tak, empieza a darse cuenta de sus sentimientos hacia la guap sima Karen.Como ya he dicho, la novela es impresionante, esta saga es magn fica y estupenda, y me llega tanto, tantoLo mejor, ha sido la pareja Adam Phoebe, me encanta la pareja que hacen, se sab a desde el principio que estaban enamorados el uno del otro Es un amor tan puro, limpio e incondicional y gracias al beso de vida de Phoebe, al amor Adam vuelve poco a poco.Espero que en el tercer libro su relaci n vaya avanzando y madurando y que por fin Adam vuelva de verdad a la vida.Y saber qu pasa con Karen, sobre todo con Karen, y en general con todos.Todo esto lo he dicho desde una opini n totalmente subjetiva, he, porque lo que siento por esta saga, es PASI N OBSESIVA

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    Tras una primera parte, que me gust mucho aunque no me volvi loca, con un final tan abrupto e intrigante, no pod a quedarme sin leer su segunda parte, que es, sin lugar a dudas, mejor que la anterior entrega Waters consigue captar mejor al lector, transmite mejor los sentimientos de los personajes, sus preocupaciones, sus tribulaciones, sus problemas, en definitiva, hay un salto de estilo Generaci n Dead no consigui transmitirme tanto como Beso de vida.Ante todo, hay que decir que la historia es una parodia y no porque sea una comedia o sea graciosa, en absoluto, Beso de vida es reflejo de algo que est ah , latente pero presente, algo que en su d a, fue muy real el racismo Los vivos frente a los muertos.La historia que nos cuenta Beso de vida es mucho m s dura que la que nos encontramos en Generaci n Dead y vemos m s de cerca los bandos radicales Discriminaci n, segregaci n, experimentos, bandalismo Todo ello al m ximo exponente mientras Phoebe debe aprender a tratar al nuevo Adam y Tommy decide que quiere ser el h roe de la causa zombi Vemos aquello a lo que se enfrentan los que regresan desde dentro de la mano de Adam, que se convierte en narrador en algunos cap tulos Se desvelan secretos que era mejor mantener ocultos y se vislumbra lo que podr a ser una gran tragedia La trama, como ya se intu a en Generaci n Dead es mucho m s compleja de lo que podemos observar a simple vista y aquellos que cre amos buenos, pueden darnos muchas sorpresasPhoebe cambia bastante con respecto al primer libro, obviamente, la muerte y resurrecci n de Adam marca un antes y un despu s en su vida, porque se da cuenta de muchas de las cosas que siente con respecto a Adam, a quien debe la vida y con quien se siente en deuda, pero no tenemos claro si Phoebe sigue sintiendo algo por Tommy que pierde protagonismo y s lo est con Adam porque se siente obligada o si sus sentimientos hacia su amigo son genuinos Por otro lado, Karen y el resto de zombis cobran m s protagonismo, lo cual se agradece porque por ah se cuece algo muy interesante.Introducir a Adam como narrador ocasional ha sido un acierto, porque conforme va avanzando como zombi, su forma de relatar va cambiando por completo, al principio resulta frustrante para el lector cosa totalmente intencionada porque no forma frases coherentes, es como si tuviese el cerebro frito Por otra parte, hay un salto en el estilo de Waters, que es capaz de transmitir mucho mejor el mensaje que hay impl cito en la novela El ritmo puede hacerse lento a veces, pero est bastante equilibrado.En general, mejor que la anterior entrega y con las expectativas altas para ver que nos espera en su volumen final, que promete ser m s duro a n Una trilog a que, en mi opini n, es una lectura obligatoria y de la que se disfruta Quiz s no sea el no va m s de la literatura, pero tiene todos los ingredientes necesarios para pasar un buen rato es entretenida, tiene gancho, personajes carism ticos y sobre todo un mensaje que merece la pena leer.