Download kindle Murder at the Diogenes Club (Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries, No 1)Author Gerald Lientz –

Surprisingly well done If you are familiar with either the choose your on adventure books or the fighting fantasy game books, this is similar You take on the role of an associate of Sherlock Holmes and try to solve the 2 mysteries included in the book If you have an iPhone or iPad, this is now available as an app in the App Store October 2012. With The Help Of The Famous Detective And Of Your Cousin Dr Watson, You Must Solve Two Complex Cases One Is Set In The World Of Horse Racing The Other Will Bring You To The Diogenes Club A Shady Businessman Has Suddenly Died In Front Of Several Shocked Club Members Who Killed Him, And How, And Why Disappointing gamebook, mostly because of the broken dice mechanic finding clues relies only on luck and on pursuing every conversation that the book offers you The book is divided in two cases The first is a sort of introduction to the gameplay and with a bit of luck I managed to get enough clues to guess who the culprit was The second case however is a trainwreck In the middle of the investigation you re given a code, and if you crack it you drop everything and go straight to chasing after the fleeing murderer This is, again, completely dependant on which numbers you get with your dice throws The murderer got away, and the book told me that I could reflect on what I did wrong and try again Well, gee, I don t know, maybe I shouldn t have got a 3 on that last dice throw Silly me The concept is good, and they re well written, but the dice are frustrating and the fact that you already know the culprit after the first playthrough gives the book little replay value.Edit After a second playthrough, I still haven t used any of the money or equipment that I was given in my character sheet and I m wondering what even is the point of that There s also some points in which you have to ask one of two questions, but if you pick one of them the book lets you ask the second question at the end of the conversation, while if you pick the other you automatically move on to the next scene and lose a clue There s no rhyme or reason to it. Not much a game way too random for that , but the two cases presented are quite entertaining, and it s clear that the writer is a fan of Sherlock Holmes. I read the French version, and found the first story about the horse racing a little dull, but the second story the eponymous murder to be great fun It was very satisfying to solve each of the cases I felt like an apprentice consulting detective The writing style was pretty good It was quite distracting at times to have to jump around the book after reading just a sentence or two, but I guess it kept me guessing I thought it was a shame the bonuses weren t used to their full extent for example, they didn t change throughout the book, when you re supposed to be learning from Sherlock so surely if you make a good deduction you should be rewarded with a bonus increase Equally, I felt it a little pointless to have money in your inventory, and not need to ever use it I don t mind the clues you find being partly limited by the luck of the dice, but it could have been interactive on the whole Nonetheless, I was buzzing by the end of the book to have made a successful accusation.