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Whoa, this book rules There s so much imagination I ve had to read a lot of Dr Seuss to my kid in the past two years, and it s been really hit or miss Sometimes you get something classic like Green Eggs and Ham and sometimes you get a crap show like Cat in the Hat 2 So this one really surprised me It was wonderful My kid was riveted Super fun. It s colourful It s a really good bookIt s the coolest book everI m also interested in it as it s written by Dr Suess and I like his writingAnd I like his drawingsHe s a really good guyI like it because it rhymed the whole bookIt was very very very very funny By Indy 7 years of age This is the first book I ever read out loud to my mom by myself Because of this, it will always have a special place in my heart We had just moved to Illinois I was 4 1 2 I kept asking my mom to read to me, but she was busy unpacking boxes She said, Sound out the words, just like I showed you, and you can do it yourself So in my determined little way I said, Fine Later that afternoon, I read it to her She was shocked She kept grabbing books off the shelf to test me, thinking I d memorized them But I hadn t I was reading And I ve been reading non stop ever since This review is in response to a request as to why I have only given One Fish, Two Fish three stars Firmly ensconced in the middle tier of the Dr Seuss canon, One Fish, Two Fish is many people s favorite for its light humor, catchy, Moliere esque couplets, and clever use of repetition as well as surprise, as in the title, where the rhyming word comes at the beginning of a repeated syllable, rather than at the end of the phrase It earns its place as one of the most quotable possibly only Green Eggs and Ham isoften quoted and fun to read aloud after only Fox in Socks , but it stays firmly in the middle tier because it lacks three things 1 The classic Dr Seuss creations That book doesn t introduce a Who, a Cat in the Hat, Mulberry Street, Green Eggs, Grinches, or other new element to our culture is not a criticism It does, however, set those books apart as critical pieces that added to our society in some way they rise above this book 2 Giesel s overt moralizing Whether teaching is about size versus importance, making your own fun and cleaning up after it, the futility of war, or even a covert and possibly unintentional lesson on ambiguous modifiers, Seuss classics do what the greatest children s literature does they remind us as adults of lessons we needed to grow up and need now not to forget 3 Covert study of a philosophical principle This may be all in interpretation no one suggests that Giessel intended these , but many readers for decades have found the Seuss books repetition and variation of a theme to serve as a metaphor or direct example of something universal Whether it s a question of imagination in play and its social consequence The Cat in the Hat , ontological questions about Platonic ideals Green Eggs and Ham, which rejects the notion that the environment is relevant to the enjoyment of the food , the Freudian question of experience and its ability to drive all future behavior How the Grinch Stole Christmas , or acomplex example such as To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street, which combines all of the above in various ways , the very best of Seuss takes a universal question and circles it, showing us various views in fanciful ways while using childlike tropes to strip the question down to its abstract base It doesn t do this because Giessel intended to be a philosopher, but because he though about children and learning in deep ways inherent to the essence of experiencing humanity In this context, One Fish, Two Fish is a fine and enjoyable book, and one that I will enjoy reading many times its three star rating is only because it is a relative trifle in the Seuss canon when seen next to his many masterpieces It isn t one you ll go back to over decades for inspiration, when teaching your children, or as an example to understand or explain a principle implicit to Giessel s thinking and vital to us all It s a great book Get it Read it But it earns an I Liked It on the Goodreads scale Don t think of passing up Fox in Socks, Horton Hears a Who, The Cat in the Hat, or other of his classics in favor of this one. Another ball out of the canon from Dr SeussFrom there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhereSimply remarkable with the tongue twister of a rhythm Enjoyment knows no bounds and age is just a number The tune of this poem is hard to get out of the head ALL YOUR LIFEI am reading this to my kids Nothe simple 4 lines of Humpty Dumpty.Dr Seuss has arrived in their lives. Love these books 4 Awesome sauce sToday is gone Today was fun.Tomorrow is another one.Every day,from here to there,funny things are everywhere This picture book is from the 1960 s and is by none other than the genius Dr Seuss himself It s perfect for reading aloud with its simple words, its easy to read with a known vocabulary, colors and short tales and superb rhyming which makes it a tone of fun for people of all ages Per his usual, Dr Seuss s books are always whimsical and witty One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is absolutely perfect for teaching children some numbers and colors The illustrations are bright, colorful and bold Really this is such a fun read and your little ones will LOVE it One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Is AChildren S Book By Dr Seuss Theodor Seuss Geisel A Simple Rhyming Book For Learner Readers, It Is A Book With A Freewheeling Plot About A Boy And A Girl, And The Many Amazing Creatures They Have For Friends And Pets One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Was Part Of The Beginner Book Video Series Which Included Oh, The Thinks You Can Think And The Foot Book Sheer poetry One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is a pure genius work of epic poetry The beginning of the tale focuses onyou guessed itfish Pages and pages of fish with various characteristics mostly harmless are paraded before the reader in flashes of color and humor But then and this is where Dr Seuss lost a star rating from me the story veers off and begins introducing a random cast of beingsstrange than an assortment of beasties rejected from a circus of the bizarre for being too grotesque for the relatively polite society of carnies Most appear to have been enslaved by a young boy and girl who claim these poor creatures are pets, while forcing them into hard labor or using their mortal frames in mocked up games Those who escape torture at the hands of the children are often nofortunate Take Ned for example Ned does not fit in his bed, not his feet nor his head It s absolutely tragic More fun for the younger reader from the pen of Dr Seuss lovely rhymes and illustrations as per usual and lots of fun.