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The Story Of Contemporary Ireland Is Inseparable From The Story Of The Official Republican Movement, A Story Told Here For The First Time From The Clash Between Catholic Nationalist And Socialist Republicanism In The S And S Through The Workers Party S Eventual Rejection Of Irredentism A Roll Call Of Influential Personalities In The Fields Of Politics, Trade Unionism And Media Many Still Operating At The Highest Levels Of Irish Public Life Passed Though The Ranks Of This Secretive Movement, Which Never Achieved Its Objectives But Had A Lasting Influence On The Landscape Of Irish Politics A fascinating read, full of frankly jaw dropping stories about some of the major figures of left wing politics in Ireland today I really didn t know much about the history of Sinn Fein and the IRA, so a lot of this book was revelatory The turn to Marxism, the rejection of nationalism, the Provo split, Charles Haughey s role in that split, and the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, all of the major points in the development of The Workers Party are detailed here I definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in the history of left wing politics in Ireland, but my one criticism is that the book is a fairly straight forward, maybe slightly old fashioned history There s not very much analysis The authors are clearly interested in presenting the facts than in making an argument, but that s fine, because the story they tell is so gripping that the book is never boring. I love all history on the IRA and revolutionary struggle in Ireland against British Imperialism However this book could and should have been shorter The author and editors seem to have no clue how to present information in a concise clear manner It honestly reads like a college student trying desperately to make their essay long enough. As far as I can tell thorough and balanced.