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It took me quite some time to get around to reading the third installment of the Generation Dead series and this largely because, Generation Dead and Kiss of Life were easily amongst the most failtastic books I have ever come across Were it not for our commitment to finishing series once we start them, there is no way that I would have picked up this book.Tommy is off in Washington trying to get legal rights for zombies who are living with the fall out for being framed for the death of Gutteridge the lawyer who was hired to defend Pete after he murdered Layman The Reverend is still using Pete as his tool to frame as many zombies as possible for different crimes Despite getting lucky enough to only get probation, Pete does not have the good sense to leave the zombies alone As much as he is repelled by them, he is angry that the one girl he loved did not come back.This novel is the first in the series where Karen is the protagonist She works in the mall and is passing as living Most of the novel is spent dealing with Karen s feelings about her suicide and depression, as well as building a relationship with her family I think the best moments in this story involve Karen and her father because we see both sides of the effects of suicide Karen refers to her depression as a blue fog and waters actually does a good job explaining the pain of living with depression Read More Passing Strange Generation Dead Book 3 by Daniel WatersGenre Young Adult Urban Fantasy Paranormal RomanceKaren DeSonne is used to pretending to be something she s not All her life, she s passed as a normal all American teenager with her friends, with her family, and at school Passing cost her the love of her life And now that Karen s dead, she s still passing this time, as alive Meanwhile, Karen s dead friends have been fingered in a high profile murder, causing a new round of anti zombie regulations that have forced nearly all of Oakvale s undead into hiding Karen soon learns that the murder was a hoax, staged by Pete Martinsburg and his bioist zealots Obtaining enough evidence to expose the fraud and prove her friends innocence means doing the unthinkable betraying her love by becoming Pete s girlfriend Karen s only hope is that the enemy never realizes who she really is because the consequences would be even worse than death.Karen has always been considered one of the fast zombies and the most caring and beautiful as well She has dear friends who are both living impaired and heart beaters, but in the beginning of Passing Strange she learns something about herself that both fascinates and frightens her immensely Thus, she decides to keep it a secret Her world has also turned up side down, funny thinking that she s a rare zombie to begin with, but seriouslyher fellow dead walking friends are now in hiding on the bottom of the local frozen lake for a crime they didn t commit, her family is beginning to emotionally reach out to her in ways she never imagined since her suicide, the government has passed new strict laws where her kind are no longer allowed out without certain authorization, and she was able to pass as being alive long enough to get a job at the mall Strange, right Now she s taken it upon herself to help her friends, both living and dead, to overcome the injustice being dealt to them by falsely dating ie being an undercover agent the main reason for most of their problems, Pete Like all readers following the Generation Dead series, Passing Strange created a twist for it s fans by getting new POVs The previous two books where told from Tommy, Adam, and Phoebe s perspective, but now we re getting into the thoughts of Karen, Takuyaki, and Pete Sadly, none of the new three narrators were my favorite in the series, but it was interesting to see the post zombie world through their eyes If you read the books, you know the whole concept of how everyone deals with these zombies is really one big metaphor for racism aka bioism in the book Some people deal with it a lot better than others, but overall it points out the ugliness of prejudices in society Karen had some really touching moments throughout this book and even had me tearing up as times Tak really learned about having to step up and take the spot of Tommy as the new leader of the local zombies Pete was just as dark and evil throughout and didn t really convince me of his actions near the end when his conscious caught up with him, but could someone please explain what exactly was happening to him on page 369 Also, Passing Strange ends in a why that has the reader really questioning just WHERE the series is headed Karen s secret becomes even juicer at the end and the last sentence is a major turning point for Generation Dead, even though there seems to be a lot of foreshadowing hidden throughout the text That s what I find so fasinating throughout these books, there s so many similarities to the past and it s a perfect example of the saying those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it Lastly, I m so shocked this series hasn t become as popular as I would have liked it too I was obsessed from book one and I know all these books will be a permanent fixture in my library Yet, I would likeof the reading public to check them out as well since they re a delight and are definitely one of my favorites Likes Tak and his gang Popeye Tayshawn were really funny together Dislikes I would have liked to seeof Tommy, but I know he s off doing better and brighter things right now and we ll be seeingof him in the future of the series Yet, if you think about who he s starting to become, that s just another huge foreshadowing of what will happen in the next couple of books Just think about which historical figure he most resembles right now and sadly, I think they ll share the same fate If the one thing that kept you from truly loving the Generation Dead novels was a little too much Phoebe and a little less Karen, this is the GD book for you Most of the book is told from Karen s point of view with occasional blip from Pete, whom you might recall was Adam s murderer but since Adam turned zombie, Pete didn t really get charged properly and a lot of questions you might have had about her are answered.For instance, Karen is a firm believer in fake it til you make it She comes across as calm, cool, and definitely collected in the other books, but once you see things from her side, you realize she s just as messed up as everyone else It s just that she s learned to hide it better Karen, you see, is a master at passing She passes for alive, in many senses of the word Without Tommy around, Karen has to find her own role to play in things.So she gets a job at Wild Thingz and somehow ends up dating Pete She s spying on him, he s losing what s left of his mind, and things don t unravel quite as quickly as you d imagine, given that he s not shy about sharing his hatred of the differently biotic and his plan to off Phoebe and lay the blame at Adam s feet.Which was probably the worst thing to say to Karen since she s a little in love with Phoebe herself Karen s parts of the books are told as if she s sharing her story with the one who got away Only they didn t get away so much as Karen pushed them away, afraid of things changing which they already had and how the rest of the world would see them Karen s quick to point out that she didn t die of a broken heart, she died because she fell into a fit of blue tinged depression she couldn t find her way out of, but the broken heart might be what brought her back That s the other fun thing Karen isn t just good at passing, she can actually heal wounds When she s shot at the start of the book, she sthan a little worried about her little sister s reaction to her new face, but after a nap which is unusual enough she wakes up and has begun to heal Later, Karen will use this to her advantage, but it does begin to make her wonder what makes her so special and why Despite knowing that Karen s and Pete s plans are going to blow up in their faces, it s still incredibly interesting to watch exactly how that plays out You re given enough insight into Pete s mind to decide if you feel a bit sorry for him, but not so much that you re sure whether he s changed enough to have actually earned that sympathy or not.But my favorite bit is the end, when Karen goes home to the one she s been dedicating her story to, and her best friend could have been girlfriend, reacts the way most people who would kill to have oneday with someone they ve lost would she hugs her tightly and there are tears. Nota 10 10 nico como su autor Esta saga me rompe el coraz n, me hace sentir mucho, me toca mi fibra sensible indudablemente Extra as Apariencias ha sido brutal Esta tercera parte no me ha decepcionado nada, como ya me esperaba Sigue siendo magnifica, impresionante, perfecta, impactante, emocionante, especial Y Daniel, una vez m s me ha hipnotizado Me maravilla Su escritura es tan fresca, y la historia esta tan bien escrita vamos que se ha vuelto a superar Es un escritor excelente.Bueno, quien ya me conozca, sabr que yo con esta saga siento PASION OBSESIVA, por lo que mi opini n est escrita desde una vista totalmente subjetiva.Como ya he dicho en las opiniones de los otros libros, esta saga es de las mejores juveniles que hay en el panorama de la literatura juvenil, con mucha diferencia Y siempre ser muy especial para m Nunca me he sentido tan identificada con unos libros, con unas historias, con unos personajes Es una saga MUY humana, a pesar de tratar de zombis, pero es que los zombis de Daniel, son, est n muy vivos Trata muchos temas que ya pudimos ver en los otros dos libros anteriores, pero en este tercer libro en concreto, nos habla del suicidio De la culpabilidad que rodea a ese acto, y como es ya sabido, tambi n nos habla de muchos, muchos sentimientos.Daniel expresa con mucha frescura y con su humor ir nico una realidad que hoy por hoy vivimos, y con esa misma frescura nos habla de lo que llev a Karen a cometer su muerte.La sensaci n que tuve al acabar Beso de vida fue acertada su final es un punto de inflexi n en la historia.En esta tercera novela es la que m s se diferencia del resto cambia de tercio, y si en las dos primeras obras sus personajes principales eran Phoebe y Adam, pasan a ser secundarios en sta y Karen es la protagonista indiscutible, y algunos de los secundarios de los anteriores libros Pete y Tak se convierten en los protagonistas de Extra as Apariencias.Karen, un personaje que desde el principio de la saga me intrigaba mucho, vamos, era todo un misterio, as como un personaje peculiar y complejo por fin se nos da la oportunidad de conocerla Ahora he tenido el placer de conocerla de verdad, porque detr s de la Karen que se nos presento en GD y BDV hay mucho m s que una zombi, m s parecida a los vivos que a los muertos Karen, se nos presento como una persona con diferente factor bi tico m s viva que muerta, una chica muy viva, valiente, tenaz pero solo eran extra as apariencias , una m scara Porque nada es lo que parece En esta novela conocemos de verdad a Karen, nos abre su coraz n, sabemos lo que piensa Si ya hemos le do anteriormente cap tulos narrados desde el punto de vista de Pete y Tak, nunca antes nos hab amos puesto en el pellejo de Karen Los motivos de su suicidio, la relaci n con su familia, su visi n del mundo, sus sentimientos y emociones, el por qu de hacerse pasar por humana es genial estar en la cabeza de un personaje como Karen, tan complejo como peculiar.Pete me desconcierta mucho sigo sin saber muy bien qu es lo que le pasa, qu piensa, qu le motiva a actuar como lo hace para m es demasiado imprevisible e impulsivo.Tak, en cambio, me ha encantado, siempre ha sido un personaje que me ha gustado, pero en esta novela, me ha gustado todav a m s Es un luchador Una especie de h roe at pico.Y algo que me ha encantado much simo en la novela es el secreto de Karen El que sea homosexual Algo que me sorprendi mucho, porque no me lo esperaba en absoluto, para nada Si, vale, en el segundo libro Karen besa a Phoebe, pero lo vi como un piquito de amigas, nada relevante Pero como ya he dicho ha sido toda una sorpresa que me ha encantado, ya que no es muy com n ver personajes femeninos homosexuales en las novelas, a personajes masculinos, si, es ya a d a de hoy muy com n, pero en lo referente a personajes femeninos homosexuales es la primera vez que lo veo en una novela juvenil Y por la novedad y la sorpresa inesperada, me ha parecido todo un aliciente bienvenido DEn definitiva, una tercera entrega m s que recomendable, para los fans de Generation Dead, sigue siendo amena, divertida, impactante, profunda, emotiva con una narraci n excelente y nica como su autor.Eso s , me he quedado con unas ganas ENORMES de que se les hubiera dado m s importancia a mis querid simos, a mi pareja predilecta Phoebe y Adam Pero me ha consolado un poco ver c mo Karen, habla de ellos, ainsss lo que piensa de ellos y saber cu nto les quiere Karen Y tambi n ver como habla de ellos Tak Pero aun as , ha sido un libro con el que me he sentido MUY identificada y con el que me ha tocado mas mi fibra sensible que con los anteriores Me ha hecho estremecer Me ha hecho llorar Me ha hecho re r, en ocasiones Pero sobre todo, como en los dos siguientes me ha trasmitido un mensaje Debes ser tu mismo Porque la gente que te ama te aceptar por lo que eres y no por lo que finges ser o creemos que debemos ser para ser aceptados Y sobre todo demuestra amor a la vida.El final, por supuesto que hay unos cuantos cabos sueltos sin atar, y un par de aspectos sin despejar las dudas, pero es que este 3 libro NO ES EL ULTIMO Hay dos libros m s que forman la saga, pero como la editorial y el editor de Daniel no quieren publicarle m s, la saga se ha quedado colgada, dej ndonos a los fans bien jodidos Yo no pierdo la esperanza, y s que alg n d a le publicaran, si no, con la misma editorial, con otra los dos que faltan para concluir esta brillante y fant stica saga Yo, en mi debilidad y frustraci n, me dedicare a hacer FanFics. REVIEW Passing Strange was a lot different than the other two books in the series Mainly because the main character switches from Phoebe to a zombie that could pass as human I am still not sure whether or not I think this hindered or helped the series.For one, I loved Phoebe Her activism and willingness to help everyone was one of the main reasons I enjoyed this series, and now that it has switched to the zombie I am not saying the name for those of you who ignored the spoiler warning you only see her a few times in the story I still liked this new person s point of view and fresh telling of what was happening, but it lacked a little for me without Pheeble.I think the plot was okay in Passing Strange It wasn t spectacular but it kept me entertained at the same time I still love the idea behind it all, and I think the story is a great one, it is just lacking a little something that sends this over the edge into ohmeeegawd zone As far as I know this is the last book in the series, and it really didn t seem wrapped up to me There wasn t any cliffhangers or anything and things were sort of wrapped up, but I would have liked to see .All in all, this series is something you should look into, but don t pressure yourself to read it right away Some of you will find yourselves pleasantly surprised while others will walk away disappointed.FIRST LINE I don t want to die, I thought RATING BREAKDOWN Plot 15 20Characters 16 20Writing 16 20Creativity 18 20Ending 7 10The It Factor 6 10 78 100, C PARENTAL SUGGESTION This book contains the following ViolenceMild Cursing I wanted to like this book a lotthan I did The first two installments in the series was Okay, but this book really disappointed me Karen has always been one of my favorite characters She s cute and fun and I always suspected that she had a thing for girls When I discovered that this book would mostly be from her point of view, I was all like Okay, I m on board Let s mix it up a little But as I began to read, I literally felt my eyelids closing It took me nearly two hundred pages to even get interested, and after that I didn t hang on very long There were several times when I shoved the book to the side and started reading another This book also focuses on Tak one of the creepy zombies and Pete a psychopathic zombie killer person Karen has to date Pete in order to get to the bottom of the charges that were pressed against the zombies in the previous book I expected it to be sort of suspenseful and really make me feel the repulsion of having to date the enemy Instead, there was absolutely no suspense whatsoever Throughout the entire book it flips perspectives from Karen to Pete to Tak With all three of those combined there was really little mystery left in the plot I found myself really missing Adam and Pheobe, because now that they re together and Adam is breaking all sorts of zombie laws, I wanted to seeof their story But they are only really mentioned in passing A lot of the characters felt very flat to me in this story Tak and Pete especially I mean, we understand why Pete hates all of zombiekind and why he s going off and trying to eliminate them all It just feels kind of pushed for me Oh, my girlfriend didn t come back so you guys are all evil That doesn t even make sense to me I feel like his motives werecrazy than justified Now, onto The reasons I liked it The premise I think the whole trying to get zombies to fit in with society idea is kind of nifty I like that they re not AHHHH BRAINS because, quite frankly, that kind of thing kind of makes me scared to go to sleep I also like, in this book, the idea of a lesbian zombie It s just unique You can find this review and manyon MY BLOG Imagine turning up to school and all your friends who had died are now Zombies except you are not allowed to call them Zombies , they are the Living Impaired For those who haven t read Generation Dead and Kiss of Life Book One and Two then you may find Passing Strangethan a tad odd Just A Warning This is one of those series , where in order to follow the story you have to read the books in order.Whereas the first two stories follow the main characters of Phoebe , Tommy and her friend Adam and their interesting love triangle a bit like Stephenie Meyer has created with the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner , Passing Strange focuses on a minor character who has a story of her own to share.Passing Strange tells the story of Karen DeSonne , she has risen from the dead and has come back as a Zombie, not that she wanted to after killing herself as a suicidal act After events and tragedies that occurred in the second book Kiss of Life a new law has been brought out that Zombies must be accompanied by an adult at all times For Karen, she is one of the lucky ones add a new hair colour and contacts and she passes as a regular teenage girl After an event which causes her friends to be accused of murder , Karen must infiltrate the enemy and find out what conspiracy is setting the zombies up for a fall.A Fun story of Mystery, Romance and Zombies I have enjoyed all the books so far and can t wait to see where Dan takes the books next These books would also make a good film. Karen DeSonne Is Used To Pretending To Be Something She S Not All Her Life, She S Passed As A Normal All American Teenager With Her Friends, With Her Family, And At School Passing Cost Her The Love Of Her Life And Now That Karen S Dead, She S Still Passing This Time, As Alive Meanwhile, Karen S Dead Friends Have Been Fingered In A High Profile Murder, Causing A New Round Of Anti Zombie Regulations That Have Forced Nearly All Of Oakvale S Undead Into Hiding Karen Soon Learns That The Murder Was A Hoax, Staged By Pete Martinsburg And His Bioist Zealots Obtaining Enough Evidence To Expose The Fraud And Prove Her Friends Innocence Means Doing The Unthinkable Betraying Her Love By Becoming Pete S Girlfriend Karen S Only Hope Is That The Enemy Never Realizes Who She Really Is Because The Consequences Would Be Even Worse Than Death This third book in the Generation Dead series centers on Karen DeSonne, one of the biotically different zombies who is passing as a beating heart living After she is shot by a policeman and mysteriously heals unlike the other zombies who return with the damage that caused their deaths, Karen decides to date murderer Pete Martinsburg to try to expose the truth about the anti zombie hate groups As the story progresses, we learnabout Karen s death as a suicide She drowned herself because of her mother s reaction to her disclosure of being gay and her belief that she could never be with the girl she loved Some secondary characters from Generation Dead and Kiss of Life return for cameo appearances but this is mainly Karen s story and her hope to find redemption. Ok, this book was a little different than the other 2 This one was told by Zombie Karen She set out on a quest to expose Pete for the true piece of you know what that he is She had to do some pretty outrageous stuff and make some people mad, but in the end she succeeded Or did she She also made some pretty incredible discoveries about herself The ending of this book was not what I was expecting It doesn t end in a cliff hanger but it doesn t exactly end end It leaves the door wide open forto tell Hint hint Daniel